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SF Podcast 16: Operation Car Wash with Guilherm...
n Part 2 of our interview with Successful Farming Brasil's Guilherme Ravache, we look at Operation Car Wash.
22 min
SF Podcast 20: Saving the Family Farm Don't Be ...
Hot heads, he thinks he's always right, the kids don't know what they're doing! Listen to farm mediator Andy Junkin explain how he helps farm families with all kinds of personalities get through tough decisions and situations.
18 min
SF Podcast 17: Identifying and Assessing Suicid...
Jami Dellifield is an Ohio State University Extension Educator from Hardin County, and is a certified Mental Health First Aid instructor.
37 min
SF Podcast 18: Harvest Season Safety with Carol...
Carolyn Sheridan, RN,BSN is an agrimedicine instructor and is committed to improving the quality of care farmers receive.
26 min
SF Podcast 21: Disease and Insect Challenges in...
Listen in as host Jodi Henke and Successful Farming's Crops Technology Editor, Gil Gullickson, talk about the battle against bugs and diseases.
16 min
SF Podcast 19: FarmHer, Marji Guyler-Alaniz & L...
Marji Guyler-Alaniz Lexi Marek discuss their roles and the mission of FarmHer
39 min
SF Podcast 23: Getting the Most Out of Your Com...
Learn how to harvest downed corn, prevent ear and grain losses, and make sure your corn head is operating like a champ for the best harvest possible.
22 min
SF Podcast 24: Anatomy of a Seed Treatment
Host Jodi Henke talks with Syngenta Seed Care Specialist Chad Vest about how and why seeds are treated, how to choose what treatments you need, and does seed color matter?
14 min