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Rick Smith Takes Temporary Leave As GM , O'Brie...
53 min
Texans vs Colts Postgame Show (Dec 31)
35 min
Top 5 Surprise Texans on Next Year’s Roster Bub...
26 min
Grading the Texans: Week 15 (Dec 26)
31 min
Texans vs Steelers Postgame Show (Dec 25)
44 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 15 (Dec 15)
28 min
3 Gifts We’d Like to Give the Texans (Dec 20)
46 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Steelers Preview (Dec 19)
42 min
Grading the Texans: Week 14 (Dec 18)
31 min
Texans vs Jaguars Postgame Show (Dec 17)
39 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 14 (Dec 14)
24 min
3 Players the Texans Let Get Away (Dec 13)
34 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Jaguars Preview (Dec 12)
41 min
Grading the Texans: Week 13 (Dec 11)
34 min
Texans vs 49ers Postgame Show (Dec 10)
56 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 13 (Dec 7)
27 min
Behind Enemy Lines: 49ers Preview (Dec 6)
40 min
3 reasons For and Against O'Brien Staying (Dec 5)
36 min
Grading the Texans: Week 12
31 min
Texans vs Titans Postgame Show (Dec 3)
51 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 12 (Nov 30)
32 min
Texans-Titans Preview: 3 Things To Look For (No...
36 min
Grading the Texans: Week 11
38 min
Texans vs Ravens Postgame Show (Nov 28)
54 min
Texans-Ravens Preview: 3 Things To Look For (No...
28 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 11 (Nov 24)
24 min
3 Things Texans Fans Can Be Thankful For
40 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Ravens Preview (Nov 21)
30 min
Grading the Texans: Week 10 (Nov 20)
33 min
Texans vs Cardinals Postgame Show (Nov 19)
65 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 10 (Nov 16)
27 min
Texans-Cardinals Preview: 3 Things To Look For ...
29 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Cardinals Preview (Nov 14)
30 min
Grading the Texans: Week 9 (Nov 13)
28 min
Texans vs Rams Postgame Show (Nov 12)
47 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 9 (Nov 10)
24 min
Texans-Rams Preview: 3 Things To Look For (Nov 9)
30 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Rams Preview (Nov 8)
43 min
Grading the Texans: Week 8 (Nov 7)
32 min
Texans vs Colts Postgame Show (Nov 6)
55 min
What Deshaun Watson's Loss Means (Nov 4)
41 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 8 (Nov 3)
20 min
Texans-Colts Preview: 3 Things To Look For (Nov 2)
24 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Colts Preview (Nov 1)
22 min
Duane Brown Dealt, McNair Controversy (Oct 31)
42 min
Texans vs. Seahawks Postgame Show (Oct 30)
57 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 7 (Oct 27)
22 min
12: Texans-Seahawks Preview: 3 Things To Look F...
What are Robert & Brian's 3 Things to Look For in the Seahawks game Sunday? They take apart a couple areas you may not expect. Plus, they look at a recent addition & subtraction to the #Texans roster. Email LockedonTexans@mail.com - for questions or...
26 min
11: Behind Enemy Lines: Seahawks Preview
How can the #Texans beat the #Seahawks? Brian & Robert go behind enemy lines with Locked on Seahawks Hosts Grant Goldberg & Spike Friedman. How's Russell Wilson playing? Whatever happened to Jimmy Graham? Grant & Spike give us their insider knowled...
46 min
10: Duane Brown is Back!!! (Oct 24)
Chronicle #Texans Blogger Stephanie Stradley is the special guest for this show. She details what many people might've missed about Duane Brown's holdout. Plus, Brian & Robert get her thoughts on Deshaun Watson, Zach Cunningham & Vrabel's challenged ...
38 min
9: Our 3 Favorite Texans Moments This Season (O...
What are Robert & Brian's 3 Favorite Texans moments this season? If you disagree with their list, email LockedonTexans@mail.com. Which Texans player stands out as the best at his position in Pro Football Focus' history? The answer might surprise you...
32 min
8: TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 6 (Oct 20)
Test your Texans Trivia knowledge with our weekly host & NFL Historian Andy Rioux. He attempts to stump regular LOT Host Robert Land & National TV Statistician Adam Pena. With a Bye Week for the Texans, Andy's theme is 'Texans on a Pro Bowl pace so f...
21 min
7: Will Duane Brown be a Texan next week? (Oct 19)
Brian & Robert discuss rumors of Duane Brown's return. When could it be? They hit on Dylan Cole's injury, Johnathan Joseph's big honor & some stand out Texans rankings & stats. Plus, they look at the Texans competition in the AFC. Check out our pa...
