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8 Celebrities Whose Life-Changing Principles Ma...
Actors work for about 12 to 20 hours a day, on average. Being a famous singer equals long roads, packed concerts, and hardly any privacy. But, despite their extremely busy schedule and difficulties, there are some celebrities who are determined to use their platform to make a positive impact on the world. Now I've heard everything has featured 8 of these personalities who are not just famous for their skills.
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20 People Share Secrets From Their Jobs and Now...
Almost every job has its own secrets and nuances that very few people know. The people of different professions shared secrets from their jobs on Reddit and on Twitter and some of their stories may seriously change the way you see the world. We at Now I've heard everything, of course, don’t have any secrets like these, but as it turns out, not all other professions are as transparent as they seem to be.
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Men Confess Why They Find Older Women Irresistible
Admit it, most of us imagine a couple as a younger woman with an older man. A relationship where the man is younger wasn’t widely accepted in the past. Today people are more open-minded and things like age difference don’t play a big role anymore. It might seem surprising, but a lot of men are actually attracted to older women for different reasons. Now I've heard everything decided to shed some light on this mystery and help you understand what men find so alluring in older women.
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A 23-Year-Old Woman Has 22 Babies Already and W...
Imagine having not one but eleven babies asking for your attention at once. That is the life of Christina Ozturk, a 23-year-old woman, and she couldn’t be any happier. In fact, she is so in love with children, she is planning to have an even larger family. Now I've heard everything interviewed the young mother to share a glimpse of her life with our audience. In the end, you’ll find a sweet video of all the kids.
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11 Unknown Facts About Fast-Food Restaurants Th...
People love fast food mostly because it’s tasty, fast, and relatively cheap. McDonald’s alone feeds 68 million people around the world every day. Now I've heard everything is no exception — we also go to different fast-food joints which is why we know some of the secrets featured in this article. And at the end of the list, you’ll find a bonus about hedgehogs and ice cream.
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20 Facts About Human Blood We Didn’t Know About
We all know that our blood system is really complicated, that’s why it’s important to take care of your heart and know your blood type. Unfortunately, many people don’t know about all the opportunities of our body. Now I've heard everything has collected interesting scientific facts about our blood that you probably don’t know.
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The Story of Frida Khalo That Is So Tragic We S...
It’s really hard to confuse the distinctive paintings of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo with other artists. Many of them are autobiographical because as she said herself said, “I draw myself because I spend a lot of time alone and I am the topic I know better than anything else.” However, it’s not only the paintings of Frida that attract a lot of attention but also her extremely interesting life that was full of pain, love, terrible desperation, and very weak hope. The Now I've heard everything team has learned a lot about Frida Kahlo’s path as an artist and as a person. She was an extremely strong woman and we want you to know more about her.
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19 Simple Psychological Tricks That Actually Work
There are a lot of psychological tricks and neuro-linguistic programming tips and there are millions of books and articles written about them. Many of these tricks really help professionals manipulate people and avoid being tricked by others. But are there tips that non-professionals can use on a daily basis? We at Now I've heard everything really wanted to know the answer to this question, so we searched Reddit where people of completely different professions share simple psychological tricks that really work.
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13 Social Experiments That Didn’t Go According ...
Scientists and big brands like to conduct social experiments to figure out true human nature. Sometimes, their participants break the rules, their actions go against logic, and even psychologists cannot understand what is going on at all. Now I've heard everything selected a few very cool social experiments that led to unexpected results and gave a lot of food for thought (and perhaps even changed the world for the better).
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8 Eye-Opening Facts We Didn’t Know About Aviation
Why are aircraft windows round? Why do airplanes have curved wing tips? Why do passengers always board planes from the left side? Everything connected with aircrafts is well-planned and thought out. Perhaps it’s the main reason why a plane is the safest way to travel. Now I've heard everything will answer the 8 most popular questions about airplanes.
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15 Things Couples Forget to Discuss Before Gett...
A lack of compatibility and communication are 2 of the most common reasons people get divorced. People who wish to enter into a lifelong marriage should definitely lay their expectations and history out on the table before saying “I do.” That way, they can at least be prepared for when they face any obstacles as spouses. Now I've heard everything is breaking down the things that people looking to get married might want to talk about before getting hitched.
