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With the Minter Dialogue podcast, your host Minter Dial is on a mission to help elevate the debate and insert more meaningfulness into our lives. He gives weekly interviews around leadership, brand strategy and transformation, featuring top business leaders, personalities, entrepreneurs and authors from around the world who are making things happen! The show was ranked as the #6 Leadership and #5 Branding Podcast 2021 by Feedspot, Julie Livingstone’s Top 15 Marketing Podcasts 2020 and Top 50 Marketing Blog/Podcasts by Linkedin.

Minter Dial is a filmmaker and author of four award-winning books, The Last Ring Home, Futureproof (FT Press), You Lead (Kogan Page) and Heartificial Empathy, 2nd edition (2023). He's currently writing Dialogos on Substack, to foster more meaningful conversation.

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Embracing Mortality: A Physician's Journey from...
What Dying and Death can Teach Us, Talking Visions and Conversations at End of Life with a Hospice Physician, Dr Kerr
56 min
Discover Emmet O'Sullivan, Teenage Author of "D...
How to deal with a life-changing event or diagnosis with the right attitude. An inspirational story.
50 min
Now We're Talking, with Psychologist, Dialogue ...
A thought-provoking episode with Sarah Rozenthuler as we discuss her latest book on the power of dialogue. Learn how to navigate conversations with purpose and authenticity. Listen now and transform the way you communicate!
51 min
The State of the Art of Computer Vision Tech wi...
Leveraging the evolution of AI, managing AI ethically and responsibly and the great entrepreneurial voyage of Real Eyes
54 min
Facing Down Fear, Dealing with Risk and Climbin...
Climbing the Shard, Experiencing Prison and Doing Extreme Feats -- How to embrace fear and plan and execute huge stunts
58 min
Building Community and Charting a New Leadershi...
The changing and challenging nature of leadership in today's post-covid world
61 min
Listening to Music and Watching the Symbols wit...
62 min
Build Your Legacy, Create a Superior Culture an...
Lessons in Leadership from the All Blacks, How Values Create Value and Why You Should Build a Legacy
63 min
Run To the Roar, with the winningest coach in c...
How to coach to win, overcome your fears, and educate for long-term success
63 min
Step Back and Leap with bestselling author and ...
Navigating through failure, divorce and difficulty to land on your purpose and develop a meaningful career
61 min
How to Scale at Speed with Felix Velarde (MDE552)
A deep dive into some of the challenges and solutions for building a successful business
69 min
Empathic Leadership and Coaching in Elite Sport...
How to build relationship, establish trust and develop strong lines of communication with empathic leadership
54 min
Understanding and Investing in the AI Wave with...
Find out about ethics, transparency and empathy in AI with industry expert, Jeremiah Owyang
55 min
Brand, Design, and How An Agile Strategy Can Bu...
The power of brands to bring fulfilment, meaningfulness and success with Marty Neumeier
46 min
How to drop everything that's holding you back,...
The power of letting go... a major life lesson
58 min
Insights from World-renowned Negotiator, Chris ...
Life lessons and the power of negotiation - Never Split the Difference
44 min
High-Stakes Performance Leadership with Sally H...
Dealing with stress, mental health issues, trust and performance at the top
63 min
The Power of Empathy with Keynote Speaker, Entr...
Deep dive into empathy as a way to bring about personal growth and social change
55 min
The Davines Story, Its Path To Success, Becomin...
The path toward creating a brand, community and B Corp. All about leadership and pioneering....
62 min
30 Years in a White Haze, with Extreme Skier Pi...
How to balance risk, adventure and safety with extreme skier, Dan Egan
69 min
Leading with Ethics and Humanity, with veteran,...
The powerful story of how defining your moral compass, leading with ethics and humanity makes for effective leadership
52 min
How to stand out, scale up and make a dent, wit...
The value of purpose, the importance of AI and the new model of work with Dan Priestley
67 min
Getting a Purpose Upgrade with Founder, Speaker...
The business case for a purpose upgrade
62 min
The Remarkable Journey of Resourcefulness, Resi...
Defining, mapping and evaluating soft skills... Fixing a problem faced by recruits and recruiters.
65 min
Doing Business and Trends in China, with Serial...
Incredible insights and trends from China with influencer and thought leader, Ashley Dudarenok
64 min