29 min
6: Exclusive with Former Texans DL Travis Johnson
How's the wear & tear of football affecting him today? In their exclusive 1-on-1 with former Texans 1st round pick Travis Johnson, Robert & Brian ask him about his health, J.J. Watt's greatness & what happened to David Carr. What was Andre Johnson re...
43 min
5: Grading the Texans: Week 6 (Oct 17)
What important #Texans player is coming back after the Bye Week? Brian & Robert have good news. How did the Texans grade out by position against the Browns? They break down the players with exclusive stats & give their high & low marks for each posi...
28 min
4: Texans vs. Browns Postgame Show (Oct 16)
Is Deshaun Watson approaching elite status? Brian & Robert explain how the Texans didn't take the Browns for granted. Plus, they go inside the locker room with Deshaun Watson, Carlos Watkins, Kareem Jackson & D.J. Reader. Check out our partners over...
57 min
3: TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 5 (Oct 13)
Test your Texans Trivia knowledge with our weekly host & NFL Historian Andy Rioux. He attempts to stump regular LOT Host Robert Land & National TV Statistician Adam Pena. Andy also mixes in some Browns related trivia. How does the Fresh Prince & Dar...
21 min
2: Texans-Browns Preview: 3 Things To Look For ...
Who are the 3 new Texans? Brian & Robert let you know who the Texans signed to take J.J. Watt & Whitney Mercilus' spot on the roster. Is Deshaun Watson the best quarterback in the NFL? The latest numbers say that he is. Plus, they give you their 3 ...
32 min
Behind Enemy Lines: FanRag's John Perrotto (Oct...
Do the Texans have any reason to fear the Browns on Sunday? John Perrotto, who covers the Browns for FanRag, takes us inside Cleveland's issues. He gives his thoughts on the QB situation, Coach Hue Jackson's job security, the decision not to draft Wa...
28 min
Grading the Texans: Week 5 (Oct 10)
How did the #Texans grade out by position against the Chiefs? Brian & Robert break down the players with exclusive stats & give their high & low marks for each position group. They go inside Pro Football Focus' individual grades of the Texans players &...
35 min
Texans vs. Chiefs Postgame Show (Oct 9)
How much trouble are the Texans without JJ Watt & Whitney Mercilus? Brian & Robert look at the devastating injuries the Texans suffered & how it may affect this defense. Can Deshaun Watson keep them going? They give you the good & bad from the Sunda...
54 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 4 (Oct 5)
Test your Texans Trivia knowledge with our weekly host & NFL Historian Andy Rioux. He attempts to stump regular LOT Host Robert Land & National TV Statistician Adam Pena. Andy mixes in some Chiefs related trivia. Plus, we talk about the AFC favorite...
24 min
Texans-Chiefs Preview: 3 Things To Look For (Oc...
Who's the newest Texan? Robert & Brian let you know who the Texans added to the roster after Tyler Ervin was officially put on Injured Reserve. They preview the Chiefs game with their 3 Things to Look For. They will tell you something Watson can do ...
31 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Chiefs Preview (Oct 3)
Do the undefeated Chiefs have any weaknesses the Texans can exploit? Locked on Chiefs Host Chris Clark gives us the scoop in our weekly Locked on Crossover. Has Alex Smith turned a corner? Chris gives us the latest on rookie phenom Kareem Hunt & the...
31 min
Grading the Texans: Week 4 (Oct 2)
How did the grade out by position? Brian & Robert break down the players with exclusive stats & give their high & low marks for each position group. How big a blow is the loss of Tyler Ervin for the season. They give their thoughts on Ervin's season...
32 min
Texans vs. Titans Postgame Show (Oct 1)
Is Deshaun Watson a Rookie of the Year or an MVP candidate? Robert & Brian are joined by Houston Sports Talk Co-Host R.G. Seal to talk about Watson's incredible performance & the Texans historic blowout. We take you inside the Texans locker room to h...
70 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 3 (Sept 29)
Test your Texans Trivia knowledge with our weekly host & NFL Historian Andy Rioux. He attempts to stump regular LOT Host Robert Land & National TV Statistician Adam Pena. Andy mixes in some Luv Ya Blue Oilers related trivia. Plus, Adam has a surpris...
19 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Titans Preview (Sept 27)
Can the Titans take a strangle hold on the AFC South & are there any holes in the Titans top 5 offense? We ask Terry Lambert, who covers the Titans for SB Nation, what to expect from this week's game. He gives us a player or 2 that could be an X factor.
18 min
Texans-Titans Preview: 3 Things To Look For (Se...
Robert & Brian give you yet another reason to fall in love with Deshaun Watson. He does something really special with his 1st paycheck. Plus, Robert & Brian preview this week's game with their 3 Things To Look For & they make their predictions. Also...
