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Locked On Texans - Daily Podcast On T...
<p>Locked On Texans is the daily podcast covering all things Houston Texans and the NFL, hosted by Coty Davis and John “Some Sports Guy” Hickman. Locked On Texans is Bulls on Parade with a party twist. So subscribe and follow to join the fun! Locked On Texans, part of the Locked On Podcast Network. #NFL #Houston #Texans</p>
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 12/6/2019 --Sunday should b...
22 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 12/4/2019 --Crossover Wedne...
26 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 12/3/2019 --No GM no proble...
26 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 12/2/2019 --Texans put on s...
32 min
11-27-19- Texans two step with Patriots
27 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 11/26/2019 --AFC playoff sh...
21 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 11/22/2019 --Texans pick up...
29 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 11/20/2019 --Why Bill O'Bri...
27 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 11/19/2019 --How the Texans...
33 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 11/18/2019 --Poor performan...
26 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 11/15/2019 --The eye of the...
24 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 11/14/2019 --How the Texans...
27 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 11/13/2019 --Crossover edit...
34 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 11/12/2019 --Gearing up for...
27 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 11/7/2019 --Texans vs rest ...
32 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 11/6/2019 --Bill O'Brien's ...
25 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 11/4/2019 --Texans get much...
30 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 10/31/2019 --Exclusive inte...
27 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 10/30/2019 --Crossover show...
25 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 10/28/2019 --Texans Raiders...
23 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 10/25/2019 --Midseason eval...
27 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 10/24/2019 --What to expect...
26 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 10/23/2019 --Texans Crossov...
37 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 10/22/2019 --Texans trade f...
20 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 10/21/2019 --Texans drop cl...
28 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 10/18/2019 --Cornerbacks th...
28 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 10/16/2019 --Crossover Spec...
31 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 10/15/2019 --Texans hit har...
20 min
LockedOn Texans 10.14.19: Texans two step over ...
27 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 10/11/2019 --Final analysis...
22 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 10/10/2019 --Locked on Texa...
23 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 10/9/2019 --Locked on Texan...
27 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 10/8/2019 --Consistency is ...
27 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 10/4/2019 --Texans vs Falco...
35 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 10/2/2019 --Locked On Cross...
31 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 10/1/2019 --Final analysis ...
36 min
LockedOn Texans 9.30.19: Texans Take a Step bac...
26 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 9/26/2019 --Praising Deshau...
23 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 9/25/2019 --Locked On Texan...
27 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 9/24/2019 --What is your bi...
25 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 9/23/2019 --Texans win nail...
28 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 9/18/2019 --Is Bill O'Brien...
24 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 9/17/2019 --Defensive probl...
26 min
LockedOn Texans 9.16.19 Texans escape the Jags
23 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 9/12/2019 --Locked On Texan...
32 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 9/11/2019 --More analysis f...
24 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 9/10/2019 --Texans fall to ...
26 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 9/9/2019 --Texans Season Op...
20 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 9/4/2019 --Who Dat Crossover
27 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 9/2/2019 --Did the Texans g...
27 min
LockedOn Texans 8.28.19: Is JadeveON or is Jade...
31 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 8/27/2019 --Was this Lamar ...
24 min
LockedOn Texans 8.26.19: Preseason Pains
28 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 8/21/2019 --Who's starting ...
28 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 8/16/2019 --Texans preseaso...
27 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 8/15/2019 --The latest on J...
21 min
LockedOn Texans 8.9.19: Bulls on PreSeason Para...
30 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 8/8/2019 --Texans sign back...
23 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 8/7/2019 --Day 2 of joint p...
23 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 8/6/2019 --D'Onta Foreman f...
20 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 8/2/2019 --What Deshaun Wat...
23 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 8/1/2019 --Texans should go...
30 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 7/30/2019 --Offensive line ...
31 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 7/24/2019 --Training Camp P...
29 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 7/23/2019 --Training Camp P...
29 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 7/17/2019 --No Deal for Jad...
37 min
LockedOn Texans 7.11.19: No GM, A big problem
25 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 7/3/2019 --D'onta Foreman r...
29 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 6/25/2019 --Texans breakout...
33 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 6/19/2019 --Grading the Tex...
22 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 6/18/2019 --Texans should m...
26 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 6/13/2019 --Patriots accuse...
24 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 6/12/2019 --The future for ...
23 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 6/8/2019 --Brian Gaine out ...
28 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 6/4/2019 --Texans confidenc...
22 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 5/23/2019 --The Newest Grea...
34 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 5/22/2019 --Should the Texa...
26 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 5/21/2019 --Undrafted rooki...
28 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 5/17/2019 --Who is better J...
27 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 5/15/2019 --Texans sign Tai...
31 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS -- 5/14/2019 --Rookie Training...
31 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS 5/8/2019: Remaining Free Agents
25 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS 5/7/2019: Looking into the AFC...
26 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS 5/3/2019: Texans sign safety ...
24 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS 5/2/2019: Too many tight ends
33 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS 5/1/2019: Reviewing Texans sel...
23 min
LockedOn Texans: Day 1 of NFL draft
Did the Texans make the right pick? Will they regret the pick?
18 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS 4/25/2019: Draft Day Special
29 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS 4/24/2019: Texans Second round...
33 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS 4/23/2019: Trading Places
29 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS 4/19/2019: Bill O'Brien's Stat...
34 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS 4/18/2019: The release of the ...
29 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS 4/17/2019: Replacing Clowney
34 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS 4/12/2019: Texans Draft Specia...
25 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS-4/11/2019--Improving the play ...
30 min
LOCKED ON TEXANS 4/10/2019: Bill O'Brien's stat...
22 min
Locked On Texans: Reinforcing the offensive line
20 min
Locked On Texans: To Duke or not to Duke
20 min
Locked On Texans: Will Fuller injury update 3/2...
20 min
LockedOn Texans: Texans sign Matt Kalil (3.26.2...
29 min
LockedOn Texans: Friday Edition
32 min
Locked On Texans: Who should the Texans draft
29 min
LockedOn Texans: Worst Draft Pick in Franchise ...
33 min
LockedOn Texans: What's next for Texans in free...
32 min
Locked On Texans:Texans renew secondary with Gi...
22 min
LockedOn Texans: Texans lose Tyrann Mathieu (3....
29 min
Brian and Robert Say Goodbye (Jan 17)
31 min
StateoftheTexans.com Contributor Big Ron Joins ...
28 min
Fixing the Texans Running Back Group (Jan 15)
24 min
Troy from TexansCap.com helps analyze the Salar...
26 min
What Deshaun and Texans Can Learn from NFL Divi...
26 min
Fixing the Texans Secondary | Weekend Playoff P...
24 min
Fixing the Texans Offensive Line | Kubiak is Ba...
25 min
Where can the Texans save Salary Cap money? (Ja...
23 min
NFL Great Takes Shot at Deshaun | Key Staff Res...
28 min
The Texans Barely Show Up | Wildcard Postgame S...
40 min
DeAndre's Big Heart | Wildcard Matchups | Final...
28 min
Colts Insider Matt Danely Tells Us How to Stop ...
35 min
5 Keys to the Texans vs. Colts Wildcard Game (D...
24 min
Texans Win AFC South! | Texans vs. Jags Postgam...
35 min
How can the Texans still get the #1 Seed? | Lat...
24 min
Texans Game Preview with Locked on Jaguars Host...
33 min
Our Top 5 Christmas Movies and Favorite Holiday...
27 min
Texans Have Worst Case Scenario | Texans vs. Ea...
37 min
Was Kareem Jackson snubbed and Bernardrick McKi...
29 min
Texans Player Angry at Pro Bowl Snub | Xmas Gif...
24 min
Behind Enemy Lines with Locked on Eagles Host G...
33 min
Danny Mata from Fox 26 Sports is Back! (Dec 17)
22 min
Texans Win 10 of 11 | Texans vs. Jets Postgame ...
41 min
The Jets Get Easier to Beat | What's the Texans...
26 min
Texans Injury News | Andy Rioux's Games of the ...
21 min
A New York Jets Insider tells us how to neutral...
26 min
Chronicle Texans Blogger Stephanie Stradley is ...
27 min
Texans Winning Streak Ends | Texans vs. Colts P...
36 min
How far can the Texans go in the Playoffs? (Dec 6)
25 min
Latest on Texans Injuries | Fantasy Guru Andy R...
21 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Colts Insider Matt Danely J...
27 min
Can Bill O'Brien Win Coach of the Year? (Dec 3)
27 min
Texans Win 9 in a Row! | Texans vs. Browns Pos...
44 min
JJ Watt Honored | Andy's Fantasy Advice and Top...
23 min
Texans vs. Browns Crossover: How to Shut Down B...
39 min
Texans Win 8 in a row! | Texans vs. Titans Post...
39 min
The Legacy of Texans Owner and Founder Bob McNa...
35 min
What Texans Fans Can be Thankful for | Dylan Co...
21 min
Locked on Titans Host Jimmy Morris helps us pre...
31 min
State of the Texans' Patrick Starr Joins Us (No...
24 min
Texans Win 7 in a row! | Texans vs. Redskins Po...
36 min
Good News on D'Onta Foreman | Fantasy Wednesday...
21 min
Former Texans Safety DJ Swearinger Looks for Re...
33 min
What did we get right and wrong about this year...
26 min
Who's the Biggest Threat to the Texans in the A...
23 min
Texans Release Special Teams Star | Fantasy Foo...
22 min
We Hand Out Texans' Mid-Season Awards (Nov 6)
27 min
The Athletic Texans Beat Writer Aaron Reiss Joi...
20 min
Texans Win 6 in a Row! | Texans vs. Broncos Pos...
39 min
Texans Release a Former Starter | Promising Hea...
25 min
Breaking Down the Texans Demaryius Thomas Trade...
32 min
The Latest Trade and Salary Cap info from an In...
23 min
4 Potential Texans Trade Targets to Replace Wil...
24 min
Texans Win 5 in a Row | Dolphins Postgame Show ...
35 min
Texans Positives and Fantasy Football Wednesday...
21 min
Behind Enemy Lines with Locked on Dolphins Host...
21 min
Chronicle Texans Blogger Stephanie Stradley Joi...
24 min
Texans vs. Jaguars Postgame Show | Texans Grab ...
36 min
Texans Good News and Andy's Fantasy Takes (Oct 17)
24 min
Behind Enemy Lines with Locked on Jaguars Hosts...
33 min
SportsRadio 610's Seth Payne Joins Us (Oct 15)
32 min
Texans vs. Bills Postgame Show (Oct 14)
40 min
Is DeAndre the Best Receiver in the NFL? (Oct 10)
24 min
Behind Enemy Lines with Locked on Bills Host Ke...
31 min
Why the Texans Need to Get Le'Veon Bell (Oct 8)
25 min
Texans vs. Cowboys Postgame Show (Oct 7)
30 min
Comparing the Texans and Cowboys to a Seinfeld ...
24 min
Behind Enemy Lines with Locked on Cowboys Host ...
25 min
Is Aaron Colvin Out for the Year? (Oct 1)
25 min
Texans vs. Colts Postgame Show (Sept 30)
49 min
Could Andre Hal Play for the Texans This Year? ...
24 min
Behind Enemy Lines with Colts Insider Matt Dane...
28 min
Guest Jayson Braddock on the Texans Mess (Sept 24)
32 min
Texans v. Giants Postgame Show (Sept 23)
44 min
Do or Die for the Texans (Sept 19)
25 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Previewing Texans vs. Giant...
28 min
We Give You Texans Good News (Sept 17)
26 min
Texans v. Titans Postgame Show (Sept 16)
45 min
Can the Texans Bounce Back This Week? (Sept 12)
22 min
Will Mariota Play Against the Texans? (Sept 11)
22 min
Bill O'Brien's Latest Excuse for the Gronk Catc...
26 min
Texans vs. Patriots Postgame Show (Sept 9)
46 min
Season Predictions: Super Bowl, Division and MV...
21 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Texans vs. Patriots (Sept 5)
32 min
Checking in with the Texans International Fanba...
21 min
Texans Prepping for the Patriots (Sept 3)
26 min
Texans Roster Cuts and New Additions (Sept 2)
32 min
Texans v. Cowboys Postgame Show (Aug 30)
32 min
Last Minute Fantasy Draft Advice (Aug 29)
22 min
Texans Defensive Grades and Debating the 53 Man...
26 min
Breaking Down the Texans New Cornerback (Aug 27)
25 min
Texans v. Rams Postgame Show (Aug 25)
41 min
A Notable Texans Rookie is Back! (Aug 22)
21 min
Preseason Week 2: Texans Pro Football Focus De...
25 min
Preseason Week 2: Texans Pro Football Focus Of...
25 min
Texans v. 49ers Postgame Show (Aug 19)
35 min
The 3 Best Texans Camp Battles (Aug 16)
22 min
Jags CB Jalen Ramsey with High Praise for Desha...
