No Filler Music Podcast

No Filler is a music podcast dedicated to sharing the often overlooked hidden gems that fill the space between the singles on our favorite records. In each episode we’ll dive into a little history of the artist and the album of choice, with snippets from interviews & concerts, as well as music from the album itself. Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.

Music Commentary
Music History
Rewind: Washed Out And The Chillwave Movement
We pull an old episode out of the vault this week with our look at the work of Washed Out and the rise of the chillwave movement in the early 2010s.
42 min
Human In The Machine: Animal Collective's Merri...
Picking up where Person Pitch left off, freak folkers Animal Collective made one of the best electronic albums of all time with their 2009 record Merriweather Post Pavillion.
62 min
Panda Bear - Person Pitch (with guest Josh Stew...
We chat about Panda Bear's Person Pitch and what makes it one of the most influential indie records of the 2000s.
61 min
200th Episode: Chillwave and Dream Pop in the M...
In the 2010s, everyone had a music blog: including us! Tune in as we chat about running an indie music blog with our old blog mate Josh Stewart.
68 min
Whatcha Heard? The Could You Repeat That Edition
This month's Whatcha Heard has everything from Norwegian thrash metal and French electronica, to post-punk garage rock and mid-90s emo.
77 min
A Hard Day's Nightmare: The Music of Uncle Acid...
On this year's bonus Halloween episode, we light some candles and conjure some demons with Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats.
28 min
No Filler Rewind: Spoon - A Series Of Sneaks
We pull an old episode out of the vault this week with a rewind of our look at Spoon's 2nd studio album, A Series of Sneaks.
62 min
This Is A Lonesome Crowded Antarctica: Modest M...
63 min
Loud-Quiet-Loud: How Pixies Ushered In A New Dy...
We chat about Pixies seminal record Doolittle and how it influenced countless grunge and indie rock bands in the decades that followed.
49 min
Whatcha Heard? The Duos and Dreampop Edition
A surprisingly coherent collection of random songs for this month's Whatcha Heard.
74 min
How Sonic Youth Made Rock Real Again: A Convers...
We chat with the author of the Sonic Youth biography Goodbye 20th Century about their flirtation with mainstream success in the early 90s and what made them such an iconic alt rock group.
96 min
The Planet-Powering Energy of Talking Head's Re...
We find ourselves completely enthralled and entranced by Talking Head's incredible groundbreaking Remain In Light.
58 min
No Filler Rewind: Television - Marquee Moon
35 min
Properly Chilled: The Downtempo Mixtape
81 min
Whatcha Heard? The Good Vibes Bart Edition
Nothin' but good vibes on this month's Whatcha Heard.
73 min
When Techno Meets Downtempo: Underworld's A Hun...
Veterans of the dance and techno scene Rick Smith and Karl Hyde mix ambient and downtempo in Underworld's exceptional 2002 record A Hundred Days Off.
68 min
Hypnotic, Elegant, Sublime: Thievery Corporatio...
Undeniably cool and effortlessly transcendent, Thievery Corporation's The Mirror Conspiracy seamlessly transitions from one style to the next on this timeless downtempo classic.
60 min
Quantic: The 5th Exotic - Jazzy, Soulful, Funk-...
We explore electronic producer Quantic first record The 5th Exotic, and listen to some tunes from his a couple of his live band projects
66 min
Röyksopp: Melody A.M. - Dreamy Downtempo For th...
We chat about the debut album Melody A.M. from Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp.
52 min
Whatcha Heard? The Doozy Edition
We bounce around from decade to decade in our monthly mixtape with this week's Whatcha Heard.
74 min
Bloc Party: Silent Alarm
We chat about the energetic and puncy debut from post-punk Brit rockers Bloc Party.
45 min
Blink And You'll Miss It: Our 182nd Episode!
We chat about the legacy of Blink-182's untitled record.
64 min
So We Meet Again: The Triumphant Return of King...
After several years, 12 to be exact, we meet again, our dear old friends Kings of Convenience, and their brand new album Peace Or Love.
