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Society & Culture
372 - Needs, Desires, Boundaries, and More
This week we're revisiting needs, wants, boundaries, etc. for a closer look at how these terms are sometimes used interchangeably.
48 min
371 - Repeating Unhealthy Relationship Patterns...
In part 2 of our series on unhealthy relationship patterns, we discuss ENM and some tools to help break unhealthy cycles.
49 min
370 - Repeating Unhealthy Relationship Patterns...
This week's episode is part 1 of 2 covering unhealthy relationship patterns, past trauma and attachment theory, and more.
39 min
369 - Navigating Multiple Partners in the Same ...
We're discussing how to minimize hinge partner anxiety in social situations where multiple partners may be attending.
59 min
368 - Sex Talk with My Mom Presents: Sex Script...
This week we're featuring Sex Talk with My Mom: Sex Scripts with Dr. Ian Kerner, author and sex therapist.
65 min
367 - FWB, Polyam-to-Mono, and More Listener Qu...
Join us for another Q&A about FWB, transitioning back to monogamy from polyamory, and more listener questions.
52 min
366 - Desirability
Our researcher Dr. Keyanah Nurse joins us today to discuss desirability politics and preferences and where they come from.
64 min
365 - Heartbreak and Recovery
This week we're discussing how to deal with heartbreak in a healthy way, as well as which advice out there is actually helpful.
58 min
364 - Polyamory and Disability
Our research assistant Em Mais discusses disability and ableism both in polyamorous and individual relationships.
60 min
363 - Q & A with Multiamory
Join us for a special Q & A episode where the hosts of Multiamory answer your questions!
51 min
362 - Sluts & Scholars Presents: Come As You Ar...
This week, we're featuring an episode of Sluts & Scholars, one of our fellow Pleasure Podcasts!
52 min
361 - More Than Words by John Howard
Therapist John Howard joins us to discuss his newly published book, More Than Words.
54 min
360 - Lawyer Up!
Melissa Hall, Multiamory's lawyer, joins us to talk about polyamory and wills, power of attorney, and more.
60 min
359 - Porn, Health, and Relationships
Join us for our discussion on pornography and contradicting some mainstream ideas about it.
64 min
358 - Managing Emotions and Expressive Suppression
Learn about expressive suppression and the role it plays in our lives, along with tools for if it starts to do more harm than good
46 min
357 - Impostor Syndrome
What is imposter syndrome and how can it affect our relationships and day to day lives?
52 min
356 - Open: Non-monogamy and Sexual Liberation ...
Rachel Krantz talks about her new book, non-monogamy, spirituality, sexual liberation, and more during this week's episode.
60 min
355 - Singlism and the Truth About Being Single
Learn about the term singlism, discrimination against single people in our society, and truths and myths about being single.
57 min
354 - Rethinking Resentment
Learn how to recognize resentment and how to avoid letting it build up over time.
54 min
353 - De-nesting Without De-escalating
This week, we're discussing why some couples might live apart but not de-escalate their relationship.
66 min
352 - Safer Sex Part 2
Part 2 of our sexual health series will cover options for safer sex and tips to make safety conversations with partners easier.
64 min
351 - Safer Sex Part 1
Listen to part one of our two-part series on sexual health. This week: STIs, STDs, reducing stigma, and keeping everyone healthy.
56 min
350 - Abundance and Scarcity
This week's episode is about abundance and scarcity, and how these concepts can affect dating and relationships.
58 min
349 - Trauma, Shame, and Post-Pandemic Recovery...
Therapist Brian Mahan joins us to talk about somatic experiencing, shame, trauma, and the COVID-19 pandemic.
71 min
348 - Transforming Feelings Into Words
Why is transforming feelings into words so hard? Learn some tools to make it easier on yourself next time!
62 min
347 - Good Enough Sex
What's good enough sex? This episode is going to cover the 12 dimensions of good enough sex meant to improve sex lives.
55 min
346 - Is Seeking a Third Ethical?
Is it possible to ethically add a third to a dyadic relationship? What are some of the pitfalls folks experience when doing so?
52 min
345 - Sex Education with Sam Cat
Sam Cat, founder of the Shrimp Teeth website, joins us to speak on sex, queerness, and polyamory.
59 min
344 - Handling Rejection
This episode is all about rejection: how to understand it, and how to cope with it when you experience it.
52 min
343 - Autism, Neurodiversity and Relationships ...
Stevie Lang is with us this week to discuss polyamory, neurodiversity, Autism, and more!
58 min
342 - To Forgive or Not To Forgive
Is forgiving helpful or hurtful? What's it all about? Learn about benefits and pitfalls of forgiveness on this episode!
48 min
341 - Cheating in Non-monogamous Relationships
Can you cheat in non-monogamous relationships? What does it mean to cheat, and and why do people do it?
