Decoder with Nilay Patel

Decoder is a show from The Verge about big ideas — and other problems. Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel talks to a diverse cast of innovators and policymakers at the frontiers of business and technology to reveal how they’re navigating an ever-changing landscape, what keeps them up at night, and what it all means for our shared future.

Why would anyone make a website in 2023? Square...
Squarespace has lived through the eras of domain squatting, SEO keywords, social algorithms and is now launching AI tools. Here's what's next for the 20-year-old company.
60 min
Inside Google’s big AI shuffle — and how it pla...
Google invented a lot of core AI technology, and now the company’s turning to Demis to get back in front of the AI race
58 min
Why CEO David Baszucki is ready for Roblox to g...
With over 66 million daily users, the virtual world platform is now allowing experiences exclusively for people 17 and up. What’s driving Roblox’s push to age up?
50 min
Gary Vaynerchuk is ‘petrified’ of Slack
Running the Vayner empire takes a lot of delegation — and a lot of emoji. The internet’s own GaryVee takes us through his process for mastering the present state of social media over and over again.
46 min
Private equity bought out your doctor and bankr...
Author and federal prosecutor Brendan Ballou explains why private equity is buying everything from vet offices to tech conglomerates, how it’s broken, and what can be done to fix it.
57 min
SiriusXM’s 360 strategy with CEO Jennifer Witz
SiriusXM has scooped up Stitcher, Pandora, Team CoCo and more in recent years, but satellite radio in cars still drives the business.
62 min
Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott on AI copilots, disag...
Microsoft is putting AI copilots in everything. Will it change the way we use computers?
63 min
Recode Media: Inside the AI Gold Rush
46 min
Exclusive: Google’s Sundar Pichai talks Search,...
AI is one the deepest platform shifts ever, says Google’s CEO, and he’s not worried about being first.
39 min
I can't make products just for 41 year old tech...
Airbnb is revamping its Rooms feature while eyeing AI and betting on work from anywhere.
60 min
The social media age for news is over. Former B...
67 min
Bitcoin is still the future of payments, says L...
Crypto has a lot of haters these days. A former Facebook exec is trying to prove them wrong with his Bitcoin startup.
47 min
Brightdrop isn’t just selling electric vans — i...
67 min
Is Substack Notes a ‘Twitter clone’? We asked C...
Can Substack handle the wrath of Elon Musk and the pain of content moderation?
64 min
Watching Silicon Valley Bank melt down from the...
Everybody hates Concur. Brex wants to replace it.
59 min
The surprisingly complex business of toys, with...
Activist investors, unhappy Magic fans, and a D&D licensing battle all at once — oh, and there are Transformers, too.
67 min
Can Mastodon seize the moment from Twitter?
CEO Eugen Rochko on running - and growing — a decentralized social network
73 min
How to play the long game, with New York Times ...
Can Wordle, the Athletic, and Cooking bring the Times bundle to all of America?
59 min
Taylor Swift vs. Ronald Reagan: The Ticketmaste...
From antitrust to Anti-Hero: How the ghost of Ronald Reagan kept fans from getting Taylor Swift tickets.
27 min
‘The Goliath is Amazon’: after 100 years, Barne...
CEO James Daunt explains how Barnes & Noble is different than Amazon.
60 min
Why Spotify wants to look like TikTok, with co-...
You’re going to have strong feelings about this redesign.
55 min
Can Xerox reinvent itself for another 100 years?
CEO Steve Bandrowczak thinks the office printer is where the workplace revolution begins.
60 min
How Reddit is getting simpler — and dealing wit...
Reddit announces a scrolling video view for your timeline.
56 min
Podcasting? Radio? It’s all one big opportunity...
Amid layoffs and a looming recession, folks are concerned about the audio industry. iHeart’s podcast head Conal Byrne is not worried. Here’s why.
63 min
Erase browser history: can AI reset the browser...
Mozilla chairwoman Mitchell Baker on competing — and cooperating — with Google, Apple, and the rest of big tech
64 min