31 min
Should the Texans Trade Tom Savage? (Sept 26)
Now that Deshaun Watson looks like the quarterback of the future, Robert & Brian discuss the options for trading Tom Savage & his value. Robert has an exclusive one-on-one with Texans rookie ILB Dylan Cole. Plus, the Texans make a minor roster move t...
33 min
Grading the Texans: Week 3 (Sept 25)
How did the grade out by position? Brian & Robert break down the players with exclusive stats & give their high & low marks for each position group. Could Will Fuller be back this week? We'll give you the latest from Bill O'Brien. Also, check out o...
38 min
Texans vs. Patriots Postgame Show (Sept 24)
Is this the best loss the Texans franchise has ever had? Robert & Brian give you reason for hope after another heartbreaking Patriots defeat. They break down Watson's performance throw by throw & go through the pluses & minuses of O'Brien's coaching ...
66 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 2 (Sept 22)
Test your Texans Trivia knowledge with our weekly host & NFL Historian Andy Rioux. He attempts to stump regular LOT Host Robert Land & National TV Statistician Adam Pena. Andy mixes in some Patriots related trivia & much more.
26 min
Texans-Patriots Preview: 3 Things To Look For (...
What 3 things should you focus on for Sunday's Patriots game? Robert & Brian preview the match-ups & ask why everyone is so hard on the Texans after a 1-1 start. Plus, they tell you about some under the radar roster moves the Texans made this week. A...
36 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Patriots Preview (Sept 20)
How do you beat Tom Brady? We asked Locked on Patriots Host Mark Schofield in our weekly Wednesday Locked on Crossover. Mark gives us his perspective on the Texans-Patriots match-up, Deshaun Watson & if he thinks the Texans can finally defeat New Eng...
27 min
Grading the Texans: Week 2 (Sept 19)
How did Pro Football Focus grade out the Texans offensive line & defense? Robert & Brian goes into the numbers to see if JJ Watt looks like his old self & how Zach Cunningham did in his 1st start. Plus, we see who passed & failed along the offensive ...
26 min
Texans Release Jaelen Strong (Sept 18)
Why did the Texans release Jaelen Strong? Robert & Brian on GM Rick Smith's worst round of the NFL Draft. Which big name Texans player is out for a few weeks & who might be back sooner than expected? They have the latest on a busy weekend. Plus, th...
40 min
Texans Listener Party is Tonight! (Sept 17)
This is a reminder that our Listener Party is tonight from 7-9 PM at Underdogs Sports Pub on Washington Avenue. Proceeds from the purchases of beers from Holler & Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. go to Harvey Flood Relief. We're giving away Texans gear & yo...
3 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 1 (Sept 15)
We bring back our Texans Trivia segment. Host & NFL Historian Andy Rioux tries to stump Robert & National TV Statistician Adam Pena. Andy's theme this week is the Texans' rookie class.
14 min
Texans vs. Bengals Postgame Show (Sept 14)
Did Deshaun show us the potential for greatness? Robert & Brian break down Watson's 1st NFL start & win. A shorthanded offense was carried by their rookie QB to one of the gutsier victories in recent history. Robert is starting to panic over Deandre...
64 min
Should the Texans Cut Cushing? (Sept 13)
Was Brian Cushing's suspension a blessing in disguise? Brian & Robert explain the ramifications of Cushing's 10 game PED Suspension. They explain why Tom Savage's agent is upset & go over their 3 Things to Look For in the Bengals game. Plus, they ta...
38 min
Locked on Bengals James Rapien (Sept 12)
Robert & Brian go behind enemy lines & get Locked on Bengals Host James Rapien's thoughts on his team & this matchup. We ask him about Marvin Lewis' job security & where he sees the Texans taking advantage of Cincy's weaknesses.
17 min
Is Mancz the New Starting Guard? (Sept 11)
How did JJ Watt's performance grade out? Robert & Brian go through the Texans grades on defense & with the offensive line. Plus, the Texans lost all of their Tight Ends for the Bengals game. They look at how a big change in the Concussion rules coul...
31 min
Texans vs. Jaguars Postgame Show (Sept 10)
Why were the Texans a no-show against Jacksonville? Robert and Brian break down an embarrassing opening loss. Should DeShaun be the starting quarterback the rest of the season? They'll go the Watson vs. Savage battle, the awful offensive line, the i...
59 min
Texans-Jags Preview: 3 Things To Look For (Sept 7)
Robert & Brian each give you their 3 big things to look for in the Texans opener. We find out what D.J. Reader found in his locker & why J.J. Watt might be a suspect. Plus, we announcer our Locked on Texans/Locked on Rockets Listener Party for Harvey...
