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Brendon Kleen takes you inside the Phoenix Suns and the NBA every weekday with the Locked On Suns podcast, part of the Locked On Podcast Network #suns #nba #phoenix

Grading Kevin Durant, Devin Booker & Every Suns...
Who has stood out for the Phoenix Suns so far?
38 min
Do Devin Booker and the Suns Have an Eliminatio...
The Phoenix Suns went down in a big game again.
35 min
Kevin Durant Gutsy, Devin Booker Stifled As Sun...
The Phoenix Suns are out of the NBA Cup.
37 min
How Devin Booker Can Help the Suns Finally Beat...
The Phoenix Suns face their biggest rival on Tuesday night in LA.
29 min
Devin Booker Uncertainty Plus a Suns-Lakers NBA...
The Phoenix Suns face more injury uncertainty.
33 min
Devin Booker Status In Doubt Again As Suns Fall...
The Phoenix Suns had a bad night in Canada.
24 min
PREVIEW: Suns Finish Out Road Trip In Toronto W...
The Phoenix Suns could extend their win streak to 8 in the 6.
15 min
Suns Clinch Wild Card Spot In NBA Cup, Here's W...
The Phoenix Suns are in.
31 min
What's Behind the Phoenix Suns Hot Offense Plus...
A closer look at two ingredients driving the Phoenix Suns win streak.
34 min
Phoenix Suns Keep Win Streak Going In NYC With ...
The Phoenix Suns are UP.
37 min
PREVIEW: Suns Head to New York With Win Streak ...
The Phoenix Suns continue their road trip at MSG.
14 min
PREVIEW: Suns Head to Memphis to Finish Out NBA...
The Phoenix Suns finish out the NBA Cup on Friday in Memphis.
16 min
Suns Survive Chaos Against Warriors But the NBA...
30 min
PREVIEW: Suns Host Warriors On 2nd Night of Bac...
The Phoenix Suns host another familiar face on Wednesday night.
18 min
Suns Beat Blazers With Complete Game in Deandre...
The Phoenix Suns took care of business at home.
30 min
PREVIEW: Suns Host Falling Blazers With In-Seas...
The Phoenix Suns host their former No. 1 overall pick on Tuesday night.
18 min
Appreciating Kevin Durant's Incredible Start To...
The Phoenix Suns survived the start of the season thanks to Kevin Durant.
27 min
Phoenix Suns Start to Find Identity In Doublehe...
The Phoenix Suns are finding themselves.
33 min
The Phoenix Suns Are Finally Ready For Takeoff
It's time for the Phoenix Suns to make good on their potential.
33 min
Devin Booker Returns & Leads Suns to Blowout Wi...
The Phoenix Suns look better with their MVP.
31 min
What Was Real and Not Real For the Phoenix Suns...
The Phoenix Suns get their best player back on Wednesday night at home.
36 min
Suns Lose At Home Again After Bad 4th Quarter, ...
The Phoenix Suns need their best player back, but is that enough?
36 min
Debating Bradley Beal Playmaking, Jusuf Nurkic ...
The Phoenix Suns have been up and down to start the year.
34 min
Suns Save the W In Bradley Beal Return vs. Bull...
The Phoenix Suns barely eeked out a win over the Bulls.
31 min
How Bradley Beal Can Make the Suns Better Right...
Bradley Beal makes his Phoenix Suns debut Wednesday night.
27 min