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Hosts Jamie Hale and Vickie Connor take you to some of the greatest destinations in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

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Campfire stories: A mountain climbing misadvent...
In the finale of our campfire stories, producer Dave Killen shares the tale of a mountain climbing misadventure and cross-country road trip. Then, we share a heartwarming story from a listener.We're getting back to more typical Peak Northwest p...
33 min
Campfire stories: Our spookiest tales
We're focusing on tales of spooky adventures on this week’s Peak Northwest podcast episode — the latest in our series of campfire tales.Want to submit an outdoors or adventure story of your own? Leave a message on our podcast hotline, 503-221-4...
28 min
Campfire stories: Your memorable animal encounters
We asked for your stories from the outdoors. And you delivered, responding with some darn good ones. So this week’s episode of the Peak Northwest podcast — the fourth in our series of campfire tales — features several great stories submitted over the p...
20 min
Campfire stories: Adventures that pushed us to ...
We all like to share the best moments from our outdoor adventures, but sometimes our most difficult experiences are the most rewarding. On this week’s episode, we look past the pretty photos to share experiences that pushed us to the limit — and taught...
34 min
Campfire stories: Our unforgettable animal enco...
Whether it’s a bear sighting, a critter who gets too close or a feisty creature who wants you to scram, we all have stories about memorable contacts with animals while out in nature. So this week’s episode of the Peak Northwest podcast — the latest in ...
20 min
Campfire stories: A climb takes an unexpected t...
We’re breaking out some of our favorite campfire stories, and and we want to hear yours! If you’re interested in sharing a story from a past adventure, leave a message on our podcast hotline, 503-221-4345, or send a voice memo to
24 min
How to stay active while stuck inside
Spring has sprung in the Pacific Northwest, but our favorite outdoor spaces are presently sitting empty, as most of us stick close to home to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Oregon. It hasn’t been easy for the outdoorsy among us. After al...
26 min
The state of travel and recreation amid the cor...
The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has shaken up life as we know it, with thousands of people in the Northwest becoming sick and many more finding themselves unemployed. Amid the upheaval, a loss of travel and recreation should fall low on our list of co...
17 min
Tricks for traveling with kids
Traveling with kids can be a challenge, albeit one with great rewards.For this week’s episode of the Peak Northwest podcast, we talked to a panel of parents to get their tips and tricks about traveling with kids. We also talked to a younger pair of exp...
30 min
Our guide to last-minute spring break road trips
Oregon’s spring break is fast approaching. And while lots of spring breakers have their plans set in stone, some others don’t. At least not yet. So this week on the Peak Northwest podcast, we rattle off road trip ideas for the lucky folks who have time...
20 min
A guide to Portland running, trails and races
The heartiest of runners pound the pavement year-round. But as spring approaches, the prospect of warmer, sunnier days is bound to beckon more runners to Portland’s sidewalks and trails. So before the season turns, we sat down with Oregonian/OregonLive...
28 min
Some of Oregon's least popular parks are worth ...
Oregon has a lot of extremely busy state parks, but it also has plenty of places that see few visitors at all. This week on the Peak Northwest podcast, we talk to Seth Miller, executive director of the Oregon State Park Foundation, to discuss the least...
35 min
Our favorite winter hikes in the Portland area
We discuss a few of our favorite winter options in and around Portland. We also shout out some Portland-area wildlife preserves that are worth a visit.Check out Jamie’s rundown of 10 wildlife preserves close to Portland.Watch a Peak Northwest video e...
23 min
Chasing waterfalls in Oregon’s Coast Range
We head to the rainy Coast Range mountains to discover hidden waterfalls in the woods.See Jamie’s stories on Niagara Falls and Drift Creek Falls.Also check out our list of the 10 things to pack for a day hike in Or...
25 min
Why Bend shines in the wintertime
Bend is a special place any time of year, but we’re particularly fond of Oregon’s high-desert hangout during the wintertime.Read Jamie’s 20 reasons to love Bend, and check out Michael Russell’s beer lover’s guide to central Oregon.
28 min
Playing in the snow: The everything-but-downhil...
Downhill skiing is one popular way to experience the majesty of the mountains, come wintertime. But there are plenty of other options for those seeking a different kind of mountain experience. This week on the Peak Northwest podcast, we discuss snowy a...
29 min
How yurts helped save Oregon parks
This week’s episode of the Peak Northwest podcast dives into the surprising history of yurts in Oregon — and why campers went nuts for them. Jamie and Jim are joined by Craig Tutor, the former state parks manager who first put yurts into parks back in ...
25 min
Finding the best fish, chips and chowder on the...
The Oregon coast’s signature cuisine can be summarized in four words: fish, chips and chowder. We sit down with Michael Russell, the Oregonian/OregonLive’s restaurant reporter and critic, to discuss where to find the coast’s finest.Check out Jamie’s 1...
23 min
Learn to embrace the rainy day hike
One of the best ways to get through Oregon’s rainy season is to embrace it. On this week’s episode of Peak Northwest, we talk about the best places to go hiking in the rain, and the preparations you should take before striking off into the elements....
24 min
How to plan your 2020 Northwest travels
The new year has only just begun, but it’s already high time to start making your 2020 travel plans around the Pacific Northwest. On this week’s Peak Northwest podcast, we go over some helpful tips for booking campsites, hotels and fire lookouts around...
31 min
Looking back on a year of adventure
Jim and Jamie look back at their respective years of adventure and exploration. Amy Wang, The Oregonian/OregonLive’s newsletter editor and books columnist, talks about her year-long quest to visit 50 fun places. Reporter Shane Dixon Kavanaugh ...
30 min
Oregon hot springs beckon this winter
There are natural hot springs all over Oregon and the greater Pacific Northwest, from rustic mountain springs to high desert resorts. We talk with reporter Molly Harbarger and hot spring aficionado Dana Halferty to talk about where to find hot springs,...
20 min
Ski season preview
This week on the Peak Northwest podcast, we join The Oregonian/OregonLive's sports trending editor, Tim Brown, to discuss what skiers and snowboarders need to know before heading up to the mountain this season. (And before you take a trip to the m...
17 min
Hood River’s heralded beer scene
Whether you’re looking for a funky farmhouse, barrel-aged Belgian or impeccable pub ale, Hood River’s breweries offer a pint for every palate. This week, Oregonian/OregonLive beer reporter Andre Meunier discusses the city's heralded beer scene.
19 min
Adventures in the Alvord Desert
This week on the Peak Northwest podcast, we’re talking all things Alvord Desert. The seasonally dry lakebed in the far southeastern corner of the state is known for its beautiful cracked playa, stunning scenery and the adventures it affords – from quie...
19 min