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The Cincinnati Reds are headed for their most anticipated MLB season in probably 50 years. Locked On Reds will be with you every single day reacting to Reds news, rumors, and transactions. Is David Bell managing this talented Reds roster correctly? Is Elly De La Cruz, Matt McLain, Christian Encarnacion-Strand, Noelvi Marte, Will Benson, Hunter Greene, Nick Lodolo, Andrew Abbott, Graham Ashcraft, Alexis Diaz, and company taking the next step? Will the Reds win the NL Central division in 2024? Jeff and Steve will keep you tuned in to all the important things to know about your Cincinnati Reds every day. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network, your team every day.

Locked On Reds - 11/18/19 A Look at the Reds fr...
Jeff looks at a St Louis Post-Dispatch article that talks about the Reds. Also, today in Reds history and an update on the hot stove
22 min
Locked On Reds - 11/15/19 Reds Minor League Pit...
Jeff talks with Rob Wooten about his story
26 min
Locked On Reds - 11/14/19 One Red Still Chasing...
Jeff talks about the comeback story of Rob Wooten and also looks at the division
20 min
Locked On Reds - 11/13/19 The Importance of thi...
Jeff sets the stage for this, the most important Reds offseason in recent memory.
17 min
Locked On Reds - 11/12/19 The GM Meetings have ...
Jeff talks about the GM meetings starting up and looks at the idea of trading in-division
21 min
Locked On Reds - 11/11/19 Cole Hamels, Howie Ke...
Jeff discusses the possibilities of the Reds adding Cole Hamels, thinks about the Reds going all in, and a possible second baseman,
22 min
Locked On Reds - 11/8/19 Reds Be Shopping!
Jeff talks about an article by Bobby Nightengale about the Reds free agent appetite and looks at Ozuna and Castellanos as options.
23 min
Locked On Reds - 11/7/19 Chad Dotson, Part Two
Jeff and Chad wrap up their chat with a Luis Castillo trade scenario, Tucker Barnhart, and some movie talk
30 min
Locked On Reds - 11/6/19 Chad Dotson
Jeff talks with Chad Dotson about all things hot stove, like Gregorious, Grandal, and more.
23 min
Locked On Reds - 11/4/19 Freddy Galvis, Corey D...
Jeff talks about the Reds picking up Galvis's option, what's to like about Dickerson, and if the Reds have a new leadoff hitter.
19 min
Locked On Reds - 10/31/19 Heating Up the Reds H...
Jeff takes a look at the Reds first trade of the offseason, talks about some free agents, and delivers a poll question
19 min
Locked On Reds - 10/31/19 Sam LeCure, Part Two
Jeff and Sam finish up their talk about the Reds looking back at 2019 and how they can be better in 2020
19 min
Locked On Reds - 10/30/19 Sam LeCure, Part One
Jeff is joined by former Red, Sam LeCure, as they look back on his career in the first part of this interview
25 min
Locked On Reds - 10/29/19 More Wins Already Pro...
Jeff talks aout an article on FanGraphs.com talking about the Reds already looking better for next year, David Bell, and some Locked On Reds Line Texts
21 min
Locked On Reds - 10/28/19 James Rapien, Part Two
Jeff and James dive into the possible moves the Reds should look at, praise for Suarez, and more.
19 min
Locked On Reds - 10/25/19 James Rapien is on th...
Jeff talks about the new hire for the Reds and chats with James Rapien
21 min
Locked On Reds - 10/24/19 Eugenio Suarez is the...
Jeff looks back on Suarez's awesome 2019 and unpacks an interesting Locked On Reds Line text message.
16 min
Locked On Reds - 10/23/19 The Reds are NOT the ...
Jeff talks about how Cincinnati sports fans tend to transfer frustrations from team to team and any that is the wrong thing to do with the Bengals and Reds.
21 min
Locked On Reds - 10/22/19 Jackie Bradley and Lo...
Jeff unpacks the rumors about Jackie Bradey Jr. and answers some Locked On Reds Line text messages
24 min
Locked On Reds - 10/18/19 Doug Gray and Juiced ...
Jeff is joined by Doug Gray to talk about a truly fascinating development regarding the baseball
26 min
Locked On Reds - 10/17/19 What'll It Cost, Man?
Jeff looks at a few names that haven't been mentioned who the Reds could take a look at and more
19 min
Locked On Reds - 10/16/19 Admitting When a Fanb...
Jeff takes a look at a managerial candidate for a few teams that Reds fans most likely owe an apology to and looks at the playoffs
18 min
Locked On Reds - 10/15/19 Steven Offenbaker fro...
Jeff is joined by the host of the RedsAlert podcast, Steven Offenbaker, as they unpack some Reds offseason topics
30 min
Locked On Reds - 10/14/19 All in? and Raisel Ig...
Do you want the Reds to mortgage the future for 2020? And will Raisel Iglesias be good, next year?
22 min
Locked On Reds - 10/11/19 Playoffs, We're Talki...
Jeff looks at the playoffs as we wrap up the Division Series for both leagues and wonders how you'd take your heartbreak
22 min