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Natascha Kampusch Was Kidnapped as a Child. 8 Y...
It is very likely that you have never heard the name Natascha Kampusch and have never seen her face. But in Austria, a lot of people know about her story. The girl who was kidnapped at the age of 10, was kept prisoner for 3,096 days. She not only managed to escape from the kidnapper, but also tried to learn as many lessons from her experience as possible by sharing her story and helping victims of similar crimes. We at Now I've heard everything breathlessly read the autobiography of this girl and we were sincerely fascinated by her courage. And now we want you to know her story too.
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8 Reasons Why Ordinary Things Look the Way They Do
According to Paul Harris, a Harvard University psychologist, children ask around 40 thousand questions between 2 and 5 years old. Then we get older and don’t ask ourselves why the sky is blue and milk is white anymore. Now I've heard everything can explain why usual things look the way they look. We’ve also found out the origin of some stable expressions and phenomena.
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14 Facts That National Geographic Has Shared Wi...
What is located on the top of the pyramids of Egypt? How is “volcano bread” made in Iceland? In which conditions can the rarest phenomenon in the world be seen? The process of looking for answers boosts people’s energy, makes them dream, and makes them feel like pioneers. That’s why we like to learn new things about ourselves and the world surrounding us so much. Now I've heard everything is going to tell you several historical, cultural, and wildlife facts that National Geographic has shared with us.
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The Story of Sophia Loren, a Hollywood Siren Wh...
The chances that fate will bring you “the one” are 1 in 562. And even if you’re lucky enough to meet this person, it’s unknown how long your love will last. But don’t immediately think that it won’t last long. Love can stay alive for 20, 30, or even more years. And you might have doubts, but we are ready to provide you with actual proof that these words are true by showing the love between Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti — a love that lasted half a century. Now I've heard everything admires this story of the great actress and her only lover. The story of true love, the strength of the human spirit, and how they, together, overcame life’s difficulties.
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Why Your Older Sister Is One of the Most Import...
If you have an older sister, you can hide behind her when you get into trouble, make her do your chores, and even borrow her clothes (without telling her, obviously), but there’s more you need to thank her for. According to psychologists, having a sister improves your mental stability and overall development. Children who grow up with sisters around them are happier and become better-adjusted adults. Now I've heard everything believes that having an older sister is truly a blessing which helps you in many ways and in every part of your life.
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The Story of a Man Who Was Fired for a Lack of ...
Walt Disney’s life story and the way he achieved his dreams prove that there are no shortcuts to success. It’s hard to believe, but the man who is known for his artistic vision and creativity was fired from his first job as a newspaper artist because “he lacked creativity.” But Walt Disney didn’t let that discourage him from chasing his goals, and his story proves we can all make our dreams come true if we work hard to pursue them. We at Now I've heard everything admire people who don’t allow circumstances to stand in the way of achieving their dreams. And we believe the story of Walt Disney’s journey to success can encourage anyone to never give up.
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Scientists Claim That Couples Who Fight a Lot R...
According to recent surveys, 44% of married couples believe that fighting more than once a week helps them to keep healthy and productive relationships for a long time. In fact, couples who argue often, but always in a peaceful manner, are more likely to stay together because, despite all the small misunderstandings, they know that their love is true and sincere. We at Now I've heard everything learned why fighting from time to time can be good for your relationships.
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The Story of Grace Kelly, Who Spent Her Entire ...
There is a legend that Charles-de-Gaulle contemplated invading Monaco, but changed his mind because he knew he wouldn’t be more popular than Grace Kelly. The amazing life of this successful actress, and later, princess, was like a fairytale and still moves people all around the world. We at Now I've heard everything decided to remember the story of this beautiful woman and we were surprised to find out that her life was very different from what magazine photos make it look like.
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Scientists Found That Your Meanest Friend Is th...
If you've ever wondered why you sometimes feel closer to a friend who is slightly meaner to you, yet for some reason they make you feel extremely comfortable, then trust your gut. Friends that can be brutally honest, mean, and cause negative feelings are the ones who actually care about you the most, according to science, and you should keep them around. Here at Now I've heard everything, we’ve found research that explains how our “meanest” friends love us the most.
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A Story of a Woman Who Wasn’t Afraid to Become ...
