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Your daily NFL podcast giving you all the football news, updates, rumors and analysis in 30 minutes from the local experts of the Locked on Podcast Network. Highlighted by guests from the Action Network and the Locked On Fantasy lineup. Hosted by Kevin Oestreicher of Locked On Ravens, Luke Braun of Locked On Vikings, Ross Jackson of Locked On Saints, Tony Wiggins of Locked On Jaguars, James Rapien of Locked On Bengals, Tyler Rowland of Locked On Titans, Alex Clancy of Locked On Cardinals, David Harrison of Locked On Bucs, and Christopher Carter of Locked On Steelers, Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

LOCKED ON NFL 3-21 Predicting QB Landing Spots
Matt takes his best guess on where Romo, Cutler, etc will end up
17 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-20 Draft Trends
Matt Williamson dug into recent draft trends for all 32 teams
30 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-17 Vegas Super Bowl Odds
Matt discusses the current Vegas Super Bowl odds
27 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-16 Twitter Thursday
Matt Williamson answers your Twitter questions
35 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-14 NFC Power Ranks
Matt goes division by division ranking them 1 to 4 to talk about free agent moves
24 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-14 AFC Power Ranks
After first huge wave of Free Agency, Matt goes division by division in AFC
19 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-13 More Free Agency Talk
Many recent moves to discuss
15 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-10 More Free Agency Talk
Matt talks about a handful of teams that could be missing out on free agency
15 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-9 Free Agency Madness!
Matt concentrates on #Browns, #49ers, #Bears & #Jaguars, but covers MUCH more
22 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-8 So Much News!!!
After about 24 hours of free agency, Matt breaks it all down
18 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-7 Browns Offseason
Much to do in Cleveland! Matt breaks down #Browns offseason
14 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-7 49ers Offseason
Matt digs into the massive project that is the #49ers rebuild
11 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-6 Bears Offseason
Digging deep into #Bears crucial offseason
9 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-6 Jaguars Offseason
Matt digs into #Jaguars offseason
10 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-6 Rams Offseason
M-Dub digs in deep to helping the many #Rams problems
10 min
LOCKED ON NFL Podcast 3-6 Jets Offseason
Matt has a drastic approach to #Jets offseason
12 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-6 Chargers Offseason
In depth talk about #Chargers offseason
11 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-6 Panthers Offseason
Matt dissects the #Panthers Offseason
12 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-6 Bengals Offseason
Matt tears into #Bengals offseason
12 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-6 Bills Offseason
Matt digs deep into #Bills offseason
12 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-6 Saints Offseason
In depth discussion about #Saints Offseason
11 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-5 Cardinals Offseason
Matt digs in heavy to worrisome #Cardinals offseason
14 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-5 Vikings Offseason
Matt digs in deep to #Vikings offseason
13 min
LOCKED ON NFL 3-5 Eagles Offseason Preview
Matt digs into #Eagles offseason
10 min
LOCKED ON NFL 2-4 Colts Offseason
Matt digs into the #Colts upcoming offseason
11 min