56 min
Whatcha Heard? The Where Has Catherine Wheel Be...
Our monthly mixtape is back with perhaps our finest selection of tracks yet, from mallsoft vaporwave to South London post-punk.
78 min
The Hives: Harder, Faster, Louder
The Hives took the garage rock sound and blended it with their punk origins and a new wave twist, creating a truly unmistakable sound.
44 min
The Walkmen: Indie's Timeless, Elevated Garage ...
We go from the beginning to the end of The Walkmen's incredible discography.
71 min
French Kicks "Swimming" - How A Garage Rock Ban...
We chat about The French Kicks self-produced last album, Swimming.
42 min
Whatcha Heard? The Grab Bag Edition
From ambient techno to a Shins bluegrass cover, join us for our most varied mixtape yet.
70 min
No Filler Rewind: Psychedelic, Shimmering, Heav...
71 min
Built To Spill's Keep It Like A Secret: The Def...
We talk about what makes Keep It Like A Secret such a quintessential indie rock album.
49 min
Beyond Zombie: The Overlooked Gems From The Cra...
We live up to our tagline with a closer look at some of the hidden gems between The Cranberries singles we all know and love.
49 min
Not So Dumb: The Forgotten Alt-Rock Gems From T...
We dig into some of the alt rock bands that made the music of Dumb & Dumber so memorable.
52 min
Whatcha Heard? Redacted Edition
77 min
Distinctly Grunge, Distinctly Texan: Toadies - ...
We listen to snippets from every non-single from Toadie's 1994 debut Rubberneck.
52 min
Lighten Things Up A Little: The Presidents of t...
We chat about the light-hearted and endlessly entertaining debut from alt-rock trio The Presidents of the United States of America.
45 min
Whatcha Heard? The Complete 180 Edition
It's our monthly mixtape jam-packed with tuneage for your listening pleasure.
79 min
Dreaming in Slow Motion: The Ethereal Sludge of...
What happens when you mix the heavy guitars and sludgy pace of doom metal with the reverb and shimmer of dreamy shoegaze?
63 min
The Obscure Shoegaze Episode
In the next stop on our journey to Doomgaze, we throw some darts at some random shoegazers and see what happens.
46 min
Sleep's Holy Mountain: Bridging Metal's Past & ...
We explore the classic stoner metal album Holy Mountain by the iconic Sleep trio.
57 min
Funky Soulful Spaceship: The Progressive R&B Su...
We chat about the powerhouse progressive soul and R&B supergroup The Internet.
61 min
Amon Tobin: Chaos Theory
With Q out-of-town, Travis seizes his moment to cover a ground-breaking video game soundtrack by drum-and-bass icon Amon Tobin.
30 min
Whatcha Heard? Deep Freeze Edition
Temperatures rise as Travis emerges from the Texas deep freeze for our 2nd edition of Whatcha Heard?
71 min
Reflection and Reckoning: Blood Orange's Freeto...
Dev Hynes (a.k.a. Blood Orange) delivered a powerful, and still very relevant record with 2016's Freetown Sound.
54 min
Jesse Johnson & The Minneapolis Sound
Prince's assembled band of funksters, The Time, helped define the Minneapolis sound, with Jesse Johnson's solo work carrying the torch.
48 min
No Filler Rewind: A Tribe Called Quest - The Lo...
We kick off Black History Month with our look at A Tribe Called Quest's 1991 milestone record The Low End Theory.
78 min
No Filler Presents: Whatcha Heard? Episode 01
Our weekly Whatcha Heard segment has gone monthly.
68 min
Andy Stott: The Darker Side of Electronic
We explore the dark, ambient, and experimental dub techno of Manchester-based electronic producer Andy Stott.
47 min
Arms & Sleepers - Black Paris 86
One of the first downtempo records we fell in love with: Arms and Sleepers debut record Black Paris 86 blends ambient warmth with a downtempo undercurrent.
54 min
No Filler Rewind: Amon Tobin - Bricolage
We listen back to one of our early episodes tackling one of the greatest trip hop records of all time: Amon Tobin's Bricolage.