37 min
HEB Gives J.J. Watt's Fund $5 Million (Sept 6 #2)
Watt's Relief Fund got a huge lift from HEB. You'll hear from Watt, rookie D'Onta Foreman on his Texans' debut & LB Brian Cushing on how much Houston means to him. Plus, Robert goes 1-on-1 with Treston Decoud, who tells us how his family lost their h...
16 min
Can the Jaguars beat the Texans? (Sept 6)
Ryan Day, who covers the Jacksonville Jaguars for SB Nation, helps us preview this week's game. How bad is Blake Bortles? Day looks at a QB situation that only Texans fans could understand. Ryan tells us about the offensive line issues & how effecti...
16 min
Exclusive Corey Moore Interview (Sept 5)
What did Texans Safety Corey Moore learn about #HoustonStrong this week? Robert has exclusive interviews with Moore & new kicker Ka'imi Fairbairn. Duane Brown is ready to play football but what does that mean? You'll also hear from Lamar Miller tell ...
22 min
Texans Make More Roster Moves (Sept 4)
Which Texans running back lost his roster spot? We look at the Texans newest wide receiver & their practice squad list. Plus, Derek Carr tells ESPN he wanted to be a Texan & David Carr blames himself for the Texans not drafting him.
26 min
Texans Cut Roster to 53 (Sept 3)
Who did the Texans cut & who did they keep? Brian & Robert break down the final roster cuts & explain how the roster is made up. They'll tell you what the thinking was behind the Brandon Weeden decision & who the Texans might want to pick up on the s...
37 min
Contract Extensions for Hopkins & Fiedorowicz (...
Did the Texans make the right moves in extending Hopkins, Fiedorowicz & Prosch? And where does this leave Duane Brown's holdout? Robert & Brian look into a major day for Texan signings. Plus, Deadspin asks 'Why do the Texans Suck?' You'll hear what...
29 min
Locked on NFL Host Matt Williamson (Aug 30)
What does Matt Williamson think of the Texans this season? He gives us a little of his perspective as he joins us for a simulcast with the Locked on Network. What does he think of Deshaun Watson & the Texans potential? You'll find out in this show.
34 min
Our Defensive Picks for 53 Man Roster (Aug 29 #2)
What does JJ Watt think about all the donations coming in for his flood relief fundraising? You'll hear from Watt on the latest huge donation & we'll tell you how the Texans & Cowboys continue to raise money for Houston flood relief. Plus, Brian & Ro...
33 min
Texans Dedicate Season to Houston (Aug 29)
JJ Watt & Bill O'Brien say they want to do something special to help Houston recover from the flood. In this bonus Locked on Texans, you'll hear from Watt, O'Brien, Jonathan Joseph, Nick Martin & Tom Savage about how the last few days have affected th...
9 min
Our Offensive Picks for the 53 Man Roster (Aug 28)
How should the Texans make up their 53 man roster? Robert & Brian explain how they'd compose the offensive side of the Texans roster. We give you our picks by position. Plus, J.J. Watt & Owner Bob McNair reach out to help Houston Flood Relief victims.
36 min
Texans vs. Saints Postgame Show (Aug 26)
Who gets the blame for the Texans pathetic showing on offense? Robert & Brian analyze their most important preseason game. Did Deshaun Watson take a step back & what happened to the offensive line play? We look at the good, the bad & the ugly on off...
53 min
Texans-Saints Preview: 3 Things To Watch (Aug 24)
Drew Brees pays compliments to the Texans Front 7, Deshaun Watson & Tom Savage. We tell you what he has to say. What are the 3 things Brian & Robert are focusing their attention towards as the Texans starters get their most extended action? We previ...
26 min
Did Jaelen Strong Get Screwed? (Aug 23)
We go over the NFL's delayed ruling on a minor offense 18 months ago. Treston Decoud describes his emotions about going back to his hometown this weekend. Christian Covington discusses his new diet. Bill O'Brien talks about standing for the National...
29 min
Is K.J. Dillon fully recovered from his knee in...
Robert has an exclusive 1-on-1 with 2nd year Safety K.J. Dillon & finds out how he's feeling after 2 preseason games. Brian gives his firsthand view of Texans Training Camp Tuesday morning with his thoughts on the quarterback battle & much more. Plus...
23 min
O'Brien Damns Foreman with Faint Praise (Aug 21)
We have bonus takes on the Texans-Patriots game & Robert talks 1-on-1 with WR Dres Anderson. A Texan Legend shows up at Training Camp & the Texans release a wide receiver. Dylan Cole explains how he can make the roster. Plus, season ticket holder Te...
46 min