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Jobless Claims Plummet: Throwback to 1969
Initial jobless claims are at the lowest since 1969 and inflation is at the highest since the late 1940s. Darius Dale joins to discuss.
31 min
U.S. to Tap into 50M Barrels of Reserve Oil to ...
Tony Greer discusses the release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and the drop in the price of gold.
38 min
A Brave New World: Biden Reappoints Powell Amid...
Gary Brode, founder of Deep Knowledge Investing, discusses the renomination of Powell as Fed chair, and the release of oil reserves to lower prices.
35 min
Raoul's Big Picture: Bitcoin's Taproot Facelift...
Taproot makes Bitcoin more efficient while Austria announces full lockdown. Raoul Pal joins to discuss.
37 min
Will There Be an End of the Year Rally?
Katie Stockton shares her outlook on stocks, Tesla, lumbar, and gold, and dollar breakouts as we head toward the end of the year.
31 min
Did Biden Get the Economy All Wrong?
Darius Dale gives his insight on the resiliency of the U.S. dollar, inflation, and Bitcoin.
31 min
'Tis the Season to Shop & Be Merry Despite Infl...
Tony Greer talks retail sales, industrial production, natural gas prices, and cryptocurrencies in this edition of TG Tuesdays.
32 min
Analyzing the U.S.-Canadian Dollar, European Lo...
Dave Floyd discusses the price action in the U.S. and Canadian dollar pair, European lockdowns, Tesla stock, and Elon Musk's Twitter tantrum.
26 min
Consumer Sentiment Hits 10-Year Low While the G...
Christian Alexander analyzes the latest consumer sentiment report and the government's endless borrowing.
30 min
Elon Musk Sells $5 Billion in Tesla Stock as Co...
Musk sells 4.5M+ shares as Rivian's IPO, one of the US's largest since Facebook, lifts off. Tesla's rivals are cranking up the heat; Tommy discusses.
32 min
Hottest CPI in 30 Years And Rivian Goes Public
Jared Dillian talks about inflation following the latest CPI increase and discusses whether Rivian is a rival to electric-vehicle king Tesla.
28 min
The End of an Era: GE Splits into 3 Companies
Tony Greer discusses the end of a conglomerate era as GE splits into 3 firms and analyzes the fall of the S&P 500.
30 min
House Passes Infrastructure Bill and Twitter Vo...
Petr Pinkhasov and Weston Nakamura host Samuel Rines for a triple treat to discuss the infrastructure bill, U.S. treasury bonds, and Tesla stock.
30 min
October Jobs Report Beats Expectations with Une...
The latest non-farm payroll data is out--Jim Bianco joins to chat the latest on price action, inflation, and Fed tapering.
38 min
Bank Of England Defies the Market and Leaves He...
Thomas Thornton, founder of Hedge Fund Telemetry, joins to discuss the implications of the Fed's latest meeting and the Bank Of England's decision.
31 min
The FOMC Meeting Begins as the Labor Market Rec...
Today Fed officials come together to decide on the taper. Darius Dale provides his overview of how this will influence economic growth.
31 min
Countries and Individuals Pledge Billions to Cu...
Tony Greer is back for Tony Tuesdays to talk all about the price action in the energy sector and the proceedings of COP26.
38 min
Mega Cap Tech Leads the Way--But Is a Market Ro...
Seasonal market effects are in play with heightened volatility & earnings causing aggressive price action--Katie Stockton dives into the charts.
34 min
Stumbling Supply Chains, Stirring Inflation, an...
Fresh inflation metrics sting as supply chains continue to weaken. With Facebook changing their name to Meta, Raoul Pal chats all things metaverse.
43 min
Inflation Will Continue to Rise and Persist Ami...
Harry Melandri joins to discuss why inflation will continue to persist in the economy, short rates, and the flattening yield curve.
30 min
U.S. Trade Deficit Widens Another $8.2 Billion ...
