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Society & Culture
278 - Growing Through Criticism
Let's talk about receiving criticism in a way that helps us improve ourselves and grow as people.
51 min
277 - Religion, Shame, and Identity with Gloria...
Join us and Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti for our discussion about shame, religion, identity, and emotions.
58 min
276 - I'm Not Your Mother
How do we break out of patterns that foster unequal labor divisions in relationships? Let's find out!
59 min
275 - Demon Dance Battles
We're talking about fight choreography, or the patterns we fall into when arguing with partners, and how to break out of them.
58 min
274 - Compassion
What is compassion, and how can you make sure to practice it with your loved ones and strangers alike?
64 min
273 - Money & Multiple Partners
Hadassah Damien, author and founder of Ride Free Fearless Money, is our guest this week to talk about financial empowerment.
67 min
272 - Consent is Sexy (and Professional)
Mia Schachter joins us to talk about her job as an intimacy coordinator, consent, and power dynamics.
66 min
271 - The Power of Receiving "No"
Sometimes it's hard to say no, and sometimes it's hard to hear it, too. How can we get better at both?
56 min
270 - Habitual Mindstates
Annalisa Castaldo rejoins us to discuss habitual moods and default mindstates via the six realms in Buddhism.
64 min
269 - Close Quarters Relationships
This week, we're talking about how to manage the opposite of a long distance relationship.
56 min
268 - Sex Worker Rights with Alice Little
Alice Little joins us to talk about the sex work industry, some of the challenges sex workers face, and sex positivity.
57 min
267 - Reducing Stress Together
Reducing stress in everyday life is important, so this week we're tackling how to have low-stress conversations with partners.
49 min
266 - The Worst Relationship Advice
Lots of relationship advice is outdated and irrelevant, if not outright harmful. What are some of the worst offenders?
61 min
265 - Real Voices of Multiamory
Join us for some real stories about non-monogamy from actual polyamorous people: our listeners!
43 min
264 - Are You a Chewer or Spewer?
What's the difference between a chewer and a spewer? Do you process internally or externally, and what does that mean?
53 min
263 - Health and Wellness
How do you maintain your own health and the health of your loved ones? Here are some basic tips to minimize illness and stay safe!
63 min
262 - Making a Polyamorous Dating App
Amanda Wilson and David Epstein join us to talk about their sex positive, polyamory-friendly app, #open.
51 min
261 - Restorative Justice
Andy Izenson talks about restorative justice: what it is/isn't, as well as how to use it to make your community a better place.
68 min
260 - Black Poly Pride with Chanee Jackson Kend...
We're joined by the co-creators of Black Poly Pride to hear about their activism and learn more about the Black poly community.
60 min
259 - What NOT to do in Non-Monogamy with Dr. L...
We're joined by Dr. Liz Powell to talk about their book, Building Open Relationships, and some common talking points in polyamory.
66 min
258 - Minimalism
Ever wonder why it's so easy to let clutter build up? We have some tips to help downsize if minimalism is your goal!
64 min
257 - Codependency
Learn about codependency and what it is, as well as why the subject itself may do more harm than good as a whole.
57 min
256 - Polyamory and the Trans Experience with M...
Marissa Alexa McCool joins us to talk about her experiences as an autistic, polyamorous trans woman
64 min
255 - Why You Make Bad Decisions
Ever wonder why you made a certain decision that you regretted later? Let's talk about the science behind bad decisions.
62 min
254 - When You're Unsure about an Open Relation...
Unsure about an open relationship? Here are six options that may be good alternatives or pave the way to deciding!
46 min
253 - Resilience and Overcoming Obstacles: More...
54 min
252 - Reflection, Impending Plans, and Our Appr...
Happy holidays to all of our listeners! We appreciate you all and stay tuned for what will happen next year!
15 min
251 - Polyamory in Science Fiction with Kevin P...
Listen to Kevin Patterson read from his newest book and explore polyamory in media!
75 min
250 - Mental Health with Ruby Bouie Johnson
We're joined again by Ruby Johnson to talk about mental health with a professional who specializes in non-monogamy!
62 min
249 - Scheduling and Productivity
We're exploring how to incorporate positive scheduling in a way that improves quality of life instead of being a chore!
65 min
248 - Playing Monogamy with Simon(e) van Saarloos
Listen to us chat with Simon(e) van Saarloos about her book, Playing Monogamy, and her views on ethical non-monogamy.
60 min
247 - Why Your Relationship Needs a Date Night
Scheduling regular date nights with partners can help you maintain a strong relationship. Do you have a date routine?
55 min
246 - Non-Monogamy Misperceptions (with Cate fr...
We tackle common misconceptions about polyamory and swinging with special guest Cate from the podcast “Swinging Downunder.”
