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Society & Culture
178 - The Basics of Boundaries
Boundaries are one of the most powerful yet misunderstood tools for having healthy relationships.
57 min
177 - This is Your Brain on Love
We’re talking about how the different parts of your brain affect how we relate to our partners.
58 min
176 - Christianity and Polyamory
We sat down with some real live pastors (!!!) to dive in to the tricky topic of Christianity and non-traditional relationships.
62 min
175 - Adventures in Online Arguments
This week we dive into online arguments: how they happen, how to avoid them, and how to communicate when you find yourself in one.
62 min
174 - Numerous Non-Binary Identities (with ther...
Gender therapist Dara Hoffman-Fox joins us to talk about gender identity and the full spectrum that lies outside the binary.
52 min
173 - Transitioning Relationships
In this week's episode we explore the age old question, "Is it really possible to stay friends with an ex after a breakup?"
61 min
172 - Polyamory in Movies and TV (Live Show)
In this live show episode, we're surveying how pop culture has treated polyamory and other non-monogamous relationships.
77 min
171 - Polyamory, Family, and Children (with Dr....
Dr. Eli Sheff discusess polyamorous families, living arrangements, and the impact that this environment may have on the kids.
67 min
170 - Taking for Your Pleasure (with Melissa Ma...
We discuss consent, pleasure-based touching, and how objectifying your partner can actually be really, really sexy.
58 min
169 - Unapolygetic
Do you apologize for your relationships, your sexuality, your appearance? It's time to be unapolygetic!
57 min
168 - Communication Hacks: Booster Pack
Learn how switch-tracking, bids, and micro scripts can take your relationship communication to the next level.
55 min
167 - Polyamory and the Law
Lawyer Jonathan Lane explains how polyamory factors in to the legal side of marriage, divorce, and immigration.
45 min
166 - Impromptu Bible Study
What's the Bible have to say about polyamory? Spoiler alert: it mostly has things to say about questionable polygamy.
78 min
165 - Polyamory Finishing School
Pinky out! We're going to polyamory finishing school!
59 min
164 - The Relationship Escalator & Solo Polyamo...
We dive into the relationship escalator - the set of social norms for how most people assume relationships are supposed to work
65 min
163 - Inspiring Relationships - Part 2
Can you think of any relationships that inspire you? Be sure to check out part 1 first!
54 min
162 - Inspiring Relationships - Part 1
Can you think of any relationships that inspire you? We investigates what makes for healthy, stable, and inspiring relationships.
55 min
161 - Love is Not Colorblind with Kevin Patterson
We speak to Kevin Patterson-author, Love Is Not Colorblind: Race and Representation in Polyamorous and Other Alternative Communities.
49 min
160 - Find Your Biases, Have Better Relationships
Your brain may be sabotaging your relationships without even knowing it! Are you ready to question your reality?
67 min
159 - The Triforce of Communication: DLC Expans...
Does your partner give you advice when you're looking for support and listening? Give this simple communication hack a try.
51 min
158 - Beyond Blue and Pink
Confused about the difference between gender identity, gender expression, and gender presentation? Tune in to find out!
81 min
157 - Disability After Dark with Andrew Gurza
"Disability After Dark" podcast host Andrew Gurza discusses the 101 of sex and disability in this hilarious and candid interview!
43 min
156 - How To Get Over Your Ex
49 min
155 - How to Build Trust in a Relationship
If there's been a major breach of trust in your relationship, is there any hope that it could be rebuilt?
52 min
154 - Getting Real about Sexual Health
How many people would you need to have unprotected sex with in order to catch an STI? 4? 50? 1000?
65 min
153 - Building Consent Culture (with author Kit...
Activist Kitty Stryker shares with us how consent and consent violations affect our lives outside of the bedroom.
47 min
152 - Polyamory: The Most Common Questions
If you're a polyamory beginner, or if you need some help answering the questions your relatives are throwing at you, check it out!
54 min
151 - Conflict Crash Course
Conflicts don't have to be destructive. Learn the tools to use before, after, and during fights to find healthy resolution.