Darius Dale and Peter Boockvar come together to discuss inflation by examining the decline in durable goods orders & the widening U.S. trade deficit.
33 min
Can't Stop, Won't Stop--Inflation Will Rage On
Earnings season continues, lifting stocks to all-time highs. Jared Dillian argues why inflation will continue to grip markets and the economy.
30 min
Equities and Commodities Rallying With a Big Ea...
With equities and gold rallying today as well as record inflows into crypto funds last week, Tony Greer provides his updated thoughts on the market.
33 min
Digital World Ascends to Greater Heights While ...
Corporate tax hikes take a hike, Valkyrie ETF flounders, Evergrande dodges a bullet, and a new meme stock may be on the market--Jim Bianco discusses.
31 min
Earnings, Acquisitions, and Supply Chains--Wher...
Tesla stock jumped midday after reporting better-than-expected Q3 earnings while the Russell 2000 fell in intraday trading--Tommy Thornton discusses.
31 min
Bitcoin Hits All Time High Amid Reemerging Refl...
Reflation reemerges as the dominant market regime as Bitcoin hits its all-time high & VanEck plans to launch their Bitcoin ETF--Darius Dale discusses.
34 min
Uranium Prices Surging Higher as Bitcoin Future...
With day traders driving uranium prices higher and the new ProShares Bitcoin ETF making their trading debut, Tony Greer provides his updated views.
35 min
Dave Floyd on the Bitcoin Futures ETF Launch, t...
ProShares will launch first ever Bitcoin futures ETF tomorrow. Dave Floyd joins Maggie Lake to discuss.
29 min
Bitcoin Jumps as BTC Futures ETF Set to Make It...
Raoul Pal shares what the approval of the Bitcoin futures ETF means for retail investors.
36 min
The Everything Rally: Earnings Season Begins Wi...
Banks are reporting stronger-than-expected earnings for Q3, but labor shortages are persisting--Ash & Jack together examine the market environment.
37 min
CPI Runs Hot--Are We Headed For Stagflation?
With September's CPI showing consumer prices rising 0.4%, Darius Dale breaks down the rising probability of stagflation.
36 min
IMF Cuts Growth Forecast as Record Number of U....
Tony Greer provides his outlook on the energy sector as well as increasing economic pressures from inflation to a fledgling recovery in labor markets.
35 min
Why Small Cap Stocks May Hold the Key to the Ne...
Mark Ritchie II shares his outlook on oil prices, the equity market, and crypto.
34 min
Nonfarm Payrolls Show Abysmal U.S. Job Growth a...
With a major miss on U.S. nonfarm payrolls and U.S. crude futures peaking at $80, Jared Dillian discusses his market outlook for the rest of 2021.
31 min
Markets Rallying Hard While Debt Limit Increase...
With a short-term agreement on the debt ceiling reached & energy prices peaking, Steven Van Metre addresses this week's market volatility.
33 min
Stocks Swinging To and Fro as Bitcoin Soars
Darius Dale of 42 Macro on today's equity price action, the latest jobs numbers, and why he thinks market vulnerability has risen recently.
36 min
Tony Greer: Will the Broad-Based Market Rebound...
With September payroll data coming out later this week, will this market rebound hold? Tony Greer joins us to discuss his outlook for markets.
33 min
Stocks Plunge as NASDAQ Sinks to 3-Month Low
As U.S. equities begin the new week on unsteady footing, Dave Floyd returns to share his outlook and the technical levels & indicators he is tracking.
31 min
Jim Bianco: U.S. Regulators Turn Their Eye Towa...
Both the Biden administration and Fed Chair Powell are keenly interested in imposing stricter regulations on stablecoins--Jim Bianco joins to discuss.
34 min
Darius Dale: Could Inflation Continue to Grip t...
With supply chain bottlenecks continuing to ravage the global economy, what does this signal about Q4 growth? Darius Dale shares his outlook.
