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For readers who are listeners, for listeners looking for something to read—this feed includes book discussions and conversations with authors from across the Slate Podcast network.

Gabfest Reads: The Fraud
Zadie Smith’s new book The Fraud goes deep into a 19th century criminal trial whose politics speak to modern times.
27 min
Slate Money: Your Face Belongs to Us
Facial recognition is coming for us all, and society probably isn’t ready for it.
52 min
Mom & Dad: Never Enough: When Achievement Cultu...
Slate’s parenting podcast on taming the hustle culture in all of us.
30 min
Outward: Mercury Stardust Helps Queer People Fe...
TikTok’s trans handy ma’am on the emotional dimensions of home maintenance.
62 min
ICYMI: AI-Generated Books are Tarnishing Author...
And—surprise, surprise—Amazon isn’t doing nearly enough about it.
46 min
A Word: Wrong from the Beginning
Writer Michael Harriot says white-washing Black history is a desperate effort that’s bound to fail.
31 min
Dear Prudence: My Partner’s Relationship With H...
Jenée Desmond-Harris is joined by romance author Tia Williams.
32 min
Mom & Dad: Growing Up In Public
Slate’s parenting podcast on helping kids grow up in public.
37 min
Slate Money - Optimal Illusions: The False Prom...
Coco Krumme joins Slate Money to discuss the false promise of optimization.
37 min
Political Gabfest: The Last Politician
Author Franklin Foer discusses the first two years in President Joe Biden’s White House; the war in Ukraine slogs on and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un wades in; and higher education is in trouble.
53 min
Mom & Dad: The Secret Society of Aunts & Uncles...
Slate’s parenting podcast interviews the team behind The Secret Society of Aunts & Uncles.
30 min
Future Tense Fiction: Welcome to the A.I. Haunt...
On this month’s episode of Future Tense Fiction, Janelle Shane discusses her short story “The Skeleton Crew.”
61 min
Mom & Dad: Accountable: The True Story of a Rac...
Slate’s parenting podcast interviews award-winning journalist, Dashka Slater, on her new book, Accountable.
37 min
ICYMI: BookTok’s Horny Hockey Drama and the End...
How the changing financial incentives of the internet make loud and unabashed thirst more fraught.
34 min
Amicus: Citizen Justice: The Environmental Lega...
Judge Margaret M. McKeown of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit on her book about a Supreme Court Justice, public advocate and conservation champion.
53 min
Slate Money: "Best Things First" by Bjorn Lomborg
A book provides a dozen ways to help the world’s poorest people. Will they work?
46 min
Slate Money: "Anansi's Gold" by Yepoka Yeebo
This one goes out to anyone who has tried to help a prince get his money
43 min
Gabfest Reads: Demon Copperhead
Barbara Kingsolver’s latest draws inspiration from Charles Dickens to tell the truth of her people.
28 min
Outward: Red, White & Really Bad
A gay romance among the ruling class seems to have been created for straight people.
61 min
Mom & Dad: Avidly Reads Screen Time
Slate’s parenting podcast on the moral panic over screen time.
20 min
Amicus: The Family Roe
Joshua Prager on his epic investigation of “An American Story”: the complex life and family background of Norma McCorvey (AKA Jane Roe in Roe v Wade).
51 min
Mom & Dad: Raising Empowered Athletes
Slate’s parenting podcast on keeping your eye on the ball.
28 min
How To!: Generation Dread: Finding Purpose In a...
Dr. Britt Wray on turning anxiety into action.
28 min
The Waves: Hollywood is On Strike. Let’s Burn i...
Hollywood’s time of reckoning has been all talk. The ongoing strikes are proof of that.
39 min
Amicus: The Fear of Too Much Justice
Stephen Bright on all the ways America condemns people of color, the poor, and the sick, to a second class justice system from the Supreme Court in down.
47 min