55 min
245 - Your Ex’s Social Media
Let's talk about why we feel the need to stalk exes on social media, and how to engage in more healthy behavior instead.
64 min
244 - Avoiding Emotional Burnout with Queerspla...
Callie Wright from Queersplaining joins us as she discusses LGBTQ stories and navigating discussions with less accepting folks
54 min
243 - How Compatible Are You Really?
How compatible are you with your partners? Is compatibility as important as you think it is? Let's explore the possibilities!
62 min
242 - Queer Theology with Brian G. Murphy
Reconciling queer identity with religion can be difficult, but luckily, Brian G. Murphy and are available!
62 min
241 - Five Ways to Suck Less at Communication: ...
Let's revisit five effective methods to enhance communication, both in your romantic relationships and everyday ones.
58 min
240 - Refreshing our Love Languages
We're revisiting the five love languages this week, and discussing how they play a part in your relationships with your partners.
60 min
239 - Guilt In Relationships
Can guilt have a healthy place in relationships? When is it productive to feel guilt, and when is it detrimental?
60 min
238 - The Polyamory Breakup Book with Kathy Lab...
We're joined by Kathy Labriola, author of The Polyamory Breakup Book, as we discuss how to navigate polyamorous breakups.
58 min
237 - What Monogamous People Can Learn From Pol...
Can polyamory teach lessons to use in monogamous relationships? Absolutely! Let's explore 7 different lessons.
62 min
236 - Progressive Love Academy with Kenya K. St...
We're joined by Kenya K. Stevens to learn more about Progressive Love Academy and her views on polyamory!
52 min
235 - Live Call-in Show: Multiamory Answers You...
Join us for our second live show! Let's explore aromaticism, swinging and polyamory, family dynamics, and more!
73 min
234 - SHOP: How to Repair After a Fight
How do you deal with the aftermath of arguments, or subjects that are the cause of recurring disagreement? Go to the SHOP!
56 min
233 - Polyamory Toolkit with Erotic Awakening
We're joined with Dan and Dawn Williams from Erotic Awakening to talk about their new book, The Polyamory Toolkit!
56 min
232 - Criticism or How To Doom Your Relationship
Let's distinguish between destructive and constructive criticism, and explore how to utilize the latter in your relationships.
56 min
231 - Help! My Friend is in a Bad Relationship!
How can you help your friend if they're in a bad relationship? Let's go over what to look for and how to handle this tough subject
50 min
230 - WTF is Positive Masculinity?
Let's look at how masculinity has been studied throughout the years, and how to adopt a healthy attitude towards it and yourself.
63 min
229 - Live: Ask Multiamory
For the first time, we're taking live questions from our listeners about polyamory!
49 min
228 - Pursuit and Withdrawal
We're identifying "pursuer" and "withdrawer" patterns in relationships and how to prevent them from becoming habit.
58 min
227 - Rules vs Agreements feat. Boundaries
We're exploring the differences between rules and agreements and how to make healthy decisions regarding them.
64 min
226 - Sex Talk With My Mom
We're joined by the mother-son duo who host Sex Talk With My Mom to talk about their experiences talking openly about sex.
46 min
225 - Real Relationship Talk with Lola Phoenix
We're joined by writer Lola Phoenix to talk about common non-monogamy advice and how it can sometimes miss the mark.
60 min
224 - Feelings Are Not Facts
We're exploring the often misunderstood statement of "feelings are not facts." We also delve into some research about emotions.
57 min
223 - Six Secretly Toxic Relationship Behaviors
We discuss six common relationship behaviors that are actually toxic and destructive to your relationships.
60 min
222 - Zen and the Art of Relationships
What are some teachings in Buddhist philosphy that we can apply to our relationships to make them healthier and happier?
62 min
221 - A Best of Episode
It’s precious moments time! We asked Patron’s what some of their favorite moments have been and this is what they said.
60 min
220 - Secrecy vs Privacy
What is the difference between secrecy and privacy in a relationship? This is a very big question when it comes to non-monogamy.
68 min
219 - Labels By Any Other Name
Millennials don’t do labels or do they? Today we describe labeling the holy trinity - Sexuality, Gender & Relationship Styles.
60 min
218 - I've HALTed. Now What?
Time to chat about the acronym HALT. On this episode, we talk about what it means, why you should HALT and what to do after.
54 min
217 - Commitment in Non-Monogamy
Commitment is often misunderstood when it comes to non-monogamy. We explore what it is and how to define it in your relationship
52 min
216 - What is Emotional Support?
What is emotional support? How do you ask for it? How do you go about learning what kind you need. What does your partner need?
58 min
215 - The Science of Jealousy
Jealousy happens in all types of relationships, but what is the science behind why we respond with jealousy to certain situations.
