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Why Your Favourite NHL team is F*cked: Round Ro...
What's the most pressing issue for each round robin team? We break it down on Silky N' Filthy
37 min
Training Camp During a Pandemic, Trading The Fl...
108 min
Brock Talk | Sippin On A 40
And Jay Beagle talk, cause we love that.
24 min
how could ya | Sippin' On A 40
19 min
The Chicago Undertakers + The Tampa Bay Sharks ...
Can McDavid be ousted early?
35 min
The Worst Free Agent Contracts Ever, Dump Truck...
Jake Virtanen at Celebrities. It's not good, it's not bad, it's just hilarious. Hussein, Hassan, and Ace from the Cap Space Wins Cups join the podcast.
67 min
Never Missing Naslund | Sippin' On A 40
Check out the blog @
13 min
An Ode to Draft Lotteries & The Alexis Lafrenie...
Because it's sports baby.
34 min
Eh Bondi Eh Beggsy Vol. 13 | Sippin' On A 40
How you doing?
18 min
It's been a wild | Sippin' On A 40
The state of hockey deserves it
25 min
Team Chaos Scores a Victory, NHL Draft Lottery ...
The NHL let chaos reign supreme and we have so many questions. The Canucks won't have the luck and get the bounces needed to win a draft lottery, but don't shame people who want to dream.
69 min
Losing to Paul Fenton lol | Sippin' On A 40
Vancouver full of losers atm
31 min
Give Bonnie Henry the Conn Smythe | Silky N' Fi...
Dr. Henry isn't bending to big business. Also the NHL is fucked, and so is the Hockey Hall of Fame Committee.
37 min
I'll take you to a spot | Sippin' On A 40
Disappointing day in Vancouver
26 min
The Hockey Bubble, NHL Troll Lists, and Will Ji...
111 min
the royal moby is clean your highness | Sippin'...
Much love to my smart buddy Bondi
25 min
Get Well Soon | Sippin' On A 40
One love listener. One love.
21 min
Hockey Sucks | Sippin' On A 40
Shoulda known by now
21 min
Make Buffalo Great For Once & the 2010s Stanley...
We sympathize with our brothers in Buffalo & rank the most and least entertaining Stanley Cup Finals of the 2010s.
41 min
Who Is Your Canucks MVP, Handicapping the NHL A...
Hughes is winning the Calder and he's the team MVP.
81 min
Hear Carter Out & '04 Heartbreak | Sippin' On A 40
Now is not the time to vilify Anson Carter & what was low-key the most emotional Canucks series for you?
33 min
The #embracethefake Train Continues, an Importa...
Slow week for Canucks news and hockey news in general, but maybe that's a good thing. Andy Cole, producer of Halford & Brough on TSN 1040 joins us to talk about his favourite Simpsons episodes and much more.
55 min
How's it going Kellerman? Vancouver here | Sipp...
Black Lives Matter
25 min
The Final Word On Judd Brackett, #embracethefak...
Judd Brackett will be leaving the Vancouver Canucks — don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.
64 min
3 Feel-Good Canucks Stories | The Quickie
Here's some positivity to ponder during all the chaos.
5 min
No Sympathy for the Devils | The Quickie
They've won three Cups, okay?
4 min
Picking the Most Entertaining Playoff Bracket |...
With the 24-team bracket set, hosts Trevor and Kyle predict the series winners purely on entertainment value.
45 min
Thoughts on the Canucks vs. Wild | The Quickie
The Canucks wouldn't blow this, would they?
4 min
Yes, that D-Bag Was Pretty Good for NYR | The Q...
We talk about the best and worst of the Rangers on today's pod.
6 min
Facing the Minnesota Wild in the Fugazi Playoff...
Breaking down the potential matchup in the playoffs/not really playoffs/fugazi cup, and Andrew Walker of Sportsnet 650 joins us this week.
67 min
Let's Make the 24-Team Format A Little Wackier ...
Let's Make the 24-Team Format A Little Wackier
5 min
Does Anyone Hate Their GM Anymore? | The Quickie
Social Media is a powerful tool. Don't doubt that professional organizations use it to gauge market opinion.
5 min
The Canucks are winning the fugazi Cup, aren't ...
And that's totally fine
38 min
The Best Brock in the NHL Wasn't Boeser | The Q...
That's the nicest thing I have to say about Long Island.