20 min
Texans Preaseason Game 1 Pro Football Focus Def...
23 min
Texans Preaseason Game 1 Pro Football Focus Off...
25 min
5 Texans Preseason Observations (Aug 12)
26 min
Texans v. Chiefs Postgame Show (Aug 10)
37 min
Texans Fantasy Football Preview (Aug 8)
20 min
Bill O'Brien Says JJ Watt from 2015 is Back! (A...
23 min
Houston Texans: 3 Things to Look for Offensivel...
21 min
A Look Back at the NFL Hall of Fame Ceremonies ...
27 min
Houston Texans Prop Bets (Aug 2)
24 min
Deshaun Watson's MVP Odds (Aug 1)
23 min
Bill O'Brien Goes Out of His Way to Praise a Ro...
24 min
One Texans' Fan's Inside Look at Training Camp ...
19 min
Houston Texans: Are the Super Bowl Champion Eag...
25 min
Day 1 of Texans Training Camp: JJ Watt's Back (...
24 min
Houston Texans: Previewing the Redskins Season ...
18 min
Top 5 Trades the Houston Texans Must Make (July...
28 min
Houston Texans: One of the Secrets to Deshaun W...
25 min
Texans and Rockets Similarities with Locked on ...
26 min
Texans Move Up on Forbes Most Valuable Franchis...
26 min
Behind Enemy Line with the New York Giants (Jul...
26 min
Behind Enemy Lines with the Broncos (July 16)
42 min
Houston Texans: Dissecting the latest wave of c...
26 min
Should Dez Bryant still be a Dallas Cowboy? (Ju...
24 min
DeAndre Hopkins Speaks Out on Cannabis Use in t...
23 min
The 3 Biggest Texans Training Camp Storylines (...
23 min
LeBron James Turns Justin Reid into a Lakers Fa...
24 min
5 Free Agent Cornerbacks to Replace Kareem Jack...
24 min
DeAndre Hopkins Offers Private Workout to the P...
26 min
A Chat with Hall of Fame Inductee Robert Brazil...
24 min
Could this be J.J. Watt's last season in Housto...
24 min
Should the Texans Sign Clowney to an Extension ...
24 min
Part 2 of our talk with Texans Voice Marc Vande...
24 min
Our Conversation with Texans Voice Marc Vanderm...
23 min
Latest on Texans Cheerleaders Lawsuit (June 18)
24 min
Top 5 Texans Games to See This Year (June 17)
23 min
A Greenbrier Training Camp Guide for Texans Fan...
27 min
Dr. Deshaun Updates His Injury Status (June 13)
25 min
Texans Players React to Andre Hal Cancer Diagno...
24 min
Where DeAndre Falls in Top 10 WR Rankings (June...
29 min
A Texans Starter is Diagnosed with Cancer (June...
28 min
An Insider Looks at Texans Corners Jermaine Kel...
27 min
Texans Salary Cap Talk with Troy from TexansCap...
30 min
Bruce Ellington Picks up Tips from Chris Paul (...
31 min
Talking with SportsTalk 790 Host Jayson Braddoc...
28 min
A Strength of Schedule Expert Looks at the AFC ...
26 min
Should the Texans sign Adrian Peterson? (May 31)
25 min
Former Texans Player Takes a shot at Bill O'Bri...
26 min
Predicting the Texans 53 Man Roster (May 29)
24 min
How NFL Rule Changes Affect Texans (May 27)
27 min
An Inside Look at 2 of the Texans Best Undrafte...
22 min
The 1st Look from Texans OTA's (May 22)
21 min
SportsRadio 610 Triple Threat Producer Brian Mc...
28 min
Gauging odds Texans Top 4 Draft Picks Start The...
23 min
Game by Game Texans Vegas Point Spreads (May 17)
24 min
Should the Texans be worried abou the Jags move...
26 min
Locked on NFL Draft Host Jon Ledyard Joins Us (...
30 min
What are the Texans doing with Guard Jeff Allen...
24 min
Examining the Revamped Texans Offensive Depth C...
27 min
Examining the Revamped Texans Defensive Depth C...
26 min
An Inside Look at Mystery Man Jordan Akins (May 8)
19 min
An Inside Look at Texans Pass Rusher Duke Ejiof...
22 min
An Insider Looks at new Texans Justin Reid and ...
27 min
An Insider Looks at New Texans Martinas Rankin ...
24 min
NFL Draft Winners and Losers (May 1)
27 min
An Insider Perspective on new Texans WR Keke Co...
26 min
Breaking Down Final 5 Texans Draft Picks (Apr 29)
40 min
Breaking Down the Texans 3rd Round Picks (Apr 27)
31 min
Looking at the 1st Round from a Texans Perspect...
28 min
Looking at a Middle Round Texans Draft Sleeper ...
24 min
Are oddsmakers underestimating the Texans poten...
27 min
What do we think of the Texans Schedule? (Apr 21)
30 min
Does Patriots Unrest Open the Door for the Texa...
21 min
Deshaun, Mathieu, DeAndre and Watt Speak Out (A...
27 min
Will Texans Consider Dez Bryant? (Apr 16)
25 min
Grading the Texans 2015 Draft (Apr 15)
25 min
Andre Johnson Speaks and Derek Newton Cut (Apr 13)
26 min
Saying Goodbye to Houston's Original NFL Home (...
27 min
Is it time to give Mercilus and Clowney an exte...
21 min
Bob McNair Stirs Up Controversy (Apr 5)
24 min
Looking in the Texans Trenches with Big Ron (Ap...
25 min
Behind Enemy LInes: Tennessee Titans Part 2 (Ap...
23 min
Are the Titans Overrated? (Apr 2)
24 min
Is there a good reason for signing Brandon Weed...
26 min
Chron.com Contributor Stephanie Stradley Part 2...
23 min
Chron.com Contributor Stephanie Stradley Part 1...
25 min
Locked on Jaguars Crossover Part 2 (Mar 26)
28 min
Locked on Jaguars Crossover Part 1 (Mar 25)
32 min
Should the Texans Draft QB Lamar Jackson? (Mar 22)
26 min
Who starts where on revamped Texans offensive l...
29 min
Texans Free Agent Tight End Options (Mar 20)
27 min
Tyrann Mathieu's 1st Press Conference as a Texa...
30 min
Texans Sign Tyrann Mathieu! (Mar 16)
32 min
Brian Gaine Talks Free Agency and Texans Starte...
42 min
Texans Add Another Offensive Lineman (Mar 14)
26 min
Cornerback Aaron Colvin Agrees to Deal with Tex...
36 min
Texans a Favorite to Sign an Offensive Lineman?...
39 min
Texans and NFL Free Agent Rumors (Mar 11)
26 min
Bad Guy McNair, Good Guy O'Brien? (Mar 7)
26 min
Exclusive with Former Texans QB Sage Rosenfels ...
24 min
Grading the Texans 2016 Draft (Mar 5)
26 min
Top 5 Potential Texans Targets from the NFL Com...
33 min
SportsRadio 610 Triple Threat Producer Brian Mc...
30 min
Top 5 Texans Free Agent TE Targets (Feb 27)
27 min
Reliving the Rosen-Copter with Rosenfels (Feb 26)
41 min
How Many Draft Picks Do the Texans Get? (Feb 25)
31 min
Grading the Texans 2017 Draft (Feb 21)
26 min
Top 5 Texans Who’d Be Good Winter Olympians (Fe...
32 min
Texans Free Agent Options in the Secondary (Feb...
32 min
Top 5 Texans Moments of All-Time (Feb 13)
32 min
Texans Offensive Line and Backup QB Free Agent ...
25 min
DeAndre Hopkins: Texans Free Agent Recruiter? (...
26 min
Top 5 Ways to Improve the Texans Fan Experience...
38 min
Deshaun Watson Takes a Positive Step (Feb 5)
30 min
Eagles Win Super Bowl, JJ Watt Wins Man of the ...
42 min
Discussing NFL Draft with Jon Ledyard (Jan 31)
41 min
Top 5 Ways to Make Bob McNair a Better Owner (J...
45 min
2 Houston Sports Icons Talk Super Bowl and Hall...
34 min
Texans Hire Possible Successor to Romeo Crennel...
30 min
Locked on Network Regular Season Awards (Jan 24)
33 min
Top 5 2018 Texans Offseason Moves (Jan 23)
33 min
Locked on Jaguars Host Zach Goodall (Jan 22)
38 min
Romeo Crennel is Back as Defensive Coordinator!...
39 min
Texans Salary Cap Offseason Dilemmas (Jan 17)
41 min
Top 10 Most Valuable Texans (Jan 16)
36 min
Locked on Vikings Host Sam Ekstrom (Jan 15)
29 min
Texans Sign O'Brien to a Contract Extension (Ja...
32 min
Texans Hire a New GM (Jan 10)
29 min
Top 5 Texans Roster Surprises / Disappointments...
34 min
Remembering Most Heartbreaking Game in Houston ...
50 min
Latest on Texans GM Search (Jan 7)
37 min
Who are the Texans Top 4 GM Candidates? (Jan 4)
32 min
O'Brien Addresses Future with Texans (Jan 2)
31 min
Rick Smith Takes Temporary Leave As GM , O'Brie...
53 min
Texans vs Colts Postgame Show (Dec 31)
35 min
Top 5 Surprise Texans on Next Year’s Roster Bub...
26 min
Grading the Texans: Week 15 (Dec 26)
31 min
Texans vs Steelers Postgame Show (Dec 25)
44 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 15 (Dec 15)
28 min
3 Gifts We’d Like to Give the Texans (Dec 20)
46 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Steelers Preview (Dec 19)
42 min
Grading the Texans: Week 14 (Dec 18)
31 min
Texans vs Jaguars Postgame Show (Dec 17)
39 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 14 (Dec 14)
24 min
3 Players the Texans Let Get Away (Dec 13)
34 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Jaguars Preview (Dec 12)
41 min
Grading the Texans: Week 13 (Dec 11)
34 min
Texans vs 49ers Postgame Show (Dec 10)
56 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 13 (Dec 7)
27 min
Behind Enemy Lines: 49ers Preview (Dec 6)
40 min
3 reasons For and Against O'Brien Staying (Dec 5)
36 min
Grading the Texans: Week 12
31 min
Texans vs Titans Postgame Show (Dec 3)
51 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 12 (Nov 30)
32 min
Texans-Titans Preview: 3 Things To Look For (No...
36 min
Grading the Texans: Week 11
38 min
Texans vs Ravens Postgame Show (Nov 28)
54 min
Texans-Ravens Preview: 3 Things To Look For (No...
28 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 11 (Nov 24)
24 min
3 Things Texans Fans Can Be Thankful For
40 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Ravens Preview (Nov 21)
30 min
Grading the Texans: Week 10 (Nov 20)
33 min
Texans vs Cardinals Postgame Show (Nov 19)
65 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 10 (Nov 16)
27 min
Texans-Cardinals Preview: 3 Things To Look For ...
29 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Cardinals Preview (Nov 14)
30 min
Grading the Texans: Week 9 (Nov 13)
28 min
Texans vs Rams Postgame Show (Nov 12)
47 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 9 (Nov 10)
24 min
Texans-Rams Preview: 3 Things To Look For (Nov 9)
30 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Rams Preview (Nov 8)
43 min
Grading the Texans: Week 8 (Nov 7)
32 min
Texans vs Colts Postgame Show (Nov 6)
55 min
What Deshaun Watson's Loss Means (Nov 4)
41 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 8 (Nov 3)
20 min
Texans-Colts Preview: 3 Things To Look For (Nov 2)
24 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Colts Preview (Nov 1)
22 min
Duane Brown Dealt, McNair Controversy (Oct 31)
42 min
Texans vs. Seahawks Postgame Show (Oct 30)
57 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 7 (Oct 27)
22 min
12: Texans-Seahawks Preview: 3 Things To Look F...
What are Robert & Brian's 3 Things to Look For in the Seahawks game Sunday? They take apart a couple areas you may not expect. Plus, they look at a recent addition & subtraction to the #Texans roster. Email LockedonTexans@mail.com - for questions or...
26 min
11: Behind Enemy Lines: Seahawks Preview
How can the #Texans beat the #Seahawks? Brian & Robert go behind enemy lines with Locked on Seahawks Hosts Grant Goldberg & Spike Friedman. How's Russell Wilson playing? Whatever happened to Jimmy Graham? Grant & Spike give us their insider knowled...
46 min
10: Duane Brown is Back!!! (Oct 24)
Chronicle #Texans Blogger Stephanie Stradley is the special guest for this show. She details what many people might've missed about Duane Brown's holdout. Plus, Brian & Robert get her thoughts on Deshaun Watson, Zach Cunningham & Vrabel's challenged ...
38 min
9: Our 3 Favorite Texans Moments This Season (O...