62 min
150 - Relationship Anarchy 101
Relationship Anarchy: what is it? Who invented it? Does it mean overthrowing the relationship government?
58 min
149 - One is (Not) The Lonliest Number
Can staying single be just as emotionally valuable as being in a relationship?
45 min
148 - Your Narcissistic Ex (Is Probably Not a N...
Remember your narcissistic ex? Join us in learning what narcissism really is and why everyone's talking about it.
48 min
147 - Relationship RADAR: Scrum 2.0
Follow our step-by-step process for creating safe, supportive, and productive communication in a monthly relationship check-in.
53 min
146 - Fear of Missing Out
This week we talk about the different pieces of FOMO (fear of missing out), how social media can make it worse and how to beat it.
46 min
145 - Why Gratitude Isn't Bullshit (#Blessed)
This week, the Multiamory crew explores positive psychology, gratitude, and finding personal wellbeing in your relationships.
57 min
144 - (Japanese & English Version) Multi-Cultur...
Live show in Tokyo! Learn how increasing your cultural intelligence can help when dating someone from a different culture.
83 min
144 - Multi-Cultural Dating and Culturally Inte...
Live show in Tokyo! Learn how increasing your cultural intelligence can help when dating someone from a different culture.
48 min
143 - Mindful Sex and Ethical Porn (with author...
Meditation teacher Jessica Graham answers our questions about mindful sex, ethical porn, and naturally boosting your sex drive.
52 min
142 - Do You Have Healthy Relationship Expectat...
What makes an expectation healthy or unhealthy? Plus, how to let of expectations that may be mismatched with your partner's.
57 min
141 - Solving Sexual Incompatibility
We offer stats regarding sexual incompatibility, sexual changes, & how non-monogamy can help sexual differences in a relationship.
50 min
140 - The Jealousy Survival Guide (with author ...
This week we're speaking with Kitty Chambliss, coach, speaker, and author of the soon to be released Jealousy Survival Guide.
33 min
139 - Love is (Not) All You Need
We discuss the dangers of what is traditionally "magical" thinking surrounding love and relationships.
43 min
138 - Conscious Monogamy
We examine being conscious in one's relationships, whether you're monogamous or not and highlight a few unhealthy relationships.
44 min
137 - Intersectionality and Polyamorous Communi...
We're very pleased to speak with Ruby Bouie Johnson, sex therapist and founder of PolyDallas Millennium
36 min
136 - Healing Old Wounds and Resentment in Rela...
We cover strategies for both partners to support each other in healing and acceptance in order to release and heal old wounds.
39 min
135 - What's Your Apology Language?
Gary Chapman, creator of the 5 Love Languages, has come up with another useful tool for communication: the 5 Apology Languages.
32 min
134 - Legal Protections for Polyamorous Familie...
We speak with lawyer Diana Adams & learn actionable steps poly families/parents can take right now to start protecting themselves.
40 min
133 - 6 Questions You Must Ask Your New Partner
Multiamory has condensed these "glass ceiling questions" down to 6 topics to ask about when starting a new relationship.
35 min
132 - The Ethical Slut 20th Anniversary with Ja...
The Ethical Slut, considered to be the "Bible" of alt relationships, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a new edition!
40 min
131 - Dumpster Fire Relationships
The dumpster fire relationship: you know it when you see it. Constant fights, endless drama, and an umatched level of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion. In this episode, we'll discuss signs that your relationship might be a total dumpster fire, how to evaluate whether or not it's time to leave, plus practical advice on escaping a draining relationship with minimal collateral damage.
37 min
130 - Emotional Labor
This week we're digging in to emotional labor -- the mental and emotional energy required to maintain a relationship. All interpersonal relationships require some sort of emotional labor, so it's not a bad thing. However, problems arise when one person is giving more emotional labor than they are receiving from the other side.
48 min
129 - Multiamory Answers Your Questions (Vol. II)
This week we are talking! That's right, this week the Multiamory crew tackles the questions that our listeners left on the Multiamory voicemail line. Covered in this episode: -- My girlfriend doesn't want me to fall in love with anyone. How do I casually date without leading people on? -- How do I handle my jealousy of my partner's past relationship with his ex-wife? -- How do I protect my sexual health without imposing strict and burdensome rules on my partner?
