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A Word: Black Cop, White Mob
How January 6th still haunts Capitol Police.
25 min
Dear Prudence: I Want to "Cancel" My Bad Boss B...
Jenée Desmond-Harris is joined by attorney and writer Elie Mystal.
47 min
Dear Prudence: Revisiting Advice from LeVar Burton
I’m About to Blow Up on the Snack Thieves at Work. Help!
33 min
Political Gabfest Reads: Watership Down
Cartoonist James Strum unpacks the classic novel and how he brought beloved characters to new life.
24 min
ICYMI: The Year in Celebrity Memoirs
From Prince Harry to Britney Spears, we look back at the biggest bombshells that hit the shelves this year
44 min
Slate Money: The Fund
Author Rob Copeland on his newest book on Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Associates, and the Unraveling of a Wall Street Legend.
43 min
Decoder Ring: The Rules
The Rules became a controversial bestseller and sparked instant debate. But was the advice any good?
33 min
How To! — Side by Side: The Sacred Art of Coupl...
Caryl and Jay Casbon on growing together—and as individuals—in coupledom.
41 min
What Next: Romney: A Reckoning
The author of the new biography explores the rift between the GOP and its one-time presidential nominee.
30 min
A Word: A F—ing Funny Lady
The comedy star sounds off in her new book “Leslie F—ing Jones: A Memoir”
31 min
What Next: Sedition Hunters
The online community helping—and in some ways surpassing—the FBI.
22 min
Working: Writing Bestsellers With Anderson Cooper
42 min
Dear Prudence: Maeve Higgins, I’m Making Bitchy...
Jenée Desmond-Harris is joined by writer and comedian Maeve Higgins.
34 min
Political Gabfest Reads: Exit Interview
Kristi Coulter’s new memoir, Exit Interview, reveals the good, the bad, and the hilarious of working for Amazon.
29 min
Dear Prudence: Roxane Gay, Is It Okay to Ghost ...
Jenée Desmond-Harris is joined by writer and commentator Roxane Gay.
35 min
Mom & Dad: This Is So Awkward: Modern Puberty E...
Slate’s parenting podcast on guiding kids through the awkward years.
30 min
The Waves: The Case For Taking A Sabbatical
Because sometimes the grind demands a hard reset.
36 min
ICYMI: How a Substack Revived the Dracula Fandom
How Dracula Daily brought a 1897 novel into the Tumblr age
31 min
A Word: Black Grief, White Grievance
Why white feelings often seem to matter more than Black lives.
24 min
Dear Prudence: My Girlfriend Is Always Late! He...
Jenée Desmond-Harris is joined by author and podcaster Ashley C. Ford.
39 min
The Waves: Under the Influence
Manipulative and toxic bosses are even more insidious when they’re women using feminism as a shield.
31 min
Working: Brooklyn Crime Novel by Jonathan Lethem
42 min
A Word: Historically Black Phrases
Black culture shapes the national conversation, even among those who hate it.
32 min
Hear Me Out - "You Should Be Grateful": Stories...
White adoptive parents aren't saviors, and many kids are suffering.
38 min
Working: Meet an Artist Who Writes Comics About...
Graphic novelist Dave Chisholm is also a jazz musician himself.
45 min