What are Robert & Brian's 3 Favorite Texans moments this season? If you disagree with their list, email LockedonTexans@mail.com. Which Texans player stands out as the best at his position in Pro Football Focus' history? The answer might surprise you...
32 min
8: TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 6 (Oct 20)
Test your Texans Trivia knowledge with our weekly host & NFL Historian Andy Rioux. He attempts to stump regular LOT Host Robert Land & National TV Statistician Adam Pena. With a Bye Week for the Texans, Andy's theme is 'Texans on a Pro Bowl pace so f...
21 min
7: Will Duane Brown be a Texan next week? (Oct 19)
Brian & Robert discuss rumors of Duane Brown's return. When could it be? They hit on Dylan Cole's injury, Johnathan Joseph's big honor & some stand out Texans rankings & stats. Plus, they look at the Texans competition in the AFC. Check out our pa...
29 min
6: Exclusive with Former Texans DL Travis Johnson
How's the wear & tear of football affecting him today? In their exclusive 1-on-1 with former Texans 1st round pick Travis Johnson, Robert & Brian ask him about his health, J.J. Watt's greatness & what happened to David Carr. What was Andre Johnson re...
43 min
5: Grading the Texans: Week 6 (Oct 17)
What important #Texans player is coming back after the Bye Week? Brian & Robert have good news. How did the Texans grade out by position against the Browns? They break down the players with exclusive stats & give their high & low marks for each posi...
28 min
4: Texans vs. Browns Postgame Show (Oct 16)
Is Deshaun Watson approaching elite status? Brian & Robert explain how the Texans didn't take the Browns for granted. Plus, they go inside the locker room with Deshaun Watson, Carlos Watkins, Kareem Jackson & D.J. Reader. Check out our partners over...
57 min
3: TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 5 (Oct 13)
Test your Texans Trivia knowledge with our weekly host & NFL Historian Andy Rioux. He attempts to stump regular LOT Host Robert Land & National TV Statistician Adam Pena. Andy also mixes in some Browns related trivia. How does the Fresh Prince & Dar...
21 min
2: Texans-Browns Preview: 3 Things To Look For ...
Who are the 3 new Texans? Brian & Robert let you know who the Texans signed to take J.J. Watt & Whitney Mercilus' spot on the roster. Is Deshaun Watson the best quarterback in the NFL? The latest numbers say that he is. Plus, they give you their 3 ...
32 min
Behind Enemy Lines: FanRag's John Perrotto (Oct...
Do the Texans have any reason to fear the Browns on Sunday? John Perrotto, who covers the Browns for FanRag, takes us inside Cleveland's issues. He gives his thoughts on the QB situation, Coach Hue Jackson's job security, the decision not to draft Wa...
28 min
Grading the Texans: Week 5 (Oct 10)
How did the #Texans grade out by position against the Chiefs? Brian & Robert break down the players with exclusive stats & give their high & low marks for each position group. They go inside Pro Football Focus' individual grades of the Texans players &...
35 min
Texans vs. Chiefs Postgame Show (Oct 9)
How much trouble are the Texans without JJ Watt & Whitney Mercilus? Brian & Robert look at the devastating injuries the Texans suffered & how it may affect this defense. Can Deshaun Watson keep them going? They give you the good & bad from the Sunda...
54 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 4 (Oct 5)
Test your Texans Trivia knowledge with our weekly host & NFL Historian Andy Rioux. He attempts to stump regular LOT Host Robert Land & National TV Statistician Adam Pena. Andy mixes in some Chiefs related trivia. Plus, we talk about the AFC favorite...
24 min
Texans-Chiefs Preview: 3 Things To Look For (Oc...
Who's the newest Texan? Robert & Brian let you know who the Texans added to the roster after Tyler Ervin was officially put on Injured Reserve. They preview the Chiefs game with their 3 Things to Look For. They will tell you something Watson can do ...
31 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Chiefs Preview (Oct 3)
Do the undefeated Chiefs have any weaknesses the Texans can exploit? Locked on Chiefs Host Chris Clark gives us the scoop in our weekly Locked on Crossover. Has Alex Smith turned a corner? Chris gives us the latest on rookie phenom Kareem Hunt & the...
31 min
Grading the Texans: Week 4 (Oct 2)
How did the grade out by position? Brian & Robert break down the players with exclusive stats & give their high & low marks for each position group. How big a blow is the loss of Tyler Ervin for the season. They give their thoughts on Ervin's season...
32 min
Texans vs. Titans Postgame Show (Oct 1)
Is Deshaun Watson a Rookie of the Year or an MVP candidate? Robert & Brian are joined by Houston Sports Talk Co-Host R.G. Seal to talk about Watson's incredible performance & the Texans historic blowout. We take you inside the Texans locker room to h...
70 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 3 (Sept 29)
Test your Texans Trivia knowledge with our weekly host & NFL Historian Andy Rioux. He attempts to stump regular LOT Host Robert Land & National TV Statistician Adam Pena. Andy mixes in some Luv Ya Blue Oilers related trivia. Plus, Adam has a surpris...
19 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Titans Preview (Sept 27)
Can the Titans take a strangle hold on the AFC South & are there any holes in the Titans top 5 offense? We ask Terry Lambert, who covers the Titans for SB Nation, what to expect from this week's game. He gives us a player or 2 that could be an X factor.
18 min
Texans-Titans Preview: 3 Things To Look For (Se...
Robert & Brian give you yet another reason to fall in love with Deshaun Watson. He does something really special with his 1st paycheck. Plus, Robert & Brian preview this week's game with their 3 Things To Look For & they make their predictions. Also...
31 min
Should the Texans Trade Tom Savage? (Sept 26)
Now that Deshaun Watson looks like the quarterback of the future, Robert & Brian discuss the options for trading Tom Savage & his value. Robert has an exclusive one-on-one with Texans rookie ILB Dylan Cole. Plus, the Texans make a minor roster move t...
33 min
Grading the Texans: Week 3 (Sept 25)
How did the grade out by position? Brian & Robert break down the players with exclusive stats & give their high & low marks for each position group. Could Will Fuller be back this week? We'll give you the latest from Bill O'Brien. Also, check out o...
38 min
Texans vs. Patriots Postgame Show (Sept 24)
Is this the best loss the Texans franchise has ever had? Robert & Brian give you reason for hope after another heartbreaking Patriots defeat. They break down Watson's performance throw by throw & go through the pluses & minuses of O'Brien's coaching ...
66 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 2 (Sept 22)
Test your Texans Trivia knowledge with our weekly host & NFL Historian Andy Rioux. He attempts to stump regular LOT Host Robert Land & National TV Statistician Adam Pena. Andy mixes in some Patriots related trivia & much more.
26 min
Texans-Patriots Preview: 3 Things To Look For (...
What 3 things should you focus on for Sunday's Patriots game? Robert & Brian preview the match-ups & ask why everyone is so hard on the Texans after a 1-1 start. Plus, they tell you about some under the radar roster moves the Texans made this week. A...
36 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Patriots Preview (Sept 20)
How do you beat Tom Brady? We asked Locked on Patriots Host Mark Schofield in our weekly Wednesday Locked on Crossover. Mark gives us his perspective on the Texans-Patriots match-up, Deshaun Watson & if he thinks the Texans can finally defeat New Eng...
27 min
Grading the Texans: Week 2 (Sept 19)
How did Pro Football Focus grade out the Texans offensive line & defense? Robert & Brian goes into the numbers to see if JJ Watt looks like his old self & how Zach Cunningham did in his 1st start. Plus, we see who passed & failed along the offensive ...
26 min
Texans Release Jaelen Strong (Sept 18)
Why did the Texans release Jaelen Strong? Robert & Brian on GM Rick Smith's worst round of the NFL Draft. Which big name Texans player is out for a few weeks & who might be back sooner than expected? They have the latest on a busy weekend. Plus, th...
40 min
Texans Listener Party is Tonight! (Sept 17)
This is a reminder that our Listener Party is tonight from 7-9 PM at Underdogs Sports Pub on Washington Avenue. Proceeds from the purchases of beers from Holler & Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. go to Harvey Flood Relief. We're giving away Texans gear & yo...
3 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 1 (Sept 15)
We bring back our Texans Trivia segment. Host & NFL Historian Andy Rioux tries to stump Robert & National TV Statistician Adam Pena. Andy's theme this week is the Texans' rookie class.
14 min
Texans vs. Bengals Postgame Show (Sept 14)
Did Deshaun show us the potential for greatness? Robert & Brian break down Watson's 1st NFL start & win. A shorthanded offense was carried by their rookie QB to one of the gutsier victories in recent history. Robert is starting to panic over Deandre...
64 min
Should the Texans Cut Cushing? (Sept 13)
Was Brian Cushing's suspension a blessing in disguise? Brian & Robert explain the ramifications of Cushing's 10 game PED Suspension. They explain why Tom Savage's agent is upset & go over their 3 Things to Look For in the Bengals game. Plus, they ta...
38 min
Locked on Bengals James Rapien (Sept 12)
Robert & Brian go behind enemy lines & get Locked on Bengals Host James Rapien's thoughts on his team & this matchup. We ask him about Marvin Lewis' job security & where he sees the Texans taking advantage of Cincy's weaknesses.
17 min
Is Mancz the New Starting Guard? (Sept 11)
How did JJ Watt's performance grade out? Robert & Brian go through the Texans grades on defense & with the offensive line. Plus, the Texans lost all of their Tight Ends for the Bengals game. They look at how a big change in the Concussion rules coul...
31 min
Texans vs. Jaguars Postgame Show (Sept 10)
Why were the Texans a no-show against Jacksonville? Robert and Brian break down an embarrassing opening loss. Should DeShaun be the starting quarterback the rest of the season? They'll go the Watson vs. Savage battle, the awful offensive line, the i...
59 min
Texans-Jags Preview: 3 Things To Look For (Sept 7)
Robert & Brian each give you their 3 big things to look for in the Texans opener. We find out what D.J. Reader found in his locker & why J.J. Watt might be a suspect. Plus, we announcer our Locked on Texans/Locked on Rockets Listener Party for Harvey...
37 min
HEB Gives J.J. Watt's Fund $5 Million (Sept 6 #2)
Watt's Relief Fund got a huge lift from HEB. You'll hear from Watt, rookie D'Onta Foreman on his Texans' debut & LB Brian Cushing on how much Houston means to him. Plus, Robert goes 1-on-1 with Treston Decoud, who tells us how his family lost their h...
16 min
Can the Jaguars beat the Texans? (Sept 6)
Ryan Day, who covers the Jacksonville Jaguars for SB Nation, helps us preview this week's game. How bad is Blake Bortles? Day looks at a QB situation that only Texans fans could understand. Ryan tells us about the offensive line issues & how effecti...
16 min
Exclusive Corey Moore Interview (Sept 5)
What did Texans Safety Corey Moore learn about #HoustonStrong this week? Robert has exclusive interviews with Moore & new kicker Ka'imi Fairbairn. Duane Brown is ready to play football but what does that mean? You'll also hear from Lamar Miller tell ...
22 min
Texans Make More Roster Moves (Sept 4)
Which Texans running back lost his roster spot? We look at the Texans newest wide receiver & their practice squad list. Plus, Derek Carr tells ESPN he wanted to be a Texan & David Carr blames himself for the Texans not drafting him.
26 min
Texans Cut Roster to 53 (Sept 3)
Who did the Texans cut & who did they keep? Brian & Robert break down the final roster cuts & explain how the roster is made up. They'll tell you what the thinking was behind the Brandon Weeden decision & who the Texans might want to pick up on the s...
37 min
Contract Extensions for Hopkins & Fiedorowicz (...
Did the Texans make the right moves in extending Hopkins, Fiedorowicz & Prosch? And where does this leave Duane Brown's holdout? Robert & Brian look into a major day for Texan signings. Plus, Deadspin asks 'Why do the Texans Suck?' You'll hear what...
29 min
Locked on NFL Host Matt Williamson (Aug 30)
What does Matt Williamson think of the Texans this season? He gives us a little of his perspective as he joins us for a simulcast with the Locked on Network. What does he think of Deshaun Watson & the Texans potential? You'll find out in this show.
34 min
Our Defensive Picks for 53 Man Roster (Aug 29 #2)
What does JJ Watt think about all the donations coming in for his flood relief fundraising? You'll hear from Watt on the latest huge donation & we'll tell you how the Texans & Cowboys continue to raise money for Houston flood relief. Plus, Brian & Ro...
33 min
Texans Dedicate Season to Houston (Aug 29)
JJ Watt & Bill O'Brien say they want to do something special to help Houston recover from the flood. In this bonus Locked on Texans, you'll hear from Watt, O'Brien, Jonathan Joseph, Nick Martin & Tom Savage about how the last few days have affected th...
9 min
Our Offensive Picks for the 53 Man Roster (Aug 28)
How should the Texans make up their 53 man roster? Robert & Brian explain how they'd compose the offensive side of the Texans roster. We give you our picks by position. Plus, J.J. Watt & Owner Bob McNair reach out to help Houston Flood Relief victims.
