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A Falacious Free Agency, and No-EL With Guest I...
Jacob Markstrom, Chris Tanev, and Troy Stecher are gone — the Canucks cap crunch has officially hit Vancouver. Braden Holtby joined on a two year deal, but how will he fit behind the team?
51 min
Replaced with Culture | Sippin' On A 40
That's how they get by
19 min
Embrace better defence, Vancouver | The Quickie
Good teams become contenders by adding guys like Ekman-Larsson.
5 min
R E L A X | Sippin' On A 40
What is wrong with @kylebhawan?
32 min
A disappointing day for Jimbo | The Quickie
This guy is the league's sixth-best GM?
5 min
What to watch for at the NHL Draft | The Quickie
Will the Canucks mortgage the future to improve the present squad?
6 min
Eyeing Down OEL and a 2020 NHL Draft Preview wi...
Oliver Ekman-Larsson is rumoured to be very close to the Vancouver Canucks — would it be a good fit long term? Scott Wheeler of The Athletic joins the show to preview the 2020 NHL draft, and answers some burning questions
54 min
3 predictions for the Canucks this week | The Q...
Shout out to Sweden & Abbotsford on this episode.
5 min
Off The Dome Vol. 005 | Sippin' On A 40
We back
25 min
Chasing King Lundqvist & Navigating the Canucks...
Vancouver is a beautiful city, and Elias Pettersson will be your new best friend.
43 min
Canucks should chase another Abbotsford boy | T...
Today, The Quickie talks about a solid RFA defenceman the Canucks should chase.
6 min
Examining an Ekman-Larsson/Canucks Deal | The Q...
The Canucks were rumoured to be in conversation to acquire the Coyotes defenceman.
5 min
How close are the Canucks to being like Tampa? ...
7 min
How the Canucks can keep both Markstrom and Dem...
There's a distinct possibility that Jacob Markstrom could leave the Vancouver Canucks. Kevin Woodley joins the podcast to talk all things goaltending — how will Markstrom's game age and much more.
49 min
Bring back fun hockey | The Quickie
Are you entertained by the Stanley Cup Final?
5 min
Seguin Sucks | The Quickie
The Stars are losing the star pun intended.
5 min
Who's Watching Hockey & The Ben Hutton Route | ...
A show about hockey where the hosts would rather watch football. Nice.
33 min
Time for Tanev to move on | The Quickie
He's been a warrior, but the price ain't right.
5 min
Top-Six Jim Benning | The Quickie
The Canucks general manager finished 6th in voting for GM of the Year...
5 min
Boeser on the Trading Block, the Podkolzin Heis...
Brock Boeser is the big piece potentially on the trading block for the Vancouver Canucks, but there are some other players that could be moved by Jim Benning. James Cybulski of Sportsnet 650 and NHL 20 joins the podcast to discuss the Canucks potential offseason moves, recording NHL 20 with Snoop Dogg, and much more.
71 min
Does the Stars Success Make You Jelly? | The Qu...
And what if the Canucks beat Vegas in Game 7...
5 min
Should the Canucks sign Alex Galchenyuk? | The ...
The 26-year-old is set to hit the open market.
6 min
WTF will the NHL look like in 2021? | Silky N' ...
From the format to free agency, the 2020-21 season is clouded in uncertainty.
41 min
Tale of two coaches | The Quickie
Two coaching decisions had major ramifications on the playoffs.
5 min
Blame it on Thatcher | The Quickie
Vegas is still recovering...
5 min
Who Should Stay and Who Should Go, Marky or Dem...
62 min
Surprising Stats Among Canucks Bottom D-men | T...
Shout out Myers, Benn & Fantenberg.
5 min
Do it for Ricky | The Quickie
Pledge your allegiance.
5 min
11 Missiles & Jim Benning Belly Dancing | Silky...
You'll never get that picture out of your head now.
44 min
Nikita Pettersson | The Quickie
Does the 2019 NHL MVP remind you of Elias?
5 min
Genius Jim & Virtanen Trade Scenario | The Quickie
Did I just call Jim Benning a genius?
5 min
What is the Canucks Biggest Offseason Priority?...
So many free agents, so little money.
5 min
The Postmortem Show — Don't Cry Because It's Ov...
The season is over, and we learned a lot about your Vancouver Canucks.
65 min
last one of the #Szn | Sippin' On A 40
Oh and is Chris Tanev in the Canucks Top 5 of All-Time?
