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5 Essential Thoughts and Review with Robert Ken...
We’ve had a wide range of experts on Speakernomics over time who have shared so much wisdom, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of valuable insights that you don’t know where to start using it to become a better speaker and build a better business. This week, Robert is flying solo in the studio with a review of five invaluable topics we’ve covered this year with some suggestions on episodes you should revisit and how to get started implementing what you’ve learned.
16 min
Comedy, Connections, and Your Speaking Business...
You can connect with your audience in so many ways. Is humor in your skillset? Humor is a great way to break the ice, connect with your audience and make your presentation feel alive, but it can also come across is awkward, boring and uncomfortable. This week on the show, we invited Pat Dwyer to share how you too can use humor and improv skills to deliver a memorable and powerful presentation.
25 min
The Power of Your Words with Patricia Fripp
When was the last time you considered your word choices in your presentations? Are you limiting how effective your message is by adding filler words like “today” and unclear words like “things” and “people”? This week on Speakernomics, we invited Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, to share a brief, but powerful lesson about the importance of your word choices when you take the stage.
30 min
Podcast Relevance and Revenue with Bill Cates
Everyone has a podcast nowadays, but does every professional speaker need one? While anyone can start a podcast, it can be a lot of work yours up and running and the effort needs to align with your current goals and workload! In this week’s episode of Speakernomics, Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE, share his experience about why he overcame his apprehension to start a podcast and how the show helps him not only stay relevant, but helps him add an extra revenue stream and add more value to his clients.
22 min
Repurpose Your Content With AI
Be honest with us, how often are you scrolling short videos on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok? Are you producing short videos to follow the trend? This week on Speakernomics, we invited Marc Gawith, the head of business development for Pictory, an AI platform that turns your written and video content into shortform videos, to share why these videos are thriving right now. Plus, how Pictory can supplement your team to turn your existing content into short videos in minutes for you to share with your followers.
22 min
How to Make the Most of YouTube with Nate Woodbury
You’re a speaker with a ton of great of ideas, plenty of videos from your previous engagements and a camera in your pocket to record more, running a YouTube channel should be an easy decision, right? While filling a channel with videos may come easy for you, haphazardly filling your channel with videos without a strategy will only waste your time. This week on Speakernomics, we invited YouTube expert Nate Woodbury to share how you can make the most of YouTube and keywords to turn your channel into an effective lead generating tool.
24 min
How to Start a Speaking Business
Get ready for another exciting episode of Speakernomics! While our host Robert Kennedy III attended Influence 2023, he used the opportunity to be around more than 1,000 professional speakers to find out how successful speakers would start their business right now if they were starting over. Tune in as John DeMato, Arel Moodie, Frank Kitchen, CSP, Alana Hill, Steve Bollar, Genie Snyder, and Dr. James Smith, Jr., CSP, share their insights on how you too can build a successful speaking business right in 2023.
21 min
Social Media Juice with Brynne Tillman
How are you making the most of your social connections, and especially LinkedIn? Having a huge social network looks great, but you need to make sure it’s actually serving your business. This week on Speakernomics, we invited social sales expert Brynne Tillman to the show to share her experience and brilliant ideas about how you can grow your network and get business with your social media network.
26 min
More Sales Through Understanding People with An...
Do you consider personality styles of your audiences and among your clients? Join us this week for another episode of Speakernomics as Angel Tucker, a certified human behavior consultant, reveals the untapped secrets of understanding personality styles and how they can revolutionize your sales. Discover how customizing your message to match different personality preferences can catapult your success and empower you to better help your audiences while generating even more sales.
23 min
Marketing Today with Jakob Eliason
When was the last time you looked at your marketing strategy? Are you wasting time on old strategies and tactics that are just wasting your money time and dollars, or are you staying up to date on the tried and true techniques that could be bringing you massive results? This week on Speakernomics, we invited Jakob Eliason of Be Known, LLC, to discuss what speakers can be doing right now to be known by their ideal audiences.
28 min
Reasons To Attend Influence with Robert Kennedy...
Are you still on the fence about attending Influence 2023, or is this your first time and you’re not sure what to expect? This week on the show, Robert shares his experience attending Influence for the first time and shares 7 reasons to attend Influence and 3 ways to make the most of the conference.
19 min
Your Headshot Is Your Handshake with Russ Climie
24 min
Keep Your Presentations Fresh with Jess Pettitt
When was the last time you considered if the material in your presentation was fresh, up to date, or even still relevant? Once you have your presentation practiced and perfected, it’s easy to continue delivering your tried-and-true speech without questioning if it’s still hitting the mark. This week on Speakernomics we invited Jess Pettitt, MBA, CSP, to the show to discuss what it’s important to make sure your material is still fresh, and the different avenues you can take to ensure it’s up to par.