36 min
Texans vs. Saints Postgame Show (Aug 26)
Who gets the blame for the Texans pathetic showing on offense? Robert & Brian analyze their most important preseason game. Did Deshaun Watson take a step back & what happened to the offensive line play? We look at the good, the bad & the ugly on off...
53 min
Texans-Saints Preview: 3 Things To Watch (Aug 24)
Drew Brees pays compliments to the Texans Front 7, Deshaun Watson & Tom Savage. We tell you what he has to say. What are the 3 things Brian & Robert are focusing their attention towards as the Texans starters get their most extended action? We previ...
26 min
Did Jaelen Strong Get Screwed? (Aug 23)
We go over the NFL's delayed ruling on a minor offense 18 months ago. Treston Decoud describes his emotions about going back to his hometown this weekend. Christian Covington discusses his new diet. Bill O'Brien talks about standing for the National...
29 min
Is K.J. Dillon fully recovered from his knee in...
Robert has an exclusive 1-on-1 with 2nd year Safety K.J. Dillon & finds out how he's feeling after 2 preseason games. Brian gives his firsthand view of Texans Training Camp Tuesday morning with his thoughts on the quarterback battle & much more. Plus...
23 min
O'Brien Damns Foreman with Faint Praise (Aug 21)
We have bonus takes on the Texans-Patriots game & Robert talks 1-on-1 with WR Dres Anderson. A Texan Legend shows up at Training Camp & the Texans release a wide receiver. Dylan Cole explains how he can make the roster. Plus, season ticket holder Te...
46 min
Texans vs. Patriots Postgame Show (Aug 20)
Who won Round 2 of the Texans Quarterback Battle? Robert & Brian analyze Savage & Watson & wonder if they saw a flash of prime cut JJ Watt. Plus, you'll hear locker room sound from Watt & Whitney Mercilus and Robert's exclusive 1-on-1 with David Ques...
59 min
Texans-Patriots Preview: 3 things to look for (...
Brian & Robert give 3 things Texans fans need to focus on for Saturday's Patriots preseason game. What does Watson & the receivers need to show? Plus, they preview a special moment that may bring the Texans crowd to their feet.
30 min
A Texans Fan's Inside Look at Training Camp (A...
Which players stood out during the Patriots' scrimmages? Super Texans Fan Jordan Brown made the trip to The Greenbrier & gives us his firsthand account of what he saw. He tells us about the quarterback competition, the wide receiver competition & int...
22 min
Learning how to beat the Patriots (Aug 16)
Can the Texans pick up some clues on how to beat the Pats? As the Texans get plenty of work in against the Super Bowl Champs, we wonder if familiarity will breed success. Should Jay Prosch & Will Fuller make the roster? We analyze a couple roster sp...
25 min
Can the Texans find a healthy receiver? (Aug 15)
We look at the latest Texans WR who is out with an injury & the new one they signed. How did JJ Watt & Brian Cushing celebrate Mike Vrabel's birthday? We'll tell you that story. Plus, if you're stranded on a desert island, which bad Texans QB would y...
25 min
Who should be Texans starting Right Tackle? (Au...
In today's show, what pop star texted JJ Watt about his brother's debut. Did the Texans get a WR who can help them out? We tell you about their newest pickup & look at the rookie quarterbacks who had outstanding debuts. Plus, we debate how many wide...
30 min
Should Deshaun play with the starters? (Aug 11)
We debate whether Deshaun Watson should play some with the 1st team during the preseason. Plus, we hit on a couple of offensive lineman that looked good against Carolina & give you a surprise performance from a Texan rookie middle linebacker. Robert ...
30 min
Texans vs. Panthers Postgame Show (Aug 10)
Did the battle for the starting QB spot just get real? We wonder if Watson is putting real heat on Savage. Which young Texans looked good & which ones didn't? We focus on D'onta Foreman, Zach Cunningham, Julie'n Davenport, Robert Nelson & K.J. Dillo...
41 min
Houston Radio Legend Barry Warner (Aug 9)
Is JJ Watt the best defensive player of all time? SB Nation 1560 AM Radio Host Barry Warner gives us his thoughts on Watt, Rick Smith, Deshaun Watson & Tom Savage. Does he feel like the Texans are on the right track? Warner always has strong takes & ...
14 min
3 Things We're Looking for Against Carolina (Au...
Robert & Brian preview the Texans 1st preseason game. They each give their 3 main things they're keeping an eye on against the Panthers. They also talk about a Texans player who's calling it quits & how he announced the end to his career.
33 min
NFL Hall of Fame Weekend Takeaways (Aug 7)
What jumped out at us from the NFL Hall of Fame speeches? We talk about LaDainian Tomlinson's memorable speech & how race played a major role in all the speeches. Plus, you'll hear Hall of Fame Inductee's Morten Anderson give a tribute to a Houston O...
25 min
Does the Texans offense look better? (Aug 6)
Brian Cushing tells us if he sees an improved offense from the defense's perspective. You'll hear from Cushing, Lamar Miller, Braxton Miller & Coach O'Brien. They talk about the progress of the Texans 2nd year players & why O'Brien was doing push-ups...
12 min
Will Braxton Miller or Jaelen Strong step up? (...
Can one of the Texans young wideouts have a breakout season? With Will Fuller's injury, we'll look at who might take up his slack in the wide receiving corps. Why is it important to Bill O'Brien that Tom Savage is successful? Robert says Savage is j...
23 min
2017 Hall of Fame Class (Aug 3)
Was Terrell Davis any less deserving to be voted to the Hall of Fame than Earl Campbell? In this encore LOT podcast, NFL historian Andy Rioux joins us to look at the newest members of the Hall of Fame: Kurt Warner, LaDanian Tomlinson, Morten Anderso...
19 min
WR Will Fuller is Out 2 to 3 months (Aug 2 #2)
Robert & Brian discuss the fall out of Will Fuller's broken collarbone. How do the Texans make up for his loss? Should they be worried about his longterm durability? They answer those questions & look at who on the roster can make up for Fuller's lo...
21 min
What camp conspiracy is bothering JJ Watt? (Aug...
JJ Watt isn't happy with some shenanigans going on in the Texans hottest Training Camp game. Watt also tells the nation's most revered Astrophysicist to back off & apologizes to a teammate. Plus, free agent safety Marcus Gilchrest explains why he's s...
12 min
O'Brien Says Watson Ahead of Schedule (Aug 1 #2)
Should we put credence into Coach O'Brien's Deshaun Watson praise? Robert & Brian dissect O'Brien's comments, Bob McNair's address to the media, Tyler Ervin's importance this season & explain the importance of their newest veteran safety. Plus, we ta...
21 min
What does Bob McNair expect this year? (Aug 1)
Owner Bob McNair addresses the Texans offense & expectations going into this season. Tom Savage gives us a couple ways he thinks the offense can improve. And should we be concerned JJ Watt & Kevin Johnson missed practice Tuesday? Bill O'Brien talks ...
13 min
Which Texan Player Doesn't Believe in Dinosaurs...
In a special bonus weekend show, Kareem Jackson explains how the Texans can improve their defense. JJ Watt wonders how his locker room neighbor can't believe in dinosaurs. Lamar Miller says he doesn't try to pronounce his backfield teammate's name. ...
10 min
Will Brennan Scarlett be a Texans starter this ...
You'll hear from JJ Watt, Bill O'Brien, Deandre Hopkins, Tom Savage, Jadeveon Clowney, Kevin Johnson & Whitney Mercilus. Plus, David Quessenberry talks about how he's feeling in his dream of making the Texans roster this year. We wonder if Brennan Sc...
30 min
Texans Training Camp Finally Begins! (July 26)
What did D'Onta Foreman have to say about the charges against him? Which Hall of Fame quarterback did Deshaun Watson draw a comparison to? We go over all the notes from Day 1 of Texans Training Camp & you'll hear about Rockets Coach Mike D'Antoni mak...
20 min
Is Duane Brown really a holdout? (July 26)
With the start of Training Camp today, Houston Sports Talk's Robert Land & House of Houston's Brian Patterson have the latest on Duane Brown's contract situation. GM Rick Smith says it's not what you think it is. You'll hear about Gary Kubiak's new j...
24 min
Analyzing the Texans Schedule Part 3 (July 25)
Will the Texans finally win more than 9 games? Robert & House of Houston's Brian Patterson break down the last third of the schedule & give their predictions.
23 min
How important is this season for Fiedorowicz? (...
Robert Land & Brian Patterson preview a couple of important story lines for Training Camp. Can DJ Reader step in for Vince Wilfork & improve the nose tackle position? Brian shares his thoughts on Reader & the tight ends. Who's JJ Watt's newest celeb...
23 min
Analyzing the Texans Schedule Part 2 (July 20)
How tough is the middle third of the Texans schedule? Houston Sports Talk's Robert Land & House of Houston's Brian Patterson continue to make predictions in an NFC West loaded portion of the season.
22 min
Ring of Honor for Andre Johnson (July 19)
Who should get into the Texans Ring of Honor after Andre Johnson? Houston Sports Talk's Robert Land & House of Houston's Brian Patterson look at Andre's latest honor, the Texans alternate uniforms, the top 25 most popular uniforms in the NFL & some tr...
29 min
Analyzing the Texans Early Schedule (July 18)
Houston Sports Talk's Robert Land & House of Houston's Brian Patterson break down the Texans schedule prior to that bye week. Can they get off to a quick start? Robert & Brian predict their early record & you'll find out if Bob McNair is interested i...
26 min
Should we worry about D'Onta Foreman's arrest? ...
Hosts Robert Land & House of Houston's Brian Patterson look at the details & repercussions of D'Onta's arrest on marijuana possession & carrying an Illegal weapon. Are the Texans too concerned about off the field issues? We discuss that, talk about a...
26 min
Drafting Running Backs in Your Fantasy League (...
Is the rookie running back crop going to make a huge impact in Fantasy Leagues? Fantasy Football Analyst Andy Rioux tells us the rookies & veteran RB's to draft & where some of them might go. We also talk Fantasy Football history & how things have ch...
23 min
What's it cost to go to Texans Training Camp? (...
Robert & new Locked on Texans co-host Brian Patterson from House of Houston take a look at the cost of seeing the Texans in West Virginia. What is D'Onta Foreman Day? You'll find out about a Foreman parade, JJ Watt's favorite athlete & Arian Foster h...
23 min
Which Texans do you draft in Fantasy Football? ...
Robert asks Veteran Fantasy Football Analyst Andy Rioux if Lamar Miller is still a good draft pick for your Fantasy Football team. Is there any reason to put Tom Savage on your team or spend a high pick on Deandre Hopkins? Rioux looks at the best & w...
17 min
3 Training Camp Storylines to Watch (June 30)
How much do the Texans really need this season from Tom Savage & J.J. Watt? House of Houston's Brian Patterson helps us preview the big stories to keep an eye on as the Texans head to West Virginia. Brian also wonders if Duane Brown has a real case i...
21 min
Profiling Undrafted Free Agent Dylan Cole (June...
Can LB Dylan Cole be a potential sleeper to make the Texans? Jim Connell, who covered Cole for the Springfield News-Leader, explains what traits might make Cole an undrafted steal.
15 min
Profiling Undrafted Free Agent TE Zach Conque (...
Is Stephen F. Austin's Zach Conque a sleeper to make the Texans roster? SFA Voice Rob Meyers joins us to describe Conque's attempted transition from Lumberjack Quarterback to Texan Tight End.
17 min
Is Duane Brown's contract demand reasonable? (J...
Troy at TexansCap.com joins us to look at Duane Brown's contract holdout & see if it can be easily solved. He explains how Derek Newton's new deal helps the Texans & shares his thoughts on the Texans offseason. Plus, we ask him how Derek Carr's new d...
24 min
Texans Voice Marc Vandermeer, Part 2 (June 21)
What are Vandermeer's favorite moments in Texans history? In the 2nd part of Robert's 1-on-1 with Marc, we talk about his partner Andre Ware, his famous catchphrase & where the Texans are as they head to Training Camp.
24 min
Texans Voice Marc Vandermeer, Part 1 (June 20)
Did Vandermeer ever consider leaving the Texans? You'll learn about Vandermeer's career in the 1st part of Robert's 1-on-1 with the Texans original & only voice. Did he love football from the womb? His answer might surprise you. Plus, we ask him ab...
35 min
Where do Watt, Clowney & Mercilus rank in NFL E...
Is Osweiler blaming the Texans coaching staff for some bad fundamentals? Robert has thoughts on Brock's latest comments. Plus, you'll hear Locked on NFL podcast host Matt Williamson's list of the top 19 NFL Edge Rushers.
