Story Pirates

The award-winning Story Pirates Podcast takes stories written by kids and turns them into sketch comedy and songs. Made up of talented comedians, songwriters, and frequent celebrity guests, the Story Pirates inspire kids to create, bringing laughter to kids and grownups of all ages with hilarious sketches, catchy original songs from all genres, and interviews with the creative geniuses behind the stories… kids! 

Kids & Family
Maybelle’s Treats/The Mystery of the Materializ...
A very official inspector (Timothy Simons) arrives to make sure the Story Pirates’ ship is up to code.
33 min
One Little Pink Rose/I Lost My Tooth In Hollywood
When Peter gets stuck in a time loop, his most precious snacks are put in jeopardy.
23 min
The Story Pirates + Circle Round: All That Glit...
Lee, Peter and Meghan make an appearance on Circle Round, a podcast from our pals over at WBUR that features folktales from around the world.
18 min
Jeff the Goldfish/George and Billy the Boghog
The Story Pirates decide to have a party where everyone tells their deepest, darkest secrets.
30 min
Turtle Beach/Carl and Steve BFFs (feat. Dax She...
A hard-nosed detective (Dax Shepard) visits the ship to investigate a possible theft and everybody feels a little weird about it.
29 min
How The Beaver Came To Canada/President Worm (f...
When a conspiracy theorist (Claire Danes) boards their ship, the Story Pirates must convince her they are not from outer space.
25 min
The Quest for the Golden Bananas/Pigduction (fe...
The Story Pirates face stormy weather when a super sad lost cloud (Franchesca Ramsey) has a full on meltdown while hovering over their ship.
28 min
I Love Cats/The Wizard Who Could Just Go Poof (...
When a 40 foot tall squirrel (John Oliver) threatens to break delicate tchotchkes and handcrafted chairs on the ship, the Story Pirates must convince him to let them help them.
31 min
Helen’s Pizza Ria/The Creation Of Chicken Parm ...
Join the crew as they learn the ins and outs of interstellar travel with a cosmic pizza delivery guy (George Salazar).
34 min
The Boy Who Hated Kisses/The Pancake Habit
Thanks to the repairs of Siegfried the Viking, the Story Pirates new flying ship is ready for lift off!
29 min
A Hamster's Workday/Backstroke Raptor
After spending several months on a deserted island, Captain Rolo and Siegfried the Viking must convince the rest of the Story Pirates that it’s time to set sail again.
26 min
NEW SEASON ANNOUNCEMENT: the Story Pirates Podc...
Lee finds an old radio transmitter on the island and uses it to make a very exciting announcement!
8 min
Bonus: Calling All Mapmakers! Submit Your Ideas...
Submit Your Ideas For The Next Story Pirates Book!
4 min
NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE: Story Pirates’ new Album...
The Story Pirates have a new album and it’s out now! Today’s episode previews some of the featured songs. Listen to NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE wherever you find music today!
2 min
Summer Bonus: Silly Monster Problem/Will Wants ...
It’s almost time to set sail, but the Story Pirates have another summer bonus episode to listen to while they pack.
18 min
Teacher’s Guide: Characters With Big Dreams/Mak...
Download these FREE lesson plans today at and don’t forget to leave us feedback so that we can make even better resources for the classroom.
16 min
Summer Bonus: The Hungry Rock/A Girl With Super...
Today’s episode features a brand new story from Savi in Oregon called The Hungry Rock, as well as two greatest hits from last season, A Girl With Superpowers and The Chess Master.
18 min
The Story Pirates + Brains On!: Dr. Weirdo and ...
The Story Pirates take a break from summer bonus episodes to team up with Brains On! for a special collaborative episode.
20 min
Summer Bonus: The Person Who Could Not Spin/San...
Today’s episode features some greatest hits from last season: The Person Who Could Not Spin, Sandwich Day and How To Make A Basketball Plant.
17 min
Summer Bonus: I Want To Be Rich/Fart Out Loud D...
18 min
Summer Bonus: I Lost The Clock Pieces and the D...
