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Join hosts Audrey Strong and C. Lee Smith every other week as they dive into management, leadership, business, sales, company culture, talent retention, revenues, performance metrics, hiring and more. From debunking sales myths to learning how to manage with and without measurements, you'll learn something new with every episode and will be able to implement positive change throughout your workplace.

175 Don Long: Find Your Impact Areas
Don Long is President of Don Long Consulting and a best-selling author and expert business teacher.
20 min
174: Jonathan Raymond: Good Authority
Jonathan Raymond is the author of Good Authority and the CEO at Refound.
27 min
173 Krister Ungerbock: Talk SHIFT to better lea...
Krister Ungerböck is a retired tech CEO, author and founder of the global Talk SHIFT movement. He helps people build better bosses — and become one — by shifting their words.
24 min
172: Reland Logan: Social Media for Lead Gen
Reland Logan is founder of Gray Digital Marketing and specializes in helping entrepreneurs and influencers use social media for lead gen.
26 min
171 Brett Putter: Culture Change Checklist
Brett Putter is CEO of CultureGene, a culture leadership software and service platform and author of two books on company culture.
26 min
170 Dr. Jean Latting: Bridging The Workplace R...
Jean Kantambu Latting, DrPH, LMSW-IPR is President of Leading Consciously, LLC, and Professor Emerita at the Graduate College of Social Work (GCSW), University of Houston.
28 min
169: Clint Pulver: Boost Employee Retention
Clint Pulver is an Emmy Award-winning, motivational keynote speaker, author, musician, and workforce expert.
27 min
168 Michele Ashby: Getting Women Leaders On Boards
Michele Ashby is CEO & Founder of ACE LLC, Ashby Consulting Enterprises LLC. Her focus is on educating, supporting and teaching women how to attain corporate board positions
32 min
167 Ed Eichhorn: Controlling Healthcare Benefit...
Ed Eichhorn is founder of Medilink Consulting and author of Healing American Healthcare, A Plan To Provide Quality Care For All While Saving $1 Trillion A Year
23 min
166 Luis Gonzales: Multicultural Managing & Dif...
Luis Gonzáles is a Master Facilitator for Fierce Inc. He is a communications consultant, coach, and trainer, with more than 25 years’ experience in helping improve business outcomes for organizations.
27 min
165 Larry Olsen: Performance-Driven Neurology
Larry Olsen is CEO of Aperneo and an expert in performance-driven neurology as well as a book author.
28 min
164 Katie Zink: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Katie Zink is Founder of Social Construct Consulting and an expert in diversity, equity, and inclusion implementation.
30 min
163 Jonathan Kazarian: Better Remote Events
Jonathan Kazarian is the Founder nad CEO of Accelevents, a one-stop shop for event organizers putting on virtual events and fundraisers.
25 min
162: Jon Berghoff: Exponential leadership and C...
Jon Berghoff is Co-Founder and CEO of XCHANGE, a scientific approach to unlocking collective wisdom.
26 min
161 Tracy Goodwin: Vocal Techniques to Greater ...
Tracy Goodwin is Founder of Captivate The Room and an expert in vocals and voice. She's an expert trainer in helping individuals find their voice and speak more effectively.
29 min
160 Kevin Davis: How and Why Sales Managers Fail
Kevin Davis is founder of Topline Leadership and book author.
32 min
159 Peer Advisory Groups for Building High-Perf...
Leo Bottary is the Founder of Peernovation and an expert in Peer Advisory Groups.
20 min
158 Seth Greene: Lead Gen Using Direct Respons...
Seth Greene is a Nationally Recognized Financial Services Direct Response Marketing Expert.
18 min
157 Kevin Harris: Servant Leadership and Radic...
Kevin Harris is President of Radical Mentoring and an expert in servant leadership.
22 min
156 Audie Penn: Lean Principles
Audie Penn is Managing Partner of Faro Partners.
19 min
155 Improving Lead Gen and Expanding Marketing
Sky Stephens is the co-founder of the Association of Professional Builders, a business coaching company dedicated to improving the residential construction industry for both builders and consumers.
24 min
154 Avoiding Data Breaches When Working From Home 
Paul Katzoff is the CEO of WhiteCanyon Software where he continues to drive growth at through direct sales, outbound connections and strategic partners.
23 min
153 Bill Eckstrom: Why comfort will ruin your life
Bill Eckstrom is founder and CEO of EcSell Institute, the world’s first and only organization to measure and quantify leadership effectiveness.
21 min
152 Soft as Steel: Soft Skills Improvements
Dennis Doran has successfully served the construction industry for over 30 years as a contractor, consultant, strategic trainer & facilitator, development coach and public speaker.
23 min
151 Young entrepreneur's journey from child im...
Ali Awad is known as @CEOLawyer on social media and is a successful lawyer/entrepreneur with his own multimillion dollar law firm.
21 min