A loving mother would do anything for her children, and Mary Ann Webster (Bevan after marriage) isn’t an exception to this rule: she wasn’t afraid to become an object of ridicule or show her unusual appearance. She had a goal — to feed her children by doing whatever it took. Mary had to overcome cruelty, mocking, and insults from people who wanted to see “the ugliest woman in the world.” Now I've heard everything was so impressed by this bold woman who became a kind of a hero of her time.
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Study Suggests the Youngest Sibling Is the Funn...
No one is you and that’s your superpower. If you grew up with a sibling, you’re most likely very different, even though you were both living in the same environment. There are so many tiny factors that influence us non-stop, and one of these factors is our birth order, say psychologists. Here at Now I've heard everything we know who the goofball is of the family, and now we have scientific proof for why. And — really — we have no clue what would we do without our littlest siblings, who can light up every day!
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Science Confirms That Dogs Can Recognize a Bad ...
A cat or a dog? This is one question that has been debated for years. Here's one more fact about dogs that may change your mind about which pet to get. You trust your dog, but does it trust you? Now I've heard everything loves facts – especially facts about animals. A recent study shows that dogs can analyze how reliable a person is and we want to share this information with our readers! Dogs, as real detectives, can explain to us whether or not to trust another person.
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Why Do Married Couples in Japan Sleep Separately
Smaller houses and apartments don’t stop many Japanese couples from sleeping in different beds or even rooms. This is not some kind of an intimate issue or problem with the relationship, but something that they believe is good for them. We at Now I've heard everything found out why married couples in Japan choose to sleep separately, and we really like their reasons.
2 min
13 Eye-Opening Facts About Familiar Foods That ...
Banana and corn looked very different before human cultivation, carrots were made orange for political reasons, and watermelons were very bitter. Some of the foods we love eating today carry interesting histories and stories of how they changed over time. Now I've heard everything learned all about the fascinating transformations our modern foods have gone through and we discovered 13 facts about them that you might find hard to believe.
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12 Surprising Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Good ...
A regular lack of sleep makes us feel exhausted right after waking up. Moreover, it's one of the main reasons for gaining weight. Now I've heard everything would like to give you a few tips on how to fight the "monsters" that prevent you from sleeping soundly and, as a result, feeling and looking well.
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Scientists Found That Couples Who Really Love E...
The idea that happy couples gain weight when they love each other sounds slightly far-fetched, but surprisingly, there is evidence that supports this statement. According to several studies, couples who reported to be happy and satisfied in their relationships/marriages are more likely to gain weight. Here at Now I've heard everything, we followed the studies that had been carried out and learned what was examined and what the result of the research was.
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How Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Had Ke...
In 2017, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. This date makes their marriage the longest royal marriage ever in history. Let’s find out together how the royal couple has managed to maintain their love and affection through all these years. We at Now I've heard everything chose some facts and stories about the marriage between Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip that will show you the real power of royal love.
7 min
Why Modern 30-Year-Old Women Look Younger Than ...
In the past, a 30-year-old woman used to be considered an adult lady and she looked it! It was easy to tell a 20-year-old woman from a woman who was 10 years older. But today, a young girl can really shock us with her passport that says “30 years old” because today, 30-year-old girls look exactly the same as 20-year-olds. Why is that? Scientists have proven that “middle age” begins at 35, so if you’re just 30 years old, you are officially a young person. We at Now I've heard everything decided to find out more about the mysteries of age and want to understand why modern women look so different from the women of the past.
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8 Signs You Grew Up in a Toxic Family
Tantrums, anxiety, hiding real emotions, and low self-esteem — sadly, some parents manage to pass down all of these negative qualities to their kids. Their egoism and indifference toward their children’s feelings make a huge impact on them in their childhood. As a result, kids start to criticize themselves, feel helpless, and have problems in their social lives. The Now I've heard everything team decided to study this topic to help our readers understand their inner world more. Knowing the reasons for our fears and anxiety can help us cure it and make our lives better.
6 min
“I Don’t Ever Want to Be Away From Her.” Bruce ...
One of Hollywood’s action stars, Bruce Willis, is a great inspiration to romantics all over the world. He was able to find his soulmate, after an unsuccessful marriage, when he was almost 60 years old and is now living his own personal fairytale. So how did the Die Hard star achieve marital bliss and build an unbreakable blended family? All it took was a very special lady. We at Now I've heard everything are suckers for a good love story, and today we have one that’ll have you grinning the entire time.
