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The Locked On Mavericks Podcast hosted by Nick Angstadt (Locked On NBA) and Isaac Harris (Mavs.com) is the best (and only) daily Dallas Mavs show in existence. Every day Nick and Isaac discuss the latest on Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, Dirk Nowitzki, NBA Trade Rumors, Free Agency, and the rest of the NBA. Past guests include Mark Cuban, Luka Doncic, Nico Harrison, and many more Mavericks.

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Locked On Mavericks - 11/17/17 - RIP GIAVERSON
Nick and Isaac (mostly Nick) rant about the end of an era
24 min
Locked On Mavericks - 11/15/17 - Dirk's Adult Son
Nick and Isaac discuss the Mavs loss to the Spurs, and Nick's theory about Dirk
26 min
Locked On Mavericks - 11/14/17 - "Help is on th...
Nick and Isaac explain how help is on the way, in more ways than one
36 min
Locked On Mavericks - 11/12/17 - "He should be ...
Nick and Isaac react to the Mavs loss to the Cavs and Isaac made Lebron & Wade mad, seriously
38 min
Locked On Mavericks - 11/11/17 - Don't go on a ...
Nick and Isaac give updates on Seth Curry, the Two-Way guys, and Draft Prospects
38 min
Locked On Mavericks - 11/10/17 - The Other 29 (...
Nick and Isaac look around the NBA and establish the Slang Gang
48 min
Locked On Mavericks - 11/8/17 - Slangin Wins
Nick and Isaac celebrate the Mavericks win over the Wizards
40 min
Locked On Mavericks - 11/7/17 - Are the Mavs pl...
Nick and Isaac play "Something or Nothing" and discuss a Mavs Theory
37 min
Locked On Mavericks - 11/6/17 - Top 5 Draft Pro...
Nick and Isaac discuss their Top 5 Draft Prospects because... 1-10 is bad
39 min
Locked On Mavericks - 11/4/17 - "Yeah, I got co...
Nick and Isaac discuss the Mavericks loss to Boogie & the Brow
29 min
Locked On Mavericks - 11/2/17 - The Giraffe Gaff
Nick and Isaac can't explain the Mavs loss tonight but they can trade Nerlens Noel
39 min
Locked On Mavericks - 10/31/17 - What's Scarier...
Nick and Isaac discuss the state of the Mavericks
41 min
Locked On Mavericks - 10/30/17 - "None of Your ...
Nick and Isaac discuss the Mavs close loss to the 76ers
55 min
Locked On Mavericks - 10/27/17 - Comebacks and ...
Nick and Isaac discuss the Mavs close loss to the Grizzlies
39 min
Locked On Mavericks - 10/25/17 - Mavs Win, Mavs...
Nick and Isaac discuss the Mavericks win against the Memphis Grizzlies
37 min
Locked On Mavericks - 10/25/17 - Tim Cato knows...
Nick and Tim Cato discuss Nerlens Noel's minutes, Dwight Powell's impact, Rick Carlisle's rationale, and his book "100 Things Every Mavericks Fan Should Know and Do Before They Die" Book Link: http://amzn.to/2ixNKtC __________________________________...
36 min
Locked On Mavericks - 10/24/17 - "This ain't Su...
Nick and Isaac discuss the Mavericks loss against the Warriors, Dennis vs Draymond, and Carlisle vs Nerlens. _____________________________________ Donate to JJ Barea’s Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Fund https://www.youcaring.com/familiesaffectedbyhur...
35 min
Locked On Mavericks - 10/23/17 - We knew this w...
Nick and Isaac stay positive and discuss Dennis and Seth, Nerlens, and debate some Eric Bledsoe trade ideas. _____________________________________ Donate to JJ Barea’s Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Fund https://www.youcaring.com/familiesaffecte...
46 min
Locked On Mavericks - 10/21/17 - Oh and Two More?
Nick is joined by Chris Axmann (@AlmightyBallin) to discuss the Mavs loss to the Kings, trading Nerlens Noel, and whether the Mavs are tanking already or not (Oh boy...). Then he talks to our resident Physical Therapist Matt Nguyen (@__MattWin) about D...
41 min
Locked On Mavericks - 10/19/17 - "It was a coac...
Nick and Isaac discuss the Mavericks season opener against the Atlanta Hawks including Dwight Powell's 4th quarter minutes, Nerlens Noel's explosion, and Dennis Smith Jr.'s introduction to the NBA. _____________________________________ Donate to JJ B...
40 min
Locked On Mavericks - 10/18/17 - MAVS SZN OPENER
Nick and Isaac are hyped for tonight's season opener and they tell you everything you need to know. _____________________________________ Donate to JJ Barea’s Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Fund https://www.youcaring.com/familiesaffectedbyhurricanemar...
59 min
Locked On Mavericks - 10/17/17 - /r/Mavericks A...
Nick answers some of the questions from his /r/Mavericks AMA and then talks with Physical Therapist Matt Nguyen about Seth Curry’s injury. _____________________________________ Donate to JJ Barea’s Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Fund https://www.youc...
34 min
Locked On Mavericks - 10/16/17 - Season Awards ...
Nick and Issac make their picks for MVP, ROY (Dennis), predict the NBA Finals, and more. _____________________________________ Donate to JJ Barea’s Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Fund https://www.youcaring.com/familiesaffectedbyhurricanemariainp...
57 min
Locked On Mavericks - 10/14/17 - It's a Satnam ...
Nick and Isaac discuss Jameel Warney signing and Brandon Ashely being let go, Satnam Singh returning to India, Dennis Smith Jr. in the preseason, Dirk in the preseason, and final thoughts on the loss against the Hornets. ______________________________...
44 min
Locked On Mavericks - 10/13/17 - GIAVERSON made...
Nick and Isaac ask if they want/expect Dennis Smith Jr. to play in the final preseason game after tweaking his ankle. Then they compare Gian Clavell (GIAVERSON!) and P.J. Dozier when they make their predictions on the final roster. __________________...
40 min