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Did Powell Let The Bond Bears Out?
Fed Chair Jerome Powell says the central bank is prepared to increase the pace of rate hikes.
34 min
Is This the Calm Before the Storm?
Tech leads stocks higher once again, as investors turn toward tomorrow's testimony from Fed Chair Jerome Powell.
34 min
Why It's a Good Time to Buy if You're Thinking ...
Tesla isn't the only name on Ross Gerber's radar.
38 min
Is Inflation Actually Slowing in the U.S. Now?
The latest CPI report gives investors pause over whether the U.S. is actually experiencing disinflation.
23 min
How High Will Rates Fly?
The Fed says more interest rate hikes are needed to keep fighting inflation.
28 min
If Cash Is King, Are Stocks Trash?
All U.S. Treasury yields are now over 4% as bond traders head for the exits.
36 min
Time To Tune In To Heavy Metals?
U.S Treasury yields continue to rise as investors worry that the Fed might break something.
34 min
Does This Oil Bounce Back Have Legs?
As investors worry about higher rates for longer, is another major rotation underway?
31 min
What Are Global Money Flows Telling Us?
Stocks show some fight after their worst week of 2023. Is this just a momentary reprieve?
34 min
Mark Ritchie on the Theology Behind His Trading
“The day you are born and the day you find out why." Mark Ritchie on his investing theology, his life, and timeless words of wisdom that move him.
37 min
Why Energy Is Underperforming
China is open for business, so why is energy struggling?
23 min
Are people evacuating soft landing island?
US Equities sold off as yields and the US dollar rose after the Key Fed Inflation measures rose higher than expected.
31 min
Is There Pain Ahead for Risk Assets?
US equities chugged along, trying to snap a five-day losing streak after a hawkish fed outlook.
34 min
Can Anyone Out-Hawk the Fed?
The Fed has made its stance clear: more rate hikes to come. But what other risks should investors be watching?
40 min
Are Markets in for a Rough Ride?
U.S. stocks are falling to start the week. Will tomorrow’s FOMC minutes add to the pain?
33 min
​ Tim Ferriss, Raoul Pal & Mark Hart on Hedge F...
Dive into this masterclass from the RV Classics vault!
57 min
Why a Post-Lockdown China Is Raising Red Flags ...
China's reopening is making Andreas worry about the standout market of 2022.
20 min
How Aggressive Does the Fed Need to Get?
Is the market beginning to price in more rate hikes?
33 min
The Battle Against Inflation is Far From Over
Markets digested another stronger-than-expected inflation metric. Are we all being too optimistic?
33 min
Is the Options Market Calling Off Recession?
Stocks remain range-bound as immense hedging keeps volatility compressed. What could change that?
33 min
Are Markets Too Complacent About Inflation?
Inflation is moderating slowly but remains sticky. Have markets moved on to the next concern?
32 min
Markets Turn Their Gaze to CPI
All eyes are on January consumer prices tomorrow, as investors wonder what comes next. Here s what to expect.
35 min
Beer with Tony Greer
An intimate and interactive session with an RV favorite.
89 min
Why You Shouldn't Get Too Comfortable Holding R...
What's the "Waller Rule," and what does it have to do with dollar liquidity and your investments?
21 min
The Soft Landing Narrative Is a Trap (!)
The S&P 500 is on track for its first losing week since December, so are investors starting to change their tune?
32 min