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Long-time Raptors writer & podcaster Sean Woodley and an array of guests lead you through the season with a daily podcast on the 2019 NBA Champion Toronto Raptors. Game recaps, opponent check-ins, obscure Raptors history, laughs, feelings, and weekly appearances by Katie Heindl (Dime) and Vivek Jacob (Complex) — you'll find it all on the Locked On Raptors Podcast, part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

RAPTORS -- 09/29/2017 -- Preseason Q #8: What w...
In Episode 198, Sean Woodley and Sahal Abdi discuss what the Raptors bench will look like this season after the departure of some key reserves over the summer.
31 min
RAPTORS -- 09/28/2017 -- Preseason Q #7: Can th...
In Episode 197, Sean Woodley and Vivek Jacob dive deep into whether or not the Raptors can/will/need to modernize their offense this season.
36 min
RAPTORS -- 09/27/2017 -- Preseason Q #6: Who w...
In Episode 196, Sean Woodley chats with Joseph Casciaro (The Score) about who will lead the Raptors in a wide array of hastily concocted categories.
38 min
RAPTORS -- 09/27/2017 -- Preseason Q #5: Can yo...
In Episode 195, Sean Woodley chats with Josh Lewenberg (TSN) about the gaggle of children the Raptors are entrusting the back third of their roster to this season, and whether or not they can live up to their potential.
35 min
RAPTORS -- 09/25/2017 -- Media Day? Media Yay!
In Episode 194, Sean Woodley recaps the goings on at Raptors media day including OG Anunoby confirming that he's participating in contact drills.
22 min
RAPTORS -- 09/23/2017 -- Preseason Q #4: Who wi...
In Episode 193, Sean Woodley is joined by weekly contributor Sahal Abdi to discuss who will make the East All-Star team this year, the Carmelo Anthony deal and more.
36 min
RAPTORS -- 09/21/2017 -- Preseason Question #3:...
In Episode 192, Sean Woodley answers preseason question #3: how will Serge Ibaka and Jonas Valanciunas fit this season, and how will their minutes be divvied up?
22 min
RAPTORS -- 09/19/2017 -- Preseason Question #2:...
In Episode 191, Sean Woodley is joined by Asad Alvi (@Swarlayzers) to answer preseason question #2: Which Raptor will be the most frustrating to watch this coming season?
30 min
RAPTORS -- 09/18/2017 -- Preseason Question #1:...
In Episode 190, Sean Woodley is joined by newly-minted weekly contributor Vivek Jacob to debate the merits of CJ Miles vs. Norman Powell for the starting small forward spot.
27 min
RAPTORS -- 09/18/2017 -- Vince's Complex Legacy...
In Episode 189, Sean Woodley is joined by Nathaniel Basen (The Walrus) to discuss his recent piece on Vince Carter, "The Carter Effect," and how they both learned to love Vince again. Music courtesy The Passion HiFi
30 min
RAPTORS -- 09/13/2017 -- The Forgotten East Con...
In Episode 188, Sean Woodley chats with Ben Standig (Locked on Wizards) about how the East's forgotten contenders, Washington and Toronto, stack up heading into the season.
47 min
RAPTORS -- 09/06/2017 -- Tandem Mailbag with Sa...
In Episode 187, Sean Woodley is joined by Sahal Abdi (Raptors Rapture, RotoDen) to answer a bunch of mailbag questions about a bunch of different things.
42 min
RAPTORS -- 08/31/2017 -- Over/Under Guarantees ...
In Episode 186, Sean Woodley welcomes Dan Grant (We the Rapscast, Raptors HQ) to go over the under picks they feel most confident in following release of the NBA's 2017-18 lines this week.
47 min
RAPTORS -- 08/24/2017 -- Oh Look! More Mail!
In Episode 185, Sean Woodley answers mailbag questions that are mostly about the Cavs/Celtics trade, but also about other stuff too.
27 min
RAPTORS -- 08/15/2017 -- Summer Chit-Chat with ...
In Episode 184, Sean Woodley chats with Steve Sladkowski (Guitarist, PUP) about hunting for vintage jerseys on the road, the types of Raptors games he most likes to attend, who his NBA Jam character would play like and much more.
52 min
RAPTORS -- 08/09/2017 -- Jerseys, 2K & more w/ ...
In Episode 183, Sean Woodley is joined by longtime listener Mohamed (@Lil_Moh23) to talk about the new NBA jerseys, how X-Box 360 killed NBA Live and much more.
37 min
RAPTORS -- 08/04/2017 -- Dog Days Mailbag
In Episode 182, Sean Woodley answers mailbag questions on the Celtics, Bruno's role this season and ESPN's unfavourable win projection for the Raptors in 2017-18.
25 min
RAPTORS -- 07/31/2017 -- Raptors Salary Cap FAQ...
In Episode 181, Sean Woodley is joined by Daniel Hackett (Raptors HQ) to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the Raptors' salary cap situation for this coming season and beyond.
26 min
RAPTORS -- 07/27/2017 -- Off-season Breakdown w...
In Episode 180, Sean Woodley welcomes Kevin Pelton (ESPN Insider, The Basketball Analogy) to break down the impact of the Raptors moves this off-season, assess the Celtics' chances of regressions and more.
28 min
RAPTORS -- 07/26/2017 -- Another Week, Another ...
In Episode 179, Sean Woodley answers listener questions on sushi burritos, the Kyrie Irving saga and how it relates to the Raptors' window of contention, the Big 3 and more.
23 min
RAPTORS -- 07/19/2017 -- DeMarre Carrollgate w/...
In Episode 178, Sean Woodley chats with John Gaudes (Raptors HQ) about the passive-aggressive war of words between Masai Ujiri & DeMarre Carroll and whether or not the Raptors offense can change.
27 min
RAPTORS -- 07/17/2017 -- The Anything-but-Baske...
In Episode 177, Sean Woodley discusses the Raptors' inactivity before answering a bunch of listener questions that are loosely tied to basketball at best.
23 min
RAPTORS -- 07/12/2017 -- The Godfather Pod with...
In Episode 176, Sean Woodley welcomes Joseph Casciaro (The Score) to briefly chat about the Raptors' current roster construction before diving into Sean's gripes with The Godfather and some Raptors-Godfather comparisons.
41 min
RAPTORS -- 07/11/2017 -- Mailbag Going Up on a ...
In Episode 175, Sean Woodley answers listener questions on DeMarre Carroll's comments on the Raptors' system, trade ideas, Jonas Valanciunas' role in 2017-18 and more.
28 min
RAPTORS -- 07/09/2017 -- Emergency DeMarre Carr...
In Episode 174, Sean Woodley breaks down the Raptors' Sunday of wheeling and dealing, first discussing the DeMarre Carroll salary dump to Brooklyn and then breaking down the reported sign and trade of Cory Joseph for CJ Miles.
19 min