The Intersection

If you and your organization are ready to do the work, it’s time to take action, and on The Intersection Podcast, we’re going to be wrestling with the HOW of creating a company culture that truly embraces diversity, equity and inclusion. There are three key principles we’re going to be using on this journey: Educate - better leaders are more informed and aware. Act - You need community and support as you create change in the workplace. Change - you're going to see the fruits of your labor and create sustainable change.

You can’t do this work alone and no one else can do it for you. Let’s do it together. This is The Intersection Podcast, and I’m going to be talking to experts from across industries to find out how they’re changing their workplaces and creating cultures where everyone can thrive. Learn more about Nancy Harris and how to create change in your workplace at

What’s on Your Mind?
This week, I’m addressing the common feeling of being stuck that many individuals and organizations face when trying to implement change in these areas.
8 min
Antiracism in the Workplace: A Journey of Learn...
Christian Harris and I are discussing the nuances of DEI and antiracism, including how they overlap and differ from each other.
42 min
A Leader's Guide To Unpacking Your Invisible Kn...
In today's episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Emily Roh, an antiracist coach and facilitator and the founder of My Invisible Knapsack.
33 min
Sharing Your Vision: The Power of Leaders as Ac...
Tania Bhattacharyya, founder of Lumos Marketing and host of the Campfire Circle podcast, defines vision and its importance in equitable and inclusive leadership.
44 min
My Year of Contemplation - 2022 Year In Review
In this final episode of the 2022 season of The Intersection, I’m reflecting on the highs and lows and previewing exciting changes in the new year.
7 min
The "D" Myth: Understanding What Diversity Recr...
In this week's episode, Jennifer Tardy and I disrupt the "D" myth and give you actionable steps.
39 min
What’s Really Holding Black Women Back At Work…...
Laura Knights, founder and CEO of Knights Consulting LLC, joins me to discuss the systemic barriers and what we can do to dismantle them.
39 min
Navigating Necessary Conversations - When Life ...
Tamara Page, Head of BP’s Western Hemisphere Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, joins me to discuss the power of speaking up and creating space for vulnerable conversations.
37 min
From Intention to Action
Sonya Kaleel, founder of The Inclusion Practice and adjunct faculty for Northwestern University’s Leading Equity & Inclusion in Organizations Masters Program, joins me to discuss the importance of moving beyond intention to taking action.
46 min
Can You Scale Culture? - How to Intentionally C...
Rich Johnson, VP of Global Leadership Development at Spaulding Ridge and one of Crain’s Chicago Business 22 notable executives in DEI, joins me to explore if culture can be scaled and, if so, what that looks like.
37 min
The Courage to Stand - Handling Objections to DEI
Shawntal Mallory, attorney, professor, and Executive Director of the Nebraska Legal Diversity Council, joins me today to talk about the challenges and objections to discussing DEI in the workplace.
48 min
What Gets in The Way - What Every Company Can D...
Gisele Marcus, Professor of Practice in DEI at Washington University in St. Louis, joins me to explore belonging and inclusion, and how companies can start being intentional about fostering it in their environments.
37 min
The Challenge of Authentic Leadership - How Org...
Sandhya Sudhakar, coach, consultant and founder of SELF at WORK, joins me to explore the things that hold us back from authentic leadership, and what we can do - individually and collectively - to break those barriers.
45 min
[Replay] One Step at a Time - A Journey to Beco...
In this week’s replay of one of our most popular episodes, Betsy discusses the imperative of doing self-work and shares her personal journey to becoming anti-racist and how she's educated herself.
40 min
[Replay] Busting the Myth of Meritocracy
In this week’s replay of one of our most popular episodes, John Graham Jr. talks about the challenges that Black professionals face in corporate America.
37 min
Age Ain't Nothing But A Number - The Power of A...
Adrion Porter is the founder of Mid-Career Mastery, a platform dedicated to building the most powerful personal and professional growth community for people over 40.
36 min
Making Waves of Change from Ripples
Melissa Horne is Director of Business Growth and Development at Dialect, an inclusive workplace learning company creating custom experiences based on science.
38 min
When Saying the "Wrong" Thing Is Right
Jeanne McInerney is Board President at Heal Chicago, a nonprofit that creates life-changing workshops that reduce bias and promote equity by developing interpersonal connections between people from all walks of life.
45 min
Deconstructing and Debunking Professionalism
Desi Carson, Development Partner and Director of Programs and Partnerships at IDEAS Generation, joins me to talk about needed changes to current standards of professionalism.
38 min
Speaking Your Truth: Ways We Can Create Change ...
Minita Gandhi joins me to discuss the collective experience of the pandemic, the importance of pluralism, and ways in which we can create change.
47 min
Decolonizing the Workplace
Rachel Vicente is founder and CEO at Rachel Vicente Consulting, where she provides coaching, professional development, and project-based engagement services to schools, organizations, and companies to achieve equitable systems and structures.
42 min
Has Anything Really Changed?
John Higginson, Chief Technology Officer at Chief, joins me to talk about changing the face of leadership by connecting and supporting women executive leaders.
33 min
Debunking the Myths of Imposter Syndrome
In this week’s show, Michelle Morkert defines, disrupts, and debunks imposter syndrome and the myths surrounding it.
42 min
The Power of Discomfort in Creating Equitable a...
Dr. Dwight Rhodes and I talk about the difference between safe and courageous spaces and why we must all get comfortable with discomfort if we want to create real transformation from the classroom to the boardroom.
37 min
Who’s Great? Your Are! Discovering Your Inner G...
In honor of Women’s History month, I'm speaking with amazing women who are pushing boundaries and uplifting others by the great work they are doing.
46 min