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With the Minter Dialogue podcast, your host Minter Dial is on a mission to help elevate the debate and insert more meaningfulness into our lives. He gives weekly interviews around leadership, brand strategy and transformation, featuring top business leaders, personalities, entrepreneurs and authors from around the world who are making things happen! The show was ranked as the #6 Leadership and #5 Branding Podcast 2021 by Feedspot, Julie Livingstone’s Top 15 Marketing Podcasts 2020 and Top 50 Marketing Blog/Podcasts by Linkedin.

Minter Dial is a filmmaker and author of four award-winning books, The Last Ring Home, Futureproof (FT Press), You Lead (Kogan Page) and Heartificial Empathy, 2nd edition (2023). He's currently writing Dialogos on Substack, to foster more meaningful conversation.

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The Feeling Economy: How AI is Creating the Era...
The future workforce will need to adapt to the feeling economy that will replace the thinking economy
52 min
Tell Me More About That with CEO, speaker and a...
The art of asking good questions and the 5 steps to empathy
53 min
Pioneering Empathy and AI, with Founder and CEO...
How to use AI and tech to promote and train on empathy
56 min
Business Trends in Practice with Bernard Marr, ...
A look at the key business skills and qualities needed to manage the future challenges
69 min
How To Have Meaningful Conversations with autho...
7 Strategies for talking about what matters
42 min
Understanding the darker side of work, personal...
Psychology and psychometrics at work, including surveillance, oversight and performance management
54 min
From Fashion Brand to Supervised Psychedelic Tr...
Exploring the world of psychedelics -- especially ketamine -- for helping tackle some important pathologies
62 min
Business is Personal with Penny Power OBE (MDE481)
Developing resilience, building communities and living with purpose
61 min
Ethics, Empathy and Consciousness with Intellig...
Arranging the legal and moral rights of robots, and the challenges around anthropomorphizing machines
55 min
Standout Lessons on Leadership from Tech Nation...
Leadership Lessons and tech entrepreneurship with a multiple time listed company CEO
71 min
Rendez-vous with Privacy, Data Protection and I...
A deep dive with lawyer expert on privacy, data protection and online regulation
53 min
Beatrice Dautzenberg, An Example of Modern Lead...
Talking purpose, leadership, corporate culture and legacy
61 min
That Sh*t will Never Sell! Making Memorable Bra...
An original mad man tells all.
52 min
Building a Culture of Empathy with Empathy Acti...
Spreading empathy in society and politics
55 min
The Power of Letting Go with John Purkiss, aka ...
Consciousness, oneness, intuition and meditation in business
57 min
Crushing Complexity with Pega Systems CTO, Don ...
Making the most of online conferences, PegaWorld 2022, and how to bring simplicity to business complexity
59 min
Empathy Works - The Key to Competitive Advantag...
The future of work, leadership for tomorrow and the importance of empathy in the workplace
51 min
CEO Excellence with Carolyn Dewar, author and S...
Special insights from the book and interviews in CEO Excellence
54 min
A New Way to Think with Author and Professor Em...
Leadership and Transforming Culture with Roger L. Martin
56 min
The Currency of Empathy, The Secret to Thriving...
Leadership, Empathy and Cultural Transformation with Jackie Acho
47 min
Beyond Emotional Intelligence with Michele Neva...
How to use emotional intelligence and beyond to improve your work and life.
49 min
Energize and Make the Most of Every Moment with...
How to avoid the energy deficit, boost and master your energy in life and work
58 min
The Secrets to Happiness at Work with Tracy Bro...
What is happiness and how to lead a more fulfilled life at work
58 min
The Role of Entertainment with Emmy-Winning, Os...
Song-writing, film making and storytelling with Cindy Cowan
49 min
Fitting into Punk XL - Experience Leadership wi...
Adrian Swinscoe is a renowned expert on Customer Experience. We explore his latest book, Punk XL
57 min