Decoder with Nilay Patel

Decoder is a show from The Verge about big ideas — and other problems. Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel talks to a diverse cast of innovators and policymakers at the frontiers of business and technology to reveal how they’re navigating an ever-changing landscape, what keeps them up at night, and what it all means for our shared future.

Advertising is everywhere. Wieden+Kennedy CEO N...
The brands are at it again
57 min
How Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty goes viral, with...
Reinventing marketing for the TikTok age
57 min
The risky new way of building mobile broadband ...
And why it's 40% cheaper
76 min
Why Hank Green can’t quit YouTube for TikTok
All the ways to make money as a creator
69 min
Rent the Runway CEO Jennifer Hyman thinks cloth...
The company’s rollercoaster journey from covid crash to wedding boom
63 min
Is the metaverse going to suck? A conversation ...
Maybe it won’t be a dystopia?
75 min
Land of the Giants: Facebook gets a facelift
Decoder is dark this week so listen to the new season of Land of the Giants
27 min
How arson led to a culture reboot at Traeger, w...
Traeger’s Jeremy Andrus on riding the wave of the outdoor cooking revolution
71 min
TSA’s chief innovation officer on surveillance,...
Nilay Patel talks to Dan McCoy, the chief innovation officer at the TSA
67 min
How Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Källenius is refocusi...
Nilay Patel talks to Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Källenius.
62 min
How fandom built the internet as we know it, wi...
Nilay Patel talks to author Kaitlyn Tiffany about fandom on the internet
61 min
What unions could mean for Apple with Zoe Schiffer
Nilay Patel talks to Zoe Schiffer about the fight to unionize
61 min
How Ukraine’s wide use of cryptocurrency is pla...
Nilay Patel talks to Michael Chobanian, the president of Blockchain Association of Ukraine
64 min
The videos that don’t work on YouTube and the f...
Nilay Patel talks to Dave Wiskus the CEO of creator-owned streaming service Nebula
70 min
Vergecast: Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Google I...
Nilay Patel and David Pierce talk to Google CEO Sundar Pichai
31 min
UiPath CEO Daniel Dines thinks automation can f...
Nilay Patel talks to Daniel Dines the founder and CEO of UiPath
64 min
How big companies kill ideas — and how to fight...
Stories and lessons from his new book, Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making
71 min
The executive director of the Electronic Fronti...
47 min
A former Foxconn executive tries to explain wha...
Nilay Patel talks to former Foxconn executive Alan Yeung
64 min
Chris Dixon thinks web3 is the future of the in...
Nilay Patel talks to Andreessen Horowitz General Partner Chris Dixon
76 min
Is streaming just becoming cable again? Julia A...
Nilay Patel talks to Julia Alexander about Disney, HBO Max, and how complicated it is to watch sports
77 min
Steve Aoki on why he’s a ‘crypto believer’
Nilay Patel talks to Steve Aoki about the music industry, web3, and the Aokiverse
58 min
How Robinhood is building the future of investi...
Nilay Patel talks to Aparna Chennapragada about
62 min
How the EU is fighting tech giants with Margret...
Adi Robertson talks to Margrethe Vestager about regulating big tech in the EU
31 min
How WordPress and Tumblr are keeping the intern...
Nilay Patel talks to Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg
72 min