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All Clear? Let's Hear from the Fed
Stocks erased the morning's gains as investors turn their attention from inflation to the Fed.
37 min
What Card Can the Fed Play Next?
Between CPI and another Fed rate hike announcement, the next two trading sessions may finally bring some answers.
31 min
How to Position into the Fed Meeting
Brent Donnelly joins Maggie Lake to discuss why the bearish bets are piling up
38 min
From Crisis to Recovery
Many investors are waiting for the next shoe to drop. But are we overlooking a potential revival?
32 min
Is It All Over for Energy Bulls?
Crude oil prices have reached their lowest level since December 2021.
29 min
What’s the Matter With Big Tech?
Investors are becoming more concerned about the growth picture.
32 min
From the Macro to the Micro
Why has everyone suddenly turned bearish again?
30 min
The Next Big Trade - Michael Gayed: This Bear’s...
The Next Big Trade - Michael Gayed: This Bear’s Got Long Legs
42 min
My Life in 4 Trades - You Can’t Control Events,...
My Life in 4 Trades - You Can’t Control Events, but You Can Profit From Them
45 min
Too Early To Signal a Pivot?
Jobs data for November has inflation hawks wary of a wage-price spiral.
37 min
What About Growth?
Central bankers may be softening their monetary policy stance – perhaps for good reason (i.e., bad data).
35 min
Shall We Call This a Pivot?
In a speech today, Fed Chair Jerome Powell all but confirmed a step-down in the pace of interest rate increases.
30 min
Weston Nakamura on the WTFinance Podcast
Weston Nakamura on the WTFinance Podcast
62 min
Mr. Market Wants More Data
As Federal Reserve policy is still the market’s main driver, people are preoccupied with this coming Jobs Friday.
33 min
It’s a Whole New China Syndrome
How will President Xi Jinping’s response to demonstrations against “COVID Zero” impact the economy?
32 min
Are We Seeing the Fed’s Lag Effects?
Weston Nakamura and Andreas Steno Larsen separate hawks and doves on the eve of Turkey Day.
33 min
How Long Can This Rally Last?
Today, at least, little to no news is good news.
32 min
It’s the Return of the Safety Trade
Is something major happening?
31 min
The Next Big Trade - Is China Still Open for Bu...
The Next Big Trade - Is China Still Open for Business?
51 min
My Life in 4 Trades - Lifelong Learning Is Todd...
My Life in 4 Trades - Lifelong Learning Is Todd Edgar’s Key to Success
46 min
Be Careful What You Wish For
Is peak inflation bad news for equities?
31 min
How Do We Navigate This Market?
Central bankers’ collective pirouette continues, as investors struggle for clarity.
31 min
Has the Buck Topped Here?
There’s plenty of evidence to suggest we’ve reached extreme levels.
30 min
Is the Market Getting Ahead of Itself?
It seems like investors are already pricing in the Federal Reserve’s response to recent inflation data.
32 min
Is It Time To Take a Deep Breath?
Markets are dealing with a whole lot of stuff right now, including the implications of slowing inflation.
37 min