5 min
Hyping CBJ As A Sneaky Cup Favourite | The Quickie
Defence wins championships, amirite?
6 min
Raleigh, the NHL's most irrelevant city | The Q...
Hey, at least the hockey team is good.
6 min
Canucks Top Propsects, Free Agency Priorities, ...
67 min
What if the Canucks Never Hired John Tortorella...
How does that affect the "rebuild?"
5 min
The Insane "What If" Episode | Silky N' Filthy
What if Pittsburgh won the 2004 draft lottery, or if Panarin chose NYI over NYR...
37 min
The Return of "No F**** Given" Gary Bettman | T...
Is it heartwarming or disheartening to hear him say he's not considering canceling the season?
4 min
What The Hell Happened to Matt Murray? | The Qu...
Will he be a member of the Penguins in 2020-21?
5 min
The Canucks Timeline for Contending, Booze as a...
More Judd Brackett talk and we officially take a stance on Brendan Leipsic.
79 min
Stay Greasy, Philadelphia | The Quickie
There are a few reasons why "The City of Brotherly Love" amps up the grease levels.
5 min
Thank You, Elliotte Friedman | The Quickie
Bring on the 24-team playoffs.
4 min
Deciphering the goaltending mess in the Pacific...
Everybody (in the Pacific) got problems.
6 min
Top 10 Names in the 2020 NHL Draft | Silky N' F...
Shout out to Hugo Styf.
30 min
About that 2003 Canucks Team.... | The Quickie
Their fate should have been better...
5 min
Highlighting Yin & Yang Performances from Caps'...
John Carlson was on pace to break records, while another Caps vet floundered.
5 min
Gambling on a Pick in an Early June Draft, Judd...
Jimbo is going gambling in an early June draft, while Judd Brackett and the Vancouver Canucks are in a good ol' fashioned standoff,
77 min
Bring Back the NHL Draft in June | The Quickie
The fastest hockey podcast in the world is backing a quick return for the NHL draft. Go figure.
4 min
Who was Detroit's Most Disappointing Player? | ...
The dubious award for the most disappointing player on the most disappointing team. What an honour.
4 min
Borowiecki's Best Season Ever | The Quickie
Well, you know, despite the lack of team success and all...
5 min
Hoglander's Arrival & The Best of Sweden | Silk...
SNF goes over the best Swedish NHL players in the game today, and of all-time.
40 min
Buffalo: America's Most Canadian City? | The Qu...
The Quickie looks to give Buffalo some love amidst all the city's misery.
5 min
2011'ed out, Canucks Rumours, and Henrik's 2010...
I love the 2011 Canucks run as much as anyone, but it's time to put the retrospectives and game rewinds on pause for now
71 min
Why an NHL return is easier said than done | Th...
Some food for thought with current rumours on the NHL's return circulating.
5 min
Thoughts on the NHL Draft | The Quickie
Hear Beggsy's thoughts on the NHL Draft after Day One of the NFL Draft took place.
4 min
Tale of Two Centres in Montreal | The Quickie
Two of the Canadiens men down the middle are highlighted in this episode of The Quickie.
5 min
The Best Duos In The Pacific | Silky N' Filthy
Condolences to Nova Scotia
57 min
Analyzing who the Canucks should keep between S...
This one is for the Troy Stecher fan club.
5 min
Don't go to Florida | The Quickie
Unless you're going there to buy the Panthers and bring them back to Canada.
6 min
How to Survive Quarantine and Florida Man Tales...
We talk to The Athletic's Thomas Drance about how he's handling quarantine, his start in the industry, and his time with the Florida Panthers. Plus we end with our regularly scheduled quarantine binge recommendation.
67 min
Only a Sliver of TML Shade Today | The Quickie
The Quickie takes it easy on the roast of Toronto due to the events that transpired over the weekend.
7 min
Dreaming of a Hughes, Byfuglien Pairing | The Q...
There are some enticing options out there for Buff if he decides to return to the NHL.
4 min
Nova Scotia > Quebec | Silky N' Filthy
69 min
Tampa Isn't Miami | The Quickie
At least they have a good hockey team, although there were mixed results among their stable of smaller forwards in 2019-20.
5 min
How do the '14-15 Canucks compare to today's te...
Five years ago today, the Canucks kicked off their last playoff series.
5 min
Screw You, Boston | The Quickie
The Boston Bruins are the latest victim as we go around the NHL on The Quickie
5 min
Patrik Sundstrom's 1983-84 Season and the Lates...