20 min
How is JJ Watt's health? (June 15)
Watt opened up about how he's reacted to the 1st few weeks of practices. He explained why playing football is special to him & what he learned from a former Navy Seal's visit with the Texan players. Deandre Hopkins tells us what Wes Welker has meant ...
12 min
Brennan Scarlett's Friendship with a Rockets Pl...
How impressed is JJ Watt with Bernardrick McKinney? You'll hear what Watt had to say out at Mini-Camp. Plus, OLB Brennan Scarlett talks about his childhood friendship with Kyle Wiltjer, his injury history, last year's most memorable moment & his gran...
16 min
Day 1 of Texans Mini-Camp (June 13)
Will Jeff Allen be a much better right guard this year? In Robert's exclusive interview, you'll find out what went wrong for Allen last year & what happened this offseason that might improve him. Is Deshaun Watson progressing fast enough? Robert has...
17 min
Texans Assistant Coaches Speak Part 3 (June 12)
How can the Texans replace A.J. Buoye & Quintin Demps? Secondary Coach John Butler tells us what's happening with the Texans secondary & updates us on how Kevin Johnson has recovered from his season ending foot surgery. Plus, you'll hear from Special...
16 min
Texans Assistant Coaches Speak Part 2 (June 9)
Can Wes Welker help the Texans beat Tom Brady? The Texans new assistant coach spoke to the media this week & you'll hear what he had to say. We also have new Defensive Coordinator Mike Vrabel thoughts on his new role & how JJ Watt looks so far. Plu...
18 min
Texans Assistant Coaches Speak! (June 8)
We get a rare chance to hear from the Texans' assistant coaches about the progress of their guys. QB Coach Pat O'Hara, Offensive Line Coach Mike Devlin & Wide Receiver Coach John Perry update us on Deshaun Watson's development, Will Fuller's hands & w...
20 min
Week 3 OTA Observations (June 7)
We'll have an exclusive 1-on-1 interview with Texans tackle & former Super Bowl Champion Breno Giacomini. We ask him if he sees any similarities between this Texans team & his championship Seahawks team. He tells us about playing with Russell Wilson,...
16 min
Should the Texans sign Jeremy Maclin? (June 6)
We ask Michael Rosenhouse, who covers the Texans for CW39's NewsFix, if they should sign Maclin, where JJ Watt should be ranked in the NFL's Top 100 & how he sees the Deshaun Watson/Tom Savage QB situation. Rosenhouse also looks at Will Fuller's rooki...
24 min
Can WR Riley McCarron make the Texans roster? (...
With Keith Mumphery getting released, does Riley McCarron have the inside track to the 5th wide receiver spot? Iowa Hawkeyes Beat Writer Bobby La Gesse, who covered McCarron, details his remarkable road to the NFL & explains what skills make him a goo...
17 min
Have we seen the last of Keith Mumphery? (June 1)
Robert details some surprising revelations about the Texans wide receiver that could end his Texans' career. It was the media's 2nd chance to get out to OTA's and you'll hear from Bill O'Brien, David Quessenberry, Tom Savage & D.J. Reader. Who's maki...
11 min
Are the Titans ready to leap past the Texans? (...
We ask Terry Lambert, who covers the Titans for SB Nation, if Mariota is ready to become an elite quarterback. Lambert breaks down the Titans draft & their offseason moves. Plus, we ask him about the Vince Young era in Tennessee.
23 min
Did the Jags gain ground on the Texans this off...
Ryan Day, who covers the Jacksonville Jaguars for SB Nation, tells how a new administration is hoping to improve things for the last place team in the AFC South. Was it a mistake to take Leonard Fournette instead of Deshaun Watson? We ask Terry about...
24 min
How will new NFL rules affect Texans? (May 26)
Fox 26 Sports Producer Danny Mata is back with us to look at the NFL's new rules. Can the new Injured Reserve rule help the Texans? Is the 90 to 53 cut down helping players or teams? Mata answers those questions & talks Deshaun Watson & the QB situa...
31 min
Texans OTA's are here! (May 24)
Have the doctors put limitations on JJ Watt? You'll hear from JJ, Nick Martin, Brandon Weeden & Bill O'Brien after the Texans 1st real full practice since the end of last season. Why wasn't Duane Brown at OTA's? We'll give you the big names who miss...
17 min
Locked on NFL Draft Host Jon Ledyard- Part 2 (M...
How did the Texans do in the back half of their draft? Jon breaks down Julién Davenport, Carlos Watkins & Treston Decoud. Plus, Ledyard looks at the Texans AFC South opponents to see how their draft compared to the Texans.
19 min
Locked on NFL Draft Host Jon Ledyard- Part 1 (M...
What did Jon think of Deshaun Watson & the Texans draft? In the 1st part of our 2 part interview, Ledyard breaks down the Texans new QB, Zach Cunningham & D'Onta Foreman. Is Foreman's ability to be a bruising tackle breaker overrated? You might be s...
14 min
Did the Texans find an answer at Right Tackle? ...
We ask Locked on Jets Host John Butchko if newly signed Breno Giacomini will be much of a help at right tackle. He tells us about his time with the Jets & the injury that cost him most of last season. Plus, we get his thoughts on free agent tackle Ry...
18 min
Did the Colts help Andrew Luck this offseason? ...
We ask Locked on Colts Host Matt Danely what he thought of their offseason. Are they more equipped to challenge the Texans? Danely breaks down their draft & free agency. A former Texan & their new GM might've improved the weakest part of their roster.
42 min
What did we learn from Day 1 of Rookie Mini-Cam...
Robert explains what he saw Saturday with our first look at the rookies. Is there a new more hands on Bill O'Brien? You'll hear from O'Brien, Deshaun Watson & D'Onta Foreman. The Texans added a veteran free agent & some rookies. Robert runs down the...
18 min
Treston Decoud's Remarkable Path to the Texans ...
SB Nation's Marcus Russell, who covers Oregon State for BuildingtheDam.com, explains how Texans 5th round pick Treston Decoud survived a rough upbringing, academic issues & dealt with his mother's 2 bouts with Breast Cancer. Russell compares Decoud to...
12 min
Which Texans veterans aren't coming back? (May 11)
Sports Radio 610 Producer Brian McDonald explains why The Texans also didn't submit a qualifying tender offer to Jonathan Grimes & Akeem Dent. Does Brian have an answer to the Texans right tackle question? We get his thoughts on the Texans middle rou...
22 min
Breaking down Texans 4th round pick Carlos Watk...
Can Watkins help replace Vince Wilfork at Nose Tackle? We ask Ben, who covers Clemson for SB Nation, how Watkins' skills will translate to the NFL. He explains how Watkins was nearly killed in an auto accident & was almost quit football 4 years ago.
20 min
Are Deshaun Watson's interceptions a major conc...
SportsTalk 790's Jayson Braddock explains why the Texans may be a good fit for Watson. We ask him about D'Onta Foreman's pass blocking & he gives us a couple of steals the Texans picked up in the undrafted free agent market. Braddock also looks at wh...
22 min
Profiling Texans New Offensive Lineman Julién D...
We unravel the mysterious 4th round pick of the Texans with Bucknell Football's Voice Doug Birdsong, who called the games of the new Texans tackle throughout his college career. Is he really the player to be named later? We explain a possible mystery...
18 min
What is D'Onta Foreman's potential? (May 5)
We ask CBS Austin Sports Director Bob Ballou if the Texans' 3rd round pick can be a dominant NFL back. Are there concerns about his pass protection skills? Ballou addresses those perceptions & also explains why he didn't play more early in his Longho...
19 min
Chronicle Texans Blogger Stephanie Stradley Ret...
Is Deshaun the long awaited answer at quarterback? The Chronicle's Stephanie Stradley gives us her thoughts on the Texans' draft & the chemistry between Rick Smith & Bill O'Brien. Who starts at right tackle? We ask her about some of the holes that n...
32 min
Should we worry about Deshaun Watson? (May 3)
Sports Radio 610 'Triple Threat' Producer Brian McDonald says he has major concerns about Watson. He makes a few QB comparisons that may scare you Texan fans on that 'Watson High'. We ask him if those issues are fixable in today's show.
18 min
Did the Texans AFC South rivals close the gap? ...
NFL Analyst Andy Rioux joins us to talk about the winners & losers of the NFL Draft. Did the Texans come back to the pack in the AFC South? We ask Andy about some of the better moves & some of the stranger moves around the league on Draft Day.
26 min
Will Zach Cunningham be a 2nd round steal? (May 1)
SB Nation's Christian D'Andrea, who covers Vanderbilt for AnchorofGold.com, tells us about the cover skills, talent, personality & big play ability of new Texan ILB Zach Cunningham. We also ask Christian about Vandy Alum Jay Cutler & how he's perceive...
14 min
Locked on Texans - Breaking Down Day 3 of Texan...
Did the Texans finally get that right tackle they desperately needed? We give you the low down on Day 3 & analyze the Texans entire draft with KHOU 11's Daniel Gotera. Rick Smith & Bill O'Brien break down their picks on Day 3 - OT Julie'n Davenport, ...
30 min
Locked on Texans - Filling Needs on Day 2 of Dr...
Did the Texans fill important needs in Day 2 of the draft? You'll hear from Rick Smith & Bill O'Brien to get their thoughts on 2nd round pick & Vanderbilt ILB Zach Cunningham & 3rd round pick, UT Longhorn RB D'Onta Foreman. We also have instant react...
16 min
Locked on Texans - Deshaun Watson Press Confere...
What did Deshaun Watson have to say the 1st time he faced the Houston media? We play his entire press conference for you in this show. Watson, Rick Smith & Bill O'Brien open up about his visit to Houston prior to the draft, among other things.
18 min
Locked on Texans - Deshaun Watson is a Texan! (...
Did the Texans finally get their franchise quarterback? ESPN 97.5 Producer Nick Sharara joins Robert to break it all down. You'll hear Rick Smith & Bill O'Brien's full press conference. They explain how it happened & why they chose Watson. What was...
47 min
Locked on Texans - Schedule & Draft Preview (Ap...
What are the pluses & minuses of the Texans schedule? Houston Sports Talk's R.G. Seal joins Robert to preview the season schedule & look at the most desirable quarterbacks in the NFL Draft. Which QB should the Texans choose? We'll figure out who the...
30 min
Locked on Texans - GM Rick Smith Speaks (Apr 21)
What are the Texans looking for the NFL Draft? We give you an extended cut of one of Rick Smith's rare press conferences. He talks about the offseason so far, the lack of free agent signings, the Osweiler deal & what he's looking for in the draft.
22 min
Locked on Texans - Former Texan Wade Smith (Apr...
What was JJ Watt like as a rookie? We ask former Texan guard Wade Smith about a fresh-faced Watt & playing with future Hall of Fame players Tony Gonzalez & Darrelle Revis. Why did Wade write a children's book? He tells us what he's up to now & we a...
15 min
Locked on Texans - WFL Houston Texans Voice Jer...
What was it like to call the games of the original Houston Texans? Jerry Trupiano takes us back to 1974 with some funny & crazy stories of the World Football League's version of the Texans. You'll find out about what one of Houston's forgotten franc...
24 min
Locked on Texans - The Return of Texans Trivia ...
What is Lamar Miller's favorite TV show? You can compete against Sports Radio 610 Producer Brian McDonald & host Robert Land in our Texans Trivia contest. Our NFL historian, Andy Rioux, plays the role of Alex Trebek as the host. It's multiple choi...
19 min
Locked on Texans - Romo Retires (Apr 4)
According to reports, Tony Romo retires & will move into the broadcast booth. What other options do the Texans have at quarterback? Robert goes through the names still out there & wonders what the Texans will do with all this cap room.
9 min
Locked on Texans - Do the Texans have bad draft...
Has the Texans timing in the NFL draft been awful? Robert tried to make that case in this show. Plus, we'll look at what the consensus is for the Texans 1st round pick in all the national mock drafts. Plus, which former Texan QB finds a home? We'v...
10 min
Locked on Texans - Profiling QB Prospect Brad K...
Should the Texans consider Brad Kaaya in the middle rounds of this year's draft? SB Nation's Cameron Underwood, who covers the Miami Hurricanes for StateoftheU.com, gives us the good & bad on Brad. Hear how his mom made 'Bye Felicia' famous & find ou...
23 min
Locked on Texans - Are we mad at Bob McNair's l...
Should Texans fans be upset at what Bob McNair had to say about the Brock signing. We ask Troy from Texanscap.com about his thoughts on that & he looks at what money is available for Tony Romo & DeAndre Hopkins.
20 min
Locked on Texans - Are Texans closer to getting...
Three factors tell us that the Tony Romo saga might be nearing an end & the Texans are looking like the most likely option. Robert looks at what happened on Twitter this past week & what is going on in Phoenix right now that could mean Romo Limbo is a...
9 min
Locked on Texans - Can Goodell Make the NFL Mor...