53 min
No Filler's Best of 2020: Listener Favorites
What better way to end 2020 than with a little help from our friends?
55 min
No Filler's Best of 2020: Part 4
In part four of our Best of 2020 episodes, we close out our list with everything from extreme metal to monastic-style choir.
69 min
No Filler's Best of 2020: Part 3
We keep the tunes flowing in part 3 of our Best of 2020 episodes.
41 min
No Filler's Best of 2020: Part 2
We continue our year-end recap episodes with picks 6-10 from our Top 20 of 2020.
50 min
No Filler's Best of 2020: Part 1
We kick off our year-end recap episodes with picks 1-5 from our Top 20 of 2020.
51 min
Sidetrack Double Feature: Longwave + French Kicks
We're back in our wheelhouse with a couple tracks from the post-punk revival of the 2000s.
40 min
The Stills: Logic Will Break Your Heart
We can't escape our post-punk nostalgia with a look at yet another early 00s indie band: The Stills.
51 min
Sidetrack: The Pathetx
We listen to a track from the classic 80's punk outfit, The Pathetx.
28 min
The White Stripes - Elephant
We're back in the early 00's with a listen to The White Stripes' iconic record, Elephant.
70 min
Slashers and Synthwaves: The Music of John Carp...
22 min
Sidetrack: Poor Moon - "Heaven's Door"
We listen to a track from Poor Moon: the short-lived side project of Fleet Foxes' Christian Wargo and Casey Wescott.
28 min
Fleet Foxes: Shore
Robin Pecknold and crew return with a surprise album that made 2020 feel hopeful again.
55 min
Hughes Tunes: Pretty In Pink
66 min
Hughes Tunes: Weird Science
We're blinded with science on this installment of Hughes Tunes as we discuss Weird Science.
65 min
Hughes Tunes: Sixteen Candles
If John Hughes had an iPod Shuffle: the music of Sixteen Candles.
63 min
Hughes Tunes: Ferris Bueller's Day Off
We listen to some of the tunes featured in John Hughe's iconic film, Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
63 min
Dad Tunes: Seal
From acid house to Batman Forever: on this episode we chat with our older brother about the one and only Seal.
72 min
Dad Tunes: Gloria Estefan
We explore the latin-infused 80s pop music of the iconic Gloria Estefan and her band The Miami Sound Machine.
58 min
Dad Tunes: Dire Straits (with guest Tyler Darling)
We talk about the origins of Mark Knopfler's unmatched style and discuss some of the non-singles on Dire Straits' debut record.
67 min
Dad Tunes: Gino Vannelli
Gino Vannelli was a crooner from the 70s with a penchant for chest hair, tight pants, and jazz-leaning progressive soft rock.
53 min
Dad Tunes: Van Halen
We manage to cram Queen, Pantera, and Zeppelin into an episode supposedly about Van Halen. Tune in to find out why.
66 min
Dad Tunes: The Cars - Self-Titled
We chat with our dad about his days as a radio DJ and listen to some tracks off The Cars self-titled debut.
82 min
"Record Store Zombie" - A Conversation With Mar...
Today we chat with Mark Burke, a 30-year record store veteran, about the ins-and-outs of running a record shop, surviving the rise of streaming, and his early days running punk house shows in Denton, TX.
73 min
Flickerstick: How the VH1 Reality Champs Spawne...
We talk about the first band we truly connected with, Flickerstick, the champs of VH1's short-lived reality show Bands On The Run.
63 min
Garage Rock Evolved: Phantom Planet's Self-Titl...
Phantom Planet's third record is a fuzzy, edgy re-invention of the band's otherwise poppy and perfectly-packaged previous efforts.
52 min
Ethan Durelle - White Knuckles On Turned Wheels...
We talk about the one and only post-punk outfit Ethan Durelle and their mesmerizing debut White Knuckles On Turned Wheels.
64 min
Mae: Destination: Beautiful
We gush over Mae's truly masterful alt-rock emo debut, Destination: Beautiful.