15 min
Summer Bonus: Frank the Monster/All 8 Unicorns/...
The Story Pirates are back with a special summer bonus episode featuring some of our favorite songs! This weeks episode includes Frank the Monster Who Wasn't Scary, All 8 Unicorns and How Penguin Office Became a Thing.
13 min
The Big Secret/What the World Was Called Before Us
In part two of the season finale, the Story Pirates encounter a mysterious stranger with mystical abilities.
39 min
The Story Pirates + Wow in the World: The Mixed...
The Story Pirates take a break before their big season finale for a special smash up, mash up, crossover episode with Wow in the World, all about the science of synesthesia.
40 min
The Great Wallaby Adventure/Presents For Mom
In part one of the two-part season finale, Meghan, Rachel and Peter threaten mutiny unless Lee joins them in singing a hokey song.
27 min
The Person Who Could Not Spin/Triple Power (fea...
Rolo obsesses over two entrancing sirens (Sasheer Zamata and Aparna Nancherla) who teach the Pirates about being #blessed.
27 min
How to Make a Basketball Plant/The Clean Machin...
The Story Pirates' dream of opening a restaurant/bistro/cafe onboard the ship is put in jeopardy when Russ T. Walrus (Wyatt Cenac), a famously harsh food critic, comes to review the menu.
23 min
George’s Cheese/Pizza Revenge (feat. Alison Pil...
Meghan reveals the mystery of her porpoise-full past and must heal a rift between her porpoise protege Travis (Josh Sharp) and the intimidating Mother Porpoise (Alison Pill).
27 min
The Giraffe Didn't Know/Raining Cake (feat. Mic...
When they receive an unexpected visit from a famous treasure hunter (Michael Cerveris), the Story Pirates join the search for Captain Hootie’s famous booby-trapped pirate’s booty.
22 min
Evil Cockroach Nation/The Guy (feat. Ben Sinclair)
The unthinkable happens when Lee runs out of his favorite drinkable yogurt, kefir. Thankfully, Poseidon and his lesser-known kid brother Greg (Ben Sinclair) show up to lend a hand.
23 min
In the Car/The Girl Who Couldn't Stop Reading -...
The Story Pirates meet a magical hermit crab (Santino Fontana) who either doesn’t believe in himself or isn’t actually magical, but that doesn’t stop the gang from making lots of wishes!
26 min
How the Grizzly Bear Turned Into a Polar Bear/B...
28 min
Fart Out Loud Day/The Boy Who Invented the BPhone3
Peter’s experiments in the ship laboratory cause almost everyone to develop bizarre superpowers.
27 min
Going to the Moon/All Rainbow Cars
The gang relieves their boredom by inventing a new sport, and a mysterious curmudgeon from below deck helps them play by the rules.
22 min
The Chess Master/The Amazing Rake (feat. The Gr...
Lee introduces Shipcoin, the first ever Shipto-currency, to the gang; but not everyone is thrilled with the new economy on board.
27 min
Frank the Monster/The Automatic Thinker
Lee returns to find the ship is a little different than when he left, and goes toe to toe with Peter in the first ever Peter Games.
21 min
BONUS! - More Stories from Live in LA! (feat. P...
More stories from our live show in Los Angeles featuring Patton Oswalt!
26 min
Live in LA! - To Do/Super Granny (feat. Patton ...
After being swept up into a tornado, Lee finds himself in Los Angeles doing a live show with Patton Oswalt!
20 min
Nothing Is Impossible/Act Like Someone Else Day
The Story Pirates face Mother Nature's wrath as a perfect storm batters the ship.
23 min
Dreaming Sheep/Pig and Unicorn
The gang discovers the joy of the prank call but soon realizes that supernatural forces can’t take a joke.
26 min
Sandwich Day/A Girl With Superpowers
Story Pirate Rachel must face her fears when the chore wheel sends her atop the ship to stand in the bucket thing with the lookie loo.
26 min
Ladybug Tickle Day/Cement Dude
In episode 9, our fearless captain Rolo’s most prized possession is stolen, and the Story Pirates must band together to unmask the thief.
