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Locked on Suns
Bright Side of the Sun's Evan Sidery and Brendon Kleen take you inside the Suns and the NBA every day with Locked on Suns part of the Locked on Podcast Network, your team every day. #suns #nba #phoenix
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LOCKED ON SUNS 12/14/18: The Suns have the Mave...
In the second surprising win over Dallas of the season, the Suns ground out a big win without Devin Booker, 99-89.
19 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/13/18: First Trimester Report...
How do we grade Deandre Ayton, T.J. Warren, and Igor Kokoskov a third through the season?
31 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/12/18: First Trimester Report...
How do we grade Devin Booker, Mikal Bridges, and Josh Jackson through a third of the season?
31 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/11/18: Trevor Ariza trade ide...
Where will Ariza land? We tried to hone in on the top targets.
33 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/10/18: Rookies shine in OT th...
Deandre Ayton, Mikal Bridges, and De'Anthony Melton led the way for Phoenix
20 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/9/18: Instant reaction to the...
Who stood out from a scouting POV in the Gonzaga-Tennessee thriller?
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/6/2018: Deandre Ayton's myste...
Have the Suns hit rock bottom after their latest loss?
26 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/5/18: Talking 2019 draft with...
Start getting familiar with the names Zion Williamson, R.J. Barrett, Cam Reddish, and Nassir Little
44 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/4/18: De'Anthony Melton shine...
Should the Suns now turn to their second rookie to take over the reins at point guard?
19 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/3/2018: Devin Booker is hurt ...
Could Ntilikina help take the burden off Booker that seemingly keeps overtaxing his body?
30 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/30/18: Minus Booker and Warre...
Minus Booker and Warren, the Suns can't keep up with the Magic
20 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/29/18: Listener mailbag at th...
Listener mailbag at the quarter of the season
40 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/28/18: Back-to-back trip gets...
Back-to-back trip gets to Suns in loss to Clippers
29 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/27/18: Growth continues to be...
Growth continues to be shown in closely contested loss to Pacers
30 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/26/18: Devin Booker is back a...
Devin Booker is back and the Suns are getting better
36 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/23/18: A wild win in Milwauke...
A wild win in Milwaukee saves the Suns' road trip
25 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/21/18: Are rotations or bad l...
Are rotations or back luck to blame after another road loss?
27 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/20/18: Wizards' woes boil ove...
Wizards' woes boil over, can the Suns take advantage?
29 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/19/18: Point Book debuts in c...
Point Book debuts in closely contested loss to Sixers
25 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/17/18: Suns drop to 3-12 afte...
Suns drop to 3-12 after 110-100 loss to Thunder
19 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/16/18: 3 ways the Suns can ke...
3 ways the Suns can keep winning
26 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/15/18: The best win of the se...
The best win of the season... by far
26 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/13/18: How Phoenix could bene...
How Phoenix could benefit from the Butler trade, plus how Josh Jackson can get right
36 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/12/18: Strong third quarter t...
Strong third quarter too little, too late for Suns in 118-101 loss to Thunder
26 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/10/18: Progress continues des...
Progress continues despite loss to Pelicans, sixth by 20 or more points
23 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/8/18: Suns fold up late in ov...
Suns fold up late in overtime loss to Celtics
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/7/18: Tyson Chandler out, Dra...
Tyson Chandler out, Dragan Bender could follow him, and point guard news
33 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/6/18: It's never good to lose...
It's never good to lose a must-win
24 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/5/18: Previewing Nets-Suns wi...
Previewing Nets-Suns with Anthony Puccio of Nets Daily
26 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/4/18: Devin Booker and Mikal ...
Devin Booker and Mikal Bridges lead comeback victory over Grizzlies
13 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/2/18: Suns keep it competitiv...
Suns keep it competitive against Raptors in loss
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/1/18: The youth movement prog...
The youth movement progresses in loss to Spurs
30 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/30/18: Previewing Suns-Spurs ...
Previewing Suns-Spurs with Jeff Garcia of News 4 San Antonio
27 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/29/18: How Jimmy Butler, Kevi...
How Jimmy Butler, Kevin Love news affects the Suns
29 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/28/18: What stuck out in Memp...
What stuck out in Memphis, OKC losses with Kellan Olson of Arizona Sports
47 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/25/18: What will it take to s...
What will it take to see more of Bridges, Okobo and Melton?
27 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/24/18: LeBron's Lakers cruise...
LeBron's Lakers cruise to easy victory over Suns
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/23/18: Standouts and disappoi...
Standouts and disappointments though three games
32 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/22/18: Are any changes coming...
Are any changes coming after a Golden State blowout?
29 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/20/18: An uneven performance ...
An uneven performance in 119-91 loss to Nuggets
29 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/18/18: Next-day thoughts on M...
Next-day thoughts on Mavs/Suns, and we catch up with Jeff Siegel of UPROXX and Forbes
29 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/17/18: Suns win 121-100 in se...
Suns win 121-100 in season opener as Booker, Ayton, Ariza, Jackson, Warren put it all together
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/16/18: Last-minute season pre...
Last-minute season predictions with Max McCauley of the 7SOL podcast
47 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/15/18: Jamal Crawford in, Sha...
Jamal Crawford in, Shaq Harrison out, plus we break down the rotation
36 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/12/18: James Jones speaks
James Jones speaks
28 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/11/18: The Suns' up-and-down ...
The Suns' up-and-down preseason is finished
33 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/9/18: Where do James Jones an...
Where do James Jones and the Suns go from here?
30 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/8/18: Reaction to Suns firing...
Reaction to Suns firing GM Ryan McDonough
37 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/5/18: Is a preseason blowout ...
Is a preseason blowout to Portland cause for concern?
27 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/4/18: Why Kyrie Irving commit...
Why Kyrie Irving committing to Boston impacts Phoenix, plus previewing the Blazers game
28 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/3/18: Deandre Ayton dominant ...
Deandre Ayton dominant again, Suns barely beat Breakers
20 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/2/18: Deandre Ayton dominates...
Deandre Ayton dominates in preseason opener
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/1/18: Recapping the Suns' ope...
Recapping the Suns' open practice
12 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 9/28/18: Preseason Twitter mailbag
Preseason Twitter mailbag
28 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 9/27/18: Are we finally close to...