29 min
Peter Boockvar: Is Fed Chair Jay Powell's Renom...
With the DXY breaking above the 94 level & Senator Warren opposing Powell's renomination, Peter Boockvar discusses the future of monetary policy.
32 min
Tony Greer: Will Europe's Energy Crisis Lead to...
With energy rates rising, equities are down as concern for the worldwide impact of Europe's energy crisis grows -- Tony Greer joins to discuss.
37 min
Jared Dillian: "The Next Crisis Will Come from ...
Is it time to go short? Jared Dillian shares his view that the next crisis will be coming from China.
31 min
China's Tightening Grip: PBOC Declares Cryptocu...
China says goodbye to cryptocurrencies as the PBOC officially declares that all crypto transactions are now illegal -- Raoul joins to discuss.
30 min
Steven Van Metre: The Fed's Move to Taper and E...
With the Fed's announcement that tapering may be coming as soon as November, Steven Van Metre shares his thoughts on the Fed's next moves.
31 min
Fed Announces Taper Plans as Evergrande's Fate ...
With the FOMC meeting now coming to a close, Darius Dale returns to examine Fed policy guidance on tapering.
34 min
Tony Greer: Commodities, Evergrande, and Europe...
Between Evergrande's looming debt default and Europe's energy crisis, Tony Greer shares how these events will have an impact on commodities.
30 min
Global Market Volatility Spikes as Fears of Eve...
Equities globally are in tumult with volatility rising sharply -- Peter Boockvar provides his perspective as fears surrounding Evergrande intensify.
31 min
Does Evergrande Pose Broader Market Threats Out...
Markets are down again today, bracing for potential impact -- Jim Bianco provides his perspective on the unfolding saga of Evergrande.
31 min
Stocks and Bonds Decline as Markets Weigh the O...
It's been a down day for U.S. markets -- Ash Bennington, Jack Farley, and Dion Rabouin discuss the likelihood of a Fed taper announcement coming soon.
31 min
$300 Billion Default Pushes Chinese Real Estate...
Darius Dale discusses the triple threat that Chinese risk assets face: decelerating growth, Evergrande, and the ongoing regulatory crackdown.
36 min
Inflation Cools Slightly As Oil Continues Its R...
With oil demand projected to continue strengthening for the rest of the year, Tony Greer analyzes the sustainability of oil's ongoing rally.
35 min
Is It Now Japan's Moment to Shine? Plus Chinese...
Weston Nakamura says now's the time to go long Japan -- he unpacks his bull case here.
35 min
Producer Prices Soar as Apple Loses 80 Billion ...
On today's Daily Briefing Raoul Pal talks with Ash Bennington about how his macro framework is evolving when it comes to the dollar, bonds, & crypto.
33 min
Tony Greer: Going Long Bitcoin
Tony Greer's now going long on Bitcoin where does he see the future of crypto going? See why he's changed his tune.
35 min
Bearishness Emerging on Wall Street Within the ...
Darius Dale anticipates that the Goldilocks regime will be persisting in the U.S. for longer however, he s seeing signals of increasing bearishness.
37 min
Jared Dillian: How Much Higher Can Inflation Get?
Jared Dillian joins the Daily Briefing to discuss his thoughts on why he sees the potential for inflation to fly even higher in the coming months.
31 min
August Nonfarm Payrolls Disappoint As Smart Con...
With a major miss today in the August nonfarm payrolls report, Jim Bianco discusses the economic recovery and inflation as well as crypto.
38 min
A Bounce Back in Cyclicals? What the Options Ma...
Imran Lakha dives into what the options market is signaling about investor sentiment and volatility, and he also updates his perspective on crypto.
35 min
Real Vision Turns 7! Raoul Pal Celebrates Real ...
On today's special edition of the Daily Briefing, Raoul Pal celebrates the history and future of Real Vision.