22 min
How Do You Play Day/Samantha
The Story Pirates realize that their beloved ship is missing a crucial feature, and call upon their listeners for help.
22 min
The Goose Prank/Santa Claus and His Life
The Story Pirates partake in the age old tradition of Story Love, shouting out authors and stories that have inspired them throughout the year!
21 min
Star/The World Wide Race of the Worst Cars
The Story Pirates receive a visit from an old friend who has gone through a magical transformation due to an interspecies cultural exchange.
22 min
Olympic Masters/How Penguin Office Became a Thing
The crew gets frazzled when they realize they are almost out of kids’ stories to perform, and Story Pirate Meghan reveals one of her awesome superpowers.
18 min
Barry and The Big Climbing Tree/The Girls and t...
Lee and Peter struggle to find healthy food aboard the ship, and Lee remembers some hidden treasure he had stowed away. Plus two new stories!
20 min
All 8 Unicorns/Riding a Seagull Was Good
Peter and Rolo's messy habits on board the ship create tension with the rest of the crew.
17 min
Annoy Your Sister School/The Girl Who Never Too...
Lee and Peter adjust to life on their new pirate ship while fellow Story Pirate Rachel acts very suspiciously.
15 min
I Love a Ghost/Fred the Carrot
Lee and Peter relaunch the Story Pirates Podcast by setting sail on the high seas in an old pirate ship.
21 min
Coming Soon! New Season of Story Pirates!
New Season
1 min
The Early Years: I Love You The Best
It’s the season finale of the Story Pirates Podcast featuring Kristen Schaal in a story written by a 1st grader named Madeline called “I Love You The Best.”
4 min
The Early Years: Greatest Hits #4
Featuring classic stories: Eat a Spider Day, The Princess Lifeguard Camp, Monster Broke, PB & K Please!, The Dazzling Situation
29 min
The Early Years: Best Horse Show Dogs & Mr. Mis...
Featuring "Best Horse Show Dogs" & "Mr. Mishes Swedish Fishes"
14 min
The Early Years: Greatest Hits #3
Featuring: Volleyball In the Future and Past!, Zach's Story, The Really Cool Dress, William Woods and This Is National Whoopie Cushion Day
25 min
The Early Years: Gooney Pantoyes & The Face in ...
Gooney Pantoyes by 4th grader Grace & The Face in Bulgaria by 5th grader Alex
13 min
Kidcast Sampler (Bonus Episode)
Check out these other great podcasts for kids!
19 min
The Early Years: The Busy Dizzy Dishwashers & T...
The Busy Dizzy Dishwashers by 3rd grader Cameryn and The Thanksgiving Mess by 5th grader Kyle
10 min
The Early Years: Greatest Hits #2
Featuring: "Dolly Magic Machine," "Football Tornado," "Ukulele Island," "The Chris Allergic to Garbage Cans" & "Fieldtrip to Oppositeland"
23 min
The Early Years: Aqua Bus & My Mom is an Annoyi...
"Aqua Bus" by 4th grader Adreanna & "My Mom is an Annoying Hockey Coach" by 2nd grader Sam
9 min
The Early Years: The Dog Who Fell in Love with ...
Two classic stories written by Kindergartener Kaci and 4th grader Savannah
11 min
The Early Years: Greatest Hits #1
Featuring musical hits "There is a Monster," "I Love," "Angry," "Big Girl Bed," "Water Falls On My Mom's Head" and "Dog Day."
20 min
The Early Years: Little Stop-It Holiday & Switc...
From Kindergartener Zoey and 5th grader Ellie it's "Little Stop-It Holiday" & "Switcheroo Day"
10 min
The Early Years: The Rundown & I Like Lisa
From 5th grader Chuck and 1st grader William, "The Rundown & I Like Lisa"
8 min
The Early Years: Where's Your Diaper & Funny Bu...
Where's Your Diaper by Ashlyn & Funny Bunny Holiday by Macey
9 min
The Early Years: Steve Francis, Six-Month-Old C...