Are we finally close to a point guard trade?
32 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 9/26/18: Reporting from training...
Reporting from training camp with Kellan Olson of Arizona Sports
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 9/25/18: Thoughts from a busy Su...
Thoughts from a busy Suns Media Day
35 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 9/24/18: Catching up with Mikal ...
Catching up with Mikal Bridges
10 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 9/21/18: Should the Suns get inv...
Should the Suns get involved for Jimmy Butler?
35 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 9/19/18: Judging Patrick Beverle...
Judging Patrick Beverley's trade value with Robert Flom of Clips Nation
31 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 9/17/18: Jimmy Butler's future w...
Jimmy Butler's future with Tim Faklis of The Athletic
24 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 9/14/18: Is the national percept...
Is the national perception of the Suns fair?
30 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 9/12/18: The Stepien's Jackson H...
The Stepien's Jackson Hoy on Deandre Ayton, Mikal Bridges, Elie Okobo and De'Anthony Melton
36 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 9/10/18: The Suns still don't ha...
The Suns still don't have a point guard and now Devin Booker is out
32 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 9/7/18: What will it take for Ph...
What will it take for Phoenix to land a quality point guard?
38 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 9/5/18: Mock trade negotiation w...
Mock trade negotiation with Wes Goldberg of Locked On Heat
28 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 9/3/18: Mock trade negotiation w...
Mock trade negotiation with Chris Manning of Locked On Cavs
32 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 8/31/18: Making sense of the Pho...
Making sense of the Phoenix-Houston trade with Dave King
22 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 8/30/18: Suns trade Marquese Chr...
24 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 8/29/18: All of the biggest Suns...
All of the biggest Suns questions with 7SOL's Max McCauley
35 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 8/27/18: What Arizona Republic c...
What Arizona Republic columnist Greg Moore is watching for this season
33 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 8/24/18: Positional Preview Part...
Positional Preview Part Three - The Bigs
41 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 8/22/18: Position Preview Part T...
Position Preview Part Two - The Wings
36 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 8/20/18: Positional Preview Part...
Positional Preview Part One - The Guards
24 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 8/18/18: What awards could Suns ...
What awards could Suns players be in line for this season?
28 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 8/15/18: Going bananas with hypo...
Going bananas with hypotheticals with Kellan Olson for Episode 300
35 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 8/13/18: We go month by month th...
We go month by month through the 2018-19 schedule
28 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 8/10/18: Getting hyped about Sun...
Getting hyped about Suns-Mavs opening night with Nick Angstadt
26 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 8/8/18: Draft news and your Twit...
Draft news and your Twitter questions
39 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 8/6/18: Debating ESPN and Vegas ...
Debating ESPN and Vegas win projections plus expectations for Devin Booker
32 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 8/3/18: Talking Suns with Shaun ...
Talking Suns with Shaun Al-Shatti, a Suns fan and Senior Editor of MMAFighting.com
47 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 8/1/18: Taking stock of the Suns...
Taking stock of the Suns' future with Mo Dakhil
39 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 7/30/18: Wrapping up the offseas...
Wrapping up the offseason with a look across the NBA
51 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 7/27/18: Deandre Ayton's pick-an...
Deandre Ayton's pick-and-roll impact and getting to know Igor Kokoskov with David Nash
36 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 7/26/18: Mikal Bridges' future a...
Mikal Bridges' future and more with Michael Pina of Vice Sports
36 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 7/23/18: Recapping the Jared Dud...
Recapping the Jared Dudley for Richaun Holmes swap
28 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 7/20/18: Talking Suns' Euro conn...
Talking Suns' Euro connections with Andrew Bernucca
33 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 7/18/18: The Ringer's Jonathan T...
The Ringer's Jonathan Tjarks joins to talk Suns
29 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 7/16/18: Final offseason Twitter...
Final offseason Twitter mailbag
33 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 7/13/18: Rotation predictions af...
Rotation predictions after digesting Summer League
35 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 7/11/18: Impressions from the fi...
Impressions from the first weekend of Summer League
41 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 7/8/18: Summer League Special
Live from Las Vegas, we recap the first weekend of Summer League action
23 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 7/4/18: Understanding Phoenix's ...
Understanding Phoenix's roster after a busy start to the offseason
26 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 7/2/18: The good and bad of the ...
The good and bad of the first weekend of free agency
33 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 6/29/18: Free Agency Preview Par...
Free Agency Preview Part 3, featuring mock offseason for Phoenix
34 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 6/27/18: Free Agency Preview, Pa...
Free Agency Preview, Part 2
31 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 6/25/18: Final thoughts on the d...
Final thoughts on the draft and first look into free agency
41 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 6/22/18: 2018 NBA Draft recap wi...
2018 NBA Draft recap with The Stepien's Cole Zwicker and 7SOL Pod crew
65 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 6/21/18: Suns swing for the fenc...
Suns swing for the fences adding Deandre Ayton, Mikal Bridges and Elie Okobo in 2018 NBA Draft
19 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 6/20/18: Twitter mailbag preview...
Twitter mailbag previewing the draft
41 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 6/19/18: 2018 NBA Mock Draft, Pa...
2018 NBA Mock Draft, Part 2
46 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 6/18/18: 2018 NBA Mock Draft, Pa...
2018 NBA Mock Draft, Part 1
38 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 6/15/18: Jackson Hoy of The Step...
Jackson Hoy of The Stepien on Kawhi Leonard, 2018 Draft prospects and possible trade up options
48 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 6/14/18: Realistic draft-day trades
Realistic draft-day trades
37 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 6/13/18: Keeping up on draft new...
Keeping up on draft news with Sporting News' Chris Stone
33 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 6/8/18: Deandre Ayton breakdown ...
Ryan Kelapire of AZ Desert Swarm on Deandre Ayton
29 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 6/6/18: Live from the Deandre Ay...
Live from the Deandre Ayton workout
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 6/4/18: News catch-up and Reddit...
News catch-up and Reddit mailbag
55 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 6/1/18: European basketball repo...
European basketball reporter David Pick on Luka Doncic and scouting overseas
31 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/30/18: Previewing the offseaso...
Previewing the offseason with cap maestro Jeff Siegel
41 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/28/18: Scott Bordow and Kellan...
