OEM Industry Update

A weekly roundup of the latest technology, industry, and market news for the equipment design and development industry.

New ISO Standard to Improve Cab Air Quality for...
The new ISO 23875 standard aims to improve safety by applying engineering controls to conduct air quality testing within the operator cab.
34 min
CCTY Bearing Sees Strong Push for Use of Self-L...
New material and technology advancements are leading to an increased use of self-lubricating tie rods in off-highway equipment.
15 min
Webasto Expands Battery Technology Design Capab...
Webasto has expanded the team dedicated to its battery development efforts, which adds more engineering capabilities to better serve electric vehicle manufacturers.
10 min
Carling Technologies Says HMI Devices are Becom...
Adding multi-function capabilities to HMI components helps ease machine control and productivity for operators.
21 min
Danfoss Digital Displacement Offers New Opportu...
Hydraulic pumps and motors controlled directly through software and electronics provides new levels of performance and efficiency benefits.
16 min
Grid Raster Examines Varied Benefits of Augment...
Improving technology and wider spread adoption is leading to increased use of augmented and virtual reality.
17 min
Sy-Klone Proactively Working with OEMs to Ensur...
Sy-Klone collaborates with equipment manufactures to develop and integrate cab air quality systems which assure the health and safety of machine operators.
18 min
ClearFlame Developing Technology to Improve Die...
By replacing petroleum fuels with decarbonized fuels, emissions can be reduced as well as overall engine costs.
13 min
Donaldson Filter Minder Technology Monitors Fil...
Sensors measure filter performance and notify heavy equipment users when approaching optimal filter life.
17 min
Terzo Power Systems Hydrapulse Technology Enabl...
Integration of motor control electronics with a hydraulic pump
18 min
Caterpillar Hybrid Engine Concept Optimizes Mac...
The Cat C18 hybrid concept captures and re-uses surplus energy to help improve machine performance.
8 min
Balluff Says Smarter Sensors Will Provide Bette...
Advanced sensor technology will create smart systems with more processing power and improved data collection capabilities.
16 min