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Hosts Jamie Hale and Vickie Connor take you to some of the greatest destinations in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

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Exploring the otherworldly Oregon Dunes, just i...
What better way to celebrate the release of the new film adaptation of "Dune" than by exploring the landscape that inspired the sci-fi epic in the first place: the stunning Oregon Dunes.
25 min
Exploring the Wilson River Trail, a quiet Coast...
This week on the Peak Northwest podcast, we discuss how to day hike and backpack the Wilson River Trail in the Tillamook State Forest. It's a gem, alright.
25 min
How to be prepared for when the Big One hits
Marilyn Bishop, founder of Cascadia Quake Kits, discusses what Pacific Northwest residents should do to be prepared for the Big One on this week's episode of the Peak Northwest podcast.
33 min
Foraging for mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest
It's mushroom season in the Pacific Northwest! To help you in your fungal foraging, we talk to herbalist and experienced forager Chris Smaka about what to look for and how to find it.
34 min
Plan a fall road trip on Oregon's scenic byways
This week on the Peak Northwest podcast, we discuss Oregon's scenic byways: driving routes that snake their way through every beautiful nook and cranny of the state.Buckle up for a beautiful auditory journey across this wonderful state.
28 min
Finding, and appreciating, Oregon's covered bri...
Did you know Oregon has dozens of covered bridges (54) all over the state? On the latest episode of Peak Northwest, Jamie Hale and Jim Ryan discuss the simple wonders in getting off the main drag and finding Oregon's delightful covered bridges.
22 min
Oregon's least and most popular state parks in ...
Which state parks saw the most visitors last year, and which saw the least? We break down the numbers from a truly strange year that saw state park visitation plunge across the board.
24 min
Introducing Oregon’s newest backpacking trail
This week on the Peak Northwest podcast, we discuss the Corvallis-to-the-Sea Trail. Running about 60 miles from downtown Corvallis to Ona Beach south of Newport, the long-distance hiking and mountain biking trail crosses through a dense Coast Range for...
22 min
How to end summer in the PNW
The end of summer looms, but that doesn't mean the end to exciting adventures around Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. On the latest episode of Peak Northwest, Jim and Jamie float a bunch of wonderful options for end of summer activities across th...
29 min
How to explore the Lower Rogue River in southwe...
Take a hike, go backpacking, paddle downriver or spend a few nights relaxing at a lodge. There are so many different ways to experience the wild and scenic Rogue River.
23 min
Hiking, biking and sightseeing at Crater Lake
This week on the Peak Northwest podcast, we discuss hiking, biking and sightseeing options at Oregon's lone national park.
27 min
An Oregon landscape painter on capturing stilln...
On the latest episode of the Peak Northwest podcast, artist Yong Hong Zhong talks about how he pivoted from a career in animation to becoming a renowned watercolors painter. We talked about his method, how people can pick up a paintbrush and start capt...
31 min
Oregon's redwoods deserve your respect
Most people head to the spectacular redwood groves of northern California, passing by the beautiful, but admittedly smaller, redwoods on the south Oregon coast.We defend our state's honor and discuss what those trees are like, why you should vi...
20 min
Meet the artist behind Oregon's spectacular 'Ci...
This week on the Peak Northwest podcast, we connect with the artist who leads the “Circles in the Sand,” events on the southern Oregon coast.You're going to want to listen to this one twice. The artist, Denny Dyke, drops wisdom left and right. ...
25 min
How to plan your outdoor adventures during wild...
This week on the Peak Northwest podcast, we discuss what you should know before planning a trip during Oregon's wildfire season. Reporter Kale Williams also breaks down how Oregon's changing climate is contributing to the state's wildfir...
28 min
Eagle Creek is finally back open to hikers (again)
After a brief reopening was spoiled by landslides earlier this year, the Eagle Creek Trail has reopened once again, giving many hikers their first taste of the Columbia River Gorge trail since the Eagle Creek fire closed it in 2017.
24 min
How to enjoy Olympic National Park's trails, be...
This week on the Peak Northwest podcast, we discuss how to enjoy Olympic National Park: from the coastline to the forest, lodges to campgrounds.
23 min
What search & rescue personnel want you to know...
This week on the Peak Northwest podcast, we're joined by two search & rescue volunteers who share what they want hikers to know before hitting the trail and what hikers should do if they require a rescue, among other topics.
29 min
A Klamath teacher's quest to climb Washington's...
This week on the Peak Northwest podcast, we connect with Jason Hardrath, an Oregon teacher who's trying to climb the 100 mountains on Washington's Bulger List... in 50 days.
30 min
Exploring Low Tide on the Oregon Coast
When the tide is out, there's so much more to discover along Oregon's coastline. From tide pools to hidden treasures, we have the best things to see and do, along with tips on how to stay safe while you're out there.
21 min
Outdoor Dangers in the Pacific Northwest
Heading out into the wilderness is a rich and beautiful experience, but it also comes with some inherent risks. From sneaker waves to hungry bears, we'll go over all the biggest dangers people face in the outdoors, and how to stay safe while you...
36 min
100 Things to do in Oregon
On this week’s episode of the Peak Northwest podcast, reporter Lizzy Acker joins us to discuss a list of over 100 Oregon destinations made for those looking to get back out and explore now that it’s becoming safer to do so.
30 min
Where to hike and visit on the Washington side ...
The Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge is often overlooked in favor of the popular attractions on the Oregon side of the gorge. But the Washington side has plenty to offer in its own right. And this week on the Peak Northwest podcast, we discu...
18 min
The best places to visit, eat and drink in Oreg...
There’s far more to see in Salem than the state Capitol topped with a golden lumberjack, and far more to do than visit the state fair. The “Cherry City” boasts a vibrant food scene, beautiful public gardens and riverfront parks, all nestled into the ce...
20 min
Exploring Oregon's central coast
It’s hard to play favorites when it comes to the Oregon coast, yet we find ourselves returning, time and again, to the central stretch of our coastline.Looking for natural wonders? How about Cape Perpetua and the Oregon Dunes. Want a beach town to s...
24 min