46 min
Can The S&P 500 Hit 5K?
Tony Greer argues that the commodity bull run is nowhere close to over and shares his updated views on stocks and the dollar.
35 min
Is There Deflationary Risk Ahead with Possible ...
Darius Dale updates his macro framework for markets after Jay Powell announced that the Fed may begin to reduce stimulus this year.
32 min
Stocks Rise on Powell's Dovish Taper Talk
Tommy Thornton weighs in on Fed Chair Powell s speech at Jackson Hole and revisits inflation with a rise in personal income and spending.
39 min
Will Jay Powell Embrace The Hawks?
Weston Nakamura and Petr Pinkhasov join the Daily Briefing as markets anticipate the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium, which begins tomorrow.
34 min
Meme Stocks Make a Comeback and the SEC's Tough...
Max Wiethe discusses Gamestop soaring upwards of 27% with the return of the meme stocks as well as the SEC's tough stance on Chinese tech.
26 min
Tony Greer's Market Update: Stock Rally, Crypto...
Ash Bennington welcomes Tony Greer to address a broad-base rally in stocks and his thoughts on Chinese tech regulation and price action.
32 min
US Equities Erase Last Week's Losses and PMIs S...
Maggie Lake, Dion Rabouin, and Darius Dale discuss the rebound in the major US equity indices on Monday as well as global PMI data releases.
30 min
Chinese Tech Continues to Get Battered and Evic...
Ash Bennington and Michael Green discuss the day's price action as well as Green s thoughts on Chinese tech and the eviction moratorium in the U.S.
41 min
Oil Declines After Taper Talks and Amazon and F...
Tommy Thornton discusses the impact of taper talks on the market as well as Amazon's plans for department stores and Facebook's new antitrust suit.
34 min
The FOMC's Developing Thoughts on the Taper Tim...
Ash Bennington welcomes back Darius Dale to dig deep into the Fed minutes released today and discuss whether there's signs of tapering on the horizon.
38 min
Are Weakening Retail Sales a Sign of Increasing...
Ash Bennington welcomes back to Tony Greer to provide an update on his framework, the sectors he's watching, and his thoughts on inflation.
33 min
Will China's Slowdown and Taper Talks Derail Th...
Ash Bennington, Jack Farley, and Jared Dillian examine China's economic slowdown in July and what risks that might pose to global economic growth.
38 min
Consumer Sentiment Is Dipping - Is the Economy ...
Jack Farley, Maggie Lake, and Harry Melandri address dipping consumer sentiment and the possibility of the U.S. economy slowing.
34 min
Initial Jobless Claims Continue to Decline as C...
Ash Bennington, Petr Pinkhasov, and Weston Nakamura examine the weekly jobs data and how yesterday's core CPI actually hit below expectations.
35 min
Bonds Rally and Cyclicals Thrive as CPI Rises 0.5%
Jack Farley and Dion Rabouin welcome Peter Boockvar to unpack the U.S. CPI released today, showing a rise of 0.5% in July.
36 min
The Impact of the $550 Billion Infrastructure B...
Tony Greer analyzes the day's price action as well as the economic ramifications of the $550 billion infrastructure bill as it passes in the Senate.
31 min
Darius Dale: Gold's Flash Crash and the Latest ...
Darius Dale discusses the latest on the infrastructure bill, Bitcoin's recent surge, and gold's current outlook following its overnight plunge.
36 min
What does July's Job Report Imply About the Eco...
Raoul Pal joins the Daily Briefing to discuss market price action resulting from the July non-farm payroll report & Robinhood's wild week of trading.
34 min
Labor Market Shows Improvement as Ethereum Unde...
Jim Bianco discusses today's market reaction toward the improvement in the labor market and important updates to the Ethereum network.
38 min
Bonds Snap Back as Robinhood Explodes Higher
Real Vision's Jack Farley, Petr Pinkhasov, and Weston Nakamura break down a day of confounding price action across global markets.
