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No Filler is a music podcast dedicated to sharing the often overlooked hidden gems that fill the space between the singles on our favorite records. In each episode we’ll dive into a little history of the artist and the album of choice, with snippets from interviews & concerts, as well as music from the album itself. Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.

Music Commentary
Music History
Garage Rock Evolved: Phantom Planet's Self-Titl...
Phantom Planet's third record is a fuzzy, edgy re-invention of the band's otherwise poppy and perfectly-packaged previous efforts.
52 min
Ethan Durelle - White Knuckles On Turned Wheels...
We talk about the one and only post-punk outfit Ethan Durelle and their mesmerizing debut White Knuckles On Turned Wheels.
64 min
Mae: Destination: Beautiful
We gush over Mae's truly masterful alt-rock emo debut, Destination: Beautiful.
75 min
mewithoutYou - [A→B] Life: When Poetry and Post...
The poetry of mewithoutYou's lyricism mixed with it's wide-ranging rock sound make [A→B] Life a must-listen for post-hardcore fans.
51 min
Emery: The Weak's End
In our most emo episode yet, we listen to Emery's debut record, The Weak's End.
61 min
Sidetrack: Mutoid Man
Cave In frontman Stephen Brodsky channels his reptilian soul with his psych/stoner side project Mutoid Man.
37 min
Antenna: Cave In's "Sell Out" Space-Rock Master...
We nerd out to one of our favorite records from the 2000s: Cave In's progressive space-rock gem, Antenna
73 min
Sidetrack: Hey Mercedes - Frowning of a Lifetime
We listen to another polished emo-pop gem from Vagrant records.
42 min
Emo Pop Perfected: Hot Rod Circuit's Sorry Abou...
We look back at the emo pop sound that was all over the mainstream rock in the early aughts.
61 min
Two-Thirds of Blink 182 Go Dark: Tom Delonge Ge...
For our Sidetrack this week we dive into Box Car Racer, the shortly lived side project of Blink 182's Tom Delonge.
43 min
What's Our Age Again? No Filler Goes Back To Sc...
The first bus stop on our tour of bands from our formative years: Blink-182's iconic Enema of the State
70 min
Sidetrack: Post Malone & Co. Give Us A Socially...
As we're wrapping up our 90's rock binge, we thought what better way to do it than to share a few of our favorite non-singles from Post Malone's April 24th Nirvana tribute concert.
40 min
No Doubt: The Beacon Street Collection
On this week's episode we're visiting No Doubt's DIY album "The Beacon Street Collection", a slightly heavier, more raw & punk-inspired album than their mega successful "Tragic Kingdom".
62 min
Sidetrack: Temple of the Dog
Temple of the Dog brought two of Seattle's greatest acts together before anyone knew it.
37 min
Pearl Jam - Ten
On this week's episode, we continue our talk about what makes grunge "grunge" and the importance of Pearl Jam's Ten.
65 min
Sidetrack: Army of Anyone
After our look at Stone Temple Pilots' legendary album Purple, we listen to the DeLeo brother's side project Army of Anyone.
33 min
Stone Temple Pilots - Purple
The same year Kurt Cobain died, bands like Stone Temple Pilots took the grunge sound further with albums like Purple.
69 min
Sidetrack: Lazer Guided Melodies - Spiritualize...
On this week's Sidetrack we're listening to one of Billy Corgan's favorite bands, Spiritualized, with a couple non-singles from their '92 debut Lazer Guided Melodies.
41 min
Psychedelic, Shimmering, Heavy: Smashing Pumpki...
68 min
Thomas Bangalter - Irreversible Soundtrack
We explore a couple tracks off Thomas Bangaltar's dark synth score for the psychological horror film Irreversible.
40 min
Daft Punk: Homework
We explore Daft Punk's highly influential debut record.
62 min
No Filler Rewind: The Hypnagogic Bliss of Tycho...
We dig deep in the No Filler back catalog with our review of Tycho's chillwave/IDM record, Dive.
81 min
Lush Heaviness: The Immersive Sound Textures of...
Next up on our batch of episodes devoted to the wide world of electronic music, we take a left turn and listen to a couple of tracks from the ambient-electronic trio KILN.
62 min
Sidetrack: Architeq - Gold + Green
We take a quick listen to short-lived Scottland-based electronic producer Architeq.
47 min
Riding the Synthwave with Com Truise
This week we take a listen to Com Truise's IDM and 80's-drenched synthwave debut, Cyanide Sisters.
63 min
Sidetrack: Frampton Comes Alive!
Hot on the heels of our McCartney Unplugged episode, we're listening to one of the most beloved and best selling live records of all time, "Frampton Comes Alive".
48 min
Paul McCartney Unplugged in '91:
We listen for the first time to Paul McCartney's 1991 performance on the iconic MTV series, Unplugged.