What kind of changes is the commissioner planning? Robert goes through the specific ways he'll try to speed up the pace of play. Monday Morning Quarterback's Emily Kaplan joined the Locked on NFL Draft show to talk about her profiles of the top 4 pro...
18 min
Locked on Texans - Is Romo's best fit in Denver...
Where's Romo more likely to go? We ask Locked on Broncos Host Chad Jensen what he's heard about Tony Romo & if he thinks Denver should sign him. He shares his thoughts on Osweiler, Kubiak, Trevor Simeon & Paxton Lynch.
28 min
How Do Scouts Grade NFL Quarterbacks? Part 2 (M...
Did the Texans lose important guard depth? Robert updates the latest in free agency & JJ Watt sends a letter to a 12 year old fan in the hospital. Two NFL legends announce debilitating diseases this past weekend & how it's believed their football car...
18 min
How Do Scouts Grade NFL Quarterbacks? Part 1 (M...
In the 1st part of our interview with SB Nation's Blake Murphy, he takes us inside the scouting process & explains the different ways scouts measure future success. What should the Texans look for when they evaluate? He outlines the results of this y...
22 min
Carr says Texans not fair to Brock (Mar 16)
Did the Texans not give Brock a fair shake? Former Texan QB David Carr fires shots at the organization. Robert looks at the points the current NFL Network Analyst made & tries to find some common ground. We also look at the latest signings in NFL Fr...
13 min
Locked on Texans - Battle Red Blog's Ryan Dunsm...
Is trading for Malcolm Butler better than signing AJ Buoye? We get Battle Red Blog's Ryan Dunsmore's thoughts on the Osweiler deal, Tony Romo, Tom Savage & low cost available free agent possibilities for the Texans. Plus, we talk about the J.J. Watt ...
34 min
Locked on Texans - Who Won Free Agency? (Mar 14)
Our NFL expert Andy Rioux looks at how the rest of the AFC South fared in NFL Free Agency. Plus, he takes us through the best signings, the worst signings, the Browns' new look & the Bears change at quarterback.
18 min
Locked on Texans - Profiling QB Prospect Davis ...
Could Cal QB Davis Webb be a sleeper in the NFL Draft? Robert Hwang, who covers the California Golden Bears for SB Nation, breaks down Webb's game & compares Webb to former Golden Bear & number 1 overall pick Jared Goff. Plus, Hwang talks about Webb'...
18 min
Locked on Texas - Is Rick Smith learning from M...
Were the Osweiler & Buoye decisions straight out Daryl Morey's playbook? Houston Sports Talk Co-Host R.G. Seal says Rick Smith made the right moves & explains why the Texans shouldn't have reached on Buoye's contract. Are the Broncos & Texans playing...
20 min
Locked on Texans - Brock & Buoye are Gone! (Mar 9)
How did the Texans get rid of Osweiler? Robert gives the details on the Brock deal & what it could mean for other Texans moves. Buoye is no longer a Texan. How will that affect this offseason & the secondary. Robert also talks about Demps departure...
10 min
Locked on Texans - Trainer Abdul Foster (Mar 8)
Arian Foster's brother Abdul tells us about his new book 'Next Generation Football Training'. Plus, he shares with us what made Arian & Andre Johnson so special. We also talk about JJ Watt's recovery from back surgery & what he looks for at the NFL ...
21 min
Locked on Texans - Should Texans consider Cutle...
Does Jay Cutler just need a change of scenery? Locked on Bears Host Bryan Perez may surprise you with his thoughts on Cutler's potential as a Texan. He looks back at his tenure with the Bears, his future & why the veteran may be misunderstood around ...
20 min
Profiling QB Prospect Deshaun Watson (Mar 6)
Should the Texans draft Deshaun Watson because of his big game ability? Ben, who covers Clemson for SB Nation, looks at the pros & cons of Watson. Can he adjust to a pro style attack? Ben gives a scouting report & remembers DJ Reader & DeAndre Hopk...
21 min
Locked on Texans - Profiling QB Prospect Nathan...
Is Nathan Peterman a quarterback the Texans should consider in the draft? SB Nation's Jim Hammett, who covers the Pitt Panthers, breaks down Peterman, talks Derek Carr & Dak Prescott comparisons & tells us what may separate Peterman from the most talk...
13 min
Locked on Texans - Did Hopkins have a down seas...
What did we learn at Coach O'Brien's NFL Combine Press Conference? Will there be an open competition at quarterback? Robert delves into the most important parts of what O'Brien had to say, including his thoughts on DeAndre Hopkins' season, Lamar Mille...
9 min
Profiling QB Draft Prospect DeShone Kizer (Feb 28)
Is DeShone Kizer a quarterback the Texans should consider in the draft? SB Nation's Joshua Vowles, who covers Notre Dame, breaks down Kizer, talks Steve McNair comparisons & talks about Will Fuller & Nick Martin's days with the Fighting Irish.
15 min
Locked on Texans - Locked on NFL Draft Host Jon...
What are the best options at tackle & safety? In the 2nd part of our conversation with draft expert Jon Ledyard, Robert asks about the best players who could be available for the Texans. Does Jimmy Garropolo have a better upside than of this year's Q...
19 min
Locked on Texans - Locked on NFL Draft Host Jon...
What are the pluses & minuses of this quarterback draft class? Locked on NFL Draft Host Jon Ledyard picks his favorite QB & who makes the most sense for the Texans. He hits on the usual suspects, the big 4 of Trubisky, Mahomes, Watson & Kizer. It's ...
17 min
Locked on Texans - Profiling QB Draft Prospect...
Is Mahomes the Texans answer at quarterback? SB Nation's Maitland Rutledge joins Robert to discuss the NFL prospects of Mahomes. How is his accuracy, his intangibles, the footwork & his anticipation? Rutledge, who's covered Mahomes entire college ca...
15 min
Locked on Texans - Should Texans pursue Garropo...
Is Jimmy Garropolo the best option for the Texans? We ask Locked on Patriots Host Chris Simoneau if Garropolo will be traded, when it might happen, if the Texans are being mentioned & why he is different than Brady's other backups over the years. Plu...
21 min
Locked on Texans - Thoughts on Romo (Feb 20)
Should the Texans seriously look at Tony Romo? Robert shares his thoughts on the QB situation if Romo came aboard. Plus, we look at some recent NFL cuts, including a couple of ex-Texans & a couple of players that could address a couple major Texans n...
12 min
Locked on Texans - SportsTalk 790's Jayson Brad...
Is trading for Jimmy Garropolo the Texans best QB option for next season? Robert asks Jayson about Garropolo's potential, the chances the Texans sign Tony Romo, DeShone Kizer, Deshaun Watson & what's most important to address in the draft other than q...
23 min
Locked on Texans - NFL Hall of Fame 2017 (Feb 15)
Was Terrell Davis any less deserving to be voted to the Hall of Fame than Earl Campbell? NFL historian Andy Rioux joins us to look at the newest members of the Hall of Fame: Kurt Warner, LaDanian Tomlinson, Morten Anderson, Kenny Easley, Terrell Dai...
19 min
Locked on Texans - Is Colts New GM bad for Texa...
How quickly can new Colts GM Chris Ballard remake the Colts roster & bring Andrew Luck some help? Locked on Colts Host Matt Danely joins Robert to explain why Colts fans are excited & Texans fans should be a little nervous about the Colts new architec...
11 min
Locked on Texans - Breaking Down the Offensive ...
What are the biggest issues with the Texans offensive line? State of the Texans Correspondent Big Ron joins Robert to look at where the Texans should focus in the draft on the offensive line. We ask him why Su'a-Filo hasn't improved & if Nick Martin ...
20 min
Locked on Texans - The Offseason So Far (Feb 10)
What do you think of the offseason moves so far? In the 1st half of our chat with State of the Texans Contributor Big Ron, the Twitter Legend gives us his take on O'Brien taking over full control of the offense. Plus, Ron looks at what wasn't working...
18 min
Locked on Texans - Houston vs. Dallas Rivalry (...
What's it like to cover Jerry Jones? Locked on Cowboys Host Drew Davison gives us the inside on Jones & shares a couple stories about the new NFL Hall of Famer. Plus, the Fort Worth Star Telegram Cowboys Beat Writer compares notes with Robert on the ...
23 min
Locked on Texans - Could Romo end up here? (Feb 8)
Is there any chance Tony Romo ends up in Houston? In a special Locked on Crossover, Fort Worth Star Telegram & Locked on Cowboys Host Drew Davison looks at Romo's future in Dallas & where he might go if he parts ways with the Cowboys. Robert asks Rom...
17 min
Locked on Texans - Breaking Down the Salary Cap...
What cap issues will the Texans face this offseason? Robert is joined by the TexansCap.com Owner to look at where they might find the money to pay for Buoye & Hopkins. Troy addresses the pluses & minuses of releasing Cushing & Joseph and where Rick S...
28 min
Locked on Texans - Greatest Super Bowl Ever? (F...
Did Houston just host the greatest Super Bowl ever? We ask Fox 26 Sports Producer Danny Mata if we witnessed history & get his impression of what it was like to cover a Super Bowl for the 1st time. Plus, we hit on ex-Texans Coach Kyle Shanahan's play...
22 min
Locked on Texans - TGIF Texans Trivia (Feb 3)
Do you know your Super Bowl trivia? Robert & local statistician Adam Pena battle it out with some Houston Super Bowl related trivia. Our NFL historian & game show host Andy Rioux asks the questions. Everybody gives their final thoughts on what may h...
19 min
Locked on Texans - SportsRadio 610 Producer Bri...
What's the scene on Radio Row? Triple Threat Producer Brian McDonald joins Robert to give us a little insight into the madness of covering a hometown Super Bowl. Plus, we talk about JJ Watt's latest, McNair's comments on the QB situation, Jimmy Garop...
25 min
Locked on Texans - JJ Watt Speaks (Feb 2)
Is JJ Watt ready for the 2017 season? Robert looks at what Watt had to say in his 1st press conference on his injury in a couple months. Bob McNair also made a little news about the quarterback situation & a change in Texans Training Camp. Plus, Kub...
13 min
Locked on Texans - Mickey Herskowitz (Jan 31)
What was it like to cover & be there for the 1st Super Bowl played in Houston? Legendary Houston Sportswriter Mickey Herskowitz joins Robert to share memories from Super Bowl 8 at Rice Stadium. Was a media poker game busted by Houston cops? Herskowi...
25 min
Locked on Texans - Super Bowl Stories (Jan 30)
Robert gives you a little inside on what it was like to cover a Super Bowl. He covered 2 Super Bowls, including the last one here in Houston, and has stories about Janet Jackson, Bruce Matthews & Maria Menounos.
12 min
Locked on Texans - TGIF Texans Trivia (Jan 27)
Statistician Adam Pena competes with Robert in our regular 'Texans Trivia' show. With the Super Bowl just around the corner & in our backyard, our NFL Historian Andy Rioux goes with a Houston Super Bowl theme for this one. Study up on your Super Bowls...
19 min
Locked on Texans - Texans Postseason Awards (Ja...
Who was this year's MVP of the Texans? Houston Sports Talk podcast Co-Host R.G. Seal joins Robert to hand out their postseason awards, including Most Improved Texan & Rookie of the Year. Should we panic about the news that Clowney is having surgery? ...
22 min
Locked on Texans - Locked on Falcons Aaron Free...
How did the Falcons become a Super Bowl team? Locked on Falcons Co-Host Aaron Freeman joins Robert to look at their season, Matt Ryan & ex-Texan Coach Kyle Shanahan's success. Aaron also hits on Aggie Jake Matthews' development & ex Texan LB Brooks ...
24 min
Locked on Texans - Sage Rosenfels Pt 2 (Jan 24)
In the 2nd part of our interview with the former Texans QB, Sage tells Robert about playing with Junior Seau, Wes Welker, Darrell Green & Chris Carter. He also describes what it was like to be coached by Marty Schottenheimer & Nick Saban.
25 min
Locked on Texans - Sage Rosenfels Part 1 (Jan 23)
What does former Texans QB Sage Rosenfels think of Brock Osweiler? Robert gets Sage's thoughts on his days in Houston, including Kubiak, Andre Johnson, Matt Schaub & of course his memories of the Rosencopter. Plus, Robert brings up a major bit of new...
31 min
Locked on Texans - Chronicle Blogger Stephanie ...
Was it the right move to let go of Godsey & promote O'Brien to Offensive Coordinator? Robert asks Chronicle Blogger Stephanie Stradley about the early moves in the Texans offseason. What does she think Vrabel's move to Defensive Coordinator, the rumo...
35 min
Locked on Texans - Fox 26 Producer Danny Mata (...
What should the Texans do this offseason? Robert lets Fox 26 Sports Producer Danny play Texans GM. Mata gives his thoughts on trading for back QBs like AJ McCarron & Jimmy Garoppolo. We also talk about Will Fuller's 1st season.