17 min
It Is What It Is pt.2 | Sippin' On A 40
Markstrom or Demko lol?
11 min
It Is What It Is | Sippin' On A 40
Thank you to our listeners
33 min
What Vegas Should Fear Most Heading into Game 7...
Alien time.
5 min
Friday Night History? w/ Bondi | Sippin' On A 40
See yea tomorrow night Vancouver
15 min
Watch for THIS GUY to step up for the Canucks |...
Do or die time for Vancouver. Will this depth player provide an impact?
5 min
Elias Connsymthersson & Bitter-Ass Mustard Salt...
Chirps, BC buds and turtlenecks are included in this week's dose of puck talk & bullshit.
37 min
Believe in Demko, Pt. 2 | The Quickie
Gotta love goalie controversies in Vancouver.
5 min
Demko or Markstrom? w/ Rob aka Fan2Abby | Sippi...
One love to our scout Rob
29 min
Remember...YA BLEW IT! | The Quickie
Shout out to the teams who sucked in the bubble playoffs.
5 min
The Canucks Last Stand and Black Lives Matter w...
Game 4 felt like the Canucks last stand in the bubble, but don't start the postmortem quite yet. Farhan Lalji of TSN joins the podcast to discuss the players movement from both NHL bubbles, the steps the NHL needs to take to make the game more inclusive going forward, and much much more.
48 min
Be Proud of These Canucks | The Quickie
This isn't a swan song yet.
6 min
three more games & ice cream w/ Brayden Ursel |...
The experts of experts
27 min
Aromatherapy & More Furtado w/ Trevor Beggs | ...
See ya in 24 hours
28 min
Top 10 Nelly Furtado Songs | Sippin' On A 40
One Love Vancouver
16 min
so now what? | Silky N' Filthy
NHL Players respond but what's next?
18 min
Puck You NHL | Silky N' Filthy
What a performance last night...
32 min
The Canucks Have A Sketchy Winning Formula | Th...
Could they actually beat Vegas playing like this?
5 min
The Recipe w/ Israel Fehr | Sippin' On A 40
The only way to the finish line...
28 min
3 Things Vancouver Needs To Do To Beat Vegas | ...
Can the Canucks do it? Only if these three things happen.
5 min
Vegas is not St. Louis, Markstrom's Getting the...
The Vancouver Canucks beat the St. Louis Blues in six games, but now they face the Vegas Golden Knights. Fun fact — they look a lot better than the Blues.
60 min
Ryan Reaves, Superstar feat. Bik Nizzar | Power...
It's a special postgame episode of Power Of The Towel after Game 1 against the Vegas Golden Knights, and we kept it brief becuase do you really want to re-live that game?
16 min
City Has Talent w/ Harman Dayal | Sippin' On A 40
One Love to Harman
33 min
Demko Diaries & Overcoming Edler's Absence | Th...
Should I fire Kyle for calling me an idiot?
5 min
Pay Markstrom w/ Chris Faber | Sippin' On A 40
Much love to Faber.
38 min
This Weird-Ass Team is Destined to Win the Stan...
Because it's 2020.
5 min
Champs vs The 15th Best Podcast w/ J.D. Burke |...
Be you. Be you.
29 min
The Champs Came to Play, Bo Horvat's Dad Streng...
St. Louis dominated at even strength in game three, and now we have a series. Samantha from The Broadscast joins the podcast to talk the series against the Blues so far, getting into the podcasting game, and gives some legal advice to the Nucks Misconduct podcasting crew.
51 min
Stanley Cup Favourites Showing Moxie | The Quickie
Forget unpredictability. The favourites came to play in Round One.
6 min
Canucks Lucky to be up Against STL | The Quickie
That's three games now where the Canucks have been outplayed at 5-5...
5 min
This Is What Vancouver Wanted w/ Mike Martignag...
Thank you to Mike
27 min
The Surrey Canucks | Sippin' On A 40
Deck your car out and enjoy the moment
8 min
Vancouver Está Ganando w/ Vanessa Jang | Sippin...
Much love to Vanessa Jang
21 min
Shout out to these BC Buds | The Quickie
Troy Stecher isn't the only BC bud who deserves some love.
5 min
Much Love Mr.Stecher w/ Tej Dhaliwal | Sippin' ...