51 min
Our Top 10 Tracks from the 2010s
We scoured the last decade to bring you our 10 favorite tracks from the 2010s.
75 min
2019 Recap: Our Top 10 Tracks
72 min
2019 Recap: Our Top 10 Discoveries
We begin our batch of year-end recaps with our top 10 discoveries of 2019.
81 min
Jeff Beck - Blow By Blow
Hot on the trails of our deep dive into Larry Carlton's Steely Dan guitar solos, we thought we'd pay some homage to another guitar god from the same era: the one and only Jeff Beck.
62 min
100th Episode - Steely Dan's Hired Gun: The Gui...
For this very special episode of No Filler, we welcome our father Stan to the pod to help us commemorate our 100th episode.
63 min
Steely Dan - Pretzel Logic
60 min
Bamnan and Slivercork: Midlake's Perfect Blend ...
​On this episode we listen to Texas natives Midlake, and their 2004 debut album Bamnan and Slivercork.
48 min
The Shins - Oh, Inverted World
This week we tackle The Shins' seminal indie record Oh, Inverted World.
71 min
Sidetrack - Neva Dinova's Songs Written For No One
On this week's Sidetrack we're checking out Jake Bellows and his band Neva Dinova,
33 min
Coldplay - Parachutes
Our look at the 2000 debut of alt-rock giants Coldplay.
69 min
Sidetrack: Prong - Beg To Differ
On our last sidetrack episode in Metal Month, we take a look at groove-thrashers Prong and their 1990 record Beg to Differ. T
37 min
BONUS HALLOWEEN EPISODE: Grave Robbin' With The...
On this, the Eve of Hallow's, we're heading to the graveyard with shovels in hand. We bring along a Walkman and Quentin's CD copy of "We Dig With Finger's Crossed" to help set the ambiance for the evening.
24 min
Metallica - Ride the Lightning
On this week's episode we fight fires and summon Cthulhu with Metallica's second album Ride the Lightning.
66 min
Sidetrack: Welcome Year Zero: Hail Satan with G...
We're 11 days out from Halloween night, so for our Sidetrack this week we're heading to church. Well, I guess it's maybe more of an anti-church?
32 min
Khemmis' Quest To Reignite Metal's Spark
Khemmis is a band that's on a quest to recapture the feelings of excitement and inspiration they had when they heard metal for the first time as teenagers.
82 min
Sidetrack: Kyuss - The Desert Rock Dwellers of ...
On this week's Sidetrack we buckle up and head to Sky Valley with Josh Homme (HOM-ee) and his band Kyuss,
38 min
Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf
On this jam-packed episode, we worship at the alter of desert deity Josh Homme with our deep dive into Queens of the Stone Age and their 2002 release Songs for the Deaf.
81 min
Sidetrack: The Nice - Flower Kings of Prog Rock
On this week's sidetrack episode, we listen to another track from early prog rockers The Nice.
32 min
Yes's Fragile and the Origins of Progressive Rock
This week we take a listen to the tracks that made Fragile one of the greatest progressive rock albums of all time, and we take a quick look at the rock landscape prior to the record that forged its path.
69 min
Sidetrack: Cock & Swan - Seattle’s Darling Drea...
On this week's episode, we listen to a few tracks from our favorite shoegazey dream pop act out of Seattle, Cock & Swan ...
19 min
Shoegaze Upon The Wall Of Sound: My Bloody Vale...
On this week's episode, we take a deep dive into shoegaze and the album that laid the foundation for the genre: My Bloody Valentine's 1991 album "Loveless"...
68 min
Sidetrack: Slowdive
On this week's Sidetrack we take a quick look at the shoegazing dream pop outfit Slowdive.
42 min
Ep 41: Washed Out
​On this week's episode, we take a look at the em…
39 min
Sidetrack: Eric Cardona
On this week's Sidetrack we listen to a handful o…
23 min
Ep 40: Mr Twin Sister
​We make the case in this episode that Mr. Twin S…
70 min
Sidetrack: Zamrock
On this week's Sidetrack we take a quick peak at …
18 min
Ep 38: Tame Impala - InnerSpeaker
From bedroom side project to headlining Coachella…
61 min
Sidetrack: Something In The Way She Moves - A v...
A young 20-something James Taylor moves to London…
15 min
Ep 37: Nick Drake - Bryter Layter (w/ special g...
Yeah, we's been a hot minute. But we a…
67 min
Ep 36: Television - Marquee Moon
CBGB...Late 1970s...The birthplace of punk rock i…
38 min
Sidetrack: Balkans and the Post Punk Revival Re...
Following our Strokes episode last week, we take …
24 min
Ep 35: The Strokes - Is This It
​The boys are back together in different time zon…
49 min
Sidetrack: Dick Dale, Link Wray, & Duane Eddy
Quentin is flying solo again this week and contin…
18 min
Sidetrack: The Soft Boys
Travis is in and out of town again for the next c…
14 min
Sidetrack: The Yé-yé French Pop Stylings of Jun...
