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Songfacts, which has been bringing you the stories behind the songs since 1999, now has a podcast. On the not-so-cleverly named Songfacts Podcast, our cheeky host Corey O'Flanagan speaks with songwriters and other music makers to learn about their own songs (which they often perform on the show) and explore the music that influenced them.On this fun and enlightening musical journey, you'll discover new songs across a range of genres and take a deep dive into some you know - how they're structured, what they mean, how they make us feel.Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.

Music Interviews
Music History
Metallica biographer Ben Apatoff
Ben Apatoff, author of Metallica: The $24.95 Book, talks about the band.
39 min
Cody Carson of Set It Off
Set It Off frontman Cody Carson talks about writing and recording some of their most popular songs.
35 min
The Heavy Hours
The Cincinnati rock band The Heavy Hours talks about recording their EP Wildfire with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys.
38 min
"Wrecking Ball" writer Stephan Moccio
Stephan Moccio, who wrote "A New Day Has Come" by Celine Dion and "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus, talks about the finer points of songwriting.
48 min
Marcus Atom
R&B singer/songwriter Marcus Atom on his album Love Vs. War
36 min
Tim Higgins
Singer-songwriter Tim Higgins talks about and performs songs from his album Blight.
39 min
Jackson Browne historian Justin Cox
Exploring the music of Jackson Browne with Justin Cox, host of "After The Deluge: An Unofficial Jackson Browne Podcast."
48 min
Sofie Fatouretchi
The electronic artist behind "Abeja" talks about her solo debut album, Cult Survivor, and gives an exclusive stripped-down performance of the track "Truth Of The Matter."
40 min
Concert Designer Laura Escudé
Laura Escudé takes us behind the scenes to explain how the array of sights and sounds are planned out and synced together at concerts.
35 min
The Ska Episode with Author Marc Wasserman
Learn about the unsung heroes of ska and the history of the genre in this talk with Marc Wasserman, author of Skaboom! An American Ska And Reggae Oral History.
44 min
Analog Players Society
The leaders of the Analog Players Society collective explain how they use live musicians to create their own samples.
46 min
Benedict Cork
The British singer-songwriter talks about his come up in a piano bar and breaks down his single "Have A Good Life (See You Never)."
33 min
Aaron Lee Tasjan
Our chat with Nashville songwriter Aaron Lee Tasjan, who comes off so Tom Petty, even Petty's drummer told him so.
45 min
John Splithoff
Singer-songwriter John Splithoff on his 2016 breakthrough song "Sing To You" and his 2021 album All In.
31 min
Leigh Kakaty of Pop Evil
Pop Evil frontman Leigh Kakaty explains his philosophy on lyrics and talks about some key tracks, including a few from their 2021 album Versatile.
64 min
Hello Mary
Grunge music and female power trios are still alive with the hard-hitting Brooklyn trio Hello Mary.
27 min
Donna Jean Godchaux of the Grateful Dead
Donna Jean Godchaux talks about her time with the Grateful Dead, including the song she wrote for the Terrapin Station album.
41 min
"Whoomp! There It Is": DC Glenn of Tag Team
DC Glenn of Tag Team tells the story of "Whoomp! There It Is" and talks about his star turn performing the song in a Geico commercial.
71 min
Zayde Wolf
Zayde Wolf explains how he creates meaningful, motivational songs and gets them placed in movies, TV shows, video games and sporting events.
42 min
Elizabeth and the Catapult
Elizabeth Ziman on her Berklee days with St. Vincent and Esperanza Spalding, her Harry Nilsson homage, and her 2021 album, Sincerely, E.
48 min
Old Sea Brigade
An in-depth discussion on songwriting with Ben Cramer (Old Sea Brigade), who like his musical champion, Tom Waits, has learned to write poetic story songs about the human condition.
43 min
Sunny Sweeney
Country singer Sunny Sweeney tells the stories behind her biggest songs and explains how the prospect of getting a job motivated her to make music for a living.
35 min
AC/DC Author Jesse Fink
Jesse Fink, author of two books on AC/DC, explains why he thinks Bon Scott didn't die of alcohol poisoning but did write at least some of the lyrics on Back In Black.
49 min
Doe Paoro
Doe Paoro on leaving the LA indie-pop scene for sound-healing work, including her 432Hz Chakra Suite.
37 min
Jock Bartley and Mark Andes of Firefall
Jock Bartley and Mark Andes of Firefall on "You Are The Woman," the 1970s LA-to-Boulder migration, and their new album.
53 min
Chris Lindsey ("Amazed," Pitch List Podcast)
Songwriter Chris Lindsey with insider tips on the Nashville scene, the story behind his Lonestar hit "Amazed," and how he turned Taylor Swift on to The Civil Wars and co-wrote their breakthrough song "Poison & Wine."
50 min
Bailey Bryan
Four years after coming to Nashville and releasing her popular single "Own It," Bailey Bryan is settling in as a "sensitive bad bitch," as heard on her TikTok burner "play w/ me."