Steve Francis, Six-Month-Old Crime-Fighting Freak by Andrew & Abbey is Silly by Sophie
8 min
The Early Years: I Love Babies & Trip to Happy ...
I Love Babies by Hannah and Trip to Happy Burg by Sienna
10 min
The Early Years: The Alien & My Pet Peeve
The Alien by Faith and My Pet Peeve by William
7 min
The Early Years: Giant Bugs 2 & Get That Beat
Giant Bugs 2 by 5th grader Michael & Get That Beat by Zev!
8 min
The Early Years: Actor's Day, The Love Dragon &...
Story ‘Splosion #3
21 min
The Early Years: Vixie and the Best Resolution ...
Vixie and the Best Resolution Ever by Kitty Lustig
13 min
The Early Years: Kids Riding Ponies, Stretch-A-...
Story ‘Splosion #2
19 min
The Early Years: The Captive Princess
The Captive Princess by Lilly Hall
16 min
The Early Years: Raccoon Sensor, Dog Day & Donn...
Story ‘Splosion #1
18 min
The Early Years: Shark Tooth Fairy
Share Tooth Fairy by Leah Mitchell
14 min
The Early Years: The Dazzling Situation
The Dazzling Situation by Elizabeth Baird
13 min
The Early Years: Eat a Spider Day
Eat a Spider Day by Nikhil Palakshappa
14 min
The Early Years: Monster Broke
Monster Broke by Eli Chung
16 min
The Early Years: Ronald Reagan and the Pineappl...
Ronald Reagan and the Pineapple Paradise by Brigid Donaghy
17 min
The Early Years: When I Lost My Dog and Took Ho...
When I Lost My Dog and Took Home a Wolf by Emily, Abby and Grady
15 min
The Early Years: Princess Lifeguard Camp
Princess Lifeguard Camp by Quinn Sahutske
15 min
The Early Years: Water Falls On My Mom's Head
Water Falls On My Mom's Head by Danny Covino
12 min
The Early Years: The Really Cool Dress
The Really Cool Dress by Paige Mahoney
14 min
The Early Years: This is National Whoopee Cushi...
This is National Whoopee Cushion Day by Liam Gimbel
11 min
The Early Years: If I Were President
If I Were President by Jackson Evans
7 min
The Early Years: The Farm Plays Basketball
The Farm Plays Basketball by Reid Beatty
12 min
The Early Years: Secret Agent Pat P. E. Eves
Secret Agent Pat P. E. Eves by Mary Wavering
16 min
The Early Years: The Girl Who Turned into Spagh...
The Girl Who Turned Into Spaghetti by Cassandra Smith
14 min
The Early Years: PB and K, Please!
From our Valentines Day show, the Story Pirates present new story "PB and K, Please!" by a then-pre-kindergartener Carrigan Rose Duffel.
12 min
The Early Years: Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy
From the Holiday show, the Story Pirates present new story "Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy" by a then-first grader Malena Vermut-Young.
14 min
The Early Years: The July Surprise
From the Sidekicks show, the Story Pirates present new story "The July Surprise" by a then-kindergartener June Marzo.
13 min
The Early Years: William Woods
Form the Make Up Your Own Celebrity show, the Story Pirates present new story "William Woods" by then-fourth grader Zeke Williams!
14 min
The Early Years: I Love (Bonus Track!)
In this bonus episode The Story Pirates performa an old classic in front of a live studio audience! The story is "I Love" by a 2nd grader named Makela.
6 min
The Early Years: The New Song
The New Song by Gus Martone
16 min
The Early Years: Bird Tornado
Bird Tornado by Austin Fuemmeler
12 min
The Early Years: Dogs Rights Day
Dogs Rights Day by Emily, Virginia, Claire and Hannah
17 min
The Early Years: Train Monopoly Day
Train Monopoly Day by Dani Jaye Toth
13 min
The Early Years: Polar Bears
Polar Bears by Cally Thomas
12 min
The Early Years: Jill’s Birthday
Jill’s Birthday by Louis Lampe
16 min
The Early Years: The Chris Allergic to Garbage ...
"The Chris Allergic to Garbage Cans" by Charlie Scott
14 min