OEM Industry Update

A roundup of the latest technology, industry, and market news for the equipment design and development industry.

Libertine Uses Software Control to Optimize Eng...
Replacing crankshafts with software control optimizes combustion events for cleaner, more efficient engines.
24 min
Trimble, Piaggio Fast Forward Develop Smart Fol...
Combining GNSS technology with sensors and software has enabled the creation of a robot which can follow machines or humans without the use of a joystick or other control devices.
17 min
CLAAS Sees Positive Outlook for Agricultural Eq...
Favorable commodity prices and new technology introductions will be key drivers for the agricultural equipment market.
13 min
Volvo Trucks Provides Update on Volvo LIGHTS El...
The Volvo LIGHTS project is providing insights into what it takes to add electric vehicles to a truck fleet and how they will operate in real-world conditions.
17 min
FPT Sees Potential for DME as Low-Emissions Fue...
Similarities to LPG and reduced emissions output make DME a feasible candidate for use in heavy-duty engines.
26 min
Dana Says Electrification Necessitates Purposef...
Development of drivetrains and other systems for electric vehicles requires more, well thought out engineering to ensure an optimized solution is achieved.
15 min
ROUSH CleanTech Develops Purpose-Built Fuel Sys...
Creating a purpose-built system ensures performance in the various climates and environments in which school buses operate.
14 min
Power Systems Research Sees Strong Commercial V...
A look into the current state of the North American commercial vehicle market.
12 min
RISE Robotics Electric Actuator Reduces Energy ...
The RISE Cylinder reduces power drain on vehicle batteries, enabling design and performance enhancements.
29 min
PERC Study Compares Carbon Intensity of Propane...
A new research study shows propane-fueled medium- and heavy-duty trucks have a lower overall carbon footprint than electric powered vehicles.
19 min
FORT Robotics Sees Now as an Exciting Time for ...
Automation technology is here, and being applied in a broad range of heavy equipment and applications.
24 min
TrovaCV Provides Custom Chassis Integration to ...
The company is providing its manufacturing expertise to help with the acceleration of battery-electric commercial vehicles.
32 min
Jacobs Vehicle Systems Sees Modular Valvetrains...
A modular valvetrain which can meet all of an OEM’s design requirements will help to ensure compliance with evolving emissions regulations.
11 min
Xerotech Develops Battery Systems for Off-Highw...
Use of a common platform allows Xerotech to scale battery systems to an OEM’s specific design requirements.
18 min
Volta Trucks Reimagines Operator Cab for Electr...
The completely redesigned operator cab of the Volta Zero electric truck puts a focus on driver comfort and safety.
11 min
Delta-Q Says New Battery Technology is Advancin...
Development of new battery systems is helping bring about new charging technology to ensure machine productivity.
18 min
AVL Says Normalization of Electrification Will ...
As electrification increases in many applications, the cost and engineering time needed to develop the necessary components will continue to decrease.
14 min
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions uses Artificial In...
The company’s Cognitive Sealing technology analyzes sensor data around a seal to evaluate performance and plan maintenance.
8 min
New ISO Standard to Improve Cab Air Quality for...
The new ISO 23875 standard aims to improve safety by applying engineering controls to conduct air quality testing within the operator cab.
34 min
CCTY Bearing Sees Strong Push for Use of Self-L...
New material and technology advancements are leading to an increased use of self-lubricating tie rods in off-highway equipment.
15 min
Webasto Expands Battery Technology Design Capab...
Webasto has expanded the team dedicated to its battery development efforts, which adds more engineering capabilities to better serve electric vehicle manufacturers.
10 min
Carling Technologies Says HMI Devices are Becom...
Adding multi-function capabilities to HMI components helps ease machine control and productivity for operators.
21 min
Danfoss Digital Displacement Offers New Opportu...
Hydraulic pumps and motors controlled directly through software and electronics provides new levels of performance and efficiency benefits.
16 min
Grid Raster Examines Varied Benefits of Augment...
Improving technology and wider spread adoption is leading to increased use of augmented and virtual reality.
17 min
Sy-Klone Proactively Working with OEMs to Ensur...
Sy-Klone collaborates with equipment manufactures to develop and integrate cab air quality systems which assure the health and safety of machine operators.
18 min