Ponderings from the Perch

Conversations with Priscilla McKinney, founder and President of Little Bird Marketing, an award-winning agency specializing in content marketing, lead generation, branding and design. As a CEO and serial entrepreneur, Priscilla's topics range from marketing best practices, the "stunning discomfort" of entrepreneurship, market research, her love of the autoharp, and other marketing oddities.

Priscilla and Baillie Buchanan Fight the Good F...
Priscilla McKinney and Baillie Buchanan, cofounder of Research for Good talk about the state of MR where it concerns tech, humanizing data, and working remotely.
47 min
Priscilla and Xenia Muntean Make A Plan With Pl...
Priscilla and Xenia Muntean discuss Planable, content management, and how to balance workflow and scheduling for social media.
41 min
Priscilla and Jackie Rousseau-Anderson Climb Ev...
Priscilla and Jackie Rousseau-Anderson talk about business growth and scaling, measuring social metrics, and preparation for convention season!
44 min
Priscilla and Jeffrey Hayzlett Dance on iTunes'...
iTunes is going away and nobody seems to give a crap. But there's a reason for that, and Priscilla discusses the ramifications/lack of ramifications with C-Suite Network Chairman Jeffrey Hayzlett
42 min
Priscilla and Bob Ferro Have a Very Particular ...
Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney talks about the intricacies of recruitment in the market research field
31 min
Priscilla and Shelly Bouren Dunk On 'Em!
Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney and Detroit Pistons Research Manager Shelly Bouren execute a perfect alley-oop slam dunk of a podcast, wherein they discuss persona development and targeting, research and data, and b-ball fans! It's literally nothing but net.
36 min
Priscilla Discusses Contagious Content with Eng...
Little Bird Marketing President Priscilla McKinney and Dialsmith CEO David Paull geek out on podcasts, market research, and GaryVee.
39 min
Priscilla and Wendy Yellen Talk About Transform...
Priscilla McKinney speaks with Eidetic Image Therapy expert Wendy Yellen about mental and emotional transformation
42 min
Priscilla and Anese Cavanaugh Spread the Good V...
Priscilla McKinney and Anese Cavanaugh discuss contagious workplace culture, intentionality and authenticity
50 min
Priscilla and Nikki Darré Hold The Field
Priscilla talks with Fieldwork Denver President Nikki Darré about the role the Fieldwork plays in market research, the importance of MR industry events, employee longevity, and bangs.
32 min
The Priscilla and Tricia Houston Experience - F...
Priscilla and Tricia Houston, of MMR Live, discuss the importance of experience, and how it can be designed from start to finish.
42 min
Priscilla and Nicholas Holland Talk Hubspot
Priscilla and Nicholas discuss the innovations of the CRM, trajectory of content marketing, and how ads don't have to be annoying.
42 min
Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries 2 - Episode 2: Note...
Priscilla McKinney interviews a selection of the amazing attendees of the WIRExec Retreat
27 min
Priscilla and Andy Crestodina Are Risktakers!
Priscilla and Andy discuss a mostly-controversial blog, the purpose of which is to cast a shadow of doubt in the direction of Wordpress as a hosting service.
39 min
Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries 2: Notes From the W...
Priscilla McKinney interviews a selection of the amazing attendees of the WIRExec Retreat
21 min
Priscilla and Michael Roderick Have Unrestricte...
Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney and Small Pond Enterprises CEO Michael Roderick talk all about relationship skills, packaging, and doing things you're genuinely interested in.
40 min
Priscilla and Kahlief - Shoe Shopping Under the...
Priscilla McKinney and Google Ads Specialist Kahlief Steele discuss the nuts and bolts of Google Ads, why to use them, and how to use them.
26 min
Priscilla and Rachael O'Meara Press Pause
Priscilla and Ponderings from the Perch alumni Rachael O'Meara discuss intentionality, incremental mindset changes, and Rachael's new coaching program.
37 min
Priscilla and Ashley Teach Robots to Chat
In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Priscilla McKinney and Ashley Le Blanc talk all about the different ways you can use chatbots to deliver messages, offer sweet deals, and share pertinent information to your obviously interested customers!
39 min
Priscilla and John Lee Dumas Fell into a Burnin...
Priscilla talks with John Lee Dumas, host of the award-winning daily Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast about both entrepreneurship and podcasting - the best things!