59 min
214 - Ghosts of Normativity Past
Are you suffering from a Monogamy Hangover? We'll give you a dose of medicine to help cure what ails you.
67 min
213 - Relationship Goals
Relationship Goals - let's take a trip up the ol' relationship escalator. We talk about expectations vs reality vs the unsure.
52 min
212 - Relationship Baggage
Time to evaluate your own personal relationship baggage. We talk about how to recognize your own baggage and claim it.
63 min
211 - Thinking Critically about Sex Positivity ...
What does Sex Positivity and Negativity mean? We attempt to define these terms while idetifying potential problems with each.
58 min
210 - Take the Fight Out of Your Fights
Conflict is inevitable, but conflict can be productive. We take off the boxing gloves and talk about fighitng best practices.
69 min
209 - To Cohabitate or Not to Cohabitate, that ...
We cover questions to ask yourself, actionable items to make your living situation great & cover tips for living non-monogamously.
63 min
208 - Failure is an Option
Failure is always an option, but it doesn't have to be the end of the world. Embracing failure can help you actually grow.
62 min
207 - Self-Sabotage
Self-Sabotage can be a vicious cycle. Procrastination, addiction, self-worth issues & more. We also provide tips on how to fix it.
60 min
206 - Attraction Perceptions & Misconceptions
What IS attraction? Lots of misconcpetions out there. We look into the research & you might be surprised by what we learned.
57 min
205 - Anger is Good for You
People tend to repress or express anger in unhealthy ways. However, anger can be used as a force for good too!
61 min
204 - Metamour Troubles & Struggles
What happens when you don't get along with your metamours? We cover some of the struggles you might face in your relationship(s).
63 min
203 - Tackling Insecurities
We tackle insecurities that tend to affect our relationships and ultimately our overall happiness. We also share some solutions.
58 min
202 - Polyamorous Superhero Fiction
We speak to Kevin Patterson & Alana Phelan author's of For Hire: Operator. The book is a love story & super hero novel all in one.
46 min
201 - Are you ready to be polyamorous?
How do you know if you are ready to become polyamorous?
57 min
200 - 200 Episodes Later
It's our special 200th episode retrospective hootenanny!
58 min
199 - Visibility and Worthiness with Kat Blaque
Transgender rights activist and YouTube sensation Kat Blaque dishes on worthiness, being out, handling criticism, and more.
69 min
198 - Supporting a Partner through Loss
We all experience loss - the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, being let go from a job
48 min
197 - HIV with Liz Sutherland
You may not realize, but you definitely know someone who is living with HIV.
50 min
196 - Am I Still Polyamorous If...
Can you still be polyamorous if you have one partner or no partners?
58 min
195 - Wellbeing and Online Dating
Has online dating ever made you want to tear your hair out? You're not alone.
56 min
194 - Recovering from Infidelity
Is it possible to repair a relationship after a major breach of trust?
56 min
193 - Making Long Distance Relationships Work
The latest statistics and advice for long distance success.
62 min
192 - Self-Esteem Boost
Get a lasting self-esteem boost! (No participation trophies needed.)
49 min
191 - Toxic Relationships
Are your relationships a dumping ground for toxic waste?
42 min
190 - Surviving and Thriving in NRE
Are your palms sweaty and your stomach butterfly...ish? You may be feeling New Relationship Energy (NRE)
45 min
189 - Handling Backlash
When you start talking to people about non-traditional relationships, the reaction isn't always pretty.
57 min
188 - What Hierarchy Means to Me
Some people think polyamory can only function with a primary-secondary hierarchy. Others think it's a recipe for disaster.
68 min
187 - Break Free of Relationship Drama
No one wants a relationship full of drama...or do they?
51 min
186 - Reconnecting When You Don't Want To
This week we're talking about the best ways to reconnect with a partner after a separation, even when it doesn't feel easy.
58 min
185 - Can Men Get Along with their Metamours?
Dr. Alex Bove shares his research on metamours and masculinity.
61 min
184 - Multiamory Answers Your Questions Vol. 3 ...
This week we're coming at ya live from our first ever patreon retreat in Lake Tahoe, CA!
61 min
183 - Equal and Equitable Relationships
What does it mean to have a relationship that feels "equal"?
61 min
182 - Gamify Your Life
Gamify your way to self-improvement and better relationships!
55 min
181 - Settler Sexuality (with Dr. Kim Tallbear)
Dr. Kim Tallbear teaches us all about settler sexuality and modern approaches to creating kin and varied support networks.
50 min
180 - The Mono/Poly Paradox
It's a questions we've gotten since starting the podcast -- can mono/poly relationships work?
50 min
179 - Anxiety and Relationships
This week we talk about how anxiety shows up in our relationships, how to cope if you or your partner experience anxiety.
58 min