We break down Patrik Sundstrom's 1983-84 season and add our latest book to the Quarantine Book Club, Ken Dryden's legendary book The Game
13 min
Re-listening and Re-examining 808s And Heartbre...
A special bonus episode where we break down one of the most influential hip-hop albums in recent history
9 min
Armchair GM's, Don't be Dumba | The Quickie
The Quickie reviews the best and worst of the Minnesota Wild, with a message for armchair GM's.
6 min
NHL Deadline Trade-Backs? + Corner Gas Talk | S...
Much love to the hospitals, restaurants, custodians and the rest of y'all.
60 min
Bonino Bonanza & Rusty Hates Nashville | The Qu...
The Quickie breaks down the best and worst of the Nashville Predators.
7 min
How to Bring the Stanley Cup Back to Canada | T...
A Canucks vs. Maple Leafs playoff series? Sign me up.
5 min
Pavel Bure's 1992-93 Season and Why You Need to...
We break down Pavel Bure's 1992-93 season and Walter Issacson's biography on Steve Jobs.
17 min
Greatest Sports Movies + The NHL's Cleveland Br...
Stay Safe World
23 min
Screw You, Chicago | The Quickie
Fuck Chicago, their Cups, their awesome party atmosphere and their filthy city...
5 min
Canucks broadcasting appreciation episode | The...
The franchise might not have a Cup in 50 years, but the broadcasting has been top-notch.
5 min
Why you need to watch The Sopranos ASAP | Power...
A special bonus episode of Power Of The Pure-L, breaking down why you need to watch The Sopranos
10 min
OH CANADA | Silky N' Filthy
Join us while we rehearse for our new program!
54 min
Heaps of Praise for Underrated Winnipeg | The Q...
You might hate the city, but The Quickie has a soft spot for the underrated prairie mecca.
6 min
Best and Worst of the NHL's Most Boring Playoff...
Sorry, Dallas.
6 min
Heaping too much praise on Denver & the Avs | T...
I mean, this is the network with the West Coast Bias...
5 min
Ryan Kesler's Best Season With the Canucks and ...
29 min
Catching Up With Loved Ones | Sippin' On A 40
Shoutout Deepak Chopra
38 min
Best and Worst of the St. Louis Blues | The Qui...
Lots of positives for the defending Cup champs but damn, St. Louis needs to improve that Trip Advisor page...
4 min
Wait, what about that first round pick? | The Q...
With the Canucks first round pick still in limbo, The Quickie looks at options for the Canucks if they do fall out of the playoffs.
5 min
Best and (mostly) worst of Anaheim | The Quickie
When Adam Henrique is your best player, you're gonna have a bad time.
4 min
P90 X Predictions + New Show Alert | Silky N' F...
What up Canada?
57 min
Quick Downfall in LA & Venice Vibes | The Quickie
The Kings suck but there are some underlying positive. You also get a Venice Beach story on this episode of The Quickie.
4 min
Calder Trophy Talk + Wash Your Body | Sippin' O...
Much love to Bondi
30 min
Ain't No Thrill With Phil & I'm Moving to Glend...
The Quickie covers the best and worst of the Arizona Coyotes, and the city of Glendale.
5 min
Our First Hockey Memories and The Quarantine Bo...
The Canucks signed Will Lockwood and Marc Michaelis, but we want to know your first hockey memories. We have Brendan Batchelor as our guest, and we end with the debut of the Quarantine Book Club.
64 min
This one time in Vegas... | The Quickie
The resurgence of Maximillian & a little Vegas tale this morning on The Quickie.
7 min
69 Thoughts Feat: Ty Lemmon | Silky N' Filthy
If safe. Make Love.
48 min
Quinn F*cken Hughes + High Spirit High Spirit |...
Stay Safe
25 min
If only we all had Boughner's mojo | The Quickie
The Quickie touches on the best (but mostly worst) of the Sharks & virtually fist-bump Boughner's recent cocky comments.
6 min
Will NHL players save the day? | The Quickie
The Quickie breaks down the unorthodox proposal from NHL players on finishing the season.
4 min
Yamamighty & Why Does Everyone Hate Edmonton? |...
The Oilers have been better than advertised & I throw the city a surprising compliment.
5 min
Chirping the Calgary Flames | The Quickie
Sorry, Sam Bennett.
6 min