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LOCKED ON SUNS 3/27/17: NBA Draft expert Cole Z...
NBA Draft and cap expert Cole Zwicker (@colezwicker) joins Kellan Olson to discuss the long-term standing of the Suns, Bender at center, trading Bledsoe, Alex Len and Josh Jackson or Lonzo Ball.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/24/17: Devin Booker drops 70
Kellan Olson attempts to process Devin Booker scoring 70 points in Boston.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/23/17: Grading Watson's first ...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson answer your questions from Reddit on Earl Watson, Tyler Ulis and Alex Len.
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/22/17: NBA Draft big board spe...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson are finally taking a dive into the NBA Draft. They talk about your top-five big board voted by on Twitter and run through the best of the bunch.
25 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/21/17: Chriss' ceiling, possib...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson recap another rough game of Suns basketball against the Heat.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/20/17: Knight should have play...
Kellan Olson and Eddie House give their extended thoughts on the Brandon Knight situation and have worries about Derrick Jones Jr.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/17/17: Brandon Knight out rest...
Kellan Olson gets your thoughts on the Brandon Knight situation and then briefly touches on a bad loss to the Magic.
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/16/17: Eric Bledsoe shut down ...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss Eric Bledsoe getting shut down for the season and the loss to the Kings.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/15/17: The new-look Kings
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss the new-look Kings and specific matchups to watch in tonight's game.
13 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/14/17: Booker's comfort zone, ...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss Jared Dudley's ejection, Devin Booker playing some of his best basketball and what the next step is for Derrick Jones Jr. as a defender.
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/13/17: Jones Jr. gets his firs...
Kellan Olson recaps an eventful weekend of Suns basketball, including Derrick Jones Jr.'s first career start and Devin Booker's game-winning shot in Dallas against the Mavericks.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/9/17: Reality check, Lonzo Bal...
Kellan Olson gives his thoughts on the loss to the Lakers and reads your thoughts on the game from Twitter.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/8/17: What's next for Brandon ...
Kellan Olson and Dave King discuss the latest main developments surrounding the Suns in the past two weeks.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/7/17: It got chippy again
Kellan Olson and Owen Sanborn discuss the chippy loss to the Wizards.
19 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/6/17: Three wins in a row
Eddie House and Kellan Olson look back on two Suns wins and discuss how well the young guys are playing.
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/2/17: Long-term outlooks and a...
Kellan Olson has his old podcast buddy Owen Sanbron on to discuss his thoughts on the team's present and future as well as tonight's bizarre win over Charlotte.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/1/17: Do the Suns need an enfo...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss the loss to Memphis and if the Suns need an enforcer.
11 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/28/17: Future roles for Chandl...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss the rotation previews and how they will change the game against Memphis.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/27/17: Major rotation changes
Kellan Olson discusses the major rotation changes the Suns had over the weekend.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/24/17: A potential blockbuster...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss a potential blockbuster deal the Suns were offered according to their GM and the playoff picture in the Eastern Conference.
13 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/23/17: Missing out on Boogie, ...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson talk about why the Suns missed out big time on DeMarcus Cousins and then debate the value of the P.J. Tucker trade.
21 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/16/17: Trade deadline predicti...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson go over the blowout win against the Lakers and give their predictions for the trade deadline.
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/15/17: Trade deadline speical
Eddie House and Kellan Olson answer your questions about the trade deadline including realistic possibilities for Eric Bledsoe, if McDonough can save his job at the deadline and more.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/14/17: Closing out, Booker's d...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson attempt to explain a very odd loss against the Pelicans.
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/13/17: Highs and lows
Eddie House and Kellan Olson recap the weekend for the Suns with a win over the Bulls and... that other game.
16 min