33 min
Analyzing Market Risk as Mortgage Forbearance C...
Ash Bennington welcomes Tony Greer of TG Macro to analyze the day's price action as well as SEC Chairman Gary Gensler's remarks on crypto regulation.
44 min
Can Biden's Infrastructure Bill Reinvigorate th...
Darius Dale discusses today's market sentiment as investors receive Chinese PMI data & the Senate looks to decide on Biden's infrastructure bill.
35 min
Christian Angermayer: Investing in the Therapeu...
Angermayer discusses how he founded startups at the cutting edge of research into how psychedelics could transform treatment of mental health issues.
66 min
Accelerating Returns in The Exponential Age
Azeem Azhar joins Ed Harrison to explain how the accelerating pace of technological progress is rapidly transforming business and life as we know it.
69 min
Mark Ritchie II: Cash is King
Mark Ritchie II shares his updated views on Bitcoin as well as big tech stocks such as Amazon and Apple.
33 min
Jared Dillian: Is Economic Growth Slowing?
Jared Dillian discusses his outlook for the economy by analyzing jobless claim data and GDP forecasts in addition to commenting on Robinhood's IPO.
32 min
Interpreting the Fed's FOMC Meeting Results
Weston Nakamura joins the Daily Briefing to discuss price action related to the FOMC meeting today and the recovery in Chinese equities.
32 min
Why Bitcoin Will Green the Planet (w/ Mustafa Y...
Mustafa Yilham, Meltem Demirors, Caroline Cochran, & Whit Gibbs discuss how Bitcoin will prove a net positive for the greening of the planet.
49 min
NASDAQ Churns as Chinese Equities Plummet
Tommy Thornton joins the Daily Briefing to discuss price action within the NASDAQ as well as the continued onslaught against Chinese tech companies.
35 min
Are Chinese Stocks Doomed?
Darius Dale joins the Daily Briefing to discuss Bitcoin's rebound, Chinese regulatory concerns, and deflationary signals on Dale's radar.
35 min
Future Trouble in Macro? Liquidity Traps and a ...
Could a slowdown in credit creation and a tightening of monetary conditions push bond yields lower and threaten risk assets?
64 min
Raoul Pal & Julian Brigden: Diving into the Macro
Along with Ash Bennington, Raoul Pal welcomes Julian Brigden, co-founder of MI2 Partners, for his Real Vision Daily Briefing debut.
41 min
Jobless Claims Rise -- What This Means for Cent...
Petr Pinkhasov discusses new data related to jobless claims in addition to developments surrounding central bank actions to deal with inflation.
32 min
The Ongoing Evolution of the Ethereum Network
Ryan Berckmans discusses the evolution of Ethereum and the changes forthcoming that will further solidify its role in the crypto ecosystem.
52 min
Is the Sell-Off Over? Making Sense of a Market...
Peter Boockvar shares his insights into market expectations of economic growth as stocks continue to move higher and inflation fears wane.
33 min
Tony Greer's Market Update: Inflation, Equities...
Tony Greer discusses his impression of the Monday selloff and what that spells for equities, bonds, commodities, and the dollar going forward.
32 min
Global Equity Markets Recoil as Delta Variant C...
Darius Dale shares his updated framework on equity markets, bond yields, and oil prices as delta variant concerns force a market correction.
32 min
Christian Angermayer: Investing in the Therapeu...
Angermayer discusses how he founded startups at the cutting edge of research into how psychedelics could transform treatment of mental health issues.
66 min
VC Legend Bill Tai: The "New Era" of Valuations
Bill Tai shares what makes an exponential valuation and how the low interest rate environment has richly rewarded high-growth tech companies.
68 min
When Opportunity Meets Reality: Real Estate in ...
Jim Rehlaender shares his insights on the US housing market, Covid-19's impact on real estate, and the effects of rising raw materials prices.
77 min