75 min
mewithoutYou - [A→B] Life: When Poetry and Post...
The poetry of mewithoutYou's lyricism mixed with it's wide-ranging rock sound make [A→B] Life a must-listen for post-hardcore fans.
51 min
Emery: The Weak's End
In our most emo episode yet, we listen to Emery's debut record, The Weak's End.
61 min
Sidetrack: Mutoid Man
Cave In frontman Stephen Brodsky channels his reptilian soul with his psych/stoner side project Mutoid Man.
37 min
Antenna: Cave In's "Sell Out" Space-Rock Master...
We nerd out to one of our favorite records from the 2000s: Cave In's progressive space-rock gem, Antenna
73 min
Sidetrack: Hey Mercedes - Frowning of a Lifetime
We listen to another polished emo-pop gem from Vagrant records.
42 min
Emo Pop Perfected: Hot Rod Circuit's Sorry Abou...
We look back at the emo pop sound that was all over the mainstream rock in the early aughts.
61 min
Two-Thirds of Blink 182 Go Dark: Tom Delonge Ge...
For our Sidetrack this week we dive into Box Car Racer, the shortly lived side project of Blink 182's Tom Delonge.
43 min
What's Our Age Again? No Filler Goes Back To Sc...
The first bus stop on our tour of bands from our formative years: Blink-182's iconic Enema of the State
70 min
Sidetrack: Post Malone & Co. Give Us A Socially...
As we're wrapping up our 90's rock binge, we thought what better way to do it than to share a few of our favorite non-singles from Post Malone's April 24th Nirvana tribute concert.
40 min
No Doubt: The Beacon Street Collection
On this week's episode we're visiting No Doubt's DIY album "The Beacon Street Collection", a slightly heavier, more raw & punk-inspired album than their mega successful "Tragic Kingdom".
62 min
Sidetrack: Temple of the Dog
Temple of the Dog brought two of Seattle's greatest acts together before anyone knew it.
37 min
Pearl Jam - Ten
On this week's episode, we continue our talk about what makes grunge "grunge" and the importance of Pearl Jam's Ten.
65 min
Sidetrack: Army of Anyone
After our look at Stone Temple Pilots' legendary album Purple, we listen to the DeLeo brother's side project Army of Anyone.
33 min
Stone Temple Pilots - Purple
The same year Kurt Cobain died, bands like Stone Temple Pilots took the grunge sound further with albums like Purple.
69 min
Sidetrack: Lazer Guided Melodies - Spiritualize...
On this week's Sidetrack we're listening to one of Billy Corgan's favorite bands, Spiritualized, with a couple non-singles from their '92 debut Lazer Guided Melodies.
41 min
Psychedelic, Shimmering, Heavy: Smashing Pumpki...
68 min
Thomas Bangalter - Irreversible Soundtrack
We explore a couple tracks off Thomas Bangaltar's dark synth score for the psychological horror film Irreversible.
40 min
Daft Punk: Homework
We explore Daft Punk's highly influential debut record.
62 min
No Filler Rewind: The Hypnagogic Bliss of Tycho...
We dig deep in the No Filler back catalog with our review of Tycho's chillwave/IDM record, Dive.
81 min
Lush Heaviness: The Immersive Sound Textures of...
Next up on our batch of episodes devoted to the wide world of electronic music, we take a left turn and listen to a couple of tracks from the ambient-electronic trio KILN.
62 min
Sidetrack: Architeq - Gold + Green
We take a quick listen to short-lived Scottland-based electronic producer Architeq.
47 min
Riding the Synthwave with Com Truise
This week we take a listen to Com Truise's IDM and 80's-drenched synthwave debut, Cyanide Sisters.
63 min
Sidetrack: Frampton Comes Alive!
Hot on the heels of our McCartney Unplugged episode, we're listening to one of the most beloved and best selling live records of all time, "Frampton Comes Alive".
48 min
Paul McCartney Unplugged in '91:
We listen for the first time to Paul McCartney's 1991 performance on the iconic MTV series, Unplugged.
51 min