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Performing Arts
Licensing your IP to coaches with David Horsager
So you're working on, or have built an effective and transformational training or coaching program. Now what? Have you considered licensing your intellectual property to other coaches? This week, we've invited David Horsager, MA, CSP, CPAE, to discuss how he turned his message into a massive platform that other coaches can use, and what you can do to create a similar program that works for you.
23 min
Build Your Online Course with Molly Wendell
Are you missing out a massive revenue opportunity that you can get done quickly? This week's expert Molly Wendell, CSP, thinks you are! Online courses are an effective way to help you spread your expertise to your ideal audiences no matter where (or when) they are. Tune in to learn how easy it can be to start your first course if you approach it the right way!
23 min
Are you a coach? with Marcia Reynolds
Do you offer coaching as one of your revenue streams? Do you want to get into couching? Are you sure how you can effectively offer coaching as part of your business? If you have questions about coaching, this episode is for you. This week we have Marcia Reynolds explaining the differences she sees between training, consulting, and coaching, and what you can do to start offering coaching in your business.
23 min
Let's Talk Sales with Meridith Elliot Powell
Being able to sell is an important part of running a any business, but especially as a speaker. How's your sales game? This week, Meridith Elliot Powell, CSP, is on the show discussing how she successfully operates the sales arm of her business including the easily manageable about of people she calls each day and how makes sure she always closes the sale in the follow up.
22 min
Succeeding as an Emcee with Kristin Arnold
You're used to speaking, but have you practiced your skills as an emcee lately, especially in the new hybrid and virtual speaking worlds? Being an emcee, or master of ceremonies, is very different than keynoting, training, consulting, or coaching, but it's a vital role for successful meetings. This week, we have Kristin Arnold, MBA, CSP, on the show sharing what you need to do to become a successful emcee. Plus, Kristin is one of the authors behind a brand-new white paper published by NSA, Why Hire an Emcee? that you can download at www.spkr.bz/emcee.
27 min
Clubhouse with Leslie Ehm & Sam Silverstein
Are you on it?
29 min
Build Your Mastermind with Gerry O'Brion, Eliz ...
Are you part of a mastermind group?
32 min
Aftercare with Lois Creamer
Are you helping your clients after you speak?
23 min
Hybrid Meetings with Sarah Michel
Are you ready to speak to two audiences?
25 min
Your Worst Critic with Denise Jacobs
Are you listening to inner critic?
26 min
Invest in Yourself with William "T" Thompson
Does your business support you?
24 min
Change Models with Chris West
What problem do you solve?
24 min
Own the Square with Mike Carr
Are you making the most of the virtual stage?
26 min
Focus Your Business with Sylvia Henderson
Are you focused on speaking or are you focused on running a successful business?
23 min
Off-Stage Revenue with Shep Hyken
What's the best way to start make money when you're not on stage?
27 min
Meetings & Events in 2021 with Deborah Gardner,...
Are you ready for what's happening in meetings and events in 2021?
25 min