51 min
Jesse Gold
The Toronto singer-songwriter Jesse Gold talks about honing his skills with the likes of Babyface, and performs his song "We Good."
48 min
Baby Fuzz ("Stereo Hearts" co-writer)
Brandon Lowry, who performs as Baby Fuzz, talks about co-writing the megahit "Stereo Hearts."
32 min
Jevon Alexander
Rapper and producer Jevon Alexander explains how he made his track "Mamba Mentality" and got it placed on NBA 2K21.
38 min
BELLSAINT (Caroline Brooks), whose songs appear in Riverdale, Shameless, and other shows, talks about the balance between writing for sync and writing for her own expression.
45 min
Asaf Avidan
The Israeli singer-songwriter Asaf Avidan on how the wolf-dog attack that nearly killed him informed his latest album, the very philosophical Anagnorisis.
53 min
Jillette Johnson
Singer-songwriter Jillette Johnson discusses her Eckhart Tolle-inspired song about breaking down the pain body wall, and explains why she declined an offer to compete on The Voice.
50 min
Chris Pierce
Singer-songwriter Chris Pierce on how he overcame racism and deafness to become a successful writer for TV music (This Is Us, True Blood) and powerful voice in the #BlackLivesMatter movement.
61 min
A Shadow of Jaguar
If you like dirty blues slide guitar, riffs backed by heavy drums and a full tank of energy, then you will love A Shadow of Jaguar.
25 min
Holiday Songs Special
Songfacts podcast presents the Pantheon Podcasts Holiday Song Special.
64 min
Brothers Koren on Finding Your Musical Cosmology
The Brothers Koren, who toured with Pink and Coldplay with their band The Kin, explain how we can learn about ourselves through our unique musical cosmologies.
72 min
Ray Benson of Asleep At The Wheel
Ray Benson on "Cotton Eyed Joe," "The Letter That Johnny Walker Read," and his beef with the Grammys.
27 min
Songwriting Methodology with Andrea Stolpe
The author of Popular Lyric Writing, Andrea Stolpe explains various songwriting techniques and analyzes some specific songs.
58 min
Dave Rublin of American Authors
American Authors bass player/producer Dave Rublin on "Best Day of My Life," their latest EP, and mental health in music.
51 min
Maude Latour
Big on Spotify, where she made the Indie Pop and Fresh Finds playlists, Maude Latour talks about her stacked harmonies and extremely personal breakup songs.
42 min
The Damned Founder Rat Scabies
Rat Scabies recalls the dawn of the London punk scene in 1977, when his band The Damned became a headline act.
49 min
Elle Belle
Christopher Pappas, who writes and performs as Elle Belle, talks about his album Post Everything and names the "Big 3" grunge bands that influenced him.
52 min
Eric Senich of the Van Halen News Desk
Talking Van Halen - Eddie in particular - with Van Halen News Desk writer and DISCovery podcast host Eric Senich.
48 min
South of Eden
The frontman and bass player in South Of Eden explain how they make fast, loud, thoughtful rock music with a Michael Jackson influence.
44 min
Country star Suzy Bogguss
Country star Suzy Bogguss tells the "Hey Cinderella" story, talks about her Dollywood days, and performs her song "Letting Go."
45 min
Amanda Brown on songwriting, touring with Alici...
Amanda Brown explains how she went from touring behind Alicia Keys and Adele to The Voice to coming into her own as an artist and songwriter.
42 min
Monique DeBose on Improv Singing and her "Rally...
Singer, songwriter and playwright Monique DeBose explains how improv singing works and talks about "Rally Call," her song about liberation.
47 min
Author Ken McNab on The Last Days of The Beatles
Ken McNab, author of And in the End: The Last Days of The Beatles, explains how the group unravelled while making two of their masterpieces: Abbey Road and Let It Be.
58 min
Kirk Hamilton of Strong Songs
Kirk Hamilton, host of the podcast Strong Songs, explains his method of deconstructing a song and talks about the evolution of video game music.
50 min
12 albums in 12 months with Urban Jack (Simon M...
Simon Milliman, aka Urban Jack, talks about releasing his creative energy in a very aspirational project: writing 12 albums in 12 months.
55 min
Bekah Marie Knott on singing, teaching and a li...
Classically trained singer-songwriter Bekah Marie Knott on singing, teaching (even screamo) and a life of music.
37 min
Eric Victorino explains how internet killed the...
The internet allowed Eric Victorino to go from a band to an electronic duo with a guy he'd never met; they soundtracked it with the song "Internet Killed The Video Star."
50 min
Misty Boyce on performing with Sting and rethin...
Misty Boyce is a singer-songwriter who is a prolific solo artist and has toured with acts such as Lord Huron and Ingrid Michaelson.
46 min
Songfacts Podcast - Trailer
Introduction to the Songfacts Podcast.
1 min