Ponderings from the Perch

Conversations with Priscilla McKinney, founder and President of Little Bird Marketing, an award-winning agency specializing in content marketing, lead generation, branding and design. As a CEO and serial entrepreneur, Priscilla's topics range from marketing best practices, the "stunning discomfort" of entrepreneurship, market research, her love of the autoharp, and other marketing oddities.

Flight Patterns with Fieldwork: Staying True to...
27 min
Flight Patterns with Fieldwork: Preparing for t...
28 min
Flight Patterns with Fieldwork: Being a Valuabl...
18 min
From DIY to DIT with Edward Staples
27 min
Shopper Insights for Inflationary Times with An...
28 min
Book Writing Doesn't Have to be Hard! Advice fr...
23 min
Driving Impact Through Customer Centricity with...
22 min
Fostering a Life of Joy with Debby Schlesinger-...
38 min
Not Another LinkedIn Training in Social Influence
43 min
The Importance of Adaptability in Market Resear...
31 min
How Neuroscience Enhances Behavioral Psychology...
43 min
Marketing for the Insights Industry with Jenn V...
27 min
Solving the Empathy Crisis with Rob Volpe
31 min
How to Fight Complacency and Be Vigilant! with ...
21 min
What it Means to Stay Curious in ResTech with M...
17 min
Getting Strategic About Account Based Marketing...
37 min
Social Media Strategies to Leverage for Success
14 min
Investing in Growth at InnovateMR with Lisa Wil...
23 min
Leading from Core Values with Michaela Gascon
21 min
Looking into the Future of Brand Strategy Optim...
24 min
Cheskie Rosenzweig on 2022 as the Year of Data ...
31 min
Tapping into Narrative Research and Behavioral ...
37 min
Networking Tips with Kingsley Aikins
42 min
Get a Growth Mindset for 2022 with Kristin Luck
46 min
The 6th Annual Holiday Spectacular! Spectacular!
Put the kettle on and settle down with the family for the holiday tradition that is the Little Bird Marketing Holiday Spectacular! Spectacular!
31 min
A Non-Boring Behavioral Economic Lesson with Me...
38 min
The Anatomy of a Content Marketing Plan
33 min
The Best of the Best with Shopper Insights Expe...
24 min
Strategizing for Success with Zach Frantz
24 min
Under Pressure? Try a Content Marketing System
18 min
Pushing the Boundaries of Insights with Raj Man...
24 min
4 Reasons People Are Ignoring Your Emails
21 min
4 Questions to Audit Your Website
27 min
An Insights Marketing Day Panel: Q&A with the S...
48 min
Lisa Wilding-Brown: There's a New CEO in Town
37 min
Making a Call for Change with Katja Cahoon
You have permission to lay down on the rug for the amount of time it takes to listen to this podcast. Do it, you'll feel better after.
42 min
Bridging the Gap Between Quant and Qual with Ni...
26 min
Navigating the Evolution of Ideal Client Personas
27 min
The Future Imagined at Mars Wrigley - An Interv...
26 min
Red Flags and Quick Tips for Better SEO
22 min
Designing for the Human Experience with Michele...
28 min
How to Pivot into a Successful Content Marketin...
15 min
The Magical World of Market Research with Maya ...
15 min
Marketing Collateral for Lead Generation
14 min
Applying Behavioral Science for Good: An Interv...
30 min
A UX Research Call for More Inclusion with Zoë ...
Priscilla and Zoë Glas of Lyft discuss inclusivity in UX Research.
23 min
SEO vs. PPC: Finding the Balance in Your Conten...
27 min
A Revenue Driven Approach to Data Science with ...
30 min
Making a Fearlessly Authentic Leader with Leade...
Kay Basi, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Leaderology, approaches every initiative and conversation as an opportunity to bring out the fearlessly authentic leader in those around her, regardless of age, gender, occupation or shoe size.
34 min
Dana Kim Highlights Entrepreneurship
Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney has an enlightening conversation with the CEO of Highlight, Dana Kim
27 min
Why the Buyer's Journey Matters
22 min
Dialing into Market Research Personas with Davi...
37 min
7 Critical Website Mistakes Most B2B Businesses...
19 min
Mission Leadership: Errol Doebler is Out for Su...
How does battlefield and FBI experience translate to the boardroom and all other aspects of your life? Find out in this episode!
38 min
Collaboration is the New Competition: Collabor...
Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney recaps and Insights Marketing Day with Anne Brown of Gazelle Global Research, Kristin Luck of Scalehouse and Brian Peterson of EMI Research Solutions.
43 min
Biz 417's Women Who Mean Business
These women mean serious business! Priscilla McKinney, Michelle Billionis, Stephanie O'Connor, Carrie Richardson and Melody Savley share their leadership lessons with 417 Magazine in this tell-all Q&A.