56 min
128 - How To Support Your Partner Through a Bre...
Break ups suck. They suck a little less if you're not the one going through it, but if it's your partner who's just been dumped, then you may find yourself shouldering the burden of some of their suck as well. In this episode we talk about the ways to care for your partner, your self, and your relationship when your partner is going through a break-up or other turbulent period of life.
36 min
127 - Relationship Agreement Pitfalls
This week we're discussing agreement pitfalls -- common relationship agreements that seem reasonable, but which may cause trouble in the long run. The Multiamory crew has a pretty firm stance against strict rules in relationships, but there are many agreements that fall into a debatable grey area. Is it fair to make sure you and your partner conduct relationships in the exact same way? Is it ethical to ask a partner to check in with you before they get sexual on a date with someone else? Tune in to hear our thoughts on these questions and more.
36 min
126 - Building Intimacy with Multiamory
41 min
125 - Researching Non-Monogamous Relationships ...
This week the Multiamory crew gets to pick the brain of researcher, educator, and Ph.D candidate Ryan Witherpsoon. Ryan has specialized in studying consensual non-monogamy, kink, and BDSM, as well as spearheading several research studies on non-traditional relationships. In this episode, we cover the current state of non-monogamy research, particular challenges that arise when studying polyamorous relationships, and the findings of his most recent study on stigma toward consensual non-monogamy.
32 min
124 - The Dating Advice Girl Talks Polyamory
This week we are welcoming special guest Erin Tillman, a.k.a. The Dating Advice Girl. Erin has coached many singles through the process of creating a dating profile and going on dates without getting burnt out in the process. Even better, Erin is tuned in to the polyamorous and queer communities. She shares with us her pro tips on messaging, first dates, and how much to disclose in your dating profile when you're seeking a non-traditional match (or two).
43 min
123 - The Science of Happy Relationships
Love and science finally hook up. The results? Sexy. This week we're covering all the things that will make your relationships better, backed by scientific studies. We cover communication, fighting, sex, in-jokes, and more! You can follow along with us here: <a href=""></a>
40 min
122 - Multiamory Answers Your Questions
This week we are talking! That's right, this week the Multiamory crew tackles the questions that our listeners left on the Multiamory voicemail line. If you want to have a question answered on the air, you too can leave a voicemail for us at 678-MULTI-05. Covered in this episode:-- How can a straight, cisgender man ask for cuddles or affectionate touch without it being interpreted as a come-on?-- How can I let go of the need to make sure my husband only ever tries new experiences for the first time with me, instead of with other partners?-- My husband wants our other relationships to be more casual. I want them to be more serious. How do we figure out something that will make both of us happy?
41 min
121 - Social Media and Relationships
This week, we're talking about the effects of social media on your relationships, and some of the unique challenges presented to non-monogamous relationships. Whether you're creeping on your metamours, or finding yourself nervous about posting openly about your multiple partners, we're here to help you navigate the tricky etiquette and foibles of social media.
36 min
120 - 7 Strategies for Successful Long Distance...
2/3rds of the Multiamory crew is once again heading off for global adventures, which means it's time to talk about long-distance relationships. In this episode, we highlight seven specific strategies that will help your geographically-challenged relationship to flourish and thrive, including tactics for fostering intimacy, communication, and handling the unique challenges presented to multi-partner relationships.
34 min
119 - Asexual Polyamory
This week the Multiamory crew is happy to talk with The One True Will, former facilitator of the Gracefully Poly Facebook group. Will has identified as both asexual and polyamorous for a number of years, and on this episode he answers all of our n00b questions about the asexuality spectrum, demisexuality, gender dynamics, and...dragons?!?
38 min
118 - Helping Your Partner Open Up
Whether you're opening up an existing relationship or beginning a relationship with someone who is new to polyamory, it can be challenging to know the best way to encourage them to feel safe venturing into the world of non-monogamy. In this episode we explore different challenges and discuss what we've found to be the most effective strategies and tools for making that experience a positive one. This has been a commonly requested topic and we're excited to finally have a resource for people in this situation, which is a very common one! We've all been there before.