Scott Bordow and Kellan Olson join to give their thoughts on Deandre Ayton vs. Luka Doncic
43 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/25/18: Suns host first predraf...
Suns host first predraft workout + going over Ryan McDonough's comments breaking down perceived weaknesses of Ayton and Doncic
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/23/18: Talking all things draf...
Talking all things draft with SB Nation's Ricky O'Donnell
35 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/21/18: NBA Draft Combine Roundup
NBA Draft Combine Roundup
33 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/19/18: FanTable on Deandre Ayt...
FanTable on Deandre Ayton vs. Luka Doncic
51 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/17/18: Draft news after Day 1 ...
Draft news after Day 1 of the combine
34 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/15/18: Immediate reaction to S...
Immediate reaction to Suns winning NBA Draft Lottery
22 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/14/18: Reactions from Igor Kok...
Reactions from Igor Kokoskov’s introductory press conference and lottery preview
23 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/11/18: Jackson Hoy of The Step...
Jackson Hoy of The Stepien returns
42 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/10/18: Debating Mohamed Bamba ...
Debating Mohamed Bamba vs. Wendell Carter Jr.
43 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/9/18: Talking Doncic/Ayton, th...
Talking Doncic/Ayton, the 31st pick, and late draft board risers with the Sporting News’ Chris Stone
37 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/8/18: NBA Draft Twitter Mailbag
NBA Draft Twitter Mailbag
34 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/7/18: Thoughts on the draft co...
Thoughts on the draft combine and the summer ahead
28 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/4/18: Everything you need to k...
Everything you need to know about Igor Kokoskov
28 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/2/18: Igor Kokoskov is the new...
Igor Kokoskov is the new coach of the Phoenix Suns
22 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/1/18: Igor Kokoskov may just b...
Igor Kokoskov may just be the next coach of the Suns
24 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/27/18: Debating Michael Porter...
Debating Michael Porter Jr. vs. Mikal Bridges
42 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/25/18: Budenholzer drops out, ...
Budenholzer drops out, plus names to watch in free agency
33 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/23/18: Coaching news and playo...
Coaching news and playoff takeaways
29 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/21/18: Debating Jaren Jackson ...
Debating Jaren Jackson Jr. vs. Marvin Bagley III
37 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/20/18: Resetting the Suns' coa...
Resetting the Suns' coaching search
28 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/19/18: Fourth Quarter Stock Re...
Fourth Quarter Stock Reports!
51 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/18/18: End of season Twitter a...
End of season Twitter and Reddit mailbag
51 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/16/18: News roundup from the e...
News roundup from the end of the season
32 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/15/18: An update on the coach...
Budenholzer, Fizdale and Clifford emerge as top targets for Phoenix Suns
32 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/6/18: Jackson Hoy of The Stepi...
Jackson Hoy of The Stepien joins us for another draft chat
41 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/5/18: Mailbag + LOS Lottery Mo...
Mailbag + LOS Lottery Mock Draft 2.0
29 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/4/18: Win over Kings snaps los...
Win over Kings snaps losing streak, plus Kawhi Leonard news
28 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/2/18: The youth is starting to...
The youth is starting to change
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/31/18: Debating Luka Doncic vs...
Debating Luka Doncic vs. Deandre Ayton
47 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/30/18: Discussing the Suns' fi...
Discussing the Suns' first entertaining game in two months, a loss to the Rockets
26 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/29/18: Suns youngsters look mo...
Competitiveness is maintained by these young Suns again
28 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/27/18: Loss to Boston shows de...
Loss to Boston shows development strides of Suns' youngsters
28 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/25/18: Orlando and Cleveland l...
Orlando and Cleveland losses reignite Chriss-Bender debate
31 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/22/18: Previewing the Sweet 16...
Previewing the Sweet 16 draft prospects
24 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/21/18: The tank race and coach...
The tank race and coaching search heat up
27 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/18/18: Discussing Josh Jackson...
Discussing Josh Jackson's career night, the tank race, and March Madness
34 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/16/18: An exclusive 1-on-1 wit...
An exclusive 1-on-1 with Josh Jackson
24 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/15/18: Twitter Mailbag
Twitter Mailbag
36 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/14/18: Every loss looks the same
Every loss looks the same
22 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/11/18: Mock drafting the first...
Mock drafting the first 16 picks
33 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/10/18: Shorthanded Suns fall t...
Our takeaways from this loss and a chat on Collin Sexton
26 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/8/18: Another loss to OKC and ...
Another loss to OKC and draft sleepers
23 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/8/18: Another loss to OKC and ...
Another loss to OKC and draft sleepers
23 min
LOCKED ON SUNS: Three-Quarter Stock Reports
It's Stock Report time!
77 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/6/18: Heat bludgeon Suns on th...
Heat bludgeon Suns on the second night of a back-to-back, 125-103
19 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/4/18: Phoenix loses to Atlanta...
Phoenix loses to Atlanta, but it might turn into a long-term win
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/3/18: Discussing what a compet...
Discussing what a competitive loss to OKC means for the future
32 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/1/18: Recapping a fun win over...
Recapping a fun win over the Grizzlies
31 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/28/18: Marquese Chriss, draft ...
Marquese Chriss, draft sleepers, and a quick Memphis preview
19 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/27/18: Anthony Davis hands Pho...
Anthony Davis' 53-17-5 line overshadows Devin Booker's 40-10-7 in 125-116 loss
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/25/18: Our takeaways from Phoe...
Our takeaways from Phoenix's latest loss
21 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/24/18: Discussing another doub...
Not only are the Suns in a spiral, but so is Sean Miller after the latest FBI wiretap findings
30 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/22/18: Will Kawhi Leonard's fr...
Will Kawhi Leonard's fraying relationship with the Spurs lead to action by Phoenix?
38 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/21/18: Aaron Gordon joins the ...
Aaron Gordon joins the list of potential Suns targets
27 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/17/18: Devin Booker wins the J...
Devin Booker wins the JBL Three-Point Contest
9 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/16/18: Scouting Bamba, Bagley,...
Scouting Bamba, Bagley, and JJJ
33 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/15/18: Another loss and Marque...
Another loss and Marquese Chriss's unhappiness
29 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/13/18: Deep Dive on Elfrid Payton
Locked On Magic's host joins us to discuss Elfrid Payton's career
28 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/11/18: Josh Jackson and Dragan...
