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If you and your organization are ready to do the work, it’s time to take action, and on The Intersection Podcast, we’re going to be wrestling with the HOW of creating a company culture that truly embraces diversity, equity and inclusion. There are three key principles we’re going to be using on this journey: Educate - better leaders are more informed and aware. Act - You need community and support as you create change in the workplace. Change - you're going to see the fruits of your labor and create sustainable change.

You can’t do this work alone and no one else can do it for you. Let’s do it together. This is The Intersection Podcast, and I’m going to be talking to experts from across industries to find out how they’re changing their workplaces and creating cultures where everyone can thrive. Learn more about Nancy Harris and how to create change in your workplace at

Creating Possibilities Through People with Dorr...
Dorri McWhorter, CEO of the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago, joins Nancy on this week's episode to discuss improving your workforce by recognizing the humanity of those around you.
36 min
The Power of Stories to Transform Work with Ele...
Nancy Harris chats with Elena Valentine, CEO and cofounder of Skill Scout, an organization which specializes in talent acquisition and employer branding, about a more inclusive way to build your workforce.
37 min
Humanizing the Workplace with Huma Qazi
Nancy Harris speaks with Huma Qazi, global diversity, equity and inclusion expert and founder of Huma Qazi Limited, a consulting firm which focuses on creating a more diverse and inclusive work environment.
42 min
Creating Change through Discomfort with Sandee ...
Listen in as Nancy Harris chats with Sandee Kastrul, President and co-founder of I.C. Stars, an innovative nonprofit leadership and development program that prepares inner-city youth for employment in the IT industry.
40 min
Helping Youth Succeed In The Workplace with Ivy...
39 min
Creating Pathways to Opportunities with Eddie B...
Eddie Bocanegra brings a unique perspective to the conversation about violence prevention and criminal justice reform.
40 min
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