21 min
Priscilla and Andrew Kuiler Will Only Be Impres...
In this episode, Priscilla and Andrew discuss how The Silk Initiative - brand insight, strategy and innovation firm - uses their specialized knowledge and custom research to provide detailed consulting for the international food and beverage industry.
34 min
Priscilla, Ashley and Emma in Bird On The Stree...
You’d have to be pretty stone cold not to miss Austin as soon as you got to the city limits. That’s how Priscilla, Ashley and Emma felt when IIeX North America was over.
42 min
Priscilla and Carliz Sotelo Moore Flip Their Wigs
In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Momma Bird, Priscilla McKinney, talks with Carliz Sotelo Moore, the founder of Wigs.com about the adventures of entrepreneurship
34 min
Priscilla and Andy Crestodina Get Super Specifi...
In this episode, Andy and Priscilla talk about the multifaceted nature of content marketing, including SEO and influencer marketing - taking an in-depth look at several tactics businesses can use to improve their ranking and levels of engagement.
40 min
Priscilla and Ashley Go to Quirk's Chicago
In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Priscilla and Content Marketing Manager, Ashley Le Blanc, discuss their favorite parts of Quirk's Chicago, including: networking events, the MR Jam Band and eating french fries in bed after a long day.
52 min
Priscilla and Jamin Brazil Show How the Sausage...
This week on Ponderings from the Perch, Priscilla and fellow podcaster Jamin Brazil keep things real by pulling back curtains you weren't even supposed to know existed.
47 min
Priscilla and Ashley Demystify LinkedIn
In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney, and Content Marketing Specialist Ashley Le Blanc pop the hood of LinkedIn to reveal tips for authentic interaction.
44 min
Priscilla and Leonard Murphy Keep It Weird
In this episode, Priscilla talks to Leonard Murphy about some of the experiences that shaped his path, and the most exciting new developments in GreenBook and IIeX.
49 min
Priscilla Is Gone: Kahlief and Leighton Break T...
In this episode, The Design Dojo - a.k.a. two of Little Bird's lead graphic designers - discuss the importance of graphic design for inbound marketing.
17 min
Priscilla and Sima Vasa on Tech, Podcasting and...
In this episode, Priscilla and Sima Vasa discuss how founding Infinity Squared Ventures allowed her to combine her knowledge of research with her entrepreneurial experience to help entrepreneurs scale for growth or for sale.
45 min
Priscilla in London Bird on the Street
In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Momma Bird, Priscilla McKinney, recaps her time at the very first Quirk’s Event in London, England.
42 min
Priscilla and Pam Didner II: The Wrath of Khan
36 min
Priscilla and Ashley Seal the Tomb of Google+
In this episode, Priscilla McKinney and Ashley Le Blanc do a quick once-over on the cause, effects, and potential side-effects of G+’s upcoming journey upon the pale horse.
12 min
Priscilla and Kelly McNelis Speak The Truth
In this episode, Priscilla discusses “messy brilliance,” inspiring confidence, and the power of truth telling with Women for One founder Kelly McNelis.
34 min
Priscilla Presents Bird On The Street
In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Priscilla hands the mic to Colton Harrington of Little Bird Marketing and he takes to the streets to interview everyday people about their email behaviors in a new segment we’re calling THE BIRD ON THE STREET.
12 min
Priscilla and Chris Dayley are Extremely Disrup...
47 min
Priscilla and Ashley Talk New Year Marketing Re...
26 min
Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries: Meet Brin Moore
22 min
Priscilla and Charlie Rosenbury Go Full-On Read...
44 min
Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries: Meet Lilah Koski
22 min
2018 Holiday Spectacular! Spectacular!
26 min
Priscilla, Colton, Ray, Aung and Andrew talk Dr...
38 min
Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries: Meet Dianne Gardiner
In this episode of the Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries, Priscilla is joined by Dianne Gardiner – CEO of Bastion Latitude.
20 min
Priscilla and Ray Poynter Leave The Past Behind
In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Priscilla talks with Ray Poynter about how we fit in the still-developing timeline of market research.
33 min
Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries: Meet Nancy Hernon
In this episode of the Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries, Priscilla interviews Nancy Hernon, Chief Executive Officer of G3 Translate.