25 min
Recast: Video-fy Your Unique Story with Clint P...
How do you make the most of your unique, signature stories that you tell from the stage? Do you just retell it every time you’re on stage, or have you incorporated the story into your business to help you get booked? This week on Speakernomics, we invited Clint Pulver, CSP, to share how he turned his unique story into a self-made short video that not only earned him an Emmy, but helped generate over $4 million in revenue for his business.
25 min
Recast: Crowdsourcing with Christian Napier
19 min
Why People Buy with Victor Antonio
Do you know why people buy from you? You could say “I offer the solution to their problem” and you’d be right, but have you really thought through why people choose to work with you rather than another expert? This week on the show we invited Victor Antonio to give us a short deep dive into how clients select who they work with and how you can make sure they pick you. Want to hear more from Victor? He’ll be one of main stage speakers at Influence 2023!
26 min
Shock The Life Back Into Your Business with Tho...
What does your business look like now compared to before 2020? The speaking industry has completely evolved and while some speakers had the expertise and the means to completely adapt, other speakers were not in the same position. This week on Speakernomics, we invited this podcast’s original host Thom Singer to share how he rebuilt his business coming out of the pandemic.
26 min
Stop Speaking Start Serving with Delatorro McNeal
When you speak to an audience, do you have a practiced presentation that you give every time that really doesn’t change, or do you take the time to learn about your audience and tailor your message to their specific needs? This week on Speakernomics, we invited Dr. Delatorro McNeal, MS, CSP, to share the benefit of shifting your mindset from “speaking” to “serving” and how it will not only improve the outcome for your audience, but also improve your business.
33 min
Storytelling with Kelly Swanson
How much effort and attention to detail do you put into your stories? Do you use the same stories with every audience, or do you intentionally select the stories you share based on the audience, their goals or the mood in the room? Stories are incredibly powerful and memorable, so the stories you select are critical. This week on Speakernomics, we invited storytelling expert Kelly Swanson, CSP, CPAE, to share some of her insights into how to tell the most effective stories from the stage.
26 min
Your AI Assistant with Marki Lemons
With the explosion of AI tools in the recent months, how are you incorporating the tools into your business? AI tools still can’t replace you and your business, but they can be powerful tools to help save you time and money. This week on Speakernomics, we invited Marki Lemons, MBA, to share her perspective on creating AI assistants to help extend how much you can get done each day while still sounding just like you and your brand.
30 min
Crystal Clarity on a Cocktail Napkin with There...
How simply can you explain your message to your audience? Can you turn it into a simple picture? Your brilliant message can only go so far if your audience doesn’t fully understand or can’t remember after you leave the stage. This week on Speakernomics, we invited Theresa Rose, CSP, to explain why you should be able to draw your message on a cocktail napkin and how you can get started. And don’t worry, you do not need to be an artist!
22 min
10 Speakers Spill their Speaking Business Succe...
This week we’re bringing you something a little different! At Thrive 2023, we asked many of the attendees the following question: What is one big thing you’ve done to achieve success or grow your speaking business? This week on Speakernomics, 10 of those speakers will answer the question on how they grew their incredibly successful speaking businesses!
20 min
Video-fy Your Unique Story with Clint Pulver
How do you make the most of your unique, signature stories that you tell from the stage? Do you just retell it every time you’re on stage, or have you incorporated the story into your business to help you get booked? This week on Speakernomics, we invited Clint Pulver, CSP, to share how he turned his unique story into self-made short video that not only earned him an Emmy, but helped generate over $4 million in revenue for his business.
25 min
Early Adoption with Denise Hamilton
We’re talking tech again this week! Are you embracing new technologies as they become available, or are you often watching from the sidelines waiting to see if it is worth your time to invest in the new trends? Whether you like it or not, technology will keep moving forward, so it might be time to change your mindset. This week on Speakernomics we invited Denise Hamilton, hot off the main stage at Thrive 2023, to discuss how you may not need to follow every trend, but you do need to embrace technological change if you want to continue to be a successful speaker.
27 min
How to Invest your Time with Glenn Lundy
Do you find it difficult to decide the best ways to spend your time as an speaker an entrepreneur? Do you struggle to make sure you’re spending enough time on your business, while still being present with your family and friends, or even making time for yourself? This week on Speakernomics we invited Glenn Lundy to the show share his strategies for investing his time in both his business and his family.
25 min