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The Locked On Mavericks Podcast hosted by Nick Angstadt (Locked On NBA) is the best (and only) daily Dallas Mavs show. Every day Nick is joined by Mavs Media friends to discuss the latest on Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, Dirk Nowitzki, NBA Trade Rumors, Free Agency, and the rest of the NBA. Past guests include Mark Cuban, Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, Nico Harrison, and many more. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network and a WFAA contributor.

Locked On Mavericks - 4/13/18 - A Mavericks pod...
Nick and Isaac make their playoff picks
45 min
Locked On Mavericks - 4/12/18 - The Other Side
Nick and Isaac discuss the Mavs exit interviews
38 min
Locked On Mavericks - 4/11/18 - Contankulations!
Nick and Isaac breakdown the Mavericks final loss of the season to Alec Peters and the Suns
37 min
Locked On Mavericks - 4/10/18 - Last Day of the...
Nick and Isaac Mock the Top 10 picks in the upcoming NBA draft on the last day of the season
38 min
Locked On Mavericks - 4/9/18 - And the Tank Goe...
Nick and Isaac discuss the Mavericks Draft Lottery Odds and Johnathan Motley
29 min
Locked On Mavericks - 4/6/18 - Are you on the W...
Nick and Isaac discuss Dirk's injury, JJ Barea's injury, and a scenario where the Mavs could land Hassan Whiteside
39 min
Locked On Mavericks - 4/5/18 - Must Lose Games ...
Nick and Isaac discuss the Mavs loss against the Magic and the NBA 2k League Draft
41 min
Locked On Mavericks - 4/4/18 - Going out on a h...
Nick and Isaac breakdown the Mavericks win over the Trailblazers and Nerlens Noel's suspension
40 min
Locked On Mavericks - 4/2/18 - The Tank Rankings
Nick and Isaac discuss the weekend's news, the Tank Rankings, Nick's 10 Things, and Isaac makes a confession
35 min
Locked On Mavericks - 3/29/18 - How was Dirk No...
Nick and Isaac discuss the positives of winning games and why Dirk Nowitzki wasn't included in ESPN's Game Changers list
42 min
Locked On Mavericks - 3/27/18 - Doncic, Dunking...
Nick and Isaac discuss Mavs news, the Draft, and give another Satnam Shame
31 min
Locked On Mavericks - 3/26/18 - The Mavs Back Nine
Nick and Isaac discuss the last 9 games for the Mavericks
43 min
Locked On Mavericks - 3/23/18 - Bubble Tape and...
Nick and Isaac discuss the Mavs loss to the Jazz, Mo Bamba, and More
35 min
Locked On Mavericks - 3/21/18 - Mavs Top 10 Dra...
Nick and Isaac share what their Top 10 Draft Boards look like after a month
49 min
Locked On Mavericks - 3/20/18 - 10-ish Draft Qu...
Nick asks Nick Neppach 10 (or so) questions about the Mavs in the NBA Draft
30 min
Locked On Mavericks - 3/19/18 - March Madness T...
Nick and Isaac give their Mavs Draft takeaways from the opening rounds of the NCAA Tournament
30 min
Locked On Mavericks - 3/16/18 - 10 Questions w/...
Isaac is joined by Dallas Mavericks forward Jameel Warney to talk about his past two years in the G-League, the young core in Dallas & more
32 min
Locked On Mavericks - 3/15/18 - 10 Questions w/...
Isaac is joined by The Ringer's Jonathan Tjarks to talk about the top prospects in the 2018 NBA Draft, where Dennis Smith Jr. would be ranked in the 2018 draft class, upcoming Mavs free agency & more
56 min
Locked On Mavericks - 3/14/18 - Draft Prospects...
Isaac rides solo to talk about the latest Wesley Matthews injury & prospects/matchups to watch for in NCAA Tournament
44 min
Locked On Mavericks - 3/12/18 - What is Memphis...
Nick and Isaac discuss the weekend's games, Memphis' strategy, and a questionable article title on MavsMoneyball.com
47 min
Locked On Mavericks - 3/8/18 - Mental Health & ...
Nick and Josh Dack discuss the Mark Cuban accusation, Player Movement, Mental Health, and Dennis Smith Jr. not in the ESPN 25 Under 25
35 min
Locked On Mavericks - 3/6/18 - Locked On Mocked...
Nick and Isaac Mock the Top 10 picks in the upcoming NBA draft
45 min
Locked On Mavericks - 3/5/18 - "I heard he hang...
Nick and Isaac discuss the Mavs weekend and what they would trade for in the Draft Lottery
42 min
Locked On Mavericks - 3/1/18 - Dwight How-ell?
Nick and Isaac breakdown the Mavericks close loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder
41 min
Locked On Mavericks - 2/28/18 - Who would you t...
Nick and Isaac name who they would and wouldn't trade the #1 Pick for?
49 min