54 min
340 - Polyamory and Therapy (with Martha Kauppi)
Martha Kauppi joins us this week to discuss how therapists can best serve polyamorous clients!
55 min
339 - The Smorgasbord of Relationships
Learn about the relationship anarchy smorgasbord and how it can help you, even if you don't call yourself a relationship anarchist
49 min
338 - The Science of Relationship Maintenance
Learn about relationship maintenance and what kinds are best to practice in this week's episode!
56 min
337 - Kids, Consent, and Sex Education
Educator Ashley Robertson joins us to talk about age-appropriate education about sex, consent, and non-monogamy
60 min
336 - Queerplatonic and Alterous Relationships
Learn about queerplatonic and alterous relationships and how they fill a gap in how we talk about relationships in our culture.
44 min
335 - Nonverbal Communication
Learn about nonverbal communication, how to recognize nonverbal cues, and how to improve your nonverbal communication skills.
57 min
334 - What Makes a Good Hinge Partner
Are you a good hinge partner? Find out what makes a good hinge and what you can do to avoid pitfalls in your vee relationships.
59 min
333 - Multiamory Stories: Kori Nicole Williams ...
Kori Williams opens up about her experiences with polyamory, queerness, and Christianity.
56 min
332 - Transactional Relationships
Why do people partake in transactional relationships? Are they negative or positive by default? We're covering all that and more!
49 min
331 - Business Time
What can we learn from business relationships that apply to our romantic ones as well?
52 min
330 - Identity in Relationships
This episode covers identity, how it can be affected by relationships, and some tips about how to retain your own identity.
50 min
329 - Validation Variety Pack
What are internal and external validation, and how are they important to healthy relationships and lives?
54 min
328 - Relationship Standards: Too High? Too Low?
This week's episode is about relationship standards, what they look like, and how to reevaluate them if you need to.
54 min
327 - Compassion Fatigue
Learn about compassion fatigue, the science behind it, and how to renew and take care of yourself when experiencing it.
50 min
326 - The View from 30,000 Feet
This episode is all about the good, the bad, and the ugly of Stoicism and some issues we run into in our relationships.
44 min
325 - Age, Generations, and Relationships
This week's episode covers how age can affect our relationships, as well as some challenges age gaps in relationships can bring.
50 min
324 - Toxic Positivity
What is toxic positivity? Learn how to stop being the purveyor of toxic positivity and how to deal when you're the recipient.
41 min
323 - You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry
We're talking about the good and the bad aspects and reactions of anger this week and how it can affect relationships.
47 min
322 - From the Kitchen Table to the Parallel Un...
This week we're talking about the different styles and forms of polyamory, as well as healthy and unhealthy versions of each.
67 min
321 - Navigating Big Life Changes
Learn how to navigate big changes in your life in a a way that reduces stress on you and your partner(s).
50 min
320 - Limerence and NRE: The Dark and Light Sid...
What is limerence? Learn about the dark side of new relationships as we discuss how to minimize negative effects from limerence.
48 min
319 - What Are Your Values?
This episode delves into some of the research about values and how to figure out what your personal ones are.
50 min
318 - Party For One: Dating Yourself
How do you date yourself? Let's talk about some ways to make intentional alone time more effective.
55 min
317 - Multiamory Stories: Michelle Hy (Polyamor...
Listen to Michelle Hy's polyamory origin story, as well as her work with the Asian-American community to raise awareness about ENM
45 min
316 - Fight, Flight, Freeze, or Fawn
Fight, flight, freeze, and fawn are the four trauma responses we're covering today, as well as their effect on relationships.
51 min
315 - RADAR Troubleshooting
What are some ways you can smooth the process of setting up RADAR check-ins with your partner(s)?
55 min
314 - Deconstructing Jealousy
This week we're tackling jealousy (again!) for a more current take on its deconstruction.
50 min
313 - Compersion Season 2: Roundtable Discussion
Season 2 of Compersion is here! Jackie Stone and some actors from the web series have joined us this week to discuss it.
63 min
312 - Psychological Flexibility is (also) a Tri...
Learn about psychological flexibility and how it can make your relationships (especially nontraditional ones) better.
57 min
311 - Metamour March
Listen to some stories from our community about metamour relationships.
52 min
310 - Polyamory Reminders with Evita Sawyers
This week we're joined by Evita Sawyer of "Today's Polyamory Reminder" to talk about her polyamorous journey!
58 min
309 - Love is a Triangle
Let's explore the triangular theory of love, one of many models set forth in order to try to understand love and relationships.
44 min
308 - Fun Matters
This episode is all about fun: why it's important to have it and pushing back against the idea of productivity equaling success.
57 min
307 - Chosen Family
Where did the term "chosen family" come from? Why is it important and what communities use it today?