Josh Jackson and Dragan Bender are prime candidates for post All-Star breakouts
21 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/2/18: Instant reaction to Elfr...
Instant reaction to Elfrid Payton trade
21 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/6/18: 2018 NBA Draft MegaPod w...
2018 NBA Draft MegaPod with Cole Zwicker and Kellan Olson, Part 1
44 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/6/18: 2018 NBA Draft MegaPod w...
2018 NBA Draft MegaPod with Cole Zwicker and Kellan Olson, Part 2
72 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/5/18: Recapping the weekend's ...
Recapping the weekend's games
24 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/3/18: Sporting News' NBA Draft...
Sporting News' NBA Draft writer Chris Stone joins the show
33 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/2/18: Recapping the Suns' win ...
Should the Suns also make a move for Aaron Gordon at the deadline?
25 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/30/18: Grizzlies recap, Avery ...
Grizzlies recap, Avery Bradley/Blake Griffin news, mock draft
58 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/28/18: Ryan McDonough plans to...
Ryan McDonough plans to move #TheTimeline forward
37 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/27/18: Suns face a turning poi...
Suns face a turning point in their season
37 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/25/18: The Fan Panel
The Fan Panel
51 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/22/18: Turnovers plague the Su...
Turnovers plague the Suns once again in loss to Bucks
41 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/20/18: Suns pull off an all-ar...
Suns pull off an all-around team win in Denver
27 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/19/18: With Kemba Walker place...
With Kemba Walker placed on the trading block, should the Suns pursue?
33 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/15/18: Recapping the Suns' Bri...
Recapping the Suns' Bright Side Night defeat + James Jones' exclusive interview
46 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/13/18: Phoenix falls to Housto...
Phoenix falls to Houston 112-95
32 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/11/18: Prospect talks on secon...
Prospect Talks on Secondary Ball Handlers and Wings
48 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/9/18: Halfway Stock Reports
It's time to hand out some grades recapping #TheTimeline over their last 20 games
61 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/8/18: Josh Jackson and Dragan ...
Josh Jackson and Dragan Bender break out against OKC
41 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/5/18: Should the Suns take the...
Should the Suns take the James Harden approach in building around Devin Booker?
34 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/3/14: Recapping the loss in De...
Recapping the loss in Denver, and how important is the 2018 draft to this core?
28 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/3/18: Suns stun Hawks after 12...
Suns stun Hawks after 12-point comeback in final minutes
31 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/1/18: Suns fall to Sixers afte...
Suns fall to Sixers after valiant comeback attempt led by Booker, Warren, and Chriss
35 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/30/17: Suns are winners of 5 ...
Suns are winners of 5 of their last 7 after defeating the Kings
32 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/27/17: Devin Booker returns a...
Devin Booker returns as the Suns beat the Grizzlies again
43 min
Locked On Suns Christmas Special: Revisiting Ev...
Revisiting Evan's one-on-one with Woj
36 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/22/17: Phoenix grinds out ano...
Phoenix grinds out another win against Memphis
26 min
LOCKED ON SUNS: Recapping another loss in Los A...
Recapping another loss in Los Angeles, and is Kemba Walker a possible trade target?
28 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/21/17: Recapping another loss...
Recapping another loss in Los Angeles, and is Kemba Walker a possible trade target?
0 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/21/17: Recapping another loss...
Recapping another loss in Los Angeles, and is Kemba Walker a possible trade target?
0 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/19/17: Have the Suns turned a...
Have the Suns turned a corner after back-to-back wins without Devin Booker?
37 min
LOCKED ON SUNS: SI's Jeremy Woo joins us to dis...
SI's Jeremy Woo answers all of your Suns-related draft questions
38 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/14/17: Phoenix falls to 9-21 ...
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/14/17: Phoenix falls to 9-21 after 115-109 loss to Toronto
21 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/14/17: Phoenix falls to 9-21 ...
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/14/17: Phoenix falls to 9-21 after 115-109 loss against Toronto
0 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/12/17: Recapping 99-92 loss i...
Is It time to start worrying a little bit about Josh Jackson's recent play?
23 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/11/17: ESPN's Baxter Holmes j...
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/11/17: ESPN's Baxter Holmes joins the show to talk some Suns and NBA
24 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/8/17: Recapping loss to Washi...
Without Devin Booker, we get to see which young prospect takes the next step
31 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/6/17: Lots of prospect and ad...
How will the Suns fare over the next 2-3 weeks + some more draft prospect thoughts
49 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/4/17: Devin Booker drops 46 i...
Book must've listened to the podcast
21 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/2/17: Recapping 116-111 loss ...
Is it time to start banging that D-Book All-Star drum here soon?
19 min
LOCKED ON SUNS: Quarterly Stock Reports on #The...
Stock Report time!
56 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/28/17: Recapping Phoenix’s wi...
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/28/17: Recapping Phoenix’s win in Chicago + our thoughts on David Fizdale
24 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/27/17: Learning more on the B...
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/27/17: Learning more on the Bledsoe trade from the Bucks perspective with FanSided's Ti Windisch
29 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/25/17: Recap of loss to the P...
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/25/17: Recap of loss to the Pelicans + Mailbag
25 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/20/17: A recap of Phoenix's 1...
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/20/17: A recap of Phoenix's 113-105 win over the Bulls
26 min
LOCKED ON SUNS: 2018 draft prospect first impre...
LOCKED ON SUNS: 2018 draft prospect first impressions with Kellan Olson
38 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/18/17: Houston + LA recap, Gr...
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/18/17: Houston + LA recap, Greg Monroe's debut, and Devin Booker's historic start
33 min
LOCKED ON SUNS: Takeaways from round 2 against ...
LOCKED ON SUNS: Takeaways from round 2 against the Lakers
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS: Bledsoe trade reaction and week...
LOCKED ON SUNS: Bledsoe trade reaction and week in review
37 min
Locked On Suns 11/2/2017: .500 and it feels so ...
27 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/31/17: Recapping a wild week ...
28 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/24/17: What could the Suns ge...
In today's episode of Locked On Suns, it was a jam-packed one. Evan Sidery was joined by special guest Kellan Olson of Arizona Sports' Empire of the Suns to discuss all the latest on Eric Bledsoe. What could the Suns get back for Bledsoe anyways? We di...