46 min
117 - Why Do You Want What You Want?
This week we are tackling the complicated task of deconstructing desire. In life, we often set our sights on accomplishing a particular goal or attaining a particular obejct or status, and the same is true with relationships and sex. In this episode, we dig into the reasons why we want the things that we want, often through socialization, comparisons to other people, and our perceptions of what will make us happy.
38 min
116 - Being Polyamorous in a Monogamous World (...
In this very special live show, the Multiamory crew digs into the day-to-day foibles of having non-normative relationships in a hetero-mono-normative world. We discuss the uncomfortable consequences of having few outlets and even fewer role models, needing to stay in the closet in order to protect your job or family, and the endless assumptions and misconceptions. But not to fear -- we also cover strategies to help you cope and thrive in a world that may just not understand your weird love life.
77 min
115 - Cooper S. Beckett on Swinger Resorts and ...
Multiamory is happy to have author, podcast host, and pegging enthusiast Cooper S. Beckett back on the show! Cooper came on our show way back in the early days to discuss his memoir, <a href="">My Life on the Swingset</a>, and this week we are discussing his brand new novel, <a href="">Approaching the</a> <a href="">Swingularity</a>. Join us for a discussion on sexy, swinging vacations, the intersection of swingers and polyamorists, and the delights of pegging.
37 min
114 - Privilege and Polyamory
This week, we are discussing privilege and polyamory -- the different advantages and disadvantages that we often forget about when approaching non-traditional relationships. This is a hot-button topic that often sparks emotions and defensiveness, but we wanted to open up the conversation, daunting as it is. In this episode, we discuss many different factors that affect privilege -- race, class, skin color, gender identity, disability, just to name a few in a very long list.
46 min
113 - What is Romantic Love? (with philosopher ...
Multiamory is very excited to sit down with philosopher Carrie Jenkins, author of the newly released book <a href=";btkr=1"><em>What Love Is and What It Could Be</em></a><em>.</em> Carrie has been polyamorous for a number of years, and after having her relationships accused of not embodying "real love," she was inspired to get to the bottom of the age old question: what is love? In this episode, we deconstruct our preconceived ideas of love and commitment, and also why it is important for people in non-monogamous relationships to examine the nature of romantic relationships.
58 min
112 - Choking on the Red Pill
This week, the Multiamory crew tackles a divisive and controversial subject: the Red Pill movement. The Red Pill movement, in our estimation, is equal parts men's rights and pick-up artistry, sprinkled with a dose of good old-fashioned misogyny. But a growing number of men are finding community, understanding, and confidence in the Red Pill's tenets. Is there anything good that could possibly come from this movement? Or is it really the sexist cesspool it seems to be on the surface?
37 min
111 - Polyamory-Friendly Counseling
If you've hit a particularly sticky bump in your relationship, or if you're interested in doing some preventative maintenance and exploration, it is extremely helpful to seek professional guidance. Speaking with a therapist, counselor, or coach can provide many opportunities to open up and uncover deep-seated habits and patterns, plus really giving yourself and your relationships much-needed clarity. In this episode, we explain the many different varieties of mental health professionals, as well as our recommendations for the best places to find kink- and poly-friendly therapists and counselors. Check out the KAP directory here: <a href=""></a> Check out The Open List here: <a href=""></a>
35 min
110 - Deconstructing Jealousy
We talk a lot about jealousy in the polyamory scene -- how to manage it, how to de-program it, how to communicate with your partners about it. But in this episode, we are going to be deconstructing jealousy -- categorizing specific triggers and their causes. If you have the tools to identify your jealousy triggers, it can open up a lot more happiness and freedom in your relationships.
47 min
109 - Ethical Unicorn Hunting (live show)
Unicorn hunters (heterosexual couples seeking to add a bisexual woman to their relationship) get a bad rap in the polyamorous community. But is it possible to defy this stereotype and add a third to your relationship in a way that's ethical, kind, and groovy for all parties involved? In this special live show recorded in Los Angeles, the Multiamory crew discusses the ins and outs of making sure that your unicorn is ethically raised and sourced.