20 min
Priscilla and Marti Konstant Limber Up
Join Priscilla and workplace futurist Marti Konstant as they delve into the vibrant world of Agile!
40 min
Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries: Meet Dyna Boen
In this episode of the Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries, Priscilla interviews Dyna Boen, President of Market Research at Survata.
35 min
Priscilla and Will Leach Tackle Difficult Decis...
In this episode, Priscilla talks with Will Leach, founder of Trigger Point Design, a leading behavioral research and design consultancy.
36 min
Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries: Meet Sima Vasa
13 min
Priscilla and Matt Koenig Hack into the Mainframe
38 min
Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries: Meet Katrina Noelle
22 min
Priscilla and Ashley Talk Turkey, Robots and Bl...
In this episode of the Little Bird Marketing company podcast, Momma Bird - Priscilla McKinney and Content Marketing Specialist - Ashley Le Blanc explore the benefits and complexity of blogging.
56 min
Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries: Meet Kristin Luck
25 min
Priscilla Gets Selfish with Sarah Marshank
In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Priscilla McKinney is joined by Sarah Marshank - entrepreneur and author.
37 min
Priscilla Turns 100 in Podcast Years
61 min
Priscilla and Deirdre Breakenridge Cast a Wide Net
In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Priscilla McKinney and guest Deirdre Breakenridge of the Women Worldwide podcast prove that networking can be one of the most valuable tools for your business.
31 min
Priscilla Beats the Persona Drum
31 min
Priscilla and Maribeth Kuzmeski are Total Podca...
32 min
Priscilla Gets a New Pony
33 min
Priscilla is Not Michael Scott
34 min
Priscilla and Dana Hit the (Green) Books
In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, the Little Bird Marketing Podcast, Priscilla McKinney interviews Dana Stanley– Director of Operations at GreenBook.
31 min
Priscilla Gets Grilled by Beck on "Take Your Ki...
26 min
Priscilla Gets Radical with Thought Leadership ...
34 min
Priscilla and Simon Dunn are "Really, Really Keen"
48 min
Priscilla and Kathrin O'Sullivan Move a Giant Ship
34 min
Priscilla and Fritz Grutzner Slay the Brand Dragon
38 min
Priscilla Reviews Lifestyle Blogging with Kyle ...
36 min
Priscilla Tries Interact - a Quiz Taking Softwa...
40 min
2017 Holiday Spectacular! Spectacular!
41 min
Priscilla Gives Matt Hayman a 5-Star Review
40 min
Priscilla Activates her Wonder Twin Powers with...
44 min
Priscilla Does Inbound with Gray MacKenzie
36 min
Priscilla Trades up with Tony D'Amato
39 min
Priscilla Goes Global with Agency Genius Peter ...
41 min
Priscilla Gets Empowered with Robyn Crane
38 min
Priscilla Goes Nomad with Paul Kortman
33 min
Priscilla Takes a Pause with Rachael O'Meara
42 min
Priscilla Discusses Changemakers with Tim Hughe...
36 min
Priscilla Gets Emotional With Paul Conner: Less...
44 min
Priscilla has an A-ha Moment with Ahava Liebtag
37 min
Priscilla Gets into Serial Entrepreneur World w...
32 min
Priscilla Goes Global with Content Marketing Ex...
37 min
Priscilla Looks at Consumer Relationships with ...
47 min
Priscilla Gets Holistic Marketing Pointers from...
55 min
Priscilla is a St. Patty's Day Birthday Girl
46 min
Priscilla Hosts the Best Damn Website Episode Ever
31 min
Priscilla Gets Some Life Coaching from Robin Barr
40 min
Priscilla Goes to London Town
39 min
Priscilla Gets a Taste of Qualitative Research ...
39 min
Priscilla Tackles the Nitty Gritty of Content M...
41 min
Priscilla Blends Old School with New School wit...
50 min
Priscilla Talks B2B Marketing with Bernie Borges
47 min
Priscilla Hosts the Extravaganza Spectacular 1s...
25 min
Priscilla Talks Market Research with Tony Cheevers
38 min
Priscilla Throws Away Her To-Do List
39 min
Priscilla Hits the Road
34 min
Priscilla Gets Some Fuel from Vivian Blade
50 min
Priscilla Takes a Pop Quiz
48 min
Priscilla is Open for Consulting
46 min
Priscilla and Kathryn Budig Aim True
34 min