Locked On Reds - Daily Podcast On The...

The Locked On Reds podcast is the only daily podcast for Reds Country to get its fix from Great American Ballpark. Hosts Jeff Carr and Steven Offenbaker bring you a daily look at the Reds and their quest to climb out of the cellar of the National League and the NL Central with a roster full of unproven young talent. How are the Reds building for the future? How is Joey Votto building his Hall of Fame case? Is Hunter Greene the next Reds ace? Jeff and Steve answer these questions, and more, as they talk about wins and losses, trades and signings, hirings and firings, and baseball the Cincinnati way.

Locked On Reds - 1/25/20 Reds Community Outreac...
Jeff talks about the impact the Reds have on the community and looks at the 26th man as well as Lucas Sims
20 min
Locked On Reds - 1/24/20 Reds Roster Prediction...
Jeff wonders about an article C. Trent wrote in The Athletic talking about the roster and introduces a new segment.
20 min
Locked On Reds - 1/23/20 Talking Reds with Drew...
Jeff chats with Drew Koch about the Reds offseason, where they are, and what this season might look like.
35 min
Locked On Reds - 1/22/20 Reds Miss Marcell Ozun...
Jeff talks about Marcell Ozuna signing with the Braves and why it's not quite clear where that leaves the Reds
20 min
Locked On Reds - 1/21/20 Reds Rumors and Reds A...
Jeff talks about the current state of Reds rumors and looks back at the 1940 World Series champs with Cam Miller
27 min
Locked On Reds - 1/17/20 Reds Projections with ...
Jeff is joined by Fangraphs' own Dan Szymborski to break down the Zips projections for the Reds in 2020
23 min
Locked On Reds - 1/16/20 A Reds Hall of Fame Ca...
Jeff introduces an idea to finally induct a player who has been snubbed from the Reds hall of fame for too long and talks Winter Caravan.
15 min
Locked On Reds - 1/15/20 Reds Add a Sneaky Good...
Jeff talks about a signing that won't be much of a headline grab, but is a good move, nonetheless.
20 min
Locked On Reds - 1/14/20 Astros or Consequences
Jeff talks about the punishment handed down to Houston and adds a Reds angle to it.
19 min
Locked On Reds - 1/13/20 Trevor Bauer and Today...
Jeff looks at a player most fans have written off, heading into 2020, and introduces a new segment.
26 min
Locked On Reds - 1/10/20 Reds and Seager? Plus ...
Jeff talks about the continuing rumors linking Reds to star shortstops as well as a deep dive into left-handed relief pitching.
22 min
Locked On Reds - 1/9/20 Shogo's On for the Reds
Jeff talks about the official announcement of Shogo Akiyama becoming a Red, Michael Lorenzen, and today (yesterday) in Reds History.
16 min
Locked On Reds - 1/8/20 If You Ain't Cheatin, Y...
Jeff weighs in on the ongoing cheating scandals of other teams and introduces the first ever Jib Jab with Joey segment
22 min
Locked On Reds - 1/7/20 New Podcast Year
Jeff rolls out a few of the new changes he is bringing to this year's podcast as Shogo Akiyama officially signs as a Red
20 min
Locked On Reds - 1/6/20 Steven Offenbaker, Last...
Jeff and Steve finish up their chat with some memories of the past decade of Reds baseball, and more.
15 min
Locked On Reds - 1/3/20 Steven Offenbaker, Firs...
Jeff is joined by Steven Offenbaker, from the RedsAlert podcast, to talk Reds baseball
27 min
Locked On Reds - 1/2/20 How the Reds got into t...
Jeff breaks down the cause of this offseason's urgency and talks about an abstract stat.
20 min
Locked On Reds - 1/1/20 Happy New Year Reds Fans
Jeff answers some questions on today's podcast.
16 min
Locked On Reds - 12/31/19 Locked On Shogo
Jeff discusses the Reds' signing of Shogo Akiyama
17 min
Locked On Reds - 12/30/19 The Reds All-Decade R...
Jeff gives you the best five Reds starting pitchers of the 2010s, according to his feeble brain.
21 min
Locked On Reds - 12/27/19 Reds Favorites to lan...
Jeff breaks down these rumors about the Reds and Shogo Akiyama and looks at some more rumors.
20 min
Locked On Reds - 12/23/19 Locked On Obscure For...
Jeff is joined by Ken Huber (@obscureexreds on Twitter) as they break down the obscure former Reds of the decade
48 min
Locked On Reds - 12/20/19 To Lindor, or Not to ...
Jeff unpacks the rumors about Fransisco Lindor, what a deal might look like, and who he'd have a hard time letting go of
20 min
Locked On Reds - 12/18/19 Joel Luckhaupt Returns
Jeff is joined by Joel Luckhaupt to talk moves, possible moves, and...a Gary Burbank story?
32 min
Locked On Reds - 12/17/19 Wade Miley is a Red
Jeff talks about the Wade Miley deal, what it means for the Reds, and what it means for Tyler Mahle
16 min