49 min
306 - Bonding Styles with Dr. Eli Sheff
Dr. Eli Sheff discusses bonding styles with us. Which bonding style is right for you?
60 min
305 - Why Won't You Listen?
Learn how to become a better listener during this episode, as well as why we sometimes have trouble with listening.
53 min
304 - Community Diversity and Tokenism with Cry...
Join us and Crystal Byrd Farmer as she talks about tokenism and diversity in communities, as well as her new book.
49 min
303 - Is Your Partner Going to Change?
Is it reasonable to expect partners to change? This week we're talking about what's realistic and what's not!
58 min
302 - Challenging Polyamory Concepts for Advanc...
For those of you who aren't novices, this week we're challenging some common beliefs about polyamory.
61 min
301 - Solo Polyamory with Tristan Taormino
Tristan Taormino from the podcast Sex Out Loud joins us this week to talk about solo polyamory and relationship anarchy.
63 min
300 - 300th Episode!!!
Join us this week for a fun retrospective episode about Multiamory's origins!
58 min
299 - Thirsty Sword Lesbians with April Walsh
Listen to April Walsh's thoughts on queer storytelling and learn about the game she designed, Thirsty Sword Lesbians!
57 min
298 - Eustress, or Are You a Good Stress or a B...
Learn how stress can actually benefit you, good vs. bad stress, and how to lead a more fulfilling life by balancing stress levels.
53 min
297 - Your Brain in a Bad Relationship (with Dr...
Learn about the science behind bad relationships with Dr. Rhonda Freeman, neuropsychologist and founder of Neuroinstincts®.
51 min
296 - Relationship Health Checkup (with Erin Ti...
Join Erin Tillman as she shares with us some of her thoughts on boundaries, relationship health, consent, and allyship.
55 min
295 - Polyamory and Intimate Partner Violence (...
Christy Croft joins us to provide their expertise in the field of intimate partner violence for polyamorous relationships.
64 min
294 - Triads and Throuples, and Quads, Oh My!
Get some insight about triads and other multiple person relationship styles, including some unique challenges and conflicts.
65 min
293 - Should you go to therapy? Pt 2
Part 2 of our series on going to therapy covers how to choose a therapist, considering therapy types, and more!
48 min
292 - Should you go to therapy? Pt 1
The answer is usually yes, but in this episode we're going over some common questions around going to therapy.
44 min
291 - Attachment Theory and Polyamory
Jessica Fern joins us to talk about attachment, trauma, and polyamory, as well as helpful advice for more secure attachments.
51 min
290 - Is Polyamory Feminist? With Laurie Penny
Laurie Penny joins us to talk about their views on feminism and its intersection with polyamory.
62 min
289 - De-Coupling
Breaking up with intention is a skill worth honing. This episode discusses how to transition from romance to a healthy separation.
53 min
288 - Repair Attempts
This episode is back to repairs again, this time on how to get your fights back on track when you're losing focus.
51 min
287 - Getting Closure
This episode explores what closure means, when it's needed vs. not needed, and the psychology around it.
50 min
286 - Ghost(ing) Busters!
Ghosting is becoming more and more common: why do people do it, and how should we react when it happens to us?
53 min
285 - Compersion Research with Marie Thouin
Marie Thouin talks about her qualitative research about compersion and polyamory, as well as her own experiences with both.
50 min
284 - Daily Transitions
Learn some tips about how to ease the mental distress of changing tasks or social situations.
53 min
283 - Language in Relationships
How does language affect relationships and help bring groups of people together while also having the power to push them apart?
61 min
282 - The Shame Game 2: Endshame
Join us for part 2 of our series on shame, where we examine shame in nontraditional relationships.
58 min
281 - The Shame Game 1: Origins
Listen to part 1 of our series on shame in relationships: why we feel it, where it comes from, and how to dismantle it.
51 min
280 - Receiving and Giving Apologies
How do you give a good apology? How do you gracefully receive an apology? Learn the ins and outs in this episode!
53 min
279 - Relationship Strengths and Weaknesses
Why is it important to be familiar with each other's strengths and weaknesses in a relationship?
51 min
278 - Growing Through Criticism
Let's talk about receiving criticism in a way that helps us improve ourselves and grow as people.
51 min
277 - Religion, Shame, and Identity with Gloria...
Join us and Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti for our discussion about shame, religion, identity, and emotions.
58 min
276 - I'm Not Your Mother
How do we break out of patterns that foster unequal labor divisions in relationships? Let's find out!
59 min
275 - Demon Dance Battles
We're talking about fight choreography, or the patterns we fall into when arguing with partners, and how to break out of them.
58 min
274 - Compassion
What is compassion, and how can you make sure to practice it with your loved ones and strangers alike?
64 min
273 - Money & Multiple Partners
Hadassah Damien, author and founder of Ride Free Fearless Money, is our guest this week to talk about financial empowerment.
67 min