On this week's Sidetrack we take another peak at …
19 min
Ep 34: Air - Talkie Walkie
​After a month of headbanging and raging with Kor…
51 min
Sidetrack: Static X
On this week's Sidetrack we take a quick peak at …
22 min
Ep 33: Korn and the Rise of Nu-Metal
We take a deep dive into Korn, the pioneers that …
73 min
Ep 32: A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory
​On this week's episode, we take our first dive i…
73 min
Sidetrack: Radiohead - Bangers And Mash
​On this week's Sidetrack we finish up our Radioh…
19 min
Ep 31: Radiohead - In Rainbows (w/ special gues...
On this week's episode we welcome our first guest…
98 min
Sidetrack: Beck's Early Influences
​On this week's Sidetrack we focus on the vibes a…
22 min
Ep 30: Beck - Sea Change
The anti-folk, alt pop rock legend Beck has been …
64 min
Sidetrack: Jonny Greenwood - You Were Never Rea...
​On this week's Sidetrack we take a listen to Jon…
21 min
Ep 29: Radiohead - Hail To The Thief
We continue our deep dive into Radiohead with a l…
69 min
Sidetrack: Textual - Cracked Halls Menthol In M...
David LeBleu​, drummer for The Mercury Program (a…
21 min
Ep 28: The Mercury Program - a data learn the l...
Quentin is back from vacation and back on the mic…
48 min
Sidetrack: Soulfly - The Summoning
Travis flies solo again on this episode and decides to crank it to 11 with a quick look at Soulfly's crushing and relentless track "The Summoning"...
14 min
Sidetrack: Helmet - Vaccination
Travis takes a quick look at 90s alt-metal outfit…
9 min
Ep 27: Radiohead - Amnesiac
No Filler kicks off the new year with another one…
60 min
EP 26 - No Filler Favorites From 2018
From doom metal to Thai-inspired funk, we each br…
82 min
Sidetrack: The Minus 5 - Find A Finger
We take a look at R.E.M. guitar player Peter Buck…
15 min
Ep 25: R.E.M. - Lifes Rich Pageant
If you were to plot R.E.M's path from underground…
68 min
Sidetrack: Aphex Twin
Fresh off the heels of our Kid A episode from las…
25 min
Ep 24: Radiohead - Kid A
Radiohead-A-Palooza? Yeah, we'll go with that. An…
72 min
Sidetrack: David Byrne & St. Vincent - Dinner F...
​On this week's Sidetrack we give a listen to Tal…
18 min
Ep 23: Talking Heads 77
We take a look at the Talking Heads debut album T…
53 min
Sidetrack: The Music Of Suspiria (feat. Goblin ...
The Self Brothers are recording on Halloween nigh…
27 min
Ep 22: Radiohead - OK Computer
We begin our deep dive into Radiohead with a look…
69 min
Sidetrack: The Fall - I Am Damo Suzuki
On this week's Sidetrack we listen to 70's post-p…
13 min
Ep 21: Can - Tago Mago
The Prodigal Twin returns to nerd out with Quenti…
48 min
Bonus Sidetrack: Jacqueline Taïeb - 7 A.M.
While Travis is out of town, I threw up a quick little sidetrack episode on a song I heard while thrifting in Austin, Texas last week ...
12 min
Bonus Episode: The Demo Files - Kings of Conven...
While Travis is out of town and super busy, we de…
41 min
Sidetrack: Polish Jazz Sampled - The Music of S...
On this week's Sidetrack we dive into the sampled Polish jazz tunes of Poland's own Marcin Cichy and Igor Pudło, known collectively as Skalpel...
31 min
Ep 20: Amon Tobin - Bricolage
We explore the jazz, hip-hop, and jungle-infused …
49 min
Sidetrack: Black Dice - Tree Tops
Fresh off the heels of our Animal Collective epis…
25 min
Ep 19: Animal Collective - Sung Tongs
We explore the experimental and unconventional so…
69 min
Sidetrack: Roy Harper - The Same Old Rock
​In this week's Sidetrack we take a look at an al…
24 min
Ep 18: Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues
​We gush and fawn over Robin Pecknold's lyrics an…
76 min
Sidetrack - Sleep
Travis offers a quick peak at the pivotal stoner metal band Sleep, and plays a track off their brand new album ​The Sciences​ called "Marijuanaut's Theme"...
10 min
Ep 17: Black Sabbath
In this episode we explore Black Sabbath's first …
73 min
Sidetrack: Spoon - "The Book I Write" (Stranger...
To top off our SpoonFest we decided to dive into …
24 min
Ep 16: Spoon - Gimme Fiction
We finish up our SpoonFest with a look at Spoon f…
68 min