OEM Industry Update

A roundup of the latest technology, industry, and market news for the equipment design and development industry.

Shell Starship 2.0 Truck Demonstrates New Techn...
The Starship Class 8 truck utilizes several market available components and systems to demonstrate fuel efficiency improvements which can be achieved in heavy-duty trucks.
18 min
Drone Technology Offering High-Precision Data A...
Skycatch has developed technology capable of providing repeatable, high-precision data which can help OEMs enable autonomous operation.
16 min
Electrification Will Continue to Grow, Bring Ne...
Briggs & Stratton sees continued growth of electrification which will lead to development of new battery solutions while also enabling future technology such as robotics and automation.
17 min
Exro Coil Driver Technology Provides More Preci...
The coil driver provides tighter control of the motor and will help to improve performance of next generation electric axles.
9 min
Electric Vehicle Charging Needs to Expand and T...
Eaton says there is a need to rapidly deploy more charging infrastructure and develop customized solutions for commercial vehicles to aid market uptake.
18 min
Electrification and Hybridization Brings Additi...
Lubrizol says many performance aspects will stay the same, but more factors such as thermal management and conductivity will need to be considered.
18 min
Overcoming the Chip Shortage by Rethinking How ...
Deci co-founder and CEO Yonatan Geifman says software developers need to support and optimize their solutions for multiple hardware platforms instead of relying on a single microchip product.
14 min
New Digital Hydraulic Actuator Overcomes Shortc...
Volvo CE is developing a digital hydraulic actuator which has shown fuel efficiency improvements of 50% in an excavator application.
15 min
Fendt Xaver Robot Concept Provides Vision for M...
Technologies developed for the Xaver agricultural robot concept are now making their way onto Fendt equipment to help improve farmer productivity.
12 min
How Can Manufacturers Ensure Emissions Compliance?
Justin Savage of Sidley Austin says there are key steps manufacturers in the off-road equipment industry can take to ensure they comply with emissions regulations.
27 min
Danfoss and Eaton Merger Aims to Advance Hydrau...
Bringing together the hydraulics knowledge of these two companies will better enable development of new technologies and optimized hydraulics systems.
14 min
Augmented Reality Becomes Top Emerging Technology
Grid Raster says the remote work and training capabilities offered by augmented reality have increased its relevance in many industries.
18 min
Improved Data Collection Benefits Autonomous Ve...
NI is collaborating with Seagate to enable better data storage and transfer to the cloud that will help engineering teams design safer autonomous vehicles.
24 min
Adaptable HMI Designs Aid the Transition to Aut...
EAO says operator interface products which can support both manual and autonomous operation can greatly benefit OEMs and their customers.
14 min
Emerging Technologies in the Off-Highway Equipm...
TTControl sees perception technologies such as computer vision and artificial intelligence playing a key role in advancing off-highway equipment designs.
20 min
Proposed Zero-Emissions Regulation for Small Of...
Horiba says a proposed emissions regulation in California could create or accelerate adoption of electrification in low horsepower equipment.
19 min
Proterra Enters Off-Highway Market with Komatsu...
Proterra is providing its battery technology and expertise to help Komatsu develop a battery-electric excavator.
8 min
Heavy-Duty Engine Oils are Taking on a Broader ...
Lubrizol says expectations for engine oils continue to evolve with changing emissions regulations and OEM requirements.
18 min
Danfoss Editron Says Partnerships Benefit Elect...
Bringing together specialized expertise can ensure a more optimized electric powertrain solution.
20 min
New Charged by Delta-Q Program Aids Electric Ve...
The program helps OEM customers ensure they are sourcing compatible battery and battery charging systems for their electric vehicle designs.
13 min
Electrification of Construction Equipment is In...
New technology developments are providing alternatives to diesel which can help create more efficient and emissions-free equipment operation.
24 min
Technology is Creating a Smarter Construction I...
Manufacturers discuss emerging technologies which are helping the construction industry work smarter to increase productivity.
28 min
Automation Technology Continues to Evolve for C...
Automated systems and machines are enabling opportunities to create a safer and more efficient construction industry.
23 min
CM Labs Says Simulation Can Benefit Design of S...
Simulation allows engineering teams to collaborate early on and iterate designs faster which will be integral to creating smarter and more connected equipment.
13 min
Siemens System Simulation Technology Allows Acc...
Simcenter Amesim provides quick simulation capabilities to evaluate interactions between components and their impact on overall machine designs.
13 min