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Daily Briefing - June 22, 2020
Ash Bennington and Ed Harrison explore the perilous state of the global markets amid the unrelenting spread of coronavirus.
29 min
The Interview - Credit Chaos and Fool's Yield: ...
Dan Rasmussen speaks with his colleague Greg Obenshain to examine the credit market sell-off over the past two months.
42 min
The Interview - The Electrodollar: Venture Capi...
Bill Tai provides his uniquely qualified perspective, having experience on both the technology development and financing sides of Silicon Valley.
68 min
Daily Briefing - June 19, 2020
Raoul Pal joins Ash Bennington to reflect on a week of muted volatility amid a "quadruple witching" & unprecedented central bank interventions.
36 min
Daily Briefing - June 18, 2020
Ed Harrison joins Peter Boockvar, CIO of Bleakley Advisor Group, to discuss the latest developments in markets, macro, and coronavirus.
31 min
Daily Briefing - June 17, 2020
Senior editor Ash Bennington joins Tommy Thornton, founder of Hedge Fund Telemetry, to discuss the latest in markets, macro, and coronavirus.
28 min
Daily Briefing - June 16, 2020
Ash Bennington joins Ed Harrison to unpack today's positive retail numbers as well as whether the recession is now "over" (even if in name only).
31 min
Daily Briefing - June 15, 2020
Senior editor Ash Bennington joins Real Vision managing editor Ed Harrison to discuss a day of "risk on risk off" on Wall Street.
34 min
The Interview - The New Frontier with Trevor Mo...
Trevor Mottl speaks to Raoul Pal about how machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) can inform and transform the investment process.
58 min
The Interview - When The Whole Daisy Chain Unwinds
James Aitken joins Raoul Pal to discuss the relationship between bond and FX markets and how that is playing out at this juncture of the credit cycle.
87 min
Daily Briefing - June 12 , 2020
Raoul Pal and Ed Ed Harrison discuss today's undulating recovery as global equities tried to regain ground lost in yesterday s market rout.
34 min
Daily Briefing - June 11, 2020
Ed Harrison joins Lloyd Khaner, general partner and CIO at Khaner Capital Management, to discuss his macro outlook for the next year and beyond.
31 min
Daily Briefing - June 10, 2020
Ash Bennington joins Jay Pelosky, CIO and co-founder of TPW Investment Management, to unpack his contrarian & bullish thesis on the economy & markets.
34 min
Daily Briefing - June 9, 2020
Ash Bennington joins Ed Harrison to discuss market sentiment in light of NBER's recent announcement that the U.S. slid into recession in February.
25 min
Daily Briefing - June 8, 2020
Ed Harrison and Ash Bennington reflect on a steepening U.S. yield curve as U.S. equities continue their ascent.
20 min
The Interview - How to Stay Safe on the Rollerc...
54 min
The Interview - Profiting from Mispriced Credit...
Daniel Zwirn, CEO of Arena Investors, kicks off Debt Week by bringing his unique credit framework to Real Vision.
60 min
Daily Briefing - June 5, 2020
Raoul Pal and Ash Bennington discuss a roaring day on Wall Street as the U.S. labor market breathed a sigh of relief.
42 min
Daily Briefing - June 4, 2020
Ash Bennington and Roger Hirst discuss the latest developments in macro, markets, and coronavirus.
35 min
Daily Briefing - June 3, 2020
Ash Bennington and Roger Hirst discuss what returning to normal means for markets, the dollar smile, bonds, commercial real estate, and more.
35 min
Daily Briefing - June 2, 2020
Senior editor Ash Bennington hosts managing editor Ed Harrison to delve into whether the pandemonium in the US will ever spread into capital markets.
27 min
Daily Briefing - June 1, 2020
Ash Bennington hosts Ed Harrison to discuss how the roiling civil unrest in the U.S. could affect businesses and financial markets.
29 min
The Interview - with Kiril Sokoloff and Raoul P...
Kiril Sokoloff joins Raoul Pal to discuss the ongoing coronavirus pandemic & its long-term consequences on monetary policy, investing, & geopolitics.
52 min
The Interview - Don't Hate the Fed, Hate the Game
The Fed has taken unprecedented steps to backstop the market, sending investors scrambling to relearn the "rules of the game."
54 min
Daily Briefing - May 29, 2020
Ash Bennington joins Ed Harrison to discuss the latest developments in markets and macro in the era of coronavirus.
35 min