24 min
Locked on Texans - George Godsey is Gone (Jan 17)
Could Godsey's firing help the offense? We'll discuss the first big move the Texans off-season. Robert goes inside the locker room as the Texans clean out their lockers. Buoye talks about his free agency & you'll also hear from Bernardrick McKinne...
16 min
Locked on Texans - Why Houston feels Chargers' ...
Robert's joined by his old TV news colleague & friend, lifelong San Diego Chargers fan Ben Mohr, to talk about the loss of the his team. Ben explains how it got to this point & Robert finds the symmetry between Houston & San Diego pro football & sport...
27 min
Locked on Texans - Patriots Playoff Postgame (J...
Can Texans' fans be proud of this season? Robert debates how we should look at this season with his Houston Sports Talk podcast Co-Host R.G. Seal. We'll talk about the defensive performance, Osweiler, the special teams issues, the offseason & who sho...
51 min
Locked on Texans - TGIF Texans Trivia (Jan 13)
Robert & Adam 'The Stat Man' Pena compete in our weekly 'Texans Trivia' show. With the playoff game against the Patriots Saturday, our NFL Historian Andy Rioux mixes in a few Patriots history questions relating to the Texans & Oilers. Plus, we discuss...
33 min
Locked on Texans - Locked on Patriots Chris Sim...
Are there any weaknesses the Texans can exploit? We go behind enemy lines with Locked on Patriots Host Chris Simoneau. We go over some of the New England/ Texans connections & look at what might happen Saturday.
40 min
Locked on Texans - "The Ninja" Antonio Smith (J...
How did the Broncos team with Osweiler beat the Patriots last year? Robert asked one of the real Texan characters, Antonio Smith, in his 1-on-1 inside the locker room. The Ninja also tells us what he learned from his time with Coach Gary Kubiak. Plu...
17 min
Locked on Texans - How do the Texans beat the P...
We ask Fox 26 Sports Producer Danny Mata if there's any formula for the Texans to hang in with the Patriots. Danny also talks about Savage's return & if Jags new coach Doug Marrone is a good hire.
23 min
Locked on Texans - Raiders Playoff Postgame Sho...
Did we see a new Brock Osweiler? Robert & his Houston Sports Talk podcast Co-Host R.G. Seal look back at the Texans win & the outstanding performances by Clowney, Mercilus, Osweiler & Hopkins. Plus, we take you inside the locker room with postgame fr...
47 min
Locked on Texans - Trivia Friday (Jan 6)
Robert & Adam 'The Stat Man' Pena compete in our weekly 'Texans Trivia' segment. With the playoff game against the Raiders Saturday, our NFL Historian Andy Rioux mixes in a few Raiders history questions relating to the Texans & Oilers.
22 min
Locked on Texans - SportsRadio 610's Brian McDo...
Did history repeat itself with the Tom Savage injury? Robert & SportsRadio 610 Producer Brian McDonald explain how Kubiak & O'Brien have made the same mistakes. Plus, we preview the Raiders game & give the best & worst case scenarios for the Texans.
24 min
Locked on Texans - Max Bullough Interview (Jan 4)
Will Tom Savage be available to play Saturday? We'll hear the latest from Bill O'Brien on Savage's status & a reported argument between him & Brock. Plus, Robert goes 1-on-1 with LB Max Bullough. Was Bullough's grandfather an NFL coaching innovator...
18 min
Locked on Texans - Brock Named Starter (Jan 3)
Why did O'Brien name Brock the starter over Savage? Houston Sports Talk podcast Co-Host R.G. Seal joins Robert in going over another frustrating day in Texans' decision making. They discuss the reason for committing to Brock on Tuesday & look at one ...
14 min
Locked on Texans - SportsTalk 790's Jayson Brad...
Could Brock start even if Savage passes the concussion protocol? We talked about what Coach O'Brien said about that with SportsTalk 790's Jayson Braddock. I ask Jayson what he sees in Savage so far & what the Raiders' match-up looks like. Plus, you'...
16 min
Locked on Texans - Titans Postgame Show (Jan 1)
Is Bill O'Brien's job in jeapordy & should there be a QB controversy? Robert's Houston Sports Talk Podcast Co-Host R.G. Seal joins the postgame to talk about Jay Glazer's recent report on O'Brien's job security & talk about Savage's concussion & Brock...
37 min
Locked on Texans - Texans Trivia Friday (Dec 30)
Robert & Adam 'The Stat Man' Pena compete in our weekly Texans Trivia segment. With the Titans game coming up New Years Day, our NFL Historian Andy Rioux mixes in a few questions about the Titans/Oilers history. A hint for this week: It's always go...
16 min
Locked on Texans - NFL Network's James Palmer (...
Was Brock a better fit in Denver? NFL Network's James Palmer joins Robert to look at the difference between Brock in Denver & Brock in Houston. He tells us what he saw in Savage this past week & how possible playoff opponent Kansas City has changed s...
19 min
Locked on Texans - Behind Titans Enemy Lines (D...
Do the Titans have their franchise QB in Marcus Mariota? Locked on Titans Co-Host Greg Arias joins Robert to give us his impression of Mariota this season, what the future holds for the Titans & what he thinks of Head Coach Mike McCarthy. We also ask...
21 min
Locked on Texans - SportsRadio 610 Producer Bri...
SportsRadio 610 Producer Brian McDonald tells us which players might need to sit out against the Titans. Would you bet your life that Savage is a franchise QB? We hit on that & who the Texans might want to play in the 1st round.
20 min
Locked on Texans - Bengals Postgame Show (Dec 25)
Did Santa gift wrap the Texans with an unearned AFC South Crown? We ask SB Nation Radio Producer Nick Sharara as we look back a 12-10 win over the Bengals & Tom Savage's 1st win as a starter. Robert go one-on-one with Alfred Blue & Andre Hal inside t...
28 min
Locked on Texans - Texans Trivia & Fantasy Frid...
Robert & Adam 'The Stat Man' Pena compete in our weekly Texans Trivia segment. With the Bengals game Christmas Eve, our NFL Historian Andy Rioux grills us with questions about the Bengals-Texans rivalry. Plus, we use Andy’s experience covering Fantasy ...
20 min
Locked on Texans - QB Tom Savage & KPRC's Laini...
How close did Tom Savage come from quitting football? Robert goes one-on-one with Savage about what could have been & we hear what Coach O'Brien says has changed about Savage since his 1st NFL game. Plus, KPRC Channel 2 Sports Reporter & Anchor Laini...
24 min
Locked on Texans - Behind Enemy Lines/Bengals (...
Will AJ Green play this Sunday? That's among the many questions we have for Locked on Bengals Host James Rapien. He tells Robert why the Bengals have struggled this season, if Marvin Lewis should be the coach next year & how Katy's own Andy Dalton is...
32 min
Locked on Texans - Chron Columnist Dale Roberts...
Tom Savage is officially named the starter this week. Why did it take this long? Houston Chronicle Columnist Dale Robertson joins Robert to look back at Savage's 1st start & ask why the Texans were so slow in replacing Brock. Plus, they'll talk abou...
18 min
Locked on Texans - Jaguars Postgame Show (Dec 19)
Is Tom Savage the perfect gift for the Texans fan's holiday season? Robert & his Houston Sports Talk Podcast Co-Host R.G. Seal are fired up for Savage the Savior & his comeback over the Jaguars. Robert also goes inside the locker room to hear Coach O...
48 min
Locked on Texans - Texans Trivia & Fantasy Frid...
Robert answers trivia questions in our weekly Texans Trivia segment with local & national statistician Adam Pena. With the Jaguars game Sunday, our NFL Historian Andy Rioux grills us with questions about the Jags-Texans rivalry. Plus, we use Andy’s exp...
20 min
Locked on Texans - SportsTalk 790's Jayson Brad...
Is this the same DeAndre Hopkins from previous years? Robert welcomes in SportsTalk 790's Jayson Braddock to look at the young wide receiving corp, center Greg Mancz's progression & the strong coaching at the cornerback position. Plus, Jayson compare...
17 min
Locked on Texans - Behind Enemy Lines/Jaguars (...
How will the Jaguars' head coach & QB situation play out? Robert asks Locked on Jaguars Host Kerry Belkin in this Locked On Crossover. We'll make predictions & Kerry tells us all about this Sunday's opponent.
27 min
Locked on Texans - Did the Texans add an offens...
Robert looks back at a couple Texan positives from Sunday's win over the Colts you might've missed. We also analyze what the loss of Braxton Miller & the addition of Wendell Williams might mean to the offense.
11 min
Locked on Texans - Colts Postgame Show (Dec 11)
Is it possible to more frustrated with a division leader? Houston Sports Talk Co-Host R.G. Seal joins Robert to look back at the Texans 1st sweep of the Colts in team history. What did you think of O'Brien's play-calling & Brock Osweiler's performanc...
39 min
Locked on Texans - Texans Trivia & Fantasy Frid...
Robert answers trivia questions in our weekly Texans Trivia segment with local & national statistician Adam Pena. With the Colts game Sunday, our NFL Historian Andy Rioux grills us with questions about the Colts-Texans rivalry. Plus, we use Andy's ex...
16 min
Locked on Texans - Behind Enemy Lines/Colts (De...
Are the Colts better since the Texans last saw them? We ask Locked on Colts Host Matt Danely in our Locked on Crossover. Robert asks about the loss of LB D'Qwell Jackson & what that might mean. Plus, we make our predictions & look at who we think mi...
34 min
Locked on Texans - Alfred Blue Interview (Dec 7)
What's the latest on the health of Jonathan Joseph & Jaelen Strong? Robert goes through some notes from the week & he goes one-on-one with Alfred Blue.
12 min
Locked on Texans - SportsRadio 610's Brian McDo...
What do you think of Bob McNair's praise of Osweiler? SportsRadio 610's 'Triple Threat' Producer Brian McDonald responds to McNair's assessment on Brock's Sunday. Plus, Robert asks Brian about getting a new offensive coordinator & what the Texans rec...
15 min
Locked on Texans - Packers Postgame Show (Dec 5)
Is Brock the only issue offensively? Robert breaks down a 3rd consecutive Texans loss with his Houston Sports Talk Co-Host R.G. Seal. We start looking at the coaching & an entire staff that plays not to lose. Are the offense issues leading to a defe...
33 min
Locked on Texans - Trivia Friday (Dec 2)
Robert answers trivia questions in our weekly Texans Trivia segment with local & national statistician Adam Pena. With Lambeau Field Sunday, we talk bad weather games. Plus, we discuss some Texans' history making games. Longtime Fantasy Football wri...
16 min
Locked on Texans - Where's the hurry in the off...
Robert asks Coach O'Brien & Brock Osweiler why there hasn't been more urgency in the offense. JJ Watt keeps doing good in the Houston community. Plus, you'll hear from Houston Oiler NFL Hall of Famers Kenny Houston & Elvin Beathea after the halftime ...
14 min
Locked on Texans - Charles James Interview (Nov...
Why did Charles James go $60,000 in debt? James tells Robert his remarkable route to the NFL, gives his thoughts on the new special teams rule & tells us which Texans player will be a Pro Bowler someday. This Sunday every NFL player can wear 'Cleats ...
18 min
Locked on Texans - Behind Enemy Lines/Packers (...
How can the Texans beat Green Bay? We go behind enemy lines with CBS 58 Milwaukee Sports Director Kevin Holden who covers the Packers & calls the preseason games on Telemundo Wisconsin. Robert asks about Aaron Rodgers, Dom Capers' defense, Clay Matth...
22 min
Locked on Texans - Chargers Postgame Show (Nov 28)
Did Robert finally give up being an 'Osweiler Apologist' this week? His Houston Sports Talk Co-Host R.G. Seal tries to pull him over to the dark side after a frustrating 21-13 loss to San Diego. He also gets inside the Texans locker room reaction rig...
30 min
Locked on Texans - Trivia Friday (Nov 25)
Robert answers trivia questions in our weekly Texans Trivia segment with local & national statistician Adam Pena. This week we look at Texans QB draft mistakes & Houston's NFL Thanksgiving success. Longtime Fantasy Football writer & NFL historian And...
15 min
Locked on Texans - Behind Enemy Lines/Chargers ...
How can the Texans beat the Chargers? In our Locked on crossover podcast, Robert asks Locked on Chargers Host Derek Togerson about Phillip Rivers, Coach McCoy's issues & if the Chargers will stay in San Diego. Plus, we go into Texans/Oilers-Chargers...
33 min
Locked on Texans - a JJ Watt Sighting? (Nov 23)
What's the latest on JJ Watt? Texans Extra Points Host Drew Dougherty joins Robert & says Watt surprised us with a revelation in his Players Tribune piece. Drew describes the Mexico City experience & gives his funniest moments on camera with Texans'...
15 min
Locked on Texans - Raiders Postgame Show (Nov 22)
How huge were the refs mistakes? Robert's Houston Sports Talk co-host R.G. Seal joins him to look at some game changing calls by the officials, Brock's latest performance, Clowney's excellence & O'Brien's questionable decisions.