37 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/22/17: Suns fire Earl Watson,...
Never thought we would be typing this only three games into the season, but Earl Watson was fired on Sunday afternoon. Evan and Yusuf dissect what went wrong for Watson and how Triano can look to improve upon it. Also, we looked at Eric Bledsoe's cryp...
19 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/21/17: Suns-Lakers recap, key...
In today's episode of Locked On Suns, co-hosts Evan Sidery and Yusuf Saleem look back on Phoenix's 132-130 loss last night to the Lakers. Who stood out? What went wrong? Then, we look ahead to tonight's matchup with the Clippers in Los Angeles. How sh...
22 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/19/17: What just happened?
Co-hosts Evan Sidery and Yusuf Saleem discuss what went wrong for the Suns in their 48-point season opening loss. We looked at what plays Earl Watson needs to scrap immediately, and is he already on the hot seat? Also, we quickly look towards Friday's ...
20 min
Locked On Suns: Preseason recap, deep player dives
New co-hosts of Locked On Suns, Evan Sidery (@esidery) and Yusuf Saleem (@SunsFilm) take deep dives on players throughout the roster. Also, we quickly discussed preseason and looked toward the year. How will rotations look?
34 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/6/17: Suns-Blazers recap, pra...
On today's episode, I was joined by HoopsHabit's Gerald Bourguet. We recapped Phoenix's 114-112 victory in Portland, and we look at lineups and other notes seen thus far in practice.
21 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/2/17: Warren extension, prese...
New host Evan Sidery is joined by former host Kellan Olson to discuss the T.J. Warren extension and preseason expectations.
24 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 9/22/17: Williams injury, Bennet...
Kellan Olson runs through what was an extremely eventful past two days for the Phoenix Suns.
26 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 9/17/17: One thing to watch for ...
Kellan Olson runs through each returning player on the roster and the one thing he is watching for with each of them.
26 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 9/10/17: EuroBasket impressions ...
Kellan Olson runs through his impressions of Dragan Bender, Bogdan Bogdanovic and Luka Doncic at EuroBasket.
23 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 9/3/17: Davon Reed out, over/und...
Kellan Olson runs through what Davon Reed being out 4-6 months means and the Suns' over/under win total.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 8/23/17: Kyrie Irving traded to ...
Kellan Olson is joined Bryan Gibberman to look at every angle of the Kyrie trade.
35 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 8/20/17: Offseason winners and l...
Kellan Olson runs through his winners and losers from the NBA offseason.
26 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 8/13/17: New jerseys, Alex Len
Kellan Olson gives his thoughts on the new jerseys and Alex Len.
20 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 8/6/17: Why the Suns might not h...
Kellan Olson runs through win projections for next season and gives his teams he thinks will be in the discussion for the No. 1 overall pick.
23 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 8/3/17: Upside of a Kyrie deal, ...
Kellan Olson is joined by Cole Zwicker to discuss the upside of a potential Kyrie Irving deal and how the 2018 NBA Draft class is looking.
28 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 7/30/17: Williams’ contract, bac...
Kellan Olson goes over all the quotes from Ryan McDonough at Alan Williams' press conference.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 7/25/17: Brandon Knight tears AC...
Kellan Olson goes over what the brutal news of Brandon Knight tearing his ACL means for him and the Suns going forward.
21 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 7/21/17: How the Suns are linked...
Kyrie Irving reportedly wants out of Cleveland and Kellan Olson explains how the Suns are linked in more ways than one.
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 7/19/17: McDonough's extension, ...
Kellan Olson discusses the big news Wednesday of Ryan McDonough's extension and James Jones being added to the front office.
19 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 7/10/17: Summer league impressio...
Kellan Olson is joined by Bright Side of the Sun's Evan Sidery to discuss what they've seen in Vegas from the Summer Suns.
31 min
LOCKED ON SUNS: Slow free agency, summer league...
Kellan Olson runs through what has been a slow free agency period and then previews summer league.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 6/28/17: Feedback on the podcast...
Kellan Olson addresses the latest feedback on the show with an update on the structure before going over notes and some free agent possibilities.
23 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 6/23/17: NBA Draft recap w/ Cole...
(Apologies for the audio issues. Looks like our laptops and internet connection were as tired as we were.) Kellan Olson is joined by your favorite NBA Draft expert Cole Zwicker. They share their thoughts on how the Suns did in the draft and then give t...
30 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 6/21/17: Millsap's fit in Phoeni...
Eddie House is back on the program with Kellan Olson to talk about Paul Millsap's fit in Phoenix and then the best options at No. 4.
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 6/20/17: Trade buzz w/ Porzingis...
Dave King joins Kellan Olson to discuss a crazy Tuesday full of trade rumors and reports.
21 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 6/16/17: Potential No. 1-No. 3 t...
Kellan Olson and Cole Zwicker fight through their long Fridays to try and process what the potential Sixers-Celtics trade means. Then, they discuss their originally intended topic of how they both evaluate the roster long-term and if the Suns should go...
41 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 6/13/17: Dissecting the first re...
Kellan Olson breaks down the first batch of draft rumors, reports and smokescreens.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS: 6/8/17: Best second-round prosp...
Kellan Olson runs through the second round and why the Suns have a better chance of getting a key contributor there this year.
20 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/31/17: Isaac, Smith, Monk, Mar...
Kellan Olson goes through the second half of your big board for the 2017 NBA Draft.
24 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/24/17: Big update on Miami pic...
Kellan Olson goes through a big update on the Miami Heat and how it could change how the Suns view the first-round pick owed to them in 2018. Then, he goes over the first half of the results of the Twitter big board.
24 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/17/17: Answering your draft qu...
Kellan Olson and NBA Draft expert Cole Zwicker answered the questions you had following the NBA Draft Lottery.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/16/17: Lottery reactions w/ NB...
Despite the Suns predictably falling two spots, could Josh Jackson be available at No. 4? Kellan Olson is joined by NBA Draft expert Cole Zwicker to discuss that and more.
20 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/10/17: Should the Suns be worr...
Kellan Olson gets Eddie House's perspective (as an NBA pro for over a decade) on LaVar Ball. Then, the two discuss the NBA playoffs so far and who they have picked for the NBA Finals.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 5/2/17: The Ringer's Jonathan Tj...