65 min
108 - Solo Polyamory (Live Show)
Multiamory is in Portland! In this special, live-audience episode, we explore solo polyamory. The solo poly crowd is an often-misunderstood, yet significant portion of the non-monogamous community at large, and this week we uncover the many different ways solo polyamory can be practiced, examine couple privilege, and learn all about amatonormativity.
65 min
107 - A Very Polyamorous Valentine's Day (Live ...
The Multiamory West Coast tour brought the crew to Seattle on February 14th. On this very traditional romantic holiday, we spent some time discussing how people in non-traditional relationships can use this as a time to reflect on the unique qualities each relationship and each partner brings to the table. We also discuss the slightly creepy origins of Valentine's Day itself.
70 min
106 - 7 Habits of Highly Effective Poly People ...
This week's episode was recorded during Multiamory's very first stop on their West Coast Tour 2017! Every seat in the house at Octopus Literary Salon in Oakland, California was full as we presented a talk on the 7 habits of highly effective polyamorous people. Drawing inspiration from our mentors and role models, we break down the key qualities found in the happiest and healthiest non-traditional relationships.
72 min
105 - The Smart Girl's Guide to Polyamory
Our own Dedeker Winston's book, The Smart Girl's Guide to Polyamory comes out internationally today and we are so excited to be able to interview her about the book and share our own experiences with reading it. Dedeker talks to us about the importance of creating a book that empowers women to have agency in their relationships and shares some of the insights she gained and experiences she had during the two-year process of writing this comprehensive guide to Polyamory for the modern world. Though the book may be aimed toward women, it's inviting and accessible to anybody regardless of gender. 10/10 Would Recommend!
35 min
104 - Polyamory in Movies and TV (Live Show)
This is a very special live presentation by the Multiamory crew that took place in Santa Monica on January 20th, 2017. In this episode we are discussing the various ways polyamory and non-monogamous relationships are portrayed in fictional movies, TV, and webseries. From hilarious to touching to bizarre, we explore what stories are currently being told in our mainstream media, including clips from <em>House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Futurama</em>, and many more.
72 min
103 - Relationship Agreements with Eri Kardos
This week we are very pleased to speak with Eri Kardos, international speaker, coach, and author of the newly released book <em>Relationship Agreements. </em>Eri takes us through the basic philosophy of using agreements to strengthen your relationships, whether you are polyamorous or monogamous. We also learn how a small, blue, furry monster named Fred can help change the way you think about your romantic relationships. Eri's book will be released on Tuesday, February 24th. You can download it for FREE, but only on the release date! You can find more info here: <a href=""></a> If you want to learn more about Eri and her book, check out
31 min
102 - Emotional Responsibility aka Owning Your ...
If you've ever been in a relationship with a human being, chances are you've encountered some emotions within yourself and the other person. Until the day we are dating Vulcans or robots, our relationships will continue to be sticky, emotional, and not always rational. But all is not lost -- a healthy dose of emotional responsibility can go far! In this episode we deconstruct exactly what emotional responsibility is, and how it can bring clarity and calm to moments of conflict. We explore what it looks like if there's not enough emotional responsibility in a relationship, as well as what it may look like if there's too much!
36 min
101 - Gender Non-Conformity 101
This week on Multiamory, Jase and Emily get all Gender Non-Specific with our special guest, professional cuddliest and dominatrix, Tate Ashley! Tate helps us explore queer theory, gender "extremes" vs. gender "middle ground," and language and its inefficiency when referring to gender non-conformity. The three of us also reveal the childhood experiences that helped shape our own personal gender identity and sexuality. You can find out more about Tate Ashley, their work, and their writing at <a href=""></a>.