28 min
Locked on Texans - Was it a good Sunday for AFC...
What problems do the Texans face with Derek Carr? Vince Wilfork talks about that & his huge Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway. Plus, Lamar Miller & Jonathan Joseph talk about the traveling Texan fans & Robert hits on a national piece criticizing Brock & h...
13 min
Locked on Texans - Texans Trivia Friday (Nov 18)
Robert answers trivia questions in our weekly Texans Trivia segment with local & national statistician Adam Pena. Longtime Fantasy Football writer & NFL historian Andy Rioux is our Alex Trebek. With the Raiders game coming up Monday night, one of our...
13 min
Locked on Texans - Stephanie Stradley Interview...
Why didn't the Texans address their offensive issues before this season? Chronicle Texans Blogger Stephanie Stradley wonders why & looks at what Texans issues we should be talking about that we're not.
25 min
Locked on Texans - Prepping for Mexico (Nov 16)
What will the Texans expect in soccer crazed Mexico City? Robert goes inside the locker room to talk Mexico & the red hot Derek Carr with A.J. Buoye, Whitney Mercilus & Texans President Jamey Rootes. He also goes one-on-one with Safety Quinten Demps.
13 min
Locked on Texans - Danny Mata Interview (Nov 15)
Are the Titans a real threat for the AFC South Title? Fox 26 Sports Producer Danny Mata joins Robert to look at the division race with 7 games to go. Plus, O'Brien addresses the national media, Akeem Hunt's big game & a coaching mistake.
22 min
Locked on Texans - Jaguars Postgame Show (Nov 14)
Was this a quality performance by Brock Osweiler? Robert gets into a heated debate with his Houston Sports Talk Co-Host R.G. Seal over Brock's play this week. We discuss Akeem Hunt's outstanding season debut, Kareem Jackson's good & bad play and Coac...
36 min
Locked on Texans - Can Will Fuller improve road...
Who would you rather have, Osweiler or Bortles? SportsRadio 610 'Triple Threat' Producer Brian McDonald joins Robert to answer that impossible question. They look at the DeAndre Hopkins Fantasy Football dilemma & preview the Jags game.
14 min
Locked on Texans - Behind Enemy Lines/Jaguars P...
Joining Robert is Locked on Jaguars Host Kerry Belkin. Could Coach Gus Bradley be gone after this game? Kerry gives us the latest on Bradley, Bortles, the talented defense & we talk about what once was a great rivalry.
40 min
Locked on Texans - Trivia Wednesday (Nov 9)
Robert answers trivia questions in our weekly Texans Trivia segment with local & national statistician Adam Pena. Longtime Fantasy Football writer & NFL historian Andy Rioux is our Alex Trebek.
11 min
Locked on Texans - Can Brock Swipe Right for De...
Is there good news on Kevin Johnson? Robert's Houston Sports Talk podcast Co-host RG Seal explains why Johnson's foot may not be so bad. Plus, we preview the Jags game & emphasize the importance of the Osweiler-Hopkins connection.
22 min
Locked on Texans - Robert Nelson Interview (Nov 7)
What does Coach O'Brien feel like he needs to fix at the halfway point? We hear a few thoughts from him at the Monday press conference & Robert goes inside the locker room for a one-on-one with new Texans Cornerback Robert Nelson. Nelson tells how th...
19 min
Locked on Texans - Trivia Friday (Nov 4)
We debut Texans Trivia Friday with NFL TV Statistician Adam Pena & longtime NFL Fantasy Writer Andy Rioux. Plus, Robert's conversation with tight end Stephen Anderson. The rookie discusses his transition to the NFL & has thoughts on former Cal teamma...
18 min
Locked on Texans - Can Brock get to average? (N...
Is Brock's play good enough against bad defenses? SportsRadio 610 'Triple Threat' Producer Brian McDonald joins Robert to break down Osweiler's numbers against the bad competition. They also hit on Lamar Miller's season & dream about a season where J...
24 min
Locked on Texans - SportsTalk 790 Host Jayson B...
Is there still hope for Brock Osweiler? Joining Robert is SportsTalk 790 Host of The Source & Scalp Fantasy on SiriusXM Host Jayson Braddock. We discuss the issues with Osweiler, CJ Fedorowicz's improvement & Jadeveon Clowney.
28 min
Locked on Texans - Andre Johnson Retires (Nov 1)
We pay tribute to the career of Texans' legend Andre Johnson. Chronicle Texans Beat Writer John McClain joins Robert to look back at his career. Plus, John hits on Arian Foster's retirement & the impatience fans have with Brock Osweiler. We take you...
22 min
Locked on Texans - Lions Postgame Show (Oct 31)
Robert takes you inside the locker room after a 20-13 win. You'll hear from Osweiler, Jadeveon Clowney, Alfred Blue & AJ Bouye. What have learned from the Texans at the halfway mark as they head into a bye week. Robert's Houston Sports Talk co-host R...
43 min
Locked on Texans - Greg Mancz Interview (Oct 28)
Robert goes inside the locker room & talks to un-drafted free agent starting center Greg Mancz. How did a kid from Cincinnati end up a Browns fan? Mancz tells us about that & about his journey to the NFL. Plus, Houston Sports Talk podcast host R.G. ...
29 min
Locked on Texans - Behind Enemy Lines/Lions (Oc...
How big of a roll is Matthew Stafford on? We go behind enemy lines with Locked on Lions host Matt Dery in this Locked on Simulcast. Matt tells us about the Lions defensive issues & what the feeling is about Coach Jim Caldwell. We look at the 2 citi...
25 min
Locked on Texans - Shane Lechler & JJ Moses (Oc...
Is Coach O'Brien thinking about a quarterback change? Robert discusses his press conference Tuesday, including Lamar Miller's health. Plus, Robert talks with punter Shane Lechler about his Super Bowl experience & former Texans return man JJ Moses abo...
12 min
Locked on Texans - Broncos Postgame (Oct 25)
Is the Brock Osweiler Fan Club getting smaller by the minute? After another ugly road loss, Robert debates Brock's performance with his Houston Sports Talk co-host R.G. Seal. Should Osweiler & Hopkins seek relationship therapy? They hit on their tro...
32 min
Locked on Texans - DJ Reader Interview (Oct 24)
Robert goes one-on-one with Texans rookie D.J. Reader. He thought Houston was all about jewelry before he got here. Don't know what that's all about. D.J. talks about playing at Clemson, playing with Clowney & getting mentored by Wilfork. Robert al...
14 min
Locked on Texans - Positive Friday (Oct 21)
What are the positive surprises so far this year? SportsRadio 610 Triple Threat Producer Brian McDonald joins Robert to hit on 4 major surprises this season. Plus, Brian looks at what the Texans may need to do schematically to beat the Broncos this w...
16 min
Locked on Texans - Broncos Preview (Oct 20)
What did the Broncos watchers think of Osweiler? We go behind enemy lines with Locked on Broncos host Adam Kinney. We ask Adam about their impresssion of Kubiak & what to expect from QB Trevor Simeon.
23 min
Locked on Texans – Patrick Starr Interview (Oct...
What’s wrong with the Texans run defense? State of the Texans Patrick Starr joins Robert to hit on the Broncos game, Bernardrick McKinney’s development, Kevin Johnson’s future & the Demeco Ryans’ lawsuit.
22 min
Locked on Texans – Do the Broncos want revenge...
With all the former Texans on the Broncos staff, are they looking for revenge? Wade Phillips & Gary Kubiak know Osweiler but Brock knows what to expect. Robert asks Houston Sports Talk co-host R.G. Seal who has the advantage. We also talk Kevin John...
14 min
Locked on Texans – Colts Postgame Show (Oct 17)
Was it the Rosencopter Revenge? After one of the great comebacks in Texans history, we take you inside the locker room. You’ll hear from Bob McNair, Brock Osweiler, Duane Brown, Johnathan Joseph & AJ Bouye. Robert looks back at a wild last few minut...
30 min
Locked on Texans – Colts Preview Pt 2 (Oct 14)
This is the 2nd part of our Locked on simulcast with Locked on Colts host Matt Danely. I give the Colts audience a little perspective on Rick Smith & we’ll give our game predictions this week. Robert talks about an addition the Texans made to the act...
21 min
Locked on Texans - Colts Preview (Oct 13)
We go behind the enemy lines to get an idea of what the Colts are thinking with Locked on Colts host Matt Danely. He shares draft horror stories which should sound familiar to Texan fans. This is part 1 of a 'Locked on' Network Simulcast with Matt.
26 min
Locked on Texans - Corey Moore Interview (Oct 12)
After getting his most snaps in his Texans career, Robert goes one-on-one with safety Corey Moore. He talks about the SEC heavy Texans secondary, his roots in Georgia, playing between the hedges with the Bulldogs & growing up as a fan of JJ Watt.
14 min
Locked on Texans - Is Osweiler digressing? (Oc...
What should worry you most about the Texans loss? Robert asks Aaron about Osweiler, O'Brien, the defense & if Tyler Ervin should be replaced as return specialist. Plus, Aaron gives an update on the Texans injuries.
11 min
Locked on Texans - Vikings Postgame Show (Oct 9)
Did Osweiler take a step back? We break down another blowout Texans road loss. Robert is joined by Houston Sports Talk podcast co-host R.G. Seal & Locked on Rockets host Ben DuBose.
26 min
Locked on Texans - Have the Vikings lost a key ...
Will the Vikings be without a huge weapon this week? Houston Sports Talk podcast co-host R.G. Seal joins Robert to talk Stefon Diggs injury, Braxton Miller’s return, the Texans covering Tight Ends & Running backs & what Coach O’Brien might have in sto...
18 min
Locked on Texas - Is Sam Bradford legit? (Oct 6)
Robert’s joined by Sam Ekstrom from Locked on Vikings. How good is Sam Bradford playing & where does that leave the Vikings with Bridgewater? Sam discusses their QB situation & that dominant defense. Plus, he gives us Minnesota’s level of concern ab...
21 min
Locked on Texans- Is Braxton Miller back? (Oct 5)
Will Braxton Miller be back this week? We talk about the injury situation with Braxton, Stephen Andersen, Kareem Jackson, Jonathan Grimes, CJ Fiedorowicz & Devon Still. Who is the unknown cog in the Texans offense? Aaron talks about him & a big meet...
16 min
Locked on Texans - Is Duane Brown Ready? (Oct 4)
We talk about Duane Brown's return, AJ Buoye's improvement & go one-on-one with Texans LB Brian Peters.
14 min
Locked on Texans- Titans Postgame Show (Oct 2)
We talk about a happy Sunday for the good guys. We discuss Texans new play-caller, another great game from Fuller, CJ Fiedorowicz’s breakout performance & the run defense. Plus, you’ll hear postgame reaction from owner Bob McNair, Fiedorowicz & Oswei...
18 min
Locked on Texans- Guest Steph Stradley (Sept 30)
Osweiler goes after his critics & Chronicle Blogger Stephanie Stradley talks JJ Watt, the Texans history with injuries & Coach O’Brien’s offense.
21 min
Locked on Texans- Texans Positives & Titans Pre...
We try to find some positives after a hard 7 days for Texans' fans & we preview the Titans game. Plus, you'll hear from Antonio Smith & Brian Cushing about their return to action.
11 min
Locked on Texans- Life without JJ Watt (Sept 28)
How will the Texans deal with the loss of JJ Watt? How long would it take for him to come back fully healthy? We talk about replacing Watt. Plus, Cushing & the Ninja are back!
14 min
Locked on Texans- Could Duane Brown play Sunday...
Did Bill O'Brien hint that Duane Brown could play Sunday? Is it realistic? We talk about that & the Texans tackling issues. Plus, we'll hit on the AFC South 3 weeks into the season.
14 min
Locked on Texans - Patriots Postgame Show (Sept...
What in the world happened Thursday night? We look back at this disastrous performance & take apart everything from coaching to the offensive line. No group gets a pass.
13 min
Locked on Texans- Patriots Preview (Sept 22)
Robert dials up Aaron at Gillette Stadium to preview the Patriots game. Will Gronkowski play? We'll have the latest, plus we discuss the O'Brien-Belichick relationship.
11 min
Locked on Texans - How's JJ Watt progressing? ...
We look back at Watt's performance against the Chiefs & look ahead to the Patriots rookie starting QB this week, Jacoby Brissette. Aaron explains why the Ravens have success against the Patriots & the Texans don't. Plus, Brock Osweiler on how he can ...
15 min
Texans vs. Chiefs Postgame Show (Sept 18)
In our debut, Aaron & Robert look at a perfect start to the season for the Texans dominant defense. They talk Will Fuller, Lamar Miller & why AJ Bouye was such a key against KC. Plus, you'll hear postgame from QB Brock Osweiler & Safety Quentin Demps.
29 min