For this week's offseason episode The Ringer's Jonathan Tjarks joins in to discuss Bender and Chriss in year one and how his top four prospects -- Fultz, Ball, Isaac and Jackson -- fit in Phoenix.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/21/17: Alex Len's poor season,...
Kellan Olson runs through the results of the offseason preview polls.
20 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/14/17: Suns MVP, biggest surpr...
Kellan Olson and Eddie House give their picks for the team's MVP, ROY, best role player, biggest surprise and best moment of the season.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/12/17: Season over, biggest di...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson end the season by going back and forth on their biggest disappointments from this season.
22 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/11/17: NBA Awards
Eddie House and Kellan Olson make their picks for MVP, ROY, MIP, 6MOY, DPOY and COY.
20 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/10/17: Staying at No. 2 after ...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss a wonderful home win for the Suns over the Mavericks.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/7/17: Stat padding drama, Suns...
Kellan Olson talks through what was one of the most compelling and bizarre Suns games in recent memory.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/6/17: Ball over Fultz, loss to...
Kellan Olson discusses the possibility of the Suns taking Lonzo Ball over Markelle Fultz and the loss 13 in a row.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/5/17: Should the Suns trade Bl...
Kellan Olson had Owen Sanborn on to discuss what the Suns should do at point guard this offseason with the potential of a top-3 pick coming to Phoenix.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/4/17: Revisiting Booker's 70, ...
Kellan Olson gets Eddie House's thoughts on Devin Booker's 70 points and the uptick in playing time for Tyler Ulis.
12 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 4/3/17: No. 2 in lottery standin...
Kellan Olson discusses the Suns moving up to No. 2 in the lottery standings and Dragan Bender's return.
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/31/17: Getting closer to a win...
Kellan Olson is joined by Dave King to discuss Suns opponents getting closer and closer to losing because of the team's consistent energy.
20 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/29/17: Marquese Chriss All-Roo...
Kellan Olson has Bright Side of the Sun's Dave King on to give his take on Devin Booker and if Marquese Chriss should be All-Rookie First Team.
20 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/28/17: Devin Booker's long-ter...
Kellan Olson responds to yesterday's tire fire of a comments section regarding Devin Booker's long-term potential and then briefly touches on a terrible game against the Hawks.
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/27/17: NBA Draft expert Cole Z...
NBA Draft and cap expert Cole Zwicker (@colezwicker) joins Kellan Olson to discuss the long-term standing of the Suns, Bender at center, trading Bledsoe, Alex Len and Josh Jackson or Lonzo Ball.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/24/17: Devin Booker drops 70
Kellan Olson attempts to process Devin Booker scoring 70 points in Boston.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/23/17: Grading Watson's first ...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson answer your questions from Reddit on Earl Watson, Tyler Ulis and Alex Len.
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/22/17: NBA Draft big board spe...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson are finally taking a dive into the NBA Draft. They talk about your top-five big board voted by on Twitter and run through the best of the bunch.
25 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/21/17: Chriss' ceiling, possib...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson recap another rough game of Suns basketball against the Heat.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/20/17: Knight should have play...
Kellan Olson and Eddie House give their extended thoughts on the Brandon Knight situation and have worries about Derrick Jones Jr.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/17/17: Brandon Knight out rest...
Kellan Olson gets your thoughts on the Brandon Knight situation and then briefly touches on a bad loss to the Magic.
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/16/17: Eric Bledsoe shut down ...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss Eric Bledsoe getting shut down for the season and the loss to the Kings.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/15/17: The new-look Kings
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss the new-look Kings and specific matchups to watch in tonight's game.
13 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/14/17: Booker's comfort zone, ...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss Jared Dudley's ejection, Devin Booker playing some of his best basketball and what the next step is for Derrick Jones Jr. as a defender.
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/13/17: Jones Jr. gets his firs...
Kellan Olson recaps an eventful weekend of Suns basketball, including Derrick Jones Jr.'s first career start and Devin Booker's game-winning shot in Dallas against the Mavericks.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/9/17: Reality check, Lonzo Bal...
Kellan Olson gives his thoughts on the loss to the Lakers and reads your thoughts on the game from Twitter.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/8/17: What's next for Brandon ...
Kellan Olson and Dave King discuss the latest main developments surrounding the Suns in the past two weeks.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/7/17: It got chippy again
Kellan Olson and Owen Sanborn discuss the chippy loss to the Wizards.
19 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/6/17: Three wins in a row
Eddie House and Kellan Olson look back on two Suns wins and discuss how well the young guys are playing.
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/2/17: Long-term outlooks and a...
Kellan Olson has his old podcast buddy Owen Sanbron on to discuss his thoughts on the team's present and future as well as tonight's bizarre win over Charlotte.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 3/1/17: Do the Suns need an enfo...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss the loss to Memphis and if the Suns need an enforcer.
11 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/28/17: Future roles for Chandl...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss the rotation previews and how they will change the game against Memphis.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/27/17: Major rotation changes
Kellan Olson discusses the major rotation changes the Suns had over the weekend.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/24/17: A potential blockbuster...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss a potential blockbuster deal the Suns were offered according to their GM and the playoff picture in the Eastern Conference.
13 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/23/17: Missing out on Boogie, ...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson talk about why the Suns missed out big time on DeMarcus Cousins and then debate the value of the P.J. Tucker trade.
21 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/16/17: Trade deadline predicti...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson go over the blowout win against the Lakers and give their predictions for the trade deadline.
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/15/17: Trade deadline speical
Eddie House and Kellan Olson answer your questions about the trade deadline including realistic possibilities for Eric Bledsoe, if McDonough can save his job at the deadline and more.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/14/17: Closing out, Booker's d...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson attempt to explain a very odd loss against the Pelicans.
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/13/17: Highs and lows
Eddie House and Kellan Olson recap the weekend for the Suns with a win over the Bulls and... that other game.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/10/17: Len suspended, keys to ...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss Alex Len's suspension and the impact it has on tonight's game against the Bulls on ESPN.
13 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/9/17: Booker's trash talk
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss Devin Booker's trash talk and the scuffle at the end of the Memphis game.
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/8/17: Bender's season possibly...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss the news about Dragan Bender's ankle surgery and preview tonight's game against Memphis.