4 min
What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Wearing...
For many of us, wearing underwear is a routine that is almost like breathing, and the thought of walking around without them might seem odd. In reality, you might actually get more benefits when you decide to stop wearing them and it could even help with acid reflux. We at Now I've heard everything researched the idea of going panty free and we found surprising results that we’d like to share with all of you.
3 min
Traveling Can Make You Happier Than Getting Mar...
It doesn’t matter if you travel with nothing but a backpack or make a reservation at a luxurious hotel: all travel experiences positively influence your health and give you a significant endorphin boost. For some people, the joy it brings can actually outweigh other important events in their life like getting married or having a child. And research conducted by confirmed that people value traveling so much that it even topped the list of things that bring them the most happiness in life! Now I've heard everything summed up the results of this curious study and we’d love to discuss them with you.
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16 Facts About South Korea That Foreigners Have...
Every tourist knows that South Korea is like a whole other planet. And while some things are obvious right away (for example, some exotic foods), others are things are known only by those who have experienced living there. This includes beauty standards, how children are raised, and college educations. We at Now I've heard everything dove into the Korean lifestyle and found curious habits, rules, and traditions and decided to tell you about them.
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A Story of the Only Woman Freddie Mercury Loved...
Summary: The whole world knows Freddie Mercury as a bright and self-confident artist. However, there is only one woman who knew him when the surname Mercury was still unknown. She was also the one who stayed by his side when his illness defeated him. Mary Austin was Freddie Mercury’s common-law wife and his only friend. Now I've heard everything is a fan of the band Queen and of Freddie Mercury’s music. We’re also suckers for a good romantic story. So today we’re dedicating our podcast to the love story and deep friendship between a simple girl and a world famous musician.
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10 Things That Prove Angelina Jolie Does Have a...
She understands the suffering of others and strives to change it for the better. For around 20 years now, Angelina Jolie has been doing everything in her power to help refugees, fight poverty, and preserve nature. All of this, and she never forgot how to be a loving and encouraging mother. Now I've heard everything admires all of the good things that this famous actress has done for the world, and wants to tell you a little bit about her story. Get comfortable and let’s begin!
7 min
A Woman From Uganda Who Gave Birth to 44 Childr...
Sometimes we don’t know how to deal with one or 2 children with most young families feeling this way every now and then. What would you say about having 38 kids? No, this is not a joke. This 39-year-old woman from Uganda gave birth to 44 children. She lost 6, which makes 38 children under one roof. We at Now I've heard everything think that this woman is incredible and wanted to share her story with you.
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Why Most Japanese Bathe in the Evening
The summary: Taking a hot bath or shower before going to bed may improve your sleep, according to new research. And it seems that the Japanese have known about this for many years before the whole rest of the world! They also found many other reasons for bathing at night.
3 min
9 Facts Proving That Even the Queen Has Weird H...
Thanks to our little habits we are each different, unique, and funny. Queen Elizabeth II is no exception. She also has a few weird and quirky habits. We at Now I've heard everything put together a few curious facts about the queen.
5 min
What Might Happen to Your Body If You Stop Eati...
There are many diets that advise avoiding salt and that’s why we wanted to share with you the effects of low sodium and to show you that, for some diets, you should consult with doctors first.
2 min
Lifesaving Facts We Should Remember Once and fo...
We all can find ourselves in a situation where we may have to fight for our own lives. And that’s when having prior knowledge of several hacks can come in handy. We at Now I've Heard Everything hope that you will never get in trouble, but it’s still necessary to know and remember these hacks.
7 min
The Story of the Smartest Man Who Ever Lived an...
William James Sidis, the most intelligent man to ever walk the Earth, was a child prodigy and an exceptional mathematician. He was a master at multiple dialects and a gifted author as well. We would like to shine a light on William James Sidis’ life story and the reason why he’s not as well-known as he probably should be.
6 min
The Story About a Hollywood Couple Who’ve Been ...
This is a story about Kirk and Anne Douglas, whose love is truly inspirational, as they’ve been together through thick and thin throughout their 65-year-long marriage.
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