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SF Podcast 43: Cover Crop Cost Share
The costs associated with growing cover crops can cause hesitation for farmers. Cost sharing collaboration is a key between landowners, operators, and those who serve as a resource.
19 min
SF Podcast 42: From track and field to the farm...
Jacquelyne Leffler had a full ride scholarship to attend Kansas State University and earn a degree in kinesiology. However, the four-generation family farm was a powerful draw for this award-winning athlete.
40 min
SF Podcast 41: Terminating a Cover Crop
Cover crops that don't winterkill will need some sort of management in the spring before the cash crop can be planted. And, some cover crops left to their own devices will get out of control. Listen in as Successful Farming's Megan Vollstedt talks termination with a cover crop grower and an extension specialist.
19 min
SF Podcast 40: Cover Crop Champion
Lee Tesdell's cover crop championship "trophy" is the many benefits and improvements he's made on his farmland.
20 min
SF Podcast 39: Transitioning to No-Till
Longtime no-tillers report multiple benefits from making the leap from tillage to no-till. Here's how to do it, what to expect, and how long it takes.
19 min
SF Podcast 37: Get the Sprayer Ready for Spring
You and your sprayer are itching to start rolling in the field. But before you do, here's how to give the sprayer a thorough check over, make sure old chemicals are washed out and new chemicals properly mixed, and also how to get yourself mentally ready for the task at hand.
12 min
SF Podcast 38: Dealing with Soggy Soils
This spring could shape up to be a soggy one in some areas, especially with already-saturated ground from last fall. Listen in to learn the most important soil conditions for planting, consequences for planting into mud, and at what point do you consider switching hybrids.
12 min
SF Podcast 36: Microbial and Biological Products
Healthy soil depends on microbial action under the soil surface, but maybe you need to add more to the party.
18 min
SF Podcast 35: 2020 Farm Health & Wealth - Ag ...
Farmers can get traditional financing through banks, government programs and more. Ag Resource Management is a relatively-new specialty lender that brings financial and risk management solutions to farmers and agribusinesses that serve farmers.
11 min
SF Podcast 34: 2020 Farm Health & Wealth - Hope...
There is a lot of uncertainly in the hemp industry, but a Minnesota corn and soybean farmer is forging ahead.
56 min
SF Podcast 32: 2020 Farm Health & Wealth - Fail...
When farming isn't profitable, you have to make hard decisions and often very quickly. Hear how one woman saved her operation during the Great Recession, and the advice she gives other farmers to help them through similar situations.
19 min
SF Podcast 33: 2020 Farm Health & Wealth - Bank...
Most beginning farmers need to borrow money for their operation. Understand your lending options, the financing process and how to communicate with your lender.
11 min
SF Podcast 31: 2020 Farm Health & Wealth - Nati...
It's been a year that most corn growers would like to forget. Successful Farming's Gil Gullickson sits down with Jon Doggett and Kevin Ross of the National Corn Grower's Association discussing trade issues, climate change, crop insurance and more.
29 min
SF Podcast 30: 2020 Farm Health & Wealth - Farm...
How do you define "farm health"? Successful Farming's Jodi Henke talks with Curtis Mahnken, an extension economist at the University of Minnesota about what farm health should look like.
14 min
SF Podcast 29: The War on Weeds
Weeds are having a good time in farm fields because the wet spring of 2019 didn't allow for normal weed control measures...
15 min
SF Podcast 28: Harvesting Green Soybeans
Soybean growers may be harvesting beans that are partially green and not as dried down as they'd like...
14 min
SF Podcast 27: Drying High Moisture Corn
The corn harvest might be late in 2019 with producers bringing it in at less-than-ideal moisture levels. Host Jodi Henke talks with Ken Hellevang from North Dakota State University about handling high moisture corn.
15 min
SF Podcast 26: What If There’s an Early Frost
A delay in crop maturity could make corn and soybeans susceptible to an early frost – if that happens.
13 min
SF Podcast 25: Six Men, Two Countries And One A...
Finding seasonal farm labor in the United States is tough. In the Ukraine, finding a good-paying job is tough. This is what happens when two countries work to better each other, one farm at a time. 
19 min
SF Podcast: Hometown USA – New Lenox, Illinois
Familiar people and places make a town feel like home. What happens when those things aren't quite as you remembered them? Editorial Content Director, Dave Kurns, finds out when he visits the growing suburb of a suburb where he grew up: New Lenox, Illinois.
23 min
SF Podcast: Hometown USA - Clarence, Iowa
In this Hometown Series, our editors packed up their bags and hit the road ready to look at their hometown from a different perspective. Listen to see how things have changed since their childhood.
20 min
SF Podcast: Hometown USA - Langford, South Dakota
In this Hometown Series, our editors packed up their bags and hit the road ready to look at their hometown from a different perspective. Listen to see how things have changed since their childhood.
30 min
Soil Health: On the Front Lines
Doug Peterson is a NRCS Regional Soil Health Specialist who is passionate about helping farmers solve resource concerns with their soils.