13 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/7/17: Rotation problems
Eddie House and Kellan Olson have been discussing their issues with the Suns' rotation and is was more apparent than ever in the loss to the Pelicans.
20 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/6/17: Consistently inconsistent
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss the motto for this season and how it applied to both games over the weekend.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/3/17: Our picks for NBA All-St...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson reveal if they are picking Derrick Jones Jr. to win the Slam Dunk contest.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 2/2/17: Clippers loss, diving do...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson briefly discuss the fifth Suns loss in a row before taking their stands on Bender or Chriss being the better prospect for the Suns.
20 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/31/17: Should the Suns trade f...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss the latest trade rumor involving the Phoenix Suns and DeMarcus Cousins.
23 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/30/17: Trying to defend the de...
Kellan Olson talks about the issues surrounding Bledsoe's recent shooting trend, the team's defense and the matchup with the Grizzlies.
13 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/27/17: Bad habits on defense
After another Suns loss that had issues defensively, Kellan Olson asks Eddie House about some of the team's bad habits on defense.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/26/17: Markelle Fultz wows in ...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss Markelle Fultz's impressive game in Tempe, how to stop Nikola Jokic and the reported deal for Ronnie Price.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/25/17: A tough loss, Chandler'...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson recap the loss at the buzzer to the Timberwolves.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/24/17: Suns diehard fan Brawadis
Kellan Olson is joined by special guest Brandon Awadis, who has gained a massive following of over 1.5 million subscribers on Youtube all while repping his Phoenix Suns.
26 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/23/17: Eric Bledsoe's outstand...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss a career night for Eric Bledsoe and the importance of the next three games.
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/20/17: Is now the time to trad...
Kellan Olson gives his thoughts on the latest rumblings surrounding Tyson Chandler and P.J. Tucker and then answers all your questions related to the trade deadline.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/19/17: Failing to communicate
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss a poor loss to Cleveland and break down some film to explain why.
21 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/18/17: Markelle Fultz or Lonzo...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson have their first conversation about two very good point guards in a very good draft. Then, they talk NBA including MVP candidates and Carmelo's ugly situation in New York.
19 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/17/17: Playing much better, bu...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss two promising Suns performances and if it's too late for the team to make the playoffs.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/13/17: Answering your questions
Kellan Olson is flying solo today. He goes over Booker's big game and why he thinks it doesn't mean he's back. Then, he answers your questions for the rest of the show.
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS: 1/12/17: Dragan Bender or Marqu...
Kellan Olson has Dave King on to check in on Dragan Bender and Marquese Chriss 40 games into the season.
24 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/11/17: Frontcourt grades
Eddie House and Kellan Olson go through the second half of their player grades.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/10/17: Part 1 of player grades
Eddie House and Kellan Olson give their grades for the backcourt at the halfway point of the season.
19 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/9/17: The best wasn't enough
Eddie House and Kellan Olson talk about one of the best games the Suns have played all season.
13 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/5/17: Two in a row, Tucker to ...
Kellan Olson is joined by Bryan Gibberman to discuss a dull win over the Mavs, Earl Watson's rotations and schemes, the P.J. Tucker to New York rumor and the potential problems with the Suns' defense down the line.
22 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/4/17: Trade speculation special
Kellan Olson is joined by Dave King of Bright Side of the Sun. The two quickly go over the Heat win and then take your questions on all things trade speculation.
20 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/3/17: Is this team capable of ...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson wonder if the Suns are capable of a response to another bad loss with another reeling team up next on the schedule.
13 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 1/2/17: Consistency
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss getting hot in games, execution and the Clippers.
12 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/30/16: What's going on with J...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss the great win over the Raptors and try to speculate as to why Jared Dudley isn't playing.
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/29/16: A tale of two halves
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss the loss to the Spurs and more.
19 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/28/16: The Problem
Eddie House and Kellan Olson look at the historic season of Russell "The Problem" Westbrook and preview tonight's game.
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/27/16: The evolution of Draga...
Eddie House and Kellan are back. They go back a bit to talk about the win over Philadelphia, the amazing matchup on Christmas and where Dragan Bender goes next after a big night in Houston.
19 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/22/16: Will the Suns finally ...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss the fun to watch loss against the Rockets.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/21/16: What it's like to play...
Eddie House tells Kellan Olson what it was like to play for Mike D'Antoni in Phoenix and New York and then the two give their thoughts on the Houston Rockets.
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/20/16: The two-way street of ...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss the loss to Minnesota and why Brandon Knight's play is a two-way street.
21 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/19/16: Too easy
Eddie House and Kellan Olson talk about how the Thunder's win over the Suns was too easy on Saturday.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/16/16: Fourth-quarter woes
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss the winnable game against the Spurs.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/15/16: Spurs are back in town
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss what the Suns can take away from their successful three-game run and turn it into a win against the Spurs.
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/14/16: Signature win
Eddie House and Kellan Olson recap all the positives from a signature home win over the Knicks.
21 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/12/16: Were our expectations ...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss the two positive games for the Suns this weekend and wonder if our expectations were too high for Devin Booker's second year.
21 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/9/16: The national spotlight
Eddie House and Kellan Olson are optimistic about the two games coming up for the Phoenix Suns.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/8/16: Fourth quarter woes
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss the loss to the Pacers.
19 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/6/16: Coming up short
Eddie House and Kellan Olson take your thoughts on Twitter after the Suns' comeback came up short against the Utah Jazz.
24 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/5/16: Brandon Knight's role
Eddie House and Kellan Olson review the Warriors game, talk about Brandon Knight's role and preview Tuesday night against the Jazz.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/2/16: Third time's a charm?
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss the third matchup for the Suns with the Warriors.
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 12/1/16: Winning ugly
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss how the Suns were able to pull out a win at home against the Hawks.
13 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/30/16: Why Atlanta is a good ...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson preview the Suns' matchup with the Hawks and believe it's a game the Suns could find success in.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/29/16: Scouting Atlanta, Knig...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss what they saw the Hawks do against the Warriors Monday night before they take on the Suns Wednesday and then talk about Brandon Knight's future with the team.
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/28/16: Keeping it real
Eddie House kept it real on the Phoenix Suns' struggles as we near the 20-game mark of the season.
