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MoviePass Is Being Resurrected And We Truly Don...
Also: Not all music needs to be for Gen Z!
16 min
Netflix's Shows About Orthodox Jews Are Upsetti...
Also: John Krasinksi is correct every once in a while!
14 min
This Fourth Grade Teacher Went Viral On TikTok ...
Also: Teachers deserve all of the money and support in the world!
16 min
The Definitive Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal...
Also: Pay Kirsten Dunst, and all women, what they're worth!
22 min
These Classic Movies Have Not Aged Well — What ...
Also: It’s not Adele’s job to validate how people feel about their bodies!
16 min
Christy Carlson Romano's YouTube Videos Are Per...
Also: More gay men kissing in movies and TV!
21 min
The Spectacularly Messy Rise And Fall Of Rachel...
Also: Vaccinate your kids!
16 min
We Talked To A Sex Educator About Open Relation...
Also: You shouldn't be taking ANY advice from Joe Rogan!
15 min
Kal Penn On His New Memoir, Hollywood Career, A...
Also: Sometimes the love of your life drinks Coors Light.
21 min
"Eternals" Is Marvel's Most Diverse Film Yet — ...
Also: We all love Mark Ruffalo, but we don't need The Hulk in every movie!
18 min
This Model Posted A Viral TikTok About Being Pr...
Also: Frida Kahlo is hot — unibrow, mustache, and all — because body hair is natural!
13 min
Even More Shocking Tales From Medical TikTok
Also: Dating Pete Davidson after a breakup is like getting bangs at this point. Don’t do it.
16 min
November's Can- And Can't-Miss Movies
Also: Intimacy coordinators are important!
14 min
Gen Z Isn't Having As Much Sex As Previous Gene...
Also: "Rent" has some fun parts!
15 min
Twitter Hate Against Meghan Markle And Prince H...
Also: Eventually we'll all find a fiancé named Josh who loves Nascar!
15 min
Oh No — My Best Friend Is Thinking About Doing ...
Also: Don't touch people without their consent!
17 min
Horror Movies Almost Always Get Snubbed At The ...
Also: Horror movies deserve Oscars too!
13 min
So It Turns Out Teens May Be Developing Nervous...
Also: Remember that "virginity" is a social construct.
15 min
Facebook's Recent Scandals May Change The Socia...
Also: Believe marginalized people!
14 min
A Neuropsychologist Explains Why We're So Attra...
Also: Joe from "You" is a literal murderer so please stop thirsting after him.
18 min
We Interviewed "Bones Day" TikToker Jonathan Gr...
Also: If you're wondering what kind of day you'll have, just ask Noodle!
21 min
The Children Of Sperm Donors Are All Grown Up A...
Also: We need a Nanny reboot starring Cardi B and Penn Badgley!
18 min
Vaccine Mandates On Film Sets Are Drawing Battl...
Also: If celebrities are having trouble on dating apps, is there any hope for us?
17 min
TikTok’s #DumpsterDiving Trend Has Influencers ...
Also: As much as we love Chris Noth, Mr. Big is the WORST.
20 min
"Halloween Kills" Is A Bonkers Murder-Fest And ...
Also: Only men can do nude scenes from now on!
20 min