39 min
100 - Relationship Resolutions
It's Multiamory's 100th episode! It's a new season! It's a new year! And that means....New Year's Resolutions. Download the <a href="">worksheet here</a> to use in your own relationships! In this episode we are discussing how to make resolutions for your relationships in 2017. However, this isn't your typical discussion on goal-setting. We are going to be taking you through a process to dig deeper into your relationships and uncovering what will be the best driving force for you and your partners in the coming year.
33 min
099 - I Got 99 Problems but 2016 Ain't One
2016 was a challenging year, but the Multiamory crew is tired of all the doom and gloom. In this episode, we review the good parts of 2016. A lot of great things happened for the Multiamory podcast, for the polyamory community, and for all three of us! Join us in generating some positivity to combat all the crap that happened in 2016.
31 min
098 - Happy Holidays Part 2: This Time It's Per...
The holidays are upon us, and so is the holiday stress! This week we are talking about all the aspects of the holidays that makes us fall into a temporary stress-induced insanity. We also give insights on managing the holidays with multiple partners and how to tackle coming out to your family members. But most exciting of all, we play a very special Christmas edition of Two Truths and a Lie.
43 min
097 - Agile Scrum Your Relationships
This week we are discussing a unique communication system to try out in your relationships: agile scrum. The agile scrum system was originally developed to be applied to software development, but writer Alanna Krause adapted the system to become <a href="">a new system for communication in her relationship. </a>The Multiamory crew tested out holding monthly scrum meetings with our partners, and today we're going to tell you all about the results!
35 min
096 - Polyamorous Storytelling and Diversity wi...
This week we are excited to speak with Jackie Stone, director of the poly-themed web series, <em>Compersion</em>. Jackie shares with us her inspiration to tell the story of a monogamous couple opening up their marriage, and her commitment to bringing gritty realism to her storytelling. We also open up the discussion surrounding race, diversity, and representation of people of color within the media and within the poly community itself. You can get started with <em>Compersion</em> episode 1 by clicking here: <a href=""></a> You can contribute to <em>Compersion </em>Season 2 by visiting their Indiegogo page here: <a href=""></a>
37 min
095 - Consent with Sex Nerd Sandra
This week the Multiamory crew is very excited to intereview sex educator and podcast host for <a href="">The Nerdist,</a> <a href="">Sex Nerd Sandra</a>! Sandra takes us through the complex world of consent within relationships and sexual encounters. We discuss the education about consent, the ways that men and women both respect and violate consent differently, and also about how delicious FRIES are.
45 min
094 - Multiamory has Group Sex with Billy Procida
This week we welcome very special guest Billy Procida, host of <a href=""><em>The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex Positive Quest for Love.</em></a>We dig into all kinds of topics in this one: sex positivity, sex party etiquette, being a single hetero man in the swinging scene, quick fixes for handling jealousy at a play party, and just a little bit about butt stuff.
40 min
093 - Being Secondary While Putting Yourself First
At Multiamory, we generally discourage people from building their relationships on a basis of strict, primary-secondary hierarchy. However, primary-secondary relationships are still very common in the polyamorous community. All three of us have engaged in these kind of relationships at one point or another, for better or worse. In this episode, we talk about the experience of being a secondary partner, and we give our advice to secondaries for crafting relationships that will keep them safe, happy, and sane.
30 min
092 - Should You Come Out of the Closet?
Coming out to partners, family, friends, or co-workers about being polyamorous is an important decision that could potentially change your life and your relationships, for better or worse. In this episode, we run you through the most important risks and benefits to consider before deciding to come out to someone important.
43 min
091 - The Polyamorous Man: Masculinity and Non-...
Only 1/3 of the Multiamory crew identifies as male, but social expectations of masculinity have had an influence on all of us. This week we're digging in to the fundamentals of masculinity. What does it mean to "be a man"? What are the classic hallmarks of masculinity, and how are those expectations both hurting and helping us? What's more, we discuss how traditional notions of masculinity sometimes clash with the ideals of polyamory.
38 min
090 - Polyamory Processing Groups
Have you ever felt alone on your poly journey? Do your friends or family immediately jump to blaming polyamory for any relationship problems you may have? We've definitely all encountered this and have wished for a better support network. On this episode we talk with two people who created their own Poly Processing Group that has been hugely transformational in the way it helps them and others (including Jase!) get through those tough patches and emotional challenges. In addition to discussing the philosophy behind their group we also talk about ways you can start your own processing group even if you only have a few people to join it.