23 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/23/16: A hard-fought win in O...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson review the win for the Suns in Orlando and preview the two games coming this weekend.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/22/16: Inconsistencies, Bende...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson break down the inconsistencies of this Suns team, why rookie Dragan Bender should be playing and the preseason expectations already fading away.
19 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/21/16: Is three guards starti...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson recap the two games over the weekend and discuss three guards in the starting lineup tonight against the Wizards.
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/18/16: Alarming defensive sta...
Kellan Olson talks about some alarming defensive statistics on the Suns perimeter and previews the Sixers.
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/17/16: Inexcusable loss to De...
Kellan Olson and Eddie House figure out where it went wrong in the Suns' inexplicable loss to the Nuggets.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/16/16: The potential of the s...
Kellan Olson and Eddie House discuss why the second unit has the potential to be great and preview Denver tonight.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/15/16: Should we start to wor...
Kellan Olson is back with Eddie House today to talk about Devin Booker's poor shooting percentages in the beginning of his NBA career. Is it time to start worrying about that? Plus, the two have their MVP candidates at this point in the season.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/14/16: The bright lights theory
Kellan Olson and Bright Side of the Sun's Dave King talk about the two losses over the weekend and why the Suns can't find consistency against lesser opponents.
20 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/11/16: When's the turning poi...
Kellan Olson wonders what's next for Brandon Knight if his poor offensive play continues and then previews the back-to-back games for the Suns this weekend.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/10/16: Gaining momentum
Eddie House and Kellan Olson discuss the Suns' win over the Pistons and why it felt like a big step forward.
15 min
Bender's big night and Booker's zeros
Kellan Olson and Eddie House recap the Suns' loss to the Trail Blazers and preview tonight's game against the Detroit Pistons.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/8/16: Going through the motions
Eddie House and Kellan Olson talk about the discouraging games against New Orleans and Los Angeles. What's up with the rotation? Will Brandon Knight ever look comfortable? Is this team just going through the motions?
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/4/16: Weekend preview
Kellan Olson rolls through the stats from the first five games to preview tonight's game against New Orleans and Sunday's against the Lakers.
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/3/16: Suns win!
Kellan Olson and Eddie House finally discuss a Suns win!
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/2/16: In need of a win
Kellan Olson and Eddie House preview tonight's matchup with the Portland Trail Blazers.
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 11/1/16: It's time to talk about...
Eddie House joins Kellan Olson to discuss the loss to the Clippers and where it's going wrong for Alex Len.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/31/16: Warren's efficiency, K...
The Suns lost two games last weekend, but there were plenty of positives in both games. Kellan Olson and Eddie House go over those and also preview tonight's game against the Clippers.
20 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/28/16: Stopping Russell Westb...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson preview the upcoming games against the Thunder and Warriors.
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/27/16: You have lost connecti...
Eddie House (@EHouse_Mr61) and Kellan Olson (@KellanOlson) recap an extremely disappointing home opener and discuss Earl Watson's decision to change up the second unit.
21 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/26/16: The season is here!
Kellan Olson and Eddie House have their first episode of the 2016-17 Phoenix Suns season! The two preview the matchup tonight with the Sacramento Kings and give their predictions for the season.
14 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/25/16: NBA predictions
Eddie House and Kellan Olson give their predictions for the East, West, NBA Finals and all the big awards.
20 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/24/16: Suns surprisingly rele...
Kellan Olson (@KellanOlson) and Eddie House (@EHouse_Mr61) discuss the surprising release of Archie Goodwin. Eddie relates to Archie's situation and discusses the similar situation he was in at one point in his career.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/21/16: Comparing the two rebu...
Kellan Olson (@KellanOlson) and Dave King (@DaveKingNBA) compare the rebuilds between the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns in preparation for tonight's game.
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/20/16: T.J. Warren or P.J. Tu...
Kellan Olson (@KellanOlson) and Dave King (@DaveKingNBA) question whether the Suns have enough offense in the starting lineup and if that means T.J. Warren should start over P.J. Tucker.
19 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/19/16: The X-factors for the ...
Eddie House (@EHouse_mr61) and Kellan Olson (@KellanOlson) discuss their 4 X-factors for the Phoenix Suns this season.
20 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/18/16: A preview of the Pacif...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson preview the Pacific division and give their thoughts on how the Phoenix Suns will fare this season.
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/17/16: Chriss starting, Bende...
Kellan Olson answers your twitter questions for today's episode. Could Marquese Chriss start at PF on opening night? How long will Dragan Bender play SF? Will this be the year for Alex Len?
16 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/14/16: Previewing tonight's g...
Eddie House and Kellan Olson preview tonight's game against the Dallas Mavericks and then take a look at the New York Knicks.
15 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/13/16: Len's struggles, Goodw...
On today's episode Eddie House and Kellan Olson review the win over the Utah Jazz Wednesday night. Alex Len continues to struggle with efficiency, Archie Goodwin is still promising in year 4 and the two give their impressions on Dragan Bender and Marqu...
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/12/16: Previewing the Jazz an...
Eddie and Kellan preview the Utah Jazz before tonight's preseason game against the Suns. Later, Eddie gives his thoughts on KD's decision to leave Oklahoma City, and they end on his former teammate in Miami Dwyane Wade heading to Chicago.
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/11/16: Eddie House on Earl Wa...
Eddie's here! Kellan's partner in crime on the podcast Eddie House makes his debut. Kellan makes a strong case for why Eddie should have got more Sixth Man of the Year love for his year in Phoenix, and then the two discuss Earl Watson having the suppor...
18 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/10/16: Booker's eruption, Kni...
Kellan is joined by Dave King of Bright Side of the Sun to discuss the Suns' loss in Portland Friday. Devin Booker proved he is still really good at basketball and the effort of both Brandon Knight and Marquese Chriss stood out for both. Enjoy!
17 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/7/16: Preseason impressions a...
Gerald Bourguet from Hoops Habit joins Kellan Olson to discuss preseason impressions on Brandon Knight and the two lottery picks, followed by a discussion on the Portland Trail Blazers and a preview of tonight's preseason matchup.
21 min
LOCKED ON SUNS 10/6/16: Recap of last season an...
Kellan Olson kicks off Locked On Suns with a look at last season and the pieces the Phoenix Suns added in the offseason.
20 min