OEM Industry Update

A roundup of the latest technology, industry, and market news for the equipment design and development industry.

How Software With Collaboration & Digital Threa...
In this episode, hear from Nand Kochhar, vice president of Siemens Automotive and Transportation Industries, as he covers the ways in which Siemens software solutions help the off-road industry design equipment and solve problems.
8 min
What OEMs Need to Know About Battery Power
Nick Moore, Director of Product Management, electrification, for Briggs & Stratton, covers everything OEMs should know about battery power.
15 min
Accelerating Into Zero
Listen as Cummins’ Accelera President Amy Davis shares the new brand’s history and highlights how the team is iterating and learning as they grow the portfolio and partner with OEMs.
10 min
Cummins President and CEO Rumsey Discusses the ...
During an interview at the Green Truck Summit, Rumsey previewed her keynote and talked about the importance of diversity in our industry.
9 min
What To Expect from the Latest Vanguard Power S...
Briggs and Stratton is coming to World of Concrete with a portfolio of power solutions including new ready-to-work electrification options.
15 min
Vanguard Grows Battery Power Offerings
Learn about the new technology that has been added to the electrification product line
24 min
The Electric Future of Vanguard
Brian Hazelton, senior vice president & president of Briggs & Stratton’s Power Business Unit, and David Frank, vice president of electrification for Briggs & Stratton, discuss Vanguard’s growth in the electrification space and what’s to come from the leading power solutions provider in the next year.
25 min
How the Ukraine War Affects the Off-Highway Ind...
Richard Demirjian, president of T/CCi explains which areas the OEM off-highway and supply chain industries have seen an increase in challenges due to the war and the alternative resources are being researched for long-term solutions to be used in the future.
13 min
Planning for Electrification: How to Specify Ba...
Get insights from Nick Moore, director of sales for electrification at Briggs & Stratton, on important factors in battery specification decisions, including duty cycle, the ability to collect health data, the types of abuse the battery will be subjected to, end-of-life considerations and more.
21 min
Ground Positioning Radar Technology Looks to Im...
GPR’s technology gathers subterranean data to provide a 3D map of a vehicle’s surroundings which is rich and more stable to improve safety and reliability.
13 min
Smart Battery and Charger Technologies Optimize...
Delta-Q Technologies says battery management systems with built-in communication helps optimize battery performance and overall machine intelligence.
12 min
Improvements in Guidance and Navigation Technol...
James Fennelly, product manager, Inertial Measurement Systems, ACEINNA Inc., covers current trends regarding the use of guidance and navigation technologies for heavy equipment.
22 min
Autonomous Work Vehicle Trials Offer Developmen...
Honda’s Kenton Williams and Tyler Parker of Black & Veatch discuss the development and field trials of Honda’s Autonomous Work Vehicle prototype in construction applications.
17 min
John Deere Autonomous Tractor Aims to Help Farm...
Fully autonomous operation of the John Deere 8R tractor allows farmers to focus their attention on other work without sacrificing productivity.
20 min
Air Disc Brake Uptake Grows as Fleets See Safet...
Bendix says use of air disc brakes has increased over the past decade due to the increased safety and lower maintenance costs they provide.
15 min
Powertrains of the Future Will Include Traditio...
Cummins discusses its battery, hydrogen and engine system developments and how they will continue to advance in the off-highway equipment industry.
35 min
Greater Emergence of Cellular Vehicle-to-Everyt...
CalAmp sees C-V2X technology becoming more ubiquitous in heavy-duty equipment applications, enabling increased safety and automation.
15 min
Specialized Fire Truck for Mining Applications ...
Rosenbauer’s Volvo Penta-powered fire truck is specifically designed to operate in tough mining conditions.
26 min
New Grease Specification Provides More Quality ...
Greg Morris of Shell says the new High-Performance Multiuse Grease Specifications help to ensure greases meet evolving machine and customer performance needs.
22 min
John Deere Electric Backhoe Concept Demonstrate...
The 310 X Tier concept machine is designed to eliminate emissions while providing lower daily operating costs and jobsite noise.
7 min
Electrification is Becoming Mainstream, but The...
Improvements in technology have increased the use of electrification but there will remain a need for engines in many applications.
15 min
Shell Starship 2.0 Truck Demonstrates New Techn...
The Starship Class 8 truck utilizes several market available components and systems to demonstrate fuel efficiency improvements which can be achieved in heavy-duty trucks.
18 min
Drone Technology Offering High-Precision Data A...
Skycatch has developed technology capable of providing repeatable, high-precision data which can help OEMs enable autonomous operation.
16 min
Electrification Will Continue to Grow, Bring Ne...
Briggs & Stratton sees continued growth of electrification which will lead to development of new battery solutions while also enabling future technology such as robotics and automation.
17 min
Exro Coil Driver Technology Provides More Preci...
The coil driver provides tighter control of the motor and will help to improve performance of next generation electric axles.
9 min