50 min
Collaboration is the New Competition: Panel wit...
Priscilla McKinney invites three of her fellow podcast hosts to discuss how competitors can work together to raise the bar.
51 min
Bringing Order to Chaos: The Power of Systems a...
Priscilla talks with January Khoshnood, Senior Vice President Research Solutions at Screen Engine/ASI
22 min
Prove You're a Pro on LinkedIn
In this episode, Priscilla McKinney and Ashley Le Blanc provide practical and actionable tips to celebrate your achievements and gratitude on Linkedin.
14 min
Carlos Martinez Knows What the Pandemic Did to ...
On this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Little Bird Marketing CEO Priscilla McKinney speaks with Fieldwork's Carlos Martinez.
14 min
Leading the Change with Julia Eisenberg
Little Bird Marketing's Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney welcomes Julia Eisenberg to this week's podcast.
20 min
Lisa Wilding Brown for ESOMAR Council
Priscilla has a conversation Lisa Wilding Brown, Chief Research Officer at Innovate MR regarding her current campaign as a candidate for ESOMAR Council
29 min
Kristin Luck for President of ESOMAR
Priscilla is joined by Kristin Luck who is currently campaigning to be the next president of ESOMAR, a global membership organization for market, social, and opinion researchers.
21 min
Michelle Gansle: Connecting the Research Dots f...
This episode is an insightful conversation between Mama Bird Priscilla McKinney and the Global Senior Director of Insights at Mars Wrigley Michelle Gansle
23 min
Digital Transformation & What it Means for Soci...
Digital transformation when it comes to social media offers unprecedented scale.
23 min
Unlocking the Magic in Others with Julie Kurd
Priscilla is joined by the head of enterprise relations at CMB, Julie Hurd
28 min
BREAKING NEWS: Behaviorally Rebrand with Alex Hunt
Priscilla and Alex Hunt discuss the fundaments that drove the Behaviorally rebrand.
10 min
Branding in 2021: Intrinsic Marketing, Ethics a...
Priscilla has a lively discussion with the co-founders of Root and River Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster on intrinsic branding and other timely topics.
41 min
Growing Up in Market Research
In this episode, Priscilla McKinney showcases the unique perspectives of three 2nd generation market research professionals; Belinda Brown of Gazelle Global, Colson Steber of Communications for Research and Ag Access, Kai Fuentes of Ebony Marketing Systems
30 min
The 5th Annual Holiday Spectacular! Spectacular!
The whole flock joins Priscilla for the 5th Annual Little Bird Marketing Holiday Spectacular! Spectacular! Tune in for special recipes, musical merriment and the quest to find out what really is in figgy pudding.
30 min
Priscilla and Jon Bostock Want to Break Free
Priscilla discusses positive change and innovation with Truman's co-founder and CEO Jon Bostock
30 min
Insights Marketing Day 2020 Recap from Intellicast
Brian Lamar and Producer Brian discuss IMD 2020
23 min
Advocacy and Growth - A look at the Insights As...
2020 had a lot of lessons for everyone, and Insights Association is no exception. Melanie Courtright talks with Ashley Le Blanc about how they are moving forward to work on rebuilding and improving the world of insights.
20 min
Ashley and Juliana Wood Play the Long Game
Ashley Le Blanc and Juliana Wood discuss how standards help create reliable and repeatable results and less rework in the market research space.
25 min
Dear Priscilla: How Do I Build Relationships Re...
Priscilla gives a straight dose of insight on how to foster relationships during remote conferences.
24 min
Priscilla and Tiama Hanson-Drury Build a Longer...
In this episode, host Priscilla McKinney talks with Tiama Hanson-Drury, Executive Vice President of Product and EVP Partner for Diversity and Inclusion at Dynata.
33 min
Priscilla and Ashley - 3 Email Marketing Myths ...
Priscilla and Ashley dispel three pervasive myths about email marketing, to keep you focused on the most important marketing things.
16 min
Priscilla and Colson Steber Look for a Needle i...
Priscilla and Colson Steber discuss the ways in which CFR and Ag Access create an insights community centered around a highly specialized sector, in addition to remote work and self improvement.
23 min
Priscilla and Ashley - 3 Website Metrics that A...
Website metrics are only valuable when you're measuring the right ones. In this episode, Priscilla and Ashley uncover their top 3 in website metrics.
20 min
Priscilla and Friends - Collaboration is the Ne...
A meeting of the minds including host and Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney, Sarah Kotva of Fieldwork, Melanie Courtright of Insights Association, and Lisa Wilding-Brown of InnovateMR, discussing the significance and importance of collaboration across the MR space.
48 min
Dear Priscilla: What Gives with LinkedIn Stories?