34 min
Soil Health: The Journey from Dirt to Soil
This is the story of one farmer's journey to soil health, and the book he wrote to help other farmers.
42 min
Soil Health: The Gateway to Cover Crops
Steve Goff is a pioneer in the cover crop movement. He was a driving force in the widespread adoption of radishes as a major component of cover crop blends around the world.
26 min
Soil Health: Soil Health with Zero Tillage
Farmers come together to jointly work on a common goal of no-till farming.
35 min
SF Podcast 3: Dave Mowitz
The third installment of the Successful Farming Podcast features Machinery and Technology Executive Editor, Dave Mowitz
34 min
SF Podcast 4: Mike McGinnis
Mike McGinnis joins Jason in the SF Podcast studio to discuss Blue Skies on the horizon in Agriculture
41 min
SF Podcast 8: Rob Sharkey
We sit down with Shark Farmer Podcast Host, Rob Sharkey.
44 min
SF Podcast 7: Bruce Rastetter
Mike McGinnis discusses a broad range of topics with Summit Agricultural Group CEO, Bruce Rastetter.
30 min
SF Podcast 6: Lee Kline
Laurie Bedord spends some time talking to Lee Kline, WHO Radio farm broadcaster.
23 min
SF Podcast 5: Al Myers
Laurie Bedord sits down with Ag Leader President, Al Myers.
41 min
SF Podcast 2: Dan Looker
On this episode of the Successful Farming Podcast, Dan Looker discusses the National Agricultural Bankers Conference, the 2018 farm bill, potential candidates for secretary of ag, and bicycles.
42 min
SF Podcast 1: SF Engine Man Ray Bohacz
Ray Bohacz, the Successful Farming Engine Man is the guest in the first installment of the Successful Farming Podcast.
46 min
SF Podcast 9: Drew Hastings
Comedian. Farmer. Mayor. Not necessarily in that order.
62 min
SF Podcast 12: 2017 Production Costs with Steve...
2017 is shaping up to be another year of tight margins, learn how to manage production costs from ISU Extension Farm Management Specialist, Steve Johnson
44 min
SF Podcast 14: Laura Meany Takes Over the Famil...
Laura Meany completed college early to take over the family farm after an unexpected tragedy
41 min
SF Podcast 13: RFD-TV Founder and President, Pa...
Successful Farming host Dave Mowitz sits down with Patrick to talk about RFD-TV, and Patrick's role in advocating for Rural America, as well as reconnecting city and country.
34 min
SF Podcast 11: Palmer Amaranth in CRP Acres
We talk Palmer Amaranth, Conservation and Cover Crops with Kacey Birchmier
29 min
SF Podcast 15: Agriculture Leading Brazil's Eco...
Guilherme Ravache is the Editorial Director for Successful Farming Brasil. He recently visited the US and discussed several of the issues facing Brazil's ag industry and how the population of Brazil is dealing with some of the problems the country is facing, including the Operation Car Wash scandal
31 min
SF Podcast 10: Natalina Sents
Traveling to all 50 states in one year, Natalina Sents is having an incredible journey.
33 min
SF Podcast 19: FarmHer, Marji Guyler-Alaniz & L...
Marji Guyler-Alaniz Lexi Marek discuss their roles and the mission of FarmHer
39 min
SF Podcast 17: Identifying and Assessing Suicid...
Jami Dellifield is an Ohio State University Extension Educator from Hardin County, and is a certified Mental Health First Aid instructor.
37 min
SF Podcast 16: Operation Car Wash with Guilherm...
n Part 2 of our interview with Successful Farming Brasil's Guilherme Ravache, we look at Operation Car Wash.
22 min
SF Podcast 20: Saving the Family Farm Don't Be ...
Hot heads, he thinks he's always right, the kids don't know what they're doing! Listen to farm mediator Andy Junkin explain how he helps farm families with all kinds of personalities get through tough decisions and situations.
18 min
SF Podcast 18: Harvest Season Safety with Carol...
Carolyn Sheridan, RN,BSN is an agrimedicine instructor and is committed to improving the quality of care farmers receive.
26 min
SF Podcast 22: Fall Soil Health Practices
Hear about tillage, cover crops, and how to build up your soil's natural immunities against bad things that lie under the surface.
19 min
SF Podcast 21: Disease and Insect Challenges in...
Listen in as host Jodi Henke and Successful Farming's Crops Technology Editor, Gil Gullickson, talk about the battle against bugs and diseases.
16 min
SF Podcast 23: Getting the Most Out of Your Com...
Learn how to harvest downed corn, prevent ear and grain losses, and make sure your corn head is operating like a champ for the best harvest possible.
22 min
SF Podcast 24: Anatomy of a Seed Treatment
Host Jodi Henke talks with Syngenta Seed Care Specialist Chad Vest about how and why seeds are treated, how to choose what treatments you need, and does seed color matter?
14 min