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Long-time Raptors writer & podcaster Sean Woodley and an array of guests lead you through the season with a daily podcast on the 2019 NBA Champion Toronto Raptors. Game recaps, opponent check-ins, obscure Raptors history, laughs, feelings, and weekly appearances by Katie Heindl (Dime) and Vivek Jacob (Complex) — you'll find it all on the Locked On Raptors Podcast, part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

RAPTORS -- 05/26/2017 -- Locked on ... Magictors?
In Episode 148, Sean Woodley chats with Philip Rossman-Reich (Locked on Magic, Orlando Magic Daily) about Jeff Weltman's new gig, Serge Ibaka and, of course, Terrence Ross.
48 min
RAPTORS -- 05/25/2017 -- Weltman News & #CaseyIn
In Episode 147, Sean Woodley reacts to the news surrounding Jeff Weltman's hiring in Orlando and Dwane Casey being assured of returning as coach for the 2017-18 season.
19 min
RAPTORS -- 05/24/2017 -- Season in Review: CoJo...
In Episode 146, Sean Woodley welcomes William Lou back to the show to review the seasons of Jonas Valanciunas and Cory Joseph while also looking ahead to their respective futures with the Raptors.
34 min
RAPTORS -- 05/23/2017 -- The "It's Really the O...
In Episode 145, Sean Woodley answers listener questions about draft strategy, Drake, NBA parity, bringing former Raptors home and more.
28 min
RAPTORS -- 05/19/2017 -- Season in Review: Pat,...
In Episode 144, Sean Woodley reviews the seasons of Patrick Patterson, PJ Tucker and Delon Wright while also addressing Masai Ujiri's radio comments on Thursday and DeMar DeRozan making the All NBA Third Team.
39 min
RAPTORS -- 05/16/2017 -- A Nostalgia-filled Mai...
In Episode 143, Sean Woodley answers a handful of listener questions, many of which have to do with Raptors teams and players past.
19 min
RAPTORS -- 05/15/2017 -- Season in Review: DeMa...
In Episode 142, Sean Woodley starts off a series of Season in Review episodes by discussing DeMar DeRozan's career year and where his game can go from here.
28 min
RAPTORS -- 05/10/2017 -- The Lowry Question wit...
In Episode 141, Sean Woodley welcomes Spencer Redmond (Raptors Republic, Jays From the Couch) to chat about the many possible scenarios surrounding Kyle Lowry's free agency in the second crowd sourced guest edition of the podcast.
35 min
RAPTORS -- 05/09/2017 -- The Post Mortem Mailbag
In Episode 140, Sean Woodley answers literally a million listener questions as the offseason has officially begun.
42 min
RAPTORS -- 05/07/2017 -- A Raptors Eulogy with ...
In Episode 139, Sean Woodley chats with Bruce Arthur (The Toronto Star) about the Raptors' Game 4 loss to the Cavaliers and where the franchise goes from here.
24 min
RAPTORS -- 05/05/2017 -- Raptors/Cavs Game 3 Re...
In Episode 138, Sean Woodley welcomes Vivek Jacob (Raptors Republic, B-Ball Breakdown, North Pole Hoops) to recap the Raptors Game 3 loss to Cleveland.
30 min
RAPTORS -- 05/04/2017 -- Managing the Sadness w...
In Episode 137, Sean Woodley welcomes Tas Melas (The Starters on NBA TV) to talk Raptors/Cavs and attempt to cope with the sadness this series has inspired.
30 min
RAPTORS -- 05/03/2017 -- Raptors-Cavs Game 2 Di...
In Episode 136, Sean Woodley discusses Toronto's Game 2 blowout loss to the Cavs and the broader implications the game could have on the Raptors franchise.
39 min
RAPTORS -- 05/02/2017 -- The Game 1 Hysteria Ma...
In Episode 135, Sean Woodley answers listener questions on lineup changes, the futility of optimism, and more in the wake of Toronto's Game 1 loss to the Cavs.
31 min
RAPTORS -- 05/01/2017 -- Raptors-Cavs Game 1 Qu...
In Episode 134, Sean Woodley recaps the Raptors' Game 1 loss to the Cavs to open the second round -- a loss that wasn't all that bad.
22 min
RAPTORS -- 04/30/2017 -- Raptors-Cavs Series Pr...
In Episode 133, Sean Woodley chats with Chris Manning (Fear the Sword, Locked on Cavs) and tees up Toronto's second round series with Cleveland in a Locked On Network crossover
42 min
RAPTORS -- 04/28/2017 -- Raptors-Bucks Series i...
In Episode 132, Sean Woodley welcomes Ti Windisch (Behind the Buck Pass, Hoops Habit) to put a bow on the first round and hand out some Raptors/Bucks series awards.
35 min
RAPTORS -- 04/28/2017 -- Raptors/Bucks Game 6 Q...
In Episode 131, Sean Woodley quickly recaps Toronto's series-clinching win over the Bucks in Game 6.
17 min
RAPTORS -- 04/26/2017 -- Raptors/Bucks + Basket...
In Episode 130, Sean Woodley welcomes former TSN 1050 host Matt Cauz (@mcauz56) to chat about Raptors/Bucks, the dampened buzz around this year's team and how the Raptors stack up in the Canadian media landscape.
31 min
RAPTORS -- 04/25/2017 -- Happy Fun Times Mailbag
In Episode 129, Sean Woodley answers a bunch of listener questions -- questions that are far more chipper than last week's.
24 min
RAPTORS -- 04/24/2017 -- Raptors-Bucks Game 5 R...
In Episode 128, Sean Woodley is joined by Joseph Casciaro (The Score) to recap the Raptors' 118-93 win over the Bucks in Game 5 of their first round series.
19 min
RAPTORS -- 04/23/2017 -- Raptors-Bucks Game 4 R...
In Episode 127, Sean Woodley recaps Toronto's 87-76 win over the Bucks in Game 4 of their first round series.
27 min
RAPTORS -- 04/21/2017 -- Raptors Therapy Sessio...
In Episode 126, Sean Woodley is joined by return guest James Herbert (CBSSports.com) for a bit of podcast therapy as the Raptors head into a pivotal Game 4 on Saturday.
27 min
RAPTORS -- 04/20/2017 -- Raptors-Bucks Game 3 Q...
In Episode 125, Sean Woodley recaps the Raptors' embarrassing loss in Game 3 of their first round series with Milwaukee.
25 min
RAPTORS -- 04/19/2017 -- Raptors-Bucks Playoff ...
In Episode 124, Sean Woodley answers listener questions regarding all things Raptors-Bucks.
26 min