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We Can't Look Away From Megan Fox And Machine G...
Also: Being in a wheelchair doesn’t make you soft!
20 min
These Are The Most And Least Accurate Teen Shows
Also: Stop commenting on people’s bodies!
21 min
It's Official: Superman Is Bi!
Also: If you hate going to the gym, stop going!
16 min
Season 2 Of "Ted Lasso" Is Good!
We repeat: "Ted Lasso" is still a good show!
24 min
"Grey's Anatomy" Is A Mess Onscreen And Offscreen
Also: "Willy Wonka" isn’t any more highbrow than a superhero movie!
25 min
Waiting For Rihanna's New Album Is Testing Ever...
Also: Just, like, don't talk about other people's bodies, please?
17 min
"Who Is The Bad Art Friend?" Is A Viral Story A...
Also: if you're a comedian — punch up and not down!
22 min
Medical TikTok Is Changing The Way I Put On Und...
Also: if you're a doctor— listen to your patients!
14 min
How "Squid Game" Became Netflix's #1 Hit
Also: Just because Shyla's little Hallmark heart can’t handle "Squid Game," that shouldn’t stop you!
15 min
Hollywood Might Completely Shut Down If IATSE G...
Also: Shonda Rhimes is the only person who can pull rank.
19 min
First He Wanted To Break-Up. Then He Wanted To ...
Also: someone needs to buy Casey a $290 beanie!
16 min
Amanda Bynes' Conservatorship Isn't Getting Nea...
Also: please don't buy a $30,000 healing crystal.
22 min
Being A Woman In The Digital Age Is Even Harder...
Also: tabloids are the worst.
16 min
Revisiting The Monica Lewinsky Scandal In "Impe...
Also: stories about Black love make us invincible!
19 min
The "Dear Evan Hansen" Movie Kind Of Works...Bu...
Also: No one knows what "Te-Dum" means, Netflix!
21 min
TikTokers Investigating Gabby Petito May Have D...
Also: Danny DeVito was right there!
18 min
Lil Nas X's Success Is Creating Space For Queer...
Also: When Harry Styles says he's trash — he's TRASH, TRASH, TRASH.
19 min
The Fall’s 3 Best Albums Are All From Women
Also: Country music isn’t just country anymore!
19 min
These Women Are Ditching The Dye And Going Gray
Also: Women can play any role, including James Bond!
16 min
The Biggest Wins, Snubs, And Surprises Of The 2...
Also: Protect Eugene Levy from COVID!
19 min
Big Brother’s Cookout Alliance Is Making History
Also: It shouldn’t have taken 20+ years for there to be a Black winner on "Big Brother."
20 min
So...What Exactly Is A Parasocial Relationship?
Also: Your immune system has probably forgotten how to function in the past year and a half, so please wash your hands.
16 min
More Shocking Tales From Medical TikTok
Also: Credit creators, especially if you’re a literal millionaire at one of the most highly publicized events of the year.
14 min
Why This Year’s Met Gala Was Unlike Any Other
Also: Get the vaccine — swollen testicles be damned.
24 min
So About The TikTok To Hollywood Pipeline
Also: If you have money to make a reality show about activism, you can just...give it to activists and their causes.
15 min