37 min
089 - Make Polyamory Great Again
This week, the Multiamory crew is pissed off. The current political climate has inspired us to vent about a number of topical things that get under our skin: toxic masculinity, sexual harassment, the alt right, and more. In particular, we examine how the polyamorous community is not immune to these things, as well as addressing what steps everyone can take to turn things around.
39 min
088 - Do You Feel Special?
Most of us enjoy feeling special, particularly to our romantic partners. In traditional relationships, one's specialness is closely linked to exclusivity. You are the person I choose to be monogamous with, therefore you are #1 special person in my life! But when you have multiple partners, this thinking gets turned on its head. This week we discuss how to maintain a sense of specialness in each of your relationships.
33 min
087 - Five Mistakes Polyamory N00bs Make
For a long time there haven't been many public role models to demonstrate healthy, high-functioning polyamory, in contrast to the many demonstrations of monogamy we see every day on TV, movies, and other corners of the media. It's easy to make mistakes when first venturing down the path of non-monogamy. This week, we take you through five common mistakes made by people first opening up a closed relationship or dabbling in polyamory.
28 min
086 - Sustainable Relationships
Sustainability means making decisions that address the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future. The term is most often applied to environmental policy, but how does the concept of sustainability apply to relationships? Are poly relationships more sustainable than monogamous ones?
34 min
085 - Meeting Your Metamours
Having a positive relationship with your metamours can dramatically improve the quality of your relationship landscape. In this episode we cover the who, what, where, when, why, and how of meeting your metamours and setting yourself up for the best possible outcomes.
30 min
084 - Zen and the Art of First Dates
If you are new to poly or just opening up your relationship, you may come to a realization that is exciting for some and terrifying for others: time to go on first dates! Going on first dates when you're poly presents a whole host of unique benefits and challenges. In this episode, we lay out all the pros and cons of poly dating, as well as our most Zen advice for making each first date enjoyable and fulfilling, even if you don't feel that the chemistry is there.
37 min
083 - The Triforce of Communication
It's dangerous to go alone...take this! It's the Triforce of Communication! What is that, you ask? The Triforce of Communication, other than being a nerdy title, are the three primary goals of communication in any given conversation or interaction with a partner. Communication breakdowns often occur when you and your partner have mismatched goals. If your partner thinks you are seeking support or acknowledgment when you are actually seeking problem-solving advice, disappointment and frustration can show up faster than you know it. In this episode, we talk about these three different goals, and how you can use the knowledge of these goals to make your communication more effective. Kathy Labriola's original video on communication goals can be found here: <a href=""></a>
36 min
082 - Multiple Attachment Styles for Multiple P...
This week we are discussing the theory of attachment in adults. That may sound daunting, but it's actually quite simple. Your individual attachment style is how you react when a particular relationship experiences separation, threat, or pressure. Some people react by becoming clingy and impulsive, and others react by pushing the other person away. In this episode we discuss the four main categories of attachment style, and how these may manifest differently in multiple relationships.
29 min
081 - Multi-versary: The Sequel
The Multiamory podcast just turned two years old! Welcome to the terrible twos, baby! On this episode, we give a recap of all the things we've accomplished in the past two years, much of it with the inspiration of our wonderful listeners and fans. We also talk about the personal turning points we've each had in the past year, and how that has changed our lives and our relationships. As an added bonus, we try to make Jase cry.
38 min
080 - Multiple Love Languages, Multiple Lovers
Your love language is the way in which you express love and prefer to receive love from your partners. Each person has a unique combination of love languages, some stronger than others. You may not realize it, but you and your partner may be speaking different love languages, which can lead to confusion and frustration. If you can determine your love language, as well as that of your partner(s), it can open up a whole new world of effortless communication and intimacy. In this episode, we cover the 5 most common love languages, as well as discuss how knowing about love languages can change your approach to multiple partners.
31 min