Love you paps
27 min
3 Possible X-Factors for the Canucks | The Quickie
One of these guys will have to step up if the Canucks are going to beat the Blues. That's a guarantee.
5 min
Ranking First Round Watchability & Dumbass Pred...
Puck Talk, Bullshit & Embrace The Fake.
44 min
Canucks Are A Sexy Underdog Pick... | The Quickie
Everyone loves us now...what happened to 2011 when everyone hated us?
5 min
How the Canucks Can Beat the Blues, Is the Pass...
The Canucks beat the Minnesota Wild with not just their star players but the bottom six showing up as well. The Blues will be a tough test in the first round of the playoffs, but there is a path for Vancouver to beat the defending Stanley Cup champs.
73 min
UPDATED Lafreniere Chaos Rankings | The Quickie
What are the most and least chaotic landing sports for Lafreniere? The Quickie ranks all eight destinations in five minutes.
5 min
They Can't Beat The Blues...right? | Sippin' On...
Can the other @kylebhawan come back?
14 min
Kyle said it first w/ Hassan Ahmed | Sippin' On...
I'm sort of sure he did
33 min
The Mediocre Wild w/ Jackson McDonald | Sippin'...
How did he do it?
28 min
What to Watch For in Games 3+4 | The Quickie
Canucks fans, here's three things to keep your eye on.
5 min
The Rielly Report & The Dildo Diaries | Silky N...
Hosts Trevor and Kyle break down the best and worst from the play-ins, then end off talking about Morgan Rielly's anthem comments.
40 min
Ferland: It is what it is | Sippin' On A 40
We actually don't know what it is
21 min
Choose Your Underdog | The Quickie
Which 12th seeded team would you put your faith in?
5 min
Petey being Petey w/ Grady Sas | Sippin' On A 40
One Love Lebanon
30 min
Leafs, Canucks Share Similar Struggles | The Qu...
Will either of them make the postseason?
5 min
A Boring Game One Against the Wild, Torts Stori...
Canucks hockey is officially back, and so is the sense of crushing disappointment and dread. We break down everything that happened in game one of the series. — who's going into the lineup in game two against the Wild? Why couldn't the Canucks string more than three passes together? Plus our guest this week is former Canucks goalie Eddie Lack.
54 min
3 Line-Up Changes the Canucks Should Consider |...
What should you do on a sad Sunday morning after a Canucks loss? Rosterbate.
5 min
Meaningful Losses & Ferland Talk w/ Sean Warren...
Why did I drink 6 beers for that?
28 min
What is Nucksmisconduct? | Sippin' On A 40
Who are you?
66 min
Canucks lost, and they should be feeling great ...
5 min
Roussel's Energy & #EmbraceTheFake | The Quickie
Exhale that negativity and EMBRACE THE FAKE!
5 min
The most confusing team in the NHL's Return-To-...
Shout out to this team with the slick jerseys.
5 min
One Last Preview of the Play-In Series, Brock B...
It's the last episode until The Stanley Cup Playoffs/Play-Ins, and we couldn't be more excited. We break down how we got here, and quickly go over some x-factors in play in the series. Matt Sekeres of TSN 1040 joins us to talk about the upcoming series against the Wild, his reporting on the Brock Boeser and Trevor Linden situations, and much more.
79 min
Baseball's predictable f*cking mess | The Quickie
Time for the NHL to take over.
5 min
Why Vancouver Man? | Sippin' On A 40
1 love Vancouver
11 min
Why goaltending will carry the Canucks to the p...
It's the biggest disparity in this series.
5 min
Two Idiots Predicting the NHL Play-In Round | S...
The boys look to rebound after a brutal performance in picking the playoffs last season.
43 min
Don't forget about hockey's race issue | The Qu...
The Quickie touches on some of the meaningful reporting on this topic.
5 min
West Coast Express Revenge Tour | Sippin' On A 40
1Luv Sergei Zholtok
16 min
The Boston Rivalry is Dead | The Quickie
It's time for new rivalries to be born.
4 min
Jake Virtanen's Future, Potential Lineup Agains...
Jake Virtanen's spot is up for grabs, and it's time for him to shine. Can Zach MacEwen really be an effective third line winger? We break down what we know from Canucks Covid camp and much more.
81 min
MacEwen's surge the best story of Canucks camp ...
Never doubt a PEI native.
6 min
#LeaveJakeAlone + The most popular Canuck? | Si...
21 min