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Your daily NFL podcast giving you all the football news, updates, rumors and analysis in 30 minutes from the local experts of the Locked on Podcast Network. Highlighted by guests from the Action Network and the Locked On Fantasy lineup. Hosted by Kevin Oestreicher of Locked On Ravens, Luke Braun of Locked On Vikings, Ross Jackson of Locked On Saints, Tony Wiggins of Locked On Jaguars, James Rapien of Locked On Bengals, Tyler Rowland of Locked On Titans, Alex Clancy of Locked On Cardinals, David Harrison of Locked On Bucs, and Christopher Carter of Locked On Steelers, Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

LOCKED ON NFL 2-15 Draft Talk!
Matt talks NFL Draft DBs with Chris Landry (@LandryFootball)
28 min
LOCKED ON NFL 2-14 Franchise Tags & Steelers Of...
#Steelers Offseason & Who is going to get Franchised
23 min
LOCKED ON NFL 2-13 Falcons Offseason
Matt digs deep into #Falcons offseason
16 min
LOCKED ON NFL 2-10 New England's Offseason
Matt Williamson thoroughly breaks down the upcoming offseason for the Super Bowl Champion #Patriots
21 min
LOCKED ON NFL 2-9 Twitter Thursday
Matt answers your Twitter questions
18 min
LOCKED ON NFL 2-8 NFL Awards & Hall of Fame
Matt Williamson discusses some moves around the league, the NFL Awards and the new class of Hall of Famers
20 min
LOCKED ON NFL 2-7 More Super Bowl Talk
Matt gives grades to every position group from Super Bowl LI
21 min
LOCKED ON NFL 2-6 Super Bowl Recap
Amazing Game
23 min
LOCKED ON NFL 2-3 Super Bowl Preview Part 2
Matt goes into great detail of #Falcons O vs #Patriots D
25 min
LOCKED ON NFL 2-2 Patriots O vs Falcons D
Matt dissects when #Patriots have the ball vs. #Falcons defense
16 min
LOCKED ON NFL 2-1 Draft Talk with John Owning
Matt & John discuss the EDGE position for the NFL Draft
24 min
LOCKED ON NFL 1-31 Twitter Tuesday
Matt answers all your Twitter questions
18 min
LOCKED ON NFL 1-30 Senior Bowl Recap
Matt talks about the prospects that stood out during Senior Bowl week
17 min
LOCKED ON NFL 1-27 NFL News & Notes
Matt talks coaching hires and other news around the league
18 min
LOCKED ON NFL 1-26 Twitter Thursday!!!
Taking all your questions
22 min
LOCKED ON NFL 1-25 Senior Bowl
Matt talks Senior Bowl
29 min
LOCKED ON NFL 1-24 Green Bay Packers To Do List
Matt puts his GM hat on for #Packers offseason
25 min
LOCKED ON NFL 1-23 Championship Game Reviews
#Falcons over #Packers and #Patriots over #Steelers
23 min
LOCKED ON NFL Championship Previews!
Breaking down in depth #Packers at #Falcons & #Steelers at #Patriots
27 min
LOCKED ON NFL 1-19 Twitter Thursday
Answering many Twitter #NFL questions, including some Aqua Man talk
28 min
LOCKED ON NFL 1-18 Draft Talk with Kyle Crabbs
Overview of TEs, QBs & LBs with Kyle Crabbs, host of LOCKED ON NFL DRAFT Podcast
35 min
LOCKED ON NFL 1-17 Free Agency Overview
The top players whose contracts are set to expire and could be changing teams
26 min
LOCKED ON NFL 1-16 Divisional Game Reviews
#Falcons over #Seahawks, #Patriots over #Texans, #Packers over #Cowboys & #Steelers over #Chiefs
21 min
LOCKED ON NFL 1-13 Divisional Round Preview!
Huge weekend of football: #Seahawks at #Falcons, #Texans at #Patriots, #Steelers at #Chiefs & #Packers at #Cowboys Breakdowns!
31 min
LOCKED ON NFL 1-12 Coaching Hires
Coaching Hires, Odds and Ends Around the NFL
29 min