The Rainmaking Podcast

The Rainmaking Podcast will help you to get more business, better business, and all the business from your clients. This podcast is for professional services firms, law firms, and professional sales people. Discover the secrets of the world's leading experts in client development, business development, sales, closing, prospecting, networking, negotiation, influence, motivation, and achievement.

Episode # 36 - Client Development Strategy, Pit...
Get More Business, Better Business, and All the Business
23 min
Episode #35 - The 7-Step Daily Motivation Ritua...
The 7-Step Daily Motivation Ritual and Interview with Joe Ankus
44 min
Episode #34 - Blind Spots, Data Management
In part one, Scott discusses how to find blind spots and opportunities through the discipline of journaling. In part two, Scott interviews Andy Shapiro, the president of Cluen, a software company that has developed data management solutions for search...
30 min
Podcast #33 - Client Development Tips
Scott Covers In-Depth Client Development Secrets
20 min
Podcast #32 - Interview with Dr. Ken Christian
Expert Dr. Ken Christian Uncovers Secrets to High Performance
40 min
Podcast #31 - Linkedin Tips from Victoria Ipri
Learning Culture = Bigger Billings
40 min
Podcast # 30 - Fee Collection Tips from Wilson ...
Fee Collection Tips from Wilson Cole
27 min
Great Recruiter Training Podcast #29
- Relocation Specialist Jill Heineck; Repeat interview of Rory Vaden
51 min
Great Recruiter Training Podcast # 28
Interview with Rory Vaden, best-selling author of "Take The Stairs"- discussion regarding discipline and achievement in sales.
26 min
Great Recruiter Training Podcast # 27
How to Develop a Sense of Urgency and Make More Placements
14 min
Great Recruiter Training Podcast #26
- The Mental Game of Recruiting- Overcoming Procrastination: Interview with Dr. Ken Christian
30 min
Great Recruiter Training Podcast #25
- Moneyball and Recruiting- Dr. David Durand on Overcoming Call Reluctance
66 min
Great Recruiter Training Podcast # 24
Recruiter Tips:Moving Candidates Forward After They Say "Yes"
23 min
Great Recruiter Training Podcast #23
- How to Develop a Sense of Urgency- How to Deal with Internal Recruiters
37 min
Great Recruiter Training Podcast #22
- Client Development Tips- Interview with Henry Devries on Client Development
48 min
Great Recruiter Training Podcast #21
- When candidates say "I want to hold off right now."- Clown recruiting: Don't be a clown at your desk!
19 min
Great Recruiter Training Podcast #20
Increase your candidate flow by segmenting the results of conversations with candidatesSpecific ideas on how to do this and how to measure the improvements
16 min
Great Recruiter Training Podcast #19
What It Takes To Make Successful Sales Calls by the Sales Call Reluctance Coach Connie Kadanski. Connie interviews Scott Love to find out what it takes to make Successful Sales Calls. Scott breaks it down into practical steps for anyone who must...
32 min
Great Recruiter Training Podcast #18
- Dangers of Internet Recruiting- Three ideas that can increase income by 50%- Nightmare Recruiting Stories: "The Candidate Wanted by the FBI"
21 min
Great Recruiter Training Podcast #17
 - Seven Rules for Dealing with Candidates- Tips for Dealing with Job Board Candidates Sponsored by
31 min
Great Recruiter Training Podcast #16
- How to Sound Better Over the Phone: Eliminating "Uh's" From Your Vocabulary- Interview with Art Sobczak, best-selling sales author: Sales Telephone Pitfalls and Mistakes to Avoid- Sponsored by
22 min
Great Recruiter Training Podcast #15
- Recruiting Scripts that Work!- Ten Habits to Develop for 2011
27 min
Great Recruiter Training Podcast #14
- Seven Telephone Tips- How to Deal with Unpredictable Candidates and Clients
26 min
Great Recruiter Training Podcast #13
Strategy Changes to Your DeskWhy We Get Frustrated with Candidates and ClientsFive Tips for Recruiting Passive Candidates
26 min
Great Recruiter Training Podcast #12
Great Recruiter Training Podcast # 12- Golf and Recruiting- Free Tips for Better Phone Contact
21 min