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Locked On Texans, hosted by credential beat reporter Coty M. Davis and football analyst John Hickman, is a DAILY podcast covering the Houston Texans. Every Monday - Friday, Davis and Hickman keeps Battle Red Nation up-to-date on the most prominent stories surrounding the Texans — as well as additional analysis and inside coverage on the team. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Grading the Texans: Week 9 (Nov 13)
28 min
Texans vs Rams Postgame Show (Nov 12)
47 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 9 (Nov 10)
24 min
Texans-Rams Preview: 3 Things To Look For (Nov 9)
30 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Rams Preview (Nov 8)
43 min
Grading the Texans: Week 8 (Nov 7)
32 min
Texans vs Colts Postgame Show (Nov 6)
55 min
What Deshaun Watson's Loss Means (Nov 4)
41 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 8 (Nov 3)
20 min
Texans-Colts Preview: 3 Things To Look For (Nov 2)
24 min
Behind Enemy Lines: Colts Preview (Nov 1)
22 min
Duane Brown Dealt, McNair Controversy (Oct 31)
42 min
Texans vs. Seahawks Postgame Show (Oct 30)
57 min
TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 7 (Oct 27)
22 min
12: Texans-Seahawks Preview: 3 Things To Look F...
What are Robert & Brian's 3 Things to Look For in the Seahawks game Sunday? They take apart a couple areas you may not expect. Plus, they look at a recent addition & subtraction to the #Texans roster. Email LockedonTexans@mail.com - for questions or...
26 min
11: Behind Enemy Lines: Seahawks Preview
How can the #Texans beat the #Seahawks? Brian & Robert go behind enemy lines with Locked on Seahawks Hosts Grant Goldberg & Spike Friedman. How's Russell Wilson playing? Whatever happened to Jimmy Graham? Grant & Spike give us their insider knowled...
46 min
10: Duane Brown is Back!!! (Oct 24)
Chronicle #Texans Blogger Stephanie Stradley is the special guest for this show. She details what many people might've missed about Duane Brown's holdout. Plus, Brian & Robert get her thoughts on Deshaun Watson, Zach Cunningham & Vrabel's challenged ...
38 min
9: Our 3 Favorite Texans Moments This Season (O...
What are Robert & Brian's 3 Favorite Texans moments this season? If you disagree with their list, email LockedonTexans@mail.com. Which Texans player stands out as the best at his position in Pro Football Focus' history? The answer might surprise you...
32 min
8: TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 6 (Oct 20)
Test your Texans Trivia knowledge with our weekly host & NFL Historian Andy Rioux. He attempts to stump regular LOT Host Robert Land & National TV Statistician Adam Pena. With a Bye Week for the Texans, Andy's theme is 'Texans on a Pro Bowl pace so f...
21 min
7: Will Duane Brown be a Texan next week? (Oct 19)
Brian & Robert discuss rumors of Duane Brown's return. When could it be? They hit on Dylan Cole's injury, Johnathan Joseph's big honor & some stand out Texans rankings & stats. Plus, they look at the Texans competition in the AFC. Check out our pa...
29 min
6: Exclusive with Former Texans DL Travis Johnson
How's the wear & tear of football affecting him today? In their exclusive 1-on-1 with former Texans 1st round pick Travis Johnson, Robert & Brian ask him about his health, J.J. Watt's greatness & what happened to David Carr. What was Andre Johnson re...
43 min
5: Grading the Texans: Week 6 (Oct 17)
What important #Texans player is coming back after the Bye Week? Brian & Robert have good news. How did the Texans grade out by position against the Browns? They break down the players with exclusive stats & give their high & low marks for each posi...
28 min
4: Texans vs. Browns Postgame Show (Oct 16)
Is Deshaun Watson approaching elite status? Brian & Robert explain how the Texans didn't take the Browns for granted. Plus, they go inside the locker room with Deshaun Watson, Carlos Watkins, Kareem Jackson & D.J. Reader. Check out our partners over...
57 min
3: TGIF Texans Trivia: Week 5 (Oct 13)
Test your Texans Trivia knowledge with our weekly host & NFL Historian Andy Rioux. He attempts to stump regular LOT Host Robert Land & National TV Statistician Adam Pena. Andy also mixes in some Browns related trivia. How does the Fresh Prince & Dar...
21 min
2: Texans-Browns Preview: 3 Things To Look For ...
Who are the 3 new Texans? Brian & Robert let you know who the Texans signed to take J.J. Watt & Whitney Mercilus' spot on the roster. Is Deshaun Watson the best quarterback in the NFL? The latest numbers say that he is. Plus, they give you their 3 ...
32 min