Sometimes apps change in predictable ways - sometimes they take left turns. LinkedIn's introduction of stories surprised a lot of people, and Priscilla and Ashley get to the bottom of it.
34 min
Priscilla and Andy Foote Find the Missing Link ...
If you want to maximize your experience on LinkedIn, this is your episode. Priscilla and Andy Foote, Advanced LinkedIn Strategies Coach share mindset shifts that can improve add intention to your interactions.
43 min
Dear Priscilla: How Do I Avoid Virtual Conferen...
Digital conferences, while different from in-person conferences, can be equally exhausting. Learn tips and tricks from a couple of seasoned conference veterans on how to maximize your engagement in the digital realm.
34 min
Priscilla and Mary Martha Stasinopoulos - Fires...
During Greenbook's IIEX NA, Priscilla McKinney and Mary Martha Stasinopoulos broadcast a live episode of Ponderings from the Perch, discussing Mary Martha's role as Head of Consumer Insights at Kairos.
25 min
Priscilla Interviews Bianca Pryor and Chrystal ...
Host and Little Bird Marketing CEO Priscilla McKinney hosts a live podcast with BET VP of Consumer Insights Bianca Pryor, and Google Head of Global Marketing Measurement Chrystal Day
50 min
Priscilla and Courtney Williams Discuss Continu...
Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney talks with Head of Operations at QualSights, Courtney Williams about maintaining stewardship during growth and how to keep your eyes on getting better.
23 min
Priscilla and Mark Menig - Subjectivity of Data...
You got time to process these 32 million rows of code? No? Neither does any other human. That's why PureSpectrum utilizes machine learning for super-cool objective processing! Mark Menig and Priscilla McKinney take it out, and chop it up in this episode about data quality, subjectivity, and utilizing technology.
28 min
Dear Priscilla: WTF is an SSI Score?
The first thing that you need to know is that the marketing world runs on acronyms. This time, on "Dear Priscilla," fearless host Priscilla McKinney sheds light on LinkedIn's SSI Score. In a just society, Little Bird would have some sort of Myth Busters style reality TV show dedicated to demystifying cryptic acronyms and also periodically blowing stuff up. Put a pin in that thought, we'll come back to it later.
25 min
Priscilla and Josh Haynam Ask the Million Dolla...
Priscilla and Josh Haynam, cofounder of Interact, discuss the importance of quizzes for lead generation and building meaningful relationships with clients.
34 min
Dear Priscilla: Should I Be Paying for LinkedIn?
In the din and melee of the marketing convention, a shadowy figure leans close, head bowed as though in shame, and whispers: "Hey...should I be paying for LinkedIn?" The Dear Priscilla series answers the marketing questions that people are afraid to ask out loud, ranging from the embarrassingly-basic to the arcane.
29 min
Priscilla and Katrina Noelle - Pandemic Narrati...
Priscilla and Katrina Noelle, Principal of KNow Research, Co-Founder of Scoot Insights, and former Ponderings from the Perch guest, discuss the impact of the pandemic and what insights can be gained through it.
21 min
Priscilla and Rana el Kaliouby Live at IIeX Beh...
Priscilla talks about the humanization of technology with Affectiva CEO and author of Girl Decoded, Rana el Kaliouby
29 min
Priscilla and Michael Brenner Do a Double Take
Priscilla and Michael Brenner talk about the magic of content marketing, the importance of helping, and how individualized customer experience is pivotal.
32 min
Priscilla and Stephanie Robotham Live at IIeX F...
If you missed IIeX Forward, or if you just want to relive a portion of it, check out this recording of Priscilla's live podcast interview with Stephanie Robotham, CMO of Gainsight.
20 min
Priscilla and Sigi Hale, Ph.D. Get all Neurosci...
Priscilla and Sigi Hale talk about neuroscience and market research, and how understanding of human behavior is applicable is relevant to the private sector as well as in academia.
38 min
MR Leadership Week: Lenny Murphy of GreenBook, ...
Priscilla and Lenny Murphy talk about offering help, relying on data, opportunities for experimentation, and virtual conferences.
17 min
MR Leadership Week: AJ Keirans of Disqo
Priscilla and AJ talk about approaching sales in a way that is genuine and collaborative, embracing authenticity, LinkedIn, and glamour shots!
37 min
MR Leadership Week: Robert Gray of Paradigm Sample
Priscilla and Robert talk about collaboration, flexibility, partnership, and the human side of the insights industry.
21 min
MR Leadership Week: Rob Volpe of Ignite 360
Priscilla and Rob Volpe discuss how empathy, vulnerability, and authenticity are critical components of leadership
26 min
MR Leadership Week: Sarah Kotva of Fieldwork, Inc.
Priscilla and Sarah Kotva discuss the leadership that allowed Fieldwork, Inc. to continue